All's Well that Ends in a Well

Game Master Choon

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Actually, I'll have to withdraw. I don't think I can get something reasonably decent put together by tomorrow morning. Happy trails!

And here he is in his new and improved martial glory for your consideration as the shiny armor replacement:

Harkon Dross:
[ b]Horkon Dross of Gorum[/b]
Male Human Paladin (Holy Guide/Warrior of Holy Light) 8/Arcanist 4
Lawful Good Medium Humanoid
[ b]Init [/b]+3; [ b]Senses [/b]Normal; Perception +8 (+2 if underground)
[ b]Defense[/b]
[ b]AC [/b]19(23), touch 12, flat-footed 17(21) (+7 armor, (+4 Shield), +2 Dex)
[ b]hp [/b]68 (8D10+8+8)
[ b]Fort [/b]+13, [ b]Ref [/b]+10, [ b]Will [/b]+12
[ b]Resist [/b]Fear immunity (ally w/in 10' +4)
[ b]Offense[/b]
[ b]Speed [/b]30 ft.
[ b]Ranged [/b]Spell +10/5 (By Spell/x2)
[ b]Melee [/b]Greatsword +1 Bane (Undead) +13/+8 (2D6+6/19-20x2) +15/+10 (2D6+8+2D6/19-20x2){vs undead}
[ b]Melee [/b]{power attack} Greatsword +1 Bane (Undead) +10/+5 (2D6+15/19-20x2) +12/+7 (2D6+17+2D6/19-20x2){vs undead}
[ b]Melee [/b]Touch +10/5 (LoH/x2)
[ b]Special Attacks [/b](3/day) Smite Evil (+6 to hit, +8/16 damage), (14/day) Lay on Hands (4D6 vs undead DC 20)
[ b]Spell-Like Abilities [/b](At Will) Detect Evil, (14/day) Lay on Hands/Nimbus of Light (4D6 or +1 morale bonus and lesser restoration)
[ b]Arcanist Spells Prepared [/b](CL 6):
Level 0 (At Will) (DC 13)[ i]Detect Magic, Light, Open/Close, Spark, Drench, Disrupt Undead[/i]
Level 1 (5/day) (DC 14) [ i]Enlarge Person, Protection from Evil, Stunning Barrier, Mirror Image (SL), Shield (SL)[/i]
Level 2 (3/day) (DC 15) [ i]Burst of Radiance[/i]
[ b]Statistics[/b]
[ b]Str [/b]14(16), [ b]Dex [/b]14, [ b]Con [/b]12, [ b]Int [/b]15(17), [ b]Wis [/b]8, [ b]Cha [/b]20 (22)
[ b]Base Atk [/b]+8/3; [ b]CMB [/b]+12; [ b]CMD [/b]24
[ b]Feats [/b]Extra Reservoir, Extra Exploit (Metamixing), Extra Lay on Hands, Power Attack, Weapon Focus (Greatsword), Outflank
[ b]Traits [/b]Magical Knack, Armor Expert, Pride
[ b]Skills [/b]Climb (5), Fly (10), K. Dungeoneering (12), K. Local (10), K. Nature (12), K. Planes (12),
K. Religion (12), Perception (8) (+2 if underground), Spellcraft (11), Swim (5), Use Magic Device (10)
[ b]Languages [/b]Common, Abyssal, Infernal
[ b]SQ [/b]Divine Health, Channel Positive energy (4D6 DC 20), Divine Bond (Greatsword), Aura of Resolve (immune to charm, allies w/in 10' +4)
[ b]Other Gear [/b]Mithril Breastplate +1, Handy Haversack, Spell Component Pouch, Belt Pouch, Ink, Inkpen, Soap, Spellbook*, Grooming Kit*, Bedroll*, Messkit*,
Waterskin*, Trail Rations (10)*,Waterproof Bag*, Belt of Giant Strength +2, Headband of Mental Prowess +2 (Perception, Draconic), Cracked Dusty Rose Prism Ioun Stone,
Cracked Vermilion Rhomboid Ioun Stone, Cracked Incandescent Blue Sphere Ioun Stone (Perception), Spell Lattice (Mirror Image), Spell Lattice (Shield)
500 Gold*
[ b]Special Abilities[/b]
Favored Terrain (EX) (Underground +2)
[ b]Exploits (SU)[/b]
Reservoir Points 5/7
Dimensional Slide (40 feet), Metamagic (Still Spell)
Consume Spells (standard action gain reservoir points equal to level of spell sacrificed)
(class says all cantrips, but traveling spellbook has only Read Magic, Detect Magic, Light, Acid Splash, Mage Hand, Mending, Open/Close, Spark, Drench,
Disrupt Undead, and Ray of Frost)
1st: Magic Missile, Ear Piercing Scream, Protection from Evil, Floating Disk, Enlarge Person, Shield, Vanish, Air Bubble, Stunning Barrier, Mirror Image
2nd: Burst of Radiance, Glitterdust

I only took the two archetypes because I wanted to dump divine spells and mercies. FCB all went to HP.

Does Harkon have a story?

Harkon Dross: Born with natural arcane powers, Harkon's parents sent him away to an arcane college where his attitude and not so studious methods got him booted from the school. Harkon was always a larger than average lad, so he wandered down the street and observed another large and powerful man hurl a beggar from his church. Impressed with the man's physical ability, Harkon attended a sermon held by the priest of Gorum. The priest observed Harkon throughout the sermon and invited him to stay after and inquired about his intentions for the future. Since Harkon had not given much thought to his future yet, it was a small matter for the priest to convince him to heed the call of service to the church. Once again, Harkon's natural shortfalls kept him from pursuing a career as a priest, but all was not lost. The Gorumite observed Harkon's natural affinity and suggested he consider a paladin order as a way to serve still. This option sat well with Harkon and he excelled in personal combat with a two handed weapon. He even displayed some unconventional tricks by combining his arcane inclinations with his martial abilities shoring up some of his shortfalls. Harkon was released unto the world to go forth and combat evil with a final gift from his mentor, a holy relic of the church, his Greatsword which has a special affinity to damage undead. With his new weapon, purpose, and arcane tricks in hand, Harkon set forth from the city in pursuit of evil to vanquish. It was not long before he surged with pride from his accomplishments against the evil tide, proving once again his mortal flaws. Harkon eventually found his way near the vaunted Rappan Athuk, dungeon of graves and his pride set him forth to conquer its environs and extinguish the evil taint within. Harkon gathered a few companions of like mind from a nearby town and set forth to prove his worth under the watchful gaze of Gorum.

Sorry, it is late and I am short on time before the deadline. I can easily redo this given some more effort and I can piecemeal it into the game through stoic resistance to the prodding of other PCs until I have it crafted to perfection.

Every thing all sorted out for the Jester and Poppet. I went with the wand of make whole. all information is updated in this alias.

Don't think I can have a finished character before the recruitment ends... Wish you guys a great game - Rappan Athuk is an amazing challenge ;)

Now evaluating candidates. Results coming soon!

Life got in the way so couldn't put together a character in time which is so disappointing since I've never had an opportunity to play a psychic armory and it could be quite a while before finding another recruitment allowing it.... My bad

Good luck to all still in the running

@choon just an FYI unbeknownst to me that link I sent you for the armory looks like whoever posted it made some homebrew alterations to the class... I double-checked the Dreamscarred pdf and the archetype is not as frontloaded as that site made it seem

Oh. That's good to hear. Dreamscarred is usually pretty in line with Pathfinder's power curve so I was taken aback by that class as posted.

I have looked over the submissions and I thank youall for putting so much work into your characters in such a short amount of time. I'm sorry I can't take you all, but such is the way of PbP.

That being said, please report to the discussion and make an initial post in gameplay:
The Jester
Harkon Dross.

As for the rest of you:
I will keep you on the waiting list if anyone else drops, so keep those characters on the back burner. :)

Thank you for your time, and best of luck to those selected!

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