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Grand Lodge *****

Inspired by the current direction of the "Rare sightings in PFS" thread, I'm interested to know what primary weapons everyone's SFS characters are rocking.

Here goes:

701 - Mighty Vesk fists
702 - Tactical Diasporan sniper rifle
703 - Solar blade

Shadow Lodge *****

701 Merciful Flame pistol
702 Tail kwan do expert

Sczarni *****

Starfinder Charter Superscriber

701 - Heavy Ranged (Soldier)
702 - Small Arms, Basic Melee (Operative)
703 - Mighty Vesk Fists (Envoy)

Dark Archive ***** Venture-Captain, Minnesota—Minneapolis aka Silbeg

701 unbuilt
702 Membrane Holdout Pistol (operative)

Shadow Lodge ***** RPG Superstar Season 9 Top 8 aka WalterGM

702 - doshko and power armor

Sovereign Court *****

701 - Idaran Force Baton and breath weapon
702 - Azimuth Laser Rifle
703 - Azimuth Artillery Laser

Grand Lodge ****

701 - shirren-eye rifle and taclash (soldier)
702 - arc pistol (mystic)
705 - needler pistol (operative)

The Exchange ***** Venture-Captain, Iceland

So only 3 with xp, ( lv 3.2 , 2.2 and 1.2 ) Still, here goes

701 2 tactical semi auto pistols ( 1 on the stealth drone )
702 Azimuth laser rifle
703 magic missiles and backup pistol
704 Hammer fists ( Armor storm Soldier )
705 Operative weapons, lots of them
706 Would rather heal then harm, but knows how to use the spear he carries
707 Assault hammer, and combat drone with the same
708 Power armor and heavy weapons ( Ysoki Bodyguard Soldier )

Dark Archive *****

701 [Shirren Mechanic] Tactical Semi Auto Pistol, Tactical Baton, Tactical Arc Emitter
702 [Lashunta Envoy] Ominous Tactical Semi Auto Pistol, Azimuth Laser Pistol, Idaran Force Training Baton
703 [Ysoki Operative] Tactical Baton, Survival Knife, Azimuth Laser Pistol
704 [Dwarven Mystic] Tactical Assault Hammer, Idaran Force Training Baton, Tactical Semi Auto Pistol
705 [Half-Orc Soldier] Azimuth Artillery Cannon, Cestus Battleglove
706 [Witchwyrd Technomancer] Magic Missiles

Sovereign Court **** Venture-Lieutenant, Netherlands—Leiden aka Ascalaphus

701 Taclash / Called Starknife fun


-701 [Operative] Force Baton and Semi-Auto Pistol. (Sonic Pistol in another few games)

-702 [Mechnanic] Flame Rifle (eventually plasma line)

-703 [Soldier] Heavy Weapons and Grenades (Haven't decided what line of heavy weapons I will specialize in)

-704 [Technomancer] Magic Missile and Diasporan Rifle (waiting for more sniper options to be published)

-705 [Mystic] Mind Thrust


701- Autopistol/ laser pistol (drone)
703- Light reaction cannon

704-705 are unplayed.

Sovereign Court *** ⦵⦵⦵

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Starfinder Society Roleplaying Guild Subscriber

701 - Intelligence, I guess. Otherwise, Semi-auto tactical pistol
703 - Hammers


701 - Ring of Fangs, Tactical Doshko, Trampling Boots, & Needler Pistol and lots of grenades. Lasers are for Strawberry Machine Cake concert. Besides, Abysshead is better music anyway!

Grand Lodge

Pathfinder Starfinder Adventure Path, Starfinder Society Roleplaying Guild Subscriber

701 - Soldier 2:
Ranged: Light Reaction Cannon
Melee: Hammer Fist

702 - Technomancer 2:
Ranged: Laser Pistol, Azimuth
Melee: Baton, Tactical


701 - Merciful Tactical Acid Dart Rifle, Survival Knife
702 - Razor Sharp Wit, Azimuth Laser Pistol

Scarab Sages *

Pathfinder Starfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber

701 - copious Intimidation, ominous longsword

701 - Solar Weapon: Arm sheathed in nebulous energy, bludgeoning damage.

Grand Lodge ***** ⦵⦵ Venture-Captain, Illinois—Northern Ilinois

701 [Sarcesian Operative/Mystic] Diasporan Sniper Rifle, Spells
702 [Kasathan Soldier] Bow, Grenades
703 [Half Orc Operative] Shirren Eye-Rifle
704 [Android Soldier/Operative]Curve Blade, Thunderstrike sonic pistols
705 [Lashunta Envoy] Needler Pistol
706 [Half Elf Technomancer]Tac Semi-Auto Pistol, Magic Missile

Grand Lodge ***** Venture-Agent, Florida—Melbourne aka trollbill

701 Lashunta Envoy4 - Her personality and a Holy* Calling Membrane Holdout Pistol.
702 Ysoki Soldier2 (Bombard) - Azimuth Artillery Laser, Grenades and Wyrmling Dragon Gland.
703 Human Operative - Still in its gestation tube.

* I really like how Holy can bypass fire resistance in Starfinder.

Liberty's Edge **

701 Haan Ace Pilot Envoy - Hucket Rifle with Azimuth Laser Rifle or Tact Pistol as backup. If melee is needed, a Battle staff.


702 Kasatha Blitz Healer: Merciful tactical pike, returning starknife, called starknife, thunderstrike pulse gauntlet

701 operative: static arc pistol, called survival knife, wyrmling dragon gland (cold)

703 envoy: merciful tactical dart rifle (so far have 100% miss rate)

704 dwarf cavalry mechanic (never played): at L2 will have thunderstrike pulse gauntlet, returning starknife; drone: tactical doshko

Scarab Sages ***

-701 [android mercenary envoy] frostbite class zero rifle and static arc pistol
-702 [half-or spacefarer solarian] standard taclash and tactical semi-automatic pistol

Shadow Lodge ****

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[-701] defiant azimuth artillery laser, tactical knife and 90 ft of telepathy. Waiting for more money to buy an x-gen gun.

[-702] Tau croce hued in burning darkness. And a starknife for cosplaying a desnite instead of nyarlathite.

[-703] I'm at a loss, but kinda thinking about an electrovore glove.

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