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Arachnofiend wrote:
Battle Medicine requiring a healer's kit is not intended; we know this because it is very specifically a different action than Treat Wounds

An alternate explanation for why they made Battle Medicine not count as using Treat Wounds: If you used Treat Wounds in the last hour, it doesn't stop you from doing Battle Medicine (and vice versa).

The Crying Angel pendant only works for First Aid, not for other uses of Medicine.

I'm not so sure that Combat Medicine doesn't need two hands and Healer's Tools: it could be argued that since Treat Wounds automatically fails without them, the DC for one-handed Combat Medicine is also "automatically fails". (If you put the Healer's Tools in a bandolier, you don't need any extra actions to use them.)


Yep, I really messed that up. Looks like a level 1 or 2 Trained person should get 2 SP per day with a crit (16 SP for 8 days).


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Tim Schneider wrote:

32s for a crit? I think you've messed up your math. I only get 16s.

A crit on a level 0 task gives you level 1 task success earnings. So instead of 5c/day you get 2s/day. 8 days at 2s/day is 16s. How'd you get to 32? To get that you'd need to earn 4s per day.

Are you doubling for a crit? Cause the crit success doesn't say to do that. "Critical Success You do outstanding work. Gain the amount of
currency listed for the task level + 1 and your proficiency rank."

I read "task level + 1" as meaning use the level 1 income (2 SP) + 2 for rank would be 4 SP per day. However, (5+1+2=8) CP per day is also a reasonable interpretation of that text. Argh, now I'm not sure. I'm flagging it for FAQ.

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I made an elf thief-racket rogue who can cast the Shield cantrip. At level 5, it will have 40' speed.

I also made an elf paladin. He has Ancestral Longevity which gives him a floating trained skill. I am hoping this will reduce the pain of not having a lot of skills. EDIT: At level 1, he has speed 30 in medium armor.


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Downtime example:

From the Player Basics section of the Guide:

The Task Level for Table 4-2 on CRB page 236 is your level minus 2 (minimum 0), so 0 for a first-or-second level character.

From table 10-5 on CRB page 503, the DC for a level 0 task is 14.

The proficiency rank for a Trained skill is 2. The amounts below assume the money-making skill is Trained (not Untrained or Expert).

Table 4-2 gives daily income, but the amounts below are the total for all 8 days. Roll once and use the same check result for all 8 days:

* critical fail (natural 1 or 4-or-less on the craft/perform/lore skill check): 0 income.
* fail (5-13 on the check): 8 CP
* success (14-23 on the check): 4 SP
* critical success (natural 20 or 24+ on the check): 32 SP

The "in reach" part does not apply to ranged weapons. Retributive Strike still keeps its maximum range of 15 feet when used with Ranged Reprisal.

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Neo2151 wrote:
Continuing to look at Barbarian for a sec, the quintessential Barbarian is probably Conan, a character who commonly used a sword and shield in his stories. Yet the Barbarian class doesn't have Shield feats, so you can't even play the barbarian without MCing.

Shield Block is a general feat. A human Barbarian can take it at first level.

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The action-reducing spells are much better when you get the higher-level versions that affect multiple targets. Fear and Fear(3) might be OK if someone in the party is built to exploit the frightened condition. Command(5), Slow(6), Paralyze(7) all look good to me.

The chronicle does provide reputation. On the downside, for a repeatable it's lacking in alternate options to make it different every time.

Yes, I'm just saying that you should be comparing wizard damage to archer damage, not melee fighter damage. Do fighter archers do as much damage as melee fighters?

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You're fighting a large creature in a doorway or a 10x10 corridor. Are 4 fighters going to do more damage than 2 fighters and 2 wizards?

A pirate ship attacks and there are a few rounds at range before the ships connect. Is a fighter still going to do more damage than a wizard?

The enemy flies and has a ranged attack. Is a fighter still better? (This one may have a different answer at high levels when the fighter can fly.)

Underwater? The fighter is probably better at swimming, but is he still just as much better at damage?

In conclusion: how much does a max-strength fighter's damage decrease when using a ranged weapon? Does he still do more damage than a wizard?

MerlinCross wrote:

Why do we care about debuffs if the math shows just doing as much damage as possible is usually the way to go?

You can do debuff fighter in both systems. Both systems(and community) will say you're probably not playing it right but you CAN do it.

Always gotta go for the big numbers, that's what we've been taught and told.

In PF2, the action cost for debuffing is much less: characters can do a debuff instead of taking a third attack at -10 or for free with a crit.

The Armory has spined blade (basic melee), ice needle (advanced melee),
injector pistol, wraith-sting sniper rifle, shuriken (special).

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"Guide with Knees" looks like it should also count as directing the mount. However, it is very much the horse-emulator-interface part that I think you should be able to bypass by using the remote controls. The same for "leap".

"Spur" doesn't or shouldn't work with drones.

"Cover", "Fast Mount/Dismount", "Soft Fall", and "Stay Mounted" should use survival checks.

EDIT: added "also"

Nerdy Canuck wrote:
whew wrote:
Nerdy Canuck wrote:
What I'm unclear on is whether you need to roll the check to Fight from a Combat Trained Mount.
That's the check that the riding saddle says you don't have to make. However, some people interpret that as meaning you automatically make the check, but still have to spend the action.
Incorrect, near as I can tell; you don't have to make the Control Mount in Battle check - Fight from a Combat Trained Mount is a different check.

"Fight" is the one that has "direct a mount" in its text.

Nerdy Canuck wrote:
What I'm unclear on is whether you need to roll the check to Fight from a Combat Trained Mount.

That's the check that the riding saddle says you don't have to make. However, some people interpret that as meaning you automatically make the check, but still have to spend the action.

Nerdy Canuck wrote:
whew wrote:
If you really want to, you can program your drone to behave like a temperamental bucking bronco. However, there is no rule that a drone loses its remote controls when a riding saddle is installed, so many mechanics ignore the optional horse-emulator interface which just isn't as efficient as using voice commands or a datalink.
Thing is, it's treated as a combat trained mount with only the exceptions specifically provided by the mod or by class features - you don't have to worry about directing it in combat, for example, but you still need to use Survival to stay mounted when you get hit.

I agree that you still use survival to stay mounted when hit. Since it takes a reaction to do so, if a mechanic gets hit twice in a turn, they automatically fall off!

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If you really want to, you can program your drone to behave like a temperamental bucking bronco. However, there is no rule that a drone loses its remote controls when a riding saddle is installed, so many mechanics ignore the optional horse-emulator interface which just isn't as efficient as using voice commands or a datalink.

The Artificer wrote:
I would recommend having the augmentation Force Souls MK II (Pg 92 Armory) if anything wants to "hover" it can by standing up on nothing. Makes full attacks possible without haste.

Can a barathu use Force Souls MK II?

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I edited my post as well. My true opinion is that I'm not sure how it should work and it really needs an FAQ.

Dracomicron wrote:
whew wrote:
My interpretation: the ring creates a new weapon that could have its own entry in the weapons table. By RAW, such a weapon would only be Archaic if it explicitly says so, which it doesn't.

That is certainly a homebrew option, but by RAW, the ring modifies your Unarmed Strike, which is already has an entry on the weapons table; it is naturally one-handed, Bashing damage, Archaic, and Nonlethal. The ring makes it so that it is Piercing lethal damage and affects the Weapon Specialization bonus. That's it.

Bite attacks are already listed in Unarmed Strike as one of the flavors you can apply to it. It's fluff; it doesn't matter for game mechanics.

I flagged you: I am offended by the "homebrew" part.

EDIT: Unflagged: You interpretation is more homebrew than mine, as it depends on declaring rules to be "fluff".

My interpretation: the ring creates a new weapon that could have its own entry in the weapons table. By RAW, such a weapon would only be Archaic if it explicitly says so, which it doesn't.

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Dracomicron wrote:
This forum is quick to point out that there is a difference between the "fluff" and the rules.

No. Just, No. You can't just ignore any rules you don't like by declaring them to be "fluff".

still listed in the One Handed Basic Melee Weapon table

That's the general rule. Exceptions can (and to me, clearly do) exist.

Garretmander wrote:
I'm not seeing where you can swap a mod on level up


DRONES (CRB page 74) wrote:

every time you gain a mechanic level, you can rebuild your drone from scratch with the same amount of work, allowing you to change any or all of the choices you made for your drone (including ability scores, chassis, feats, mods, and skills).

I put "-" for the gender of my barathu.

As they are not "mature", early-stage barathu also may be too young to reproduce. They may all be emancipated minors - legally adult, but biologically children.

A collective uses their Rewrite Genetic Code power to build a designer-genes baby. All of the participants count as parents, but I doubt the experience is really "sexy".

I'd say they don't have a sex but also count as "mutable": they can use their Adjust Shape power to create body parts as needed.

Liavarans don't form collective consciousnesses, so maybe a single barathu can bud asexually.

Lest you feel sorry for them for not knowing the joys of sex as other creatures do, even early-stage barathu should be able to Adjust Chemistry to self-medicate with mind-altering drugs every 1d4 rounds.

Alien Archive 2 says the maximum age for an early stage barathu is 500+3d% years. Is that when an adult barathu dies of old age, or is it the age when the young barathu finally becomes an adult?

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This is for Second Edition, right? There should be something in the description (maybe even in the season name) that says so.

You can use your move action to fly, which you can't(?) do with a normal trick attack.

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The cover art in Data Breach looked very Shadowrun-y to me. It's set on

minor spoiler:

Edit: Ninja-d!


stone of good luck (luckstone)

Several of the armor descriptions mention force fields. Since there are no rules for environmental seals failing when armor gets hit, all of the armors must already have force fields or something to keep them airtight when they get punctured in combat. Those force fields can also protect the wings.

Human Ace Pilot
Str 13, Dex 16, Con 10, Int 10, Wis 10, Chr 14

Feats: Longarm proficiency, Heavy weapon proficiency
Weapons: shout projector, hydra cannon

This will be my only character who doesn't have a dragon gland.

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Mad Doc

Super Soldier

My names probably work better as nicknames instead of official names. Except for maybe Vanguard, if the existing names stick, I suspect I will not use them in my table tents or character intros.

PS I like both WarpWitch and WarpWeaver better than WitchWarper.


Do I have to keep the pet? Can I at least get it spayed or neutered?

Apologies for overthinking something that is supposed to be cute and fun, but I feel that the adventure is forcing my character to be, at best, an irresponsible pet owner, and at worst, genocidally criminally negligent. I can see that the beasts need to breed fast so every PC can have one, but invasive species can be really bad news even when they aren't genetically engineered to be WMDs.

If this is the prelude to a tribble-apocalypse adventure, then it was really unfair to give us the pets with no chance to respond in character.

I could play my character as paranoid about this as his player, but I suspect that would not be fun for the other players.

I'm not sure if this is the right sub-forum for this, but it seems too spoiler-ish to put anywhere else.

I was doing my "Beware the Amok Time!" schtick, when another player suggested that ikeshtis only mate once.

So, do Ikeshti mate only once?

Meraki wrote:

On the whole, I like this much better than the previous version, but I'm leery about putting magic item use and class power use in the same pool. I'd rather those not have to compete with each other.

(Related note: is it really an expectation among most tables that any given store you go to will have 10 quickrunner's shirts and 20 CLW wands in stock? If you play strict RAW, that isn't the case (since city statblocks list what types of items are available), and if you don't, it makes complete sense to rule a party can only find one or two of a given item, imo.)

Both the Shirts and the wands only take one day to craft. So instead of a shop with a huge inventory (that must be guarded and can be robbed), they just need to find a crafter.

Dracomicron wrote:
HammerJack wrote:

That's the custom rig, that also allows a datajack, if implanted in the brain slot. Not the exocortex.

The exocortex says nothing about taking up a slot.


I think I need an exocortex for my reading comprehension.

No, the exocortex does not take up an augmentation slot.

Doh! I apologize for my previous post.

I clearly DOES take up the slot. Shame on all of you.

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Level 11 is when attack spells finally start getting good:
* Slow (heightened): target up to 10 creatures
* Chain Lightning: 7d12 to "any number of" creatures within 500'

Dasrak wrote:
It works best if you have haste. 1 action to ancestral surge, 2 action to cast, bonus action to attack.
Quick Condition Page 324 wrote:
You gain 1 additional action at the start of your turn each round

I read that as meaning that the bonus action from Haste has to be your first action.


"Scoured Stars Veteran" boon: Rescued Starfinder: ... This new PC begins play with 3 XP, 2,160 credits ...

Is that 2,160 credits supposed to be in addition to the 1,000 starting credits that a new character usually gets, or is this character assumed to have spent 1,000 credits on consumables or not gotten full cash on their earlier missions?

dnoisette wrote:
That Fighter/Barbarian with heightened Invisibility ... takes less damage

My playtest experience: the invisible wizard cast heightened Invisibility on the melee fighter, and the fighter took NO damage, because the monsters promptly

the archer and the cleric instead. To be fair, we were outdoors - there was a fight in a doorway later where it could have worked well.

Where is the rule that you must wield it beforehand?

Moon Frenzy spell gives weakness to silver.

It would be nice to have good guidelines for mundanely guessing what is likely to be magic:

* permanent items must be at least expert quality
* alchemicals come in expensive glass bottles
* single-use ammunition and trinkets have runes
* etc

Of course, there should also be ways to try to conceal the magic, but that should cost and be rare not-everyday.

Is there a skill check to know if an item is expert quality?

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You put the items you want to check into a square where there is no other nearby magic and cast Detect Magic. If something is magic, then split the items into 2 equal-sized piles (where only 1 pile is in range) and repeat the Detect as needed. That should go faster than checking the items one at a time, and way faster than Read Aura.

Although I can see how to get by with just Detect Magic as written, I think it will be a pain to explain my sorting techniques at every PFS table, and I also hope they change it.

Gaterie wrote:

Actually I'm not sure why people are complaining about the bag of holding. Given the WBL rules, it's not an item you'll see in any game.

The bag of holding starts at level 4.

Your level 3 item is your mandatory +1 armor, or your mandatory +1 skill tool. You need both to follow the monster progression (without a skill-enhancing item there's no monster you can possibly beat at your primary skill; without the max bonus armor, monsters will quicky crit you to death).

Your level 4 item is your mandatory +1 sword.

You don't have any level 5 item. Instead, you have the level 3 item you're missing (a +2 armor or a +1 skill item).

Your level 6 item is your mandatory +2 Per item.

Your level 7 item is your mandatory +2 armor or your mandatory +2 skill tool.

Your level 8 item is your mandatory +2 sword.


You can't possibly have a bag of holding. Actually you can't possibly have anything else than your weapon, your armor, your primary skill tool, and your Per item.

Sure, any martial character should pick a magic weapon instead of the bag. However, not everyone plays martial characters. Spell casters can sporadically get more DPR with a magic weapon, but it may not be very much:

Sample character:
Elf cleric 5 STR 10 DEX 16 CON 12 INT 12 WIS 18 CHA 18
Cleric options: (healing stuff) (Resonance 9. 7 channels each heal 4d8+13 or 4d8+5)

Ancestry feat: Otherworldly Magic to get Electric Arc cantrip (2x 1d6+4) so never have to roll to hit

1xLvl 4: bag of holding
2xLvl 3: +1 armor & staff of healing (crimps bow use)
1xLvl 2: wand of Heal 1 or skill item (buy the other with cash)

With this character, I think the party might be better off having 10x more loot-carrying capacity and not having to forage when going overland.

FlySkyHigh wrote:
if you wish to put anything into the bag, or take anything out of it, you must spend a resonance point for each thing.

Just put sacks of stuff into the bag instead of single items. (5 sacks = 0.1 bulk.) This also helps protect the bag from pointy things, although a chest might be better.

keep bag open all day?

When the bag is open, the contents should weigh their true bulk? This might require putting the bag on the ground to use it.

magnuskn wrote:
Yes, I find the constant "refer to section X" entries terribly unintuitive, especially since I'm waiting for my hard copy. It's much less annoying to do stuff like that with a real book.

I make a copy of the PDF file. Then I open them both up at the same time, so I can have one set to the list of cleric cantrips (for example) and use the other to look up what they do.

(I'm not saying that the book layout isn't annoying.)

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