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8 years later and no Ch 2.


IIRC, all armor have a comm unit built in.

As far as UPBs, good idea even for trading, but you still need a place to produce items. Those seem to me to be found in settlements and starships.

Justin Norveg wrote:

2 personal com units. Because other people forget com units. Splitting the party is a bad idea. Splitting the party without communication is a worse one. Additionally, if you read the description its an Iphone. You can take pictures and recordings of weird alien texts to translate later, play star sugar heart love, and if all else fails you can leave a message for the starfinders that find YOUR body. You can google for 20 on knowledge checks if you have the time.

Going forward

1,000 UPBs. Because you never know what you might need. Can make almost anything in 4 hours.

Spell thrower weapon (Level 4 or higher) You need a level 4 spell thrower to use a level 1 gem.


I haven't yet, but I was thinking of using them to fill in starship roles for 4 player tables.

My opinion, most characters should have deficits in their skill set.


Might want to have field rations or R2Es on your sheet in case food comes up.

Ammo would probably be a better way of stating extra batteries.

Grenades are fun but expensive fun.

Not consumables, but must-haves are appropriate toolkits and industrial backpack. the BP is +2 carrying capacity for 25cr, so why not?

If you are truly worried about healing then buy medpatches or invest in the medicine skill.


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I feel the same way about the Icon for Hire tour.


That's ok. I think you low-balled the total profession bonus so it evens out a bit. My 3 Mechanic is sitting at about +14.

Gary Bush wrote:
I want to point out that my analysis was really quick using max amounts possible for Day Jobs. That is not realistic so the amount of credits earned will be much less over time.


That is one piece of tier 6 equipment at 9th level. Or a lot of fun with grenades along the way.

Nothing to sneeze at but in my opinion it's not going to break scenarios.


701- Autopistol/ laser pistol (drone)
703- Light reaction cannon

704-705 are unplayed.


I was thinking of UPBs as a kind of advanced material (a balance of plastics, organics and metals) for a 3D printer. But the printer can rearrange the molecules as needed when it prints.


I really don't see a huge break in wealth by level if it is multiples. At Tier 2 it is effectively 2 day job checks per scenario instead of 1. With what I've seen with specced out characters, the store rewards boon for 3x earnings, and that seems to be about +100cr per scenario extra. Given how fast prices scale and the fact this would max at x5 (extra 300? per scenario) I'm not seeing this leading to extra "at tier or higher" equipment.

I'd welcome a chance to see what you have for guesses on extra wealth. Is it more then a 10% shift above scenario credit?

Gary Bush wrote:

Maybe the example is poorly worded.

Downtime- Day Job (page 45) wrote:
During Downtime, you can attempt one trained Profession check to earn extra money: this is called a Day Job check. <snip> You gain a number of credits equal to twice your Profession skill check result, as per the “Earn a Living” entry in the Profession skill (Starfinder Core Rulebook 146).
Earning a Living (CRB page 146) wrote:
You can use Profession to earn money. A single check generally represents a week of work, and you earn a number of credits equal to double your Profession skill check result.

So the guide defines what a Day Job check is: it is a Profession check. It also defines how much credits are earned; the result of the roll times two. This confirms the process for determining a Day Job check is the same as RAW as outlined in the Core Rule Book.

Known Quality (page 31) wrote:
When you have this boon slotted and you attempt a Day Job check at the end of a session, multiply your total earning by your Acquisitive Reputation Tier.

Known Quality changes how much is earned from Day Job check from times two to times the Acquisitive Reputation Tier.

I agree. The wording of "total earnings" can be interpreted as the Day Job check X2 then X tier. I don't think that is intended because it would break the wealth scale. It falls under the "not use a loop hole to get more money than intended" rule."

And I agree with Kevin and please add this to Thruston's thread about changes to the Guide.


But crouching at a corner shooting braced against the intersection of walls is exactly what people IRL do. The only reason it looks odd is we constrain our models to be in the middle of 5ft squares when in this instance they "squeeze" themselves into a 2ft area with 6in hanging out of the corner.

HWalsh wrote:
Lau Bannenberg wrote:
Michael Eshleman wrote:
Bill Baldwin wrote:
Given the Starfinder cover rules...

Reads Starfinder cover rules, sighs.

So we're back to somebody having cover in a five foot wide corridor with no obstructions?

Yeah I think that one is worth trying to get an FAQ for.

Sure, the old "shoot around the hard corner" thing was a bit cheesy, but this looks even sillier.

It makes sense. Shooting around a corner isn't exactly an accurate combat method.



I don't think the -4 for nonlethal applies to SF combat. It's just last hit decides what type of damage he's doing.


Honestly, it would be quicker to do it yourself or look for someone that has posted it online. I do know some of our GMs and players have transferred then to the actual ship sheet.

James Anderson wrote:
What I'd like to see changed is the stat block layout itself, so that it shows how many missiles it carries and how much shields the engineer recharges per round. Yes, it can be calculated, but it'd be a time-saver for new players.


Our GMs around here tend to full attack when possible since it's the only way most NPCs can miss. We've seen NPCs with +9 with PCs at ACs of 13-14.


As you pointed out, with 2 gunners even after the missiles run out you still have a fore and aft gun available. Use Flyby to get both guns in action. Target only 1 enemy arc which hasn't been an issue in any game I played except 1 with gobbie fighters.

If I recall, a coilgun is 4d4 damage. Use your engineer to "make 1s 2s" and your average damage goes up to about 12.

Your PCs just need to get more creative once your big gun runs out.

Adder007USA wrote:


I think paying half the cost of the difference is the rule. That is also the exploit that you can buy a level 1 fusion, then upgrade it at half the cost of originally installing it on the higher level weapon.

For Kevin Willis, I haven't done the math but I think paying half the cost of each intervening level would still be half the cost of the "jump" difference.

Iammars wrote:
A better solution might be that you have to pay the difference between the cost for a fusion of the level of the new item and the cost for a fusion of the level of the old item (or half the cost for a fusion of the level of the new item, whichever is more).


I would rule that the NPC is "bleeding out" for 3 rds and let the PCs mention that they want to stabilize them (without prompting from the GM.) That puts the onus to act to stabilize on the PCs which if they're in a capture not kill scenario they should have in mind.

It's also very consistent. 3 rounds is not long and would leave most NPCs dead anyways.



Always use found grenades.

All of them, all of the time.

Because dropping 4-6 grenades per round on a guy, at effective AC 5, is hysterical.


If you transfer the fusion to the level 8 weapon, how is the level 1 still fused?

Leum_ wrote:

On a similar note. Transferring a fusion (not a seal) can be done for half the price of the new levels seal.

If you wanted to put a level 1 seal on a level 8 weapon. RAW it is cheaper to buy a level 1 and fusion (120 credits + a weapon you probably have already) and transfer it to a level 8 weapon (half of 2300) and keep the backup weapon fused.

Surely this is an unintended mechanic and ripe for abuse.

I would just skip the "move action to move your mount" since the drone does have an AI. Albeit that would be the drone's only action for the round unless you spent the move action, as per mechanic rules.


We here in parts of Seattle have been doing this wrong. We've been playing it like factions in PFS where you had to BE the faction to get points.

I'll have to go back and correct things.


I was speaking more towards interesting/worthwhile armor upgrades. The level 1 and 2 seemed a tad lackluster. But I suppose if you don't have lowlight vision that one is worthwhile.


I've put this here since SFS play has a unique situation with equipment.

As I now have 2 3rd level characters and a fair amount of credits I'm looking to upgrade gear. What I'm seeing is that at 3rd level I'm spending most of my credits on armor, the +2 personal upgrade and some random bits of equipment. There appears to be a gap in weapons and armor upgrades that aren't available until level 5-ish.

Anyone else see this trend or think I'm imagining things?


One correction I'd like to make. The GM receives maximum rewards and all applicable accesses. If the party misses something like a fame point or some treasure, the GM still gets it.


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And now comes the flood of PC Devotees to the Devourer.

Shaudius wrote:

The rules are pretty clear (although what it means by a deity appearing in an AR isn't really clear:

"Characters can worship any deity or philosophy listed on page 482 of the Starfinder Core Rulebook, or any other source listed in the Additional Resources document. Characters with the priest character theme must choose as deity or philosophy whose alignment is within one step (on either the good-evil axis or the law-chaos axis) of the character’s alignment."


Does a diety make any difference to the mechanics of a class? I don't recall mystics having diety-specific abilities.

Since it's strictly flavor, I'd allow it under the "Keep it Fun" rule.


I believe it would be treated as same level or lower since there is a gap between level 1 and 10 that battlegloves don't cover.

This is assuming Unarmed strikes count as weapons.

Kurgan Ironfist wrote:
Well hammerfist is treated as being the same level as the character, so I would say it could use weapon fusions.


Also weapon ranges for starships printed on the sheet would be helpful.

Gary Bush wrote:

If it is not too late to add something. This is not something on the PreGens but on the Starship Sheet.

Can a box be added for "Current Shield Points"? It is an important piece of information that is not tracked on the current sheet. It can be calculated but nice if there is a spot for it like there is for Hull Points.


I disagree slightly with the other responders.

The degree to which you want to focus on damage types is going to depend on how much of a combatant you are. Soldiers definitely should, exocortex mechanics also. Solarians from what I've seen are a bit locked in except for using fusions which is another option besides having entirely different weapons.

Drone Mechanic has the option to use 1 damage type himself and equip the drone with another. Then simply full attack with the more efficient one if the situation arises.

I think most other classes should be fine with one energy and one projectile weapon, one of which is a sub-tier backup.

Good equipment suggestions so far. Rope, antitoxins are useful. Industrial backpack is a must!!


I think You are seriously overestimating the CR of some venture Captains. The few that have been statted out have been level 8-13.


To actually answer the OP's question, you are correct and your characters would need to be level 12 with Chronicle access to the item.

I suppose the downside is that this means only 2 enhanced ability scores until then.

Was I wrong about unarmed strike being on the Weapons list? Nope.

Did HWalsh mention level as a requirement is his post? Nope.

Have I ever actually said unarmed strike was Fusion eligible? Only in regards to HWalsh's original post. I actually stated it was ridiculous.

It's called logic and attention to detail.

If I had seriously advocated this, then yes, this would be petulant. But you guys keep putting words in my mouth to make me out to be something else.

Space McMan wrote:
EC Gamer Guy wrote:
All this because he didn't mention level as a requirement for fusions in his post, only being a weapon per being on the weapon charts. Minor error but worth the entertainment.
Stop. You were wrong, and you acted like a petulant child when you were proven wrong. Everyone in this thread can see you were mistaken but still doubled down when you got called out. There's no saving face for you at this point. Accept the loss and move on. This thread is done.

All this because he didn't mention level as a requirement for fusions in his post, only being a weapon per being on the weapon charts. Minor error but worth the entertainment.

Table 7-1, first entry above Club, "unarmed strike" d3B damage, archaic, nonlethal.

Don't get me wrong, your logic was still flawed. I had nothing to say about the conclusion beyond I hadn't seen a definitive answer. Not everything on the weapon list is a weapon eligible for fusions.

HWalsh wrote:
EC Gamer Guy wrote:
I was more mocking HWalsh's logic of "it's a weapon because it's on the weapon list" than seriously considering fusion-ing a PC's head.

Not a good idea to mock people, especially when they turn out to be correct.

As for fusioning a head, you can't.

In order to fusion something it must meet 2 criteria:

1. It must be considered, by the rules, a weapon or ammunition (which are still considered weapons.)

2. It must have an item level, as you need an item level equal to or lower then the level of the fusion.

SFS scenarios are seeing NPCs with ACs high enough to negate full attack benefits. It's like the writers forgot AC 18-20 isn't average any longer.

Deadmanwalking wrote:
Vidmaster7 wrote:
Interesting even if the to hit chance was lower?

Depends on how low, but generally yes.

Assume you only hit on a 15 (Note: This requires a negative to-hit modifier at 1st). That's a 30% chance. On a Full Attack you'll only hit on a 19, which makes for a total 19% chance to hit, but does have a 1% chance of two hits and a nearly doubled number of criticals. Still probably not worth it, though.

But assuming a base 13 to hit (a +0 attack bonus at 1st), we're talking a 40% chance on one attack versus a 36% chance of at least one attack hitting but a 4% chance of both hitting. So those equal out...until you remember that whole 'nearly doubled number of criticals' thing. Which makes full attacking somewhat better.

So at that point or higher to-hit chances, full attacking is better. And that's the highest CR 1 AC I've seen and a +0 to-hit bonus. Almost all PCs have better to-hit odds than that by a fair bit.

Vesk natural attacks do threaten and are considered armed.

There is a question flaoting around as to whether Improved Unarmed Strike damage improvement works with the Vesk natural attack version of weapon specialization.

Mark Carlson 255 wrote:

IMHO, you may want to check with AOO claw and wielding 2H weapon, IIRC the book states that if you are wielding a 2H weapon you are not considered wielding a "hand/claw" now you could be considered wielding a foot/knee etc for AOO but I do not think those are considered threatening by the rules unless you have Improved Unarmed Strike.

I am taking Improved Unarmed Strike for both theme as well as the fact you can threaten with hands, legs, knees, head butt, etc.

BTW, I also hope that either the Operative gets a maneuver chain for Unarmed Strikes and or the android can swap out the free armor slot for free Unarmed Strike.


Vesk attacks are natural weapons, not a version of improved unarmed strike.

Vesk have their own version of Weapon Specialization for their natural attacks that adds 1 1/2x level. And yes, at around level 4 with Melee Striker your attacks are around d3 + 12.

Forty2 wrote:
Unarmed Strikes pg190 wrote:
An unarmed strike can be dealt with any limb or appendage. Unarmed strikes deal nonlethal damage, and the damage from an unarmed strike is considered weapon damage for the purposes of effects that give you a bonus to weapon damage rolls.
"Improved Unarmed Strike pg158 wrote:
Normal: You don’t threaten any squares with unarmed attacks, and you must have a hand free to make an unarmed attack.

Which is correct?

Another question: since their natural weapons act as a modifier to their Unarmed Strike, would the Vesk Natural Weapon Specialization apply to Improved Unarmed Strikes? That would put its average damage about in line with a Basic Melee Weapons of your level.

I was more mocking HWalsh's logic of "it's a weapon because it's on the weapon list" than seriously considering fusion-ing a PC's head.

And I posted that before I finished reading the thread which meant to me it was unclear, until I saw the official clarification and it became considerably less unclear!

Torbyne wrote:
by that same logic, a PC's body does not have an item level and likewise, can not accept a fusion.

Unarmed strike is listed as a weapon. Can I put a fusion on my face and headbutt with it?

I say it is an unclear point whether a solarian crystal is a weapon eligible for fusions.

HWalsh wrote:

Strictly, with a strict read of the rules, Solarian Weapon Crystals are weapons. As such they can be equipped with Fusions. Those fusions then transfer to the Solar Weapon.

Strictly, by the rules, that is what happens.

Here are the "Weapon Types" in Starfinder:

1. Basic Melee
2. Advanced Melee
3. Small Arms
4. Long Arms
5. Heavy Weapons
6. Sniper Weapons
7. Special Weapons
8. Ammunition and Grenades
9. Solarian Weapon Crystals

Starfinder Core Rule Book page 169-170


Starfinder Core Rule Book page 191

"A weapon fusion is a small, prepackaged add-on that can be attached to any weapon to infuse it with magic"

Note: Any Weapon

Solarian Weapon Crystals - By the rules of Starfinder - Are weapons. They are listed in the type of weapons... They are listed in the weapon charts... They each have the full categories of weapons including, but not limited to, level, cost, damage, critical, and bulk.

Charts 7-1 to 7-10 are all weapon charts and they cover Solarian Weapon Crystals.

The reverse is also true. A human star shaman can't breathe water.

I think it is a real stretch to think of Vesk as unarmed and not threatening. What I'm seeing is the SF is much more open rules-wise and doesn't try to cover every contingency.

Without the AA, Are Kalo obligate water breathers, or can they breathe air also? If I recall from PF the Gill-men could do both but had to keep moist skin which I think would be easy enough given armor.

You don't get the bonus +2 Computers. What you can get is the floating +1 to any 2 checks (or whatever that is.) And you have some very optimized gunners there. I think the Captain gets to motivate 1 gunner, not all.

One balancing factor in starship combat is that the PC's ship is typically higher tier than the enemy and our pilots tend to be better giving an advantage in the piloting phase. I'd estimate our pilot goes last about 2/3 of the time.

But yes, the NPCs have ridiculous to hit mods at lower level.

Back to the OP. There may come a time your armor is damaged, not on you or out of oxygen/food/water.

If I recall, recharging has to be done on a space station or a ship. If your ship is a smoking crater on Planet O-SH%^!! then environmental effects may come into play.

On a recent adventure we had to cover about a week of travel in Tier 2-5 suits. We had to make checks to know when closing up the suit was necessary to conserve resources.

(Being half-facetious)

More efficient energy conversion to light energy (less heat loss), better focusing crystals.


Space McMan wrote:

Give me a scientifically sound explanation for why the level 20 laser rifle does almost 10 times the damage of a level 1 laser rifle, while still being the same size, weight, and using the same ammunition.


Ask the GM. Most here wouldn't have a problem with you playing for no credit just this once especially if the table is short.

TheGoofyGE3K wrote:
So I can't use a different character and play a session again? That's a shame, just messed up my Con plans December 2nd weekend :( wish they'd have more scenarios already

The having a secondary attack mode for AoOs (Vesk) negated some of the cons of unwieldy. Not getting CLeave at the cost of the feat seems a bit high.

I will go with Plasma doshko as soon as i get high enough level for it.

With Melee striker:

Glove is d4 + level + 2xstr

Vesk natural attack is d3 + 1 1/2 lvl + 1 1/2 str.

Vesk attack is definitely the winner is the base die can be increased at about the same rate as the BattleGlove's

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