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701(Damaya Lashunta Mystic 5)Survival Knife, tactical Semi-Auto Pistol

702(Dwarf Soldier 8)Paramagnetic Storm Hammer, Light Reaction Cannon

703(Vesk Envoy 1)Unarmed strike

704(Skittermander Soldier 3)Grapple, Tactical Doshko, Longsword, Azimuth Laser Pistol

my card was successfully charged. Thanks again for taking the time to read my post

My card was declined on Friday for insufficient funds. I have fixed that problem, but was wondering what the extra 46 cents was in the charge from what I was told was the price.
My guess is probably a charge fee but am not sure. mostly wanted to let you guys know that my card is ready to be charged. thanks for taking the time to help, I know you are all busy.

I sadly need to cancel my pre-order of the StarFinder Core rulebook.
Wish I didn't need to but i had a change for the worse when it comes to income.