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Off-Topic Discussions

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I've seen this type of thread on other boards, and I've genrally found them to be interesting.

As for myself, I have a two-part answer...

My last name is Jacobson, and at various times of my life I've had the nickname "Jake."

Secondly, my favorite John Wayne movie happens to be Big Jake. So this messageboard name has worked for me.

I also use the same one on,,, and (but I haven't posted there yet... I'm a serious lurker and Order of the Stick reader).

Sovereign Court

Adventure Path Charter Subscriber; Pathfinder Campaign Setting, Companion, Modules, Roleplaying Game, Starfinder Adventure Path, Starfinder Roleplaying Game, Tales Subscriber

My nick is normally sir_ollibolli. I gave my real name for ordering the Enhancement to Dungeon #100 and since it was used for the credit card information supplied (or so i thought). If it is possible to have an on-screen-alias I will certainly change my nick to the one I normally use...

Pathfinder Starfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

I usually hang out at ENWorld, lots of people in various communities know me from there, and that's what I used. Besides that, my real name Arbuthknot Q. Thristwhistle, and Henry sounds much more exciting. ;)

Paizo Employee Senior Software Developer

Oliver von Spreckelsen wrote:
If it is possible to have an on-screen-alias I will certainly change my nick to the one I normally use...

You can change your messageboard nick here, or clicking on My Account, then messageboard settings.

Note that you can only change your messageboard name up until you've posted 10 times, after that you'll need to contact customer service.

College Mascot=Griffin (avatar fits for this message board)
13 Lined Ground Squirrel=little rat/chipmunk

Add the two togehter and you get a griffrat...

Dark Archive Contributor

Mine's easy:

First name = Micheal (Mike)
Last name = McArtor

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Modules, Roleplaying Game Subscriber
Mike McArtor wrote:

Mine's easy:

First name = Micheal (Mike)
Last name = McArtor

How dull. OTOH, mine's only slightly more obscure:

First name = Merric
Last name = Blackman (B)

MerricB is unique enough that I can use it everywhere around the 'net. :)


When I used to play hockey in Montreal, I was a goaltender. A lot of the players didn't know my name when I first started so they called me by the manufacturer's name displayed on the paddle of my goalie stick..Edgewood. It has stuck with me ever since.

Dark Archive Contributor

MerricB wrote:
How dull.

But I like my name. :(

Oh, you mean the avatar name. ;D

Well, you'll notice that most of us from Paizo use our real names as our messageboard screennames. Prevents confusion...

Poster A: "Wait, was paizoworker6373492 the editor-in-chief of Dragon or of Undefeated?"
Poster B: "I thought he was the editorial assistant for Amazing Stories."
Poster C: "I thought he was a she!?!?!"

That's the sort of stuff we wanted to avoid. ;)

Liberty's Edge

Big Jake wrote:
I also use the same one on,,, and (but I haven't posted there yet... I'm a serious lurker and Order of the Stick reader).

My friend set up my first e-mail account on AOL back in 1995 and picked it for my nickname which was "Q" because of the sounding of my last name.

I use the nickname as well on the WOTC, ENworld,, and Dragonsfoot.


Sovereign Court

I only took my title from an old Gargoyle(anybody remember that one?) episode on t.v. that had a cyborg named Cold Steel. I guess it got stuck in my mind ever since.

It's my nickname. Kind of better than my own name really.

Mike McArtor wrote:

Mine's easy:

First name = Micheal (Mike)
Last name = McArtor

Wow, Mike: you spell your name "Micheal" rather than the more traditional "Michael"? I never knew that. You've always just been "Mike" to me!


I had a recent run-in with my employers over my blog. Long story short, I decided to change names from my regular log-in (on various sites) to this new one. I wanted something cool and unique (I didn't want to be Drizzt43597206) and hit upon this odd combination of words. I like it. Even better, I can keep writing in my blog (which has changed name and location) without fear of repercussions.

Be careful of how much info you tell the online community about yourself. If somebody decides he doesn't like what you have to say, all he has to do is click on your user profile and see if you'll spill your guts about who you are so he can mess with your employment, webhost, etc. I paid to learn this lesson, so learn from me for free.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Mine is pretty easy

Calidore: One of the knights from Arthurian Legend, I believe he was known for being very honorable. Means Golden Stone if I remember correctly. I use it as my first name for when I participate in The Society for Creative Anachronisms.

Chase: I thought it went well with Calidore. I use it as my surname in the SCA. It could mean hunter, or something similar.

well, to anyone reasonably well versed in D&D lore can tell you, vecna's tratorous lieutinent Kas cut off vecna's hand before he was destroyed, and one of my favorite characters, derek the necromancer, worshipped vecna, i thought it fitting, i very rarely use the same nickname twice so here it is

runescape: henchman sam
wizards: feartheinvinceblehamster/oni3/kursed

Es muy macho.
That's pretty much it.
It used to be my name. BORING! So I changed it.
Es muy macho. No?


Started out while playing a PC game, StarCraft. My favorite faction was the Protoss, whose basic infantry unit was the Zealot.

They (the Protoss)were sort of a "conceptual hybrid" of your stereotypical "gray alien" and the Predator (from the movies), with a dash of "honorable warrior" Klingon.

I like the ironic/oxymoronic way the name translated:
"Grey" can mean "undetermined, undefined, or uncommited" to a particular philosophy, religion or code of morals/ethics.
"Zealot" usually means "fanatical warrior."

(But, I like that "Alien Gunfighter" name above, as well.)

Named for a certain Aardvark Pope. Also my name on the Wizards Boards. Although someday I will use "Waffle Donkey" as a nick. That would rule.

After MST3K went to SciFi, they did Return of the Creature. Its from there.

Easy....Grazzt. My fave demon prince/lord from 1e (don't much care for the watered-down 2e or 3e version).

Scott Greene

The Creature Catalogue

Another real name.

BTW, if there's a title in parens after the avatar name, that is the person's position at Paizo.

Started using "Stardrake" as a CB handle in the early 80's. Thought it sounded cool. Now he's my favorite Paladin character, as well.

My first ever charakter was named Milwan McMorak. He was a magician in a rpg called "Das schwarze Auge". He didnt survive his first adventure and so I use the name as an alias in other rpgs if I need one.So this is a bit nostalgic. Normaly I try to use Splatter K but this time I didnt. Dont know why.

every time i toss in a random npc for flavor, just to show that there are people who exist outside the plot of the game, somebody pulls something

round by round

Halflings see drunk man, steal his bottle, halfling with bottle starts drinking.
halfling realizes its strong wine not normal ale, keeps drinking and somehow dodges drunk man leaping for bottle, landing at his feet
other halfling runs inside to buy more ale. drunkard starts screaming at the theif, who keeps drinking.
guards in guardhouse acros street decide its to noisy and investigate, halfling stops drinking and looks worried, drunk guy surprised
halfling goes defensive and dodges guards, drunk guy withdraws
halfling tries to bull rush guards, falls, catches guards pants and knocks him down, striking his head on a rock. (the guards head)
other halfling comes out of tavern after pouring some wine out, pretending to be drunk. remaining guard looks at him, draws a sword, and tells him he doesnt want to use deadly force
drunk halfling knocks him down, and they force him to drink, till hes drunk. they put some wine in the other guards mouth to make it look like he drank, get a room for a few days, and have a "kegger"

three days later they take place in a competition for a prize, after they win they find out it was to find the most suitable replacements for the town guards who were fired for, of course, drinking.

this is kinda long, ill post the rest later

All your nicks are weak and pathetic next to my exalted, obviously superior nick, for *I* am your Lord and Master, and you shall all bow before me (DC 22, Greater Command) and accept my will as your command.

Such is the power that I, Delglath the Undying, Prince of Rinloru: City of the Dead, and Chosen of Nerull on Oerth do proclaim.

- Source: Ivid the Undying, unpublished Greyhawk manuscript by Carl Sargent.

Scarab Sages

Adventure Path Charter Subscriber

My first name is Gavin, I like gargoyles...

As in most cases, 'B' follows 'A'

As I've mentioned elsewhere, Koldoon is not my real name, but I've been using it online for over 13 years.

The name itself is Russian for sorcerer (I avoided the usual spelling of koldun, which is what you see in, for instance, the whitewolf books)

- Ashavan

Thats my name. Patrick Brophy.

Although, being Irish probably has something to do with the PAddy part ;)

One of my longer running aliases is Luthclaoimh, which is Irish for swift sword. Got shorthened to Luth (the swift part) which i think exists in the DnD world somewhere, possibly as someones surname.

Farewell To Kings is my favorite Rush album title---not my favorite Rush Album (Moving Pictures, 2112). I've used this title for various Internet things for many years...I was P.O'ed that somebody else was using it on E-bay!!

When they turn the pages of history
When these days have passed long ago
Will they read of us with sadness
For the seeds that we let grow
We turned our gaze
From the castles in the distance
Eyes cast down
On the path of least resistance

Cities full of hatred
Fear and lies
Withered hearts
And cruel tormented eyes
Scheming demons
Dressed in kingly guise
Beating down the multitude
And scoffing at the wise

The hypocrites are slandering
The sacred halls of Truth
Ancient nobles showering
Their bitterness on youth
Can't we find
The minds that made us stong
Can't we learn
To feel what's right and wrong

Cities full of hatred
Fear and lies
Withered hearts
And cruel, tormented eyes
Scheming demons
Dressed in kingly guise
Beating down the multitude
And scoffing at the wise
Can't we raise our eyes
And make a start
Can't we find the minds
To lead us closer to the Heart

(kind of makes you want to play D&D, doesn't it??)


Character name from 2E. She was a tiefling. I got her name by crossing the name of one of my husband's character's familiar (a bat named Maddus) with Medea (I like Medea) and then fooling around with the letters until I somehow came up with Medesha. It's unique enough for me to use almost all the time without fear of it already being taken.

I've also learned it's a gun company, which kind of bugs me but oh well.

-Amber S.

Mines simple I am a big fan of faeries and faerie literature... W.B.Yeats, Katherine Briggs, Andrew Lang, Laurell K. Hamilton and now Holly Black. That's spryte part.

I am queer identified so hence the "rainbow"

together they sound alot like RainbowBrite but different and I'm a big 80's fan as well, so I use this moniker all ove the place for myself since it fits so well.

I'd like to answer the second part first, if I may. First of all, I own a 1958 Chevrolet Nomad. I've been Nomad, >nomad<, nomadV, nomadVIII, and the like on many online games (America's Army online lately) and boards...I also loved and took from the old AD&D series
I3: Pharoah
I4: Oasis of the White Palm
I5: Lost Tomb of Martek
and the supermodule
I3-5: The Desert of Desolation

Not necessarily for the culture, just the name. I like the gypsy culture more than the nomadic tribes. Its mainly because I would sunburn to a crisp in the desert, I think...gimme forests of trees!

And as for the first part...I loves me rum and coca cola!!!!! and sometimes some supercold killians red.

Now I have an avatar that matches my online name. Cool!

1 person marked this as a favorite.

2nd name of a NG 1/2 elf cleic I've played:

Langwellyn Gildersleeve,
Chosen Dawnbringer
of the Most Blessed

and when needs be,
a fist within his mailed gauntlet...

It probably doesn't belong here, be since this is an off-topic discussion, just a thought or two on EVIL in games in general...

EVIL is best when overcome by GOOD.

Evil-aligned PCs are never good. At best, they're not bad, and then, they're not being played well.

EVIL PCs vs EVIL NPCs...kind'a like Hitler's SS vs Stalin's the end, who cares? Do you worry how many Bateezu are slain by Tanarri in the Blood Wars? Or, vice versa, for that matter?

If you want to play EVIL that badly, be the vicariously through bad NPCs and don't mourn their passing when heroes overcome them...

And, by the way...Mohammed Atta was NOT a paladin for the other side...Crusades...evil vs good/confusion arguments notwithstanding. Slaying the helpless and/or innocent is ALWAYS wrong.


Grand Lodge

Mine's pretty basic. I'm a DM. My party does dumb things that gets them killed...alot. The party then blames me for slaughtering them, thus TPKer or Total Party Killer. The 101 part was just to be different.

Best secret agent excuse me while I go draw Icarus on my exam.

Asberdies was my favorite creature in the entire 1E Against the Giants / Descent into the Depths / Vault of the Drow series (and that's saying something). In case you don't own it or haven't played it, Asberdies is a quiet, secluded, lonesome fellow napping away on a rock ledge in a side-cave of a drow-infested cave network. He doesn't bother anyone, and no one bothers him. Because he's a 20th level wizard lich.

The group I was DMing stumbled into his lair, ignored the scores of Magic Mouths warning them to leave, and initiated one of the handful of epic battles in that campaign. Half of the party was killed, but they destroyed Asberdies.

As the DM, I'm used to my bad guys getting killed, but I had a soft spot for old Asberdies. I remember hearing that "Frodo Lives" became a popular epitaph in the 70's, so my avatar is my own tribute to one of my favorite monsters.

My is after the best mage I ever played during my senior year of high school in game with a large groupd of friends. He died 5 hours in the party died 2 hours later due the fact no mage, and no cleric(he died right after I did). Grofo rocked level 14. Lost his robe of many items to the party's thief who accidently trigged the burrnign hands spell patch. Taht in turn nearly killed the party's babarian who fell into the portal hole pit trap. This after I nearly fried the fighters with a lightning bolt that killed off the critters they were having trouble with.

Ah, nothing like 20 year memories.

Mine's from a novel by David Eddings series of Novels (The trilogy's The Elenium, and The Tamuli).

He's a Paladin like warrior who enjoy's tweaking the nose of those people in authority in creative ways around the rules.

It's a great series, If you are interested in a non WotC product with a different feel.

Adventure Path Charter Subscriber; Pathfinder Modules, Roleplaying Game, Starfinder Adventure Path, Starfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber

I needed something for Paizo's website and really, really like this form of the noun: sublime. (First time I used it, I thought I was being clever--then I looked it up in the OED and found out I wasn't as clever as I believed.)

Mine is my most recent characters first name, a gnome druid, hes a gnome cause gnomes are awesome and I want to be one but also so I could ride my animal companion. In case you were wondering my animal compaion is Arlon, a wolf who has somehow managed to singlehandedly bring down a 5th level dire bear at 1st level.

Mine is pretty simple: I have always been a fan of fantasy, specifically dragons. So I decided to call myself dragonlvr. I use this almost everywhere. I used it as a yahoo ID, and because dragonlover was taken, I used dragonlvr. That and my son's name is Draco and I do so love my little boy.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

The Jade is the alter ego I use for my band. We've been in the studio mixing our album for sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
loooooooooooooooooooong that I failed to see the reason to waste this meaningless moniker on a mediocre (aliteration is our friend) rock CD when I could flourish it here on

I know, it's amazing isn't it?

You're welcome, people! :)

Medesha wrote:

Character name from 2E. She was a tiefling. I got her name by crossing the name of one of my husband's character's familiar (a bat named Maddus) with Medea (I like Medea) and then fooling around with the letters until I somehow came up with Medesha. It's unique enough for me to use almost all the time without fear of it already being taken.

I've also learned it's a gun company, which kind of bugs me but oh well.

-Amber S.

Mine, too, comes from a history of gaming. The first Bram Blackfeather was a D&D Mage. He actually survived the first level (the level upon which I referred to him as "a sleep spell on legs) and even survived level two. He actually only died once, and was brought back, so that was okay.

In AD&D we revisited our favourite characters, and he was mine. So, he lived again as a mage. Ditto for 2nd Edition AD&D, and then in 3.0. He was always about finding ways to make magic better or different, so he was keen on metamagic spells in AD&D2, and the metamagic feats were superb for him in 3.0 and 3.5.

The latest incarnation of Bram Blackfeather has just taken a level in Incantatar (from "Player's Guide to Faerun," which, even though we play Greyhawk, we pillage and plunder for spells and prestige classes and the like), and he finally feels like the character I wanted him to be way back when I was single-digit aged and playing D&D - a wizard who could alter the magics of others as well as his own.

Nothing better than a spontaneously empowered cure spell from the party cleric when the wizard lends a hand... heh. :)

Bram means "raven," or "crow," so the Blackfeather bit just fell in line.

Mine refers to a European Pagan Diety known more commonly as "The Green Man". His image has been discovered on Celtic metal works - the most famous being a relief image on the inside of a cauldron. My favorite class is the Druid and my favorite creatures are Fey and sentient plant creatures (especially Myconids - very "trippy"). Thus, Cernunos seemed to fit.


Obsessed with Superman.

I liked Sharpe's Rifles and the series of made for TV movies that followed based on the novels by Bernard Cornwell.
I also used this avatar name on the White Wolf palace. Due to circumstances it's now become my real world nickname at the gaming stores I frequent.

Random musing; also affected by the fact that I was in the middle of City of Splendors:Waterdeep. Alas, I didn't have pancakes for breakfast. I don't know where the flapjack came from.


Liberty's Edge

Once upon a time I used to work for TSR Online as a moderator for their chat site. I was known as TSRO_Rexx and I'm sure you can find the old TSR information that explains why I chose "Rexx". I still use "tsrorexx" for most of my internet stuff but I suspected that the WotC thought police would catch a wiff of a "TSRO" on the Paizo boards and shoot me down. They've done it before... I refuse to use "WizO_Rexx" because WizO makes great chocolates, like Crunchy Frog and Anthrax Ripple.

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