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Full Name

Oliver von Spreckelsen




IT Wizard Level 5




6' 1''




Chaotic Good


Frankfurt am Main / Germany


German and English


Software engineer in health care management in a public institution

Strength 8
Dexterity 12
Constitution 8
Intelligence 16
Wisdom 14
Charisma 12

About Oliver von Spreckelsen

I'd like to play in so many campaigns (I'll probably end up DM'ing anyway).

Normally I have a list of campaigns here, but this list has grown to ginormous proportions.

Just let it be known that I have a vaaaaast library of 3.5, PF1 und PF2 campaigns, even some 4e and 5e ones, but those are not really my cup of coffee.
3.0 - 3.5 (WotC plus 3pp)
Eberron initial trilogy + Eyes of the Lich Queen, Drow War, War of the Burning Sky, Warlords of the Accordlands, Ptolus, Castle Whiterock, Other DCC's, World's Largest Dungeon, World's Largest City, Cult of Yex (that one isn't an AP, since it stalled after the initial chapter!!!), Temple of Elemental Evil, Saga of the Slave Lords, Against the Giants, Dragonlance Classic, Dragonlance Age of Mortals, Iron Kingdoms Witchfire, Barakus & Durbenford, Kalamar Adventures, Red Hand of Doom, FR HC trilogy, Expedition to Undermountain, Expedition to Castle Greyhawk, Expedition to Ravenloft, Expedition to the Demonweb, Original Undermountain, Adventures in Arcanis, Bleeding Edge, Ruins of the Dragon Lords,
PF 1e (3pp)
Zeitgeist, Road to Revolution, Tales of the Margreve, Tales/Streets of Zobeck. other Open Design campaigns (like Midgard Tales etc), Splinters of Faith, Wizard's Amulet - Council of Freya - Tomb of Abysthor, Slumbering Tsar, Rappan Athuk, Freeport campaign (already ran one, great great stuff), Freeport Trilogy/Return to Freeport/Dark Deeds in Freeport/Black Sails of Freeport/Hell in Freeport, Way of the Wicked, Rise of the Drow, Throne of Night(hahaha, if it will ever be finished), Razor Coast, The Dark Veil (Blackbyrne Publishing), Hexcrawl Classics, Wilderlands of High FGantasy / Citystate of the Overlord /Caverns of Thracia, Northlands, From the Deep (Dreamscarred Press), Kaiden, Rituals of Choice (Arcane Evolved / Rite Publishing AP), Viridian Legacy (Headless Hydra Games - Mor Aldenn), Legendary Planet AP, many Campaigns from the AAW modules

Some of my favorite 3pp's have gone the exclusive route to 5e and I continued to support them for a while... until I stopped (Frog God Games and Kobold Press I am looking at YOU! and I have nearly EVERYTHING done by those, even some 3.0 and 3.5 books!!!)

And then there is Paizo... I have a complete library of Dungeon issues, plus I have nearly everything in the Pathfinder/Gamemastery line.

Where can i get the time necessary to run/play all these campaigns...???

My last round birthday my wife permitted me to run a campaign at home. I was preparing for "Council of Thieves" extensively. Then PF2 happened.

I immediately fell in love with the new edition (had some issues with the playtest, but the CRB and the online campaigns Knights of the Everflame plus Oblivion Oath won me over).
So I asked My home campaign, if they wanted to convert to the new edition or stay at PF1e. It was a split decision, but the two new players swung the vote to PF2e.

Meanwhile I found some co-workers, who were interested in a campaign at work. So I am running a group through "Fall of Plaguestone" with "Age of Ashes" slotted afterwards (That should take "some" time).
I am preparing a home campaign for "Council of Thieves", that will be converted to PF2e, plus I have a third group for PF2e waiting in the wings, but that one will have to wait unitl the first one finishes "Fall of Plaguestone". My plan: Beginner Box / Troubles in Otari and then we'll see (another AP of other adventures Slithering, Dead Hand of Aroden or the Abomniation Vaults).

And then Covid-19 happened (sigh).

My wife is a risk patient so I take extra care about not contacting too many other people. and that means:

- My campaign for "Fall of Plaguestone" is on hold.
- Translation of "Council of Thieves" is finished and the book will be published. Then conversion will start, after I finish my translation work pn Bestiary 3, but GMG and the three Bestiaries give a lot of help with that.
- Third group will have to wait until the first group has finished "Fall of Plaguestone", but that will have to wait until the Covid-situation has developed to a point, that Tabletop-RPG is feasible again.

I will try out some things with Foundry, Roll20 and Fantasy Grounds, but that is not as rewarding as a campaign at the table.