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Pathfinder Player Companion: The Harrow Handbook (PFRPG)

***** (based on 5 ratings)
Pathfinder Player Companion: The Harrow Handbook (PFRPG)
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It’s in the Cards!

Pierce the veil of mystery surrounding the occult symbolism of the harrow! Steeped in ancient tradition, harrow decks have been used for centuries to foretell the future, perform magical feats, send coded messages and warnings, and manipulate fate. Divine your fortune, learn games of skill and chance, summon allies, curse enemies, or even build a character based on harrow archetypes as you delve into the lore and secrets of the cards.

Pathfinder Player Companion: Harrow Handbook presents a player-focused overview of the history, fortune-telling practices, and non-divinatory uses of the harrow deck, including ways to incorporate harrowing into your character’s background and skills. Every Pathfinder Player Companion includes new options and tools for every Pathfinder RPG player. These are just a few of the features you’ll find inside this book:

  • New archetypes, building types, equipment, feats, spells, and traits to help you incorporate the mystic secrets of the harrow into your characters and campaigns.
  • A guide to the lost harrow cards that sometimes appear unexpectedly in harrow decks, or are discovered in ancient tombs and lost hoards.
  • A new system for generating character backgrounds and motivations using the harrow deck, with associated traits.
  • Instructions for performing a harrow reading, and information on alternate harrow spreads used in telling fortunes.
  • Rules for games that use the harrow cards and are played everywhere from upper-class card parlors in Cheliax to underground gambling dens in Absalom.

This Pathfinder Player Companion is intended for use with the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, but can easily be incorporated into any fantasy world.

Written by Crystal Frasier, Will McCardell, and David Schwartz
Cover Art by Tyler Walpole

ISBN-13: 978-1-60125-650-8

Note: This product is part of the Pathfinder Player Companion Subscription.

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Average product rating:

***** (based on 5 ratings)

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Great product for Harrow fans


If you like the harrow or even own a Harrow deck this is a must have.

Something for Everyone!


archtypes, feats, more archtypes. More card spreads

I love the ultimate campaign for the story seeds and this book adds more! with the deck I already have! (but don't worry, you can use dice, playing cards or tarot cards to the same effect for anything you use the Harrow for)

As it turns out, the artist Kyle Hunter has a story (he wrote) associated with every card. He created all the characters himself, he named them himself. Which is why they all tie together in thei chaotic way. And why the art was not changed for the Deluxe cards (and the first cards which I also own because I love the Harrow)

Some of these stories are in this book. One card for each suit. I wish I could have more and I'm hoping there will be more slipped into future books and lore related to the harrow.

Maybe even more hints on the "lost suit" (mentioned in this book) in the future.

In short, ifyou like the Harrow, in whole or in part, and you want to add it to your game and/or your character then you want this book. Every class, any random background. Especially if the deck is a prop in your game (as dice or cards). There is a picture of every card on the inside cover, especially helpful for those not getting the deck itself.

Happy Gaming!

One of my FAVS!!


This book is without a doubt one of my absolute favorite books from Paizo. When I got it, I tore through it, as I love the Harrow concept and couldn't wait to read this book, cover to cover.

Not only are there a lot of really cool mechanical options, but the 6 "chapters" focused on each of the symbols in a Harrow deck are awesome. Each one gives a really nice description of what a person who feels a connection or is guided by a particular suit might be like, giving lots of ideas for great role-playing moments.

Its an fantastic book, and if I could give it more than 5 stars, I totally would!!

One of the best


Read my full review on Of Dice and Pen.

The Harrow Handbook is the perfect example of how to mix “crunch” with “fluff”. Apart from the brief aberration that is the order of the hammer and a few combat feats, every option in the book has story value as well as mechanical value. This book adds life to the campaign setting in a way many other Player Companion books fail to, by developing something that is uniquely Golarion. This book is overflowing with flavour and I absolutely love it as a result. It is, without doubt, one of the best books in the entire Player Companion line and will be seeing a lot of use in my campaigns.

good stuff


Quality merchandise! Lots and lots and LOTS of options. I love it. Gift Certificates
On Sale and Clearance!

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