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Archtypes, Background Generator, Feat, Game, Plot Device, Prop, Weapon


to get best use of the deck, it is best paired with the Harrow Hand book: andbook

I love this prop. I also own the first deck, that was more playing-card sized. The deluxe deck, tarot-proportioned, feels more comfortable in my hands. Full disclosure: I suck at shuffling but the cards hanlde better in their longer size.

There is rules for a game "Towers" included with this book, bidding and bluffing. But the Handbook, link above, talks of more games. Game that could be played as a pathfinder character or by your gaming group during downtime. the games are "illusionit" and "Last Azlant"

Oh and Aroden is mentioned as part of the lore, the namesake of one of the games and linked to Harrow history. In the Harrow Handbook, above.

This is a review of the deck itself, not the book, but you will get more use out of the Harrow in your games with these together (feats, archtypes, equipment and magic items).

Another disclosure: the art is unchanged. But Kyle Hunter put alot of work into the original art, backstories, and creating them all from scratch. I do wish the art had been refined for the Deluxe Harrow Deck, by Kyle. though it was not. Admittedly the art on some of the common tarot decks is similar in style and line-work. So the art only seems less in comparison to the first Harrow deck.

I pre-ordered this and am completely satisfied with my purchase. Maybe you will too. 5 stars

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Something for Everyone!


archtypes, feats, more archtypes. More card spreads

I love the ultimate campaign for the story seeds and this book adds more! with the deck I already have! (but don't worry, you can use dice, playing cards or tarot cards to the same effect for anything you use the Harrow for)

As it turns out, the artist Kyle Hunter has a story (he wrote) associated with every card. He created all the characters himself, he named them himself. Which is why they all tie together in thei chaotic way. And why the art was not changed for the Deluxe cards (and the first cards which I also own because I love the Harrow)

Some of these stories are in this book. One card for each suit. I wish I could have more and I'm hoping there will be more slipped into future books and lore related to the harrow.

Maybe even more hints on the "lost suit" (mentioned in this book) in the future.

In short, ifyou like the Harrow, in whole or in part, and you want to add it to your game and/or your character then you want this book. Every class, any random background. Especially if the deck is a prop in your game (as dice or cards). There is a picture of every card on the inside cover, especially helpful for those not getting the deck itself.

Happy Gaming!

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It's So Good I Made My Own Cards


I have been using the harrow deck in every rpg i have been running or been in since I received my cards. As a vetrean of Second edition, I felt that the exclusion of Commliness would not go unanswered so I made nine extra cards for the forgotten 7th stat. Which is why I am glad that they are standard card stock so they can fit in pocket protectors so no one knows if one my my cards will turn up until they flip. There is already a subculture of gypsies in my DnD campaign so I will be using the cards at every opourtunity and so are my friends who run the games I play in.