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Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

Pathfinder Battles: Red Dragon Evolution Boxed Set

***** (based on 5 ratings)

Our Price: $39.99

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Not to be trifled with, the Red Dragon has long been the bane of adventurers everywhere. Now you can add this daunting and dangerous enemy to your next campaign!

Long hailed as one of the fantasy genre's most menacing adversaries, the red dragon is both respected and feared by veteran gamers everywhere. Now Paizo Publishing and WizKids Games bring you not one but three of these terrifying creatures in the Pathfinder Battles: Red Dragon Evolution boxed set!

The Red Dragon Evolution boxed set provides Pathfinder Battles fans with Red Dragons in three different size categories for use in your campaigns: Medium, Large, and Huge! That's right! Three Red Dragons to menace your player characters with.

Prepare a warm (albeit fiery!) welcome for your next Pathfinder game with the Red Dragon Evolution boxed set, or display these detailed and beautiful miniatures as a warning: here there be dragons!

This product is not part of the Pathfinder Battles subscription, but Pathfinder Battles case subscribers may use their Encounter Pack/Builder Series discount code on this product.

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WZK71293-Medium WZK71293-Large WZK71293-Huge

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Average product rating:

***** (based on 5 ratings)

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My Favorite Minis


These red dragons are my favorite minis. The paint jobs are of supreme quality (in terms of painting but also color), are actually BETTER than their stock images (which is odd), and worth every penny. The size is great, the details are great, they are perfect. Great care was taken making these.

If you're making more dragon evolution sets, I will gladly pay for them!



Excellent work, the 3 red dragons are great to look at from either side of the screen.

Keep in mind that the pictures shown here don't accurately represent the minis, they are better in reality.

Very nice addition to the dragon line of mini's


First let me say, the decision to make the old large red dragon into the medium dragon size was a good call. Secondly, the new large red dragon is fantastic and the current photo does it absolutely no justice. The coloration, size, and pose make this mini formidable. The huge red dragon compares in size to the huge white, and is larger than the huge black (which I think is correct anyway, black dragons are smaller than reds). The detail on the huge is very nice and the pose is aggressive. Great addition to the dragon line. Now we need another!

Worth the Price

****( )

While I was caught off guard the Dragons didn't match the preview photos, I found I liked the colors fine the way they came out.

Overall this set is well worth the price I paid for them. The detail far exceeded my expectation. Well Done.

Redemption Comes in Red


I was a bit skeptical purchasing this product considering the mediocre sculpt and paint jobs of the White Dragon Evolution set. I am very pleased at the level of detail and paint on these Red Dragons minis. They look impressive and worthy of the price point. I even like the translucency in the wings and the coloring around the eyes. A solid product which has me looking forward to what will be next in the line. I am glad these turned out as well as they did as I was a bit disappointed with the White Dragon series and should these have been of a similar experience I would have dropped all interest in the line. Definitely worth picking these up! Gift Certificates
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