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They'll BE guilty of real harm if left unchallenged and allowed to, in essence, preach in science classes. That, I think, is the value of Nye debating this guy, or anyone doing so: setting an example of confronting that nonsense when it jumps the fence to places it doesn't belong.

I do like these and intend to buy them, but I'd love to have seen other poses/ages for the style depicted on the Core Rulebook! I've become a big fan of that more snake-headed design while painting the Reaper version.

What if you wind up with a party that doesn't have a single paladin in it? I've got a cleric of Ragathiel and a cavalier, fwiw:)

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Congratulations, all! I look forward to seeing what's in store!

Looking forward to seeing what's next for you!

Good luck in future endeavors! I look forward to reading them!

Threeshades wrote:
then there are demons and daemons, which originally are just british and american spellings for the same thing.

Daemons were actually a Greek -and later, Roman- thing, sometimes referred to as a creative or inspiring spirit/thing.

Edit: same origin, yes, but the spellings are different for daemon and demon for a purpose: to avoid confusion with the judeochristian evil version. I believe the problem there is that the word was just borrowed during Greek translations. Anyway, point being, not just a random change to describe the same thing as two separate things.

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Lincoln Hills wrote:
Shall I compare a Pathfinder 'gorgon' with the three Gorgons of Greek myth? Usually they make a good attempt at linking folklore with game stats, but sometimes they just steal a name that sounds right for the monster they already statted.

...and sometimes they know their mythical critters better than we think.

African Gorgon

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I do this, too, though I've cut it back quite a bit over the years. While it can still get out of hand now and then, I finally realized that I really like doing the prep, sometimes almost as much as the gameplay later. It's a big part of the game for me, at the end of the day.

Still, if you get complaints and think they're valid, there is some pretty great 3pp stuff out there that can be grafted in pretty painlessly. I'm eventually going to be using some of the Raging Swan villages. Really great detail on those.

Oh, and lots of Dead Can Dance.

Chant of the Paladin

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'Last Temptation of Christ' soundtrack, by Peter Gabriel. Very evocative of a wasteland and themes of good and evil. I like this one for an army moving through a wasteland:

The Feeling Begins

Here's one that really conjures up desolation to me:


'Nemesis' is misspelled under 'Nemisis Devil'. Sorry, it's what I do.

Really looking forward to this next package!

I am a big fan of the party dynamic portrayed in Plague of Shadows. Fantastic, and looking forward to more!

Also, good advice on GMing, and well timed, in my case.

Outstanding! Awesome work, all around.

This one definitely won me over, though it brought to mind something weird for me: Sulik and Grampy Bone from Fallout:-)

You folks are doing an amazing job with these sets! I freaking LOVE the Baphomet statue. I may get a couple of those, and stash one in a friend's cereal box or something:)

I don't believe Thompsons have/had a burst-fire feature. If you didn't know what to expect I'd imagine you'd be close to spraying the ceiling pretty quickly with one, so the Str thing does make sense.

I'm curious how the colors look in hand. I'm not sure I'm wild about the color of the wings. I'll just paint over them if I don't like it, but...

Okay, just occurred to me that it's easier to make it a former dragon of any color the way it is now.

The blue did fit together pretty well prior to gluing, true!

I don't think it's just the cost of larger boxes, but postage as well. I'm not trying to sound like a jerk, but the gluing thing is the one bit of craftsiness that shows up in both painted and unpainted minis. It's just good to have some around! Bases come off, sometimes other bits, and then you have it for metal minis, too.

They are meant to be superglued.

Race: either the gearforged or the trollkin

Class: the expanded shaman, and the expanded white necromancer (coming soon). Now I want to check out the justicar from SGG, though!

Setting: Midgard

All of these are Kobold Press, and I do work on some things there (proofing, development, and now editing), so I've grown pretty familiar with the material. There are a lot of great 3PP products out there, though. I'm still a huge fan of the Incantations material from Zombie Sky Press, for one. Raging Swan's adventures, specifically the room-by-room descriptions and the way they're presented, are some of my favorites, as well. Excellent stuff!

They look very blue to me, and did at PaizoCon, too. Then again, I've had these color fights before and been voted down.

I bought three boxes at FLGS, and had one figure break, which was the giant wasp. Really, the clear stalk just came out of the base, so I'm not even sure I should call it a "break". I just super-glued it back in. It's fine now. The minis are fantastic looking.

Love it!

It's fun, I've met great people, and if I have a boring weeknight now, it's because I want one!

I won't miss them. They did nothing to help the signal-to-noise ratio in the crowded stores I've mostly played in.

I'm in the bar, a boss.

There are shuttles going back and forth til midnight or something.

Ah, okay, thank you. Two days ago he seemed to think it would show up as an e-ticket.

I'm still missing two e-tickets to the Friday evening Kobold Press event. I know Wolfgang has been trying to get them on there, but no dice so far. Thanks!

You're not the only one, at all, but I wouldn't grant this particular one because facing (or the lack )adds (or removes) sooooo many potential 'what-if's to the tactical portion of the game.

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These look fantastic, and I LOVE the grave knight. Could've used him last night in my Midgard campaign!

For future sets, I doubt many would agree, but I'd love to see a set of molds and slimes and such someday, and a gelatinous cube that costs less than $30. In the meantime, just keep them coming! I haven't been disappointed yet.

Not until Friday the 14th:_-(

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That's an awards event for the folks who labor down in the mines at Kobold Press!

I was wondering about those...

(edit: in a good way!:)

James Thomas wrote:

Just for the record Harris, you would be very welcome at my table for Curse of Mata Api!

I'll definitely be gunning for it!

I cannot believe that this exists.

My vintage 1983 inner 12 y.o. just came leaping out of the back of my mind in his sleeveless Union Jack shirt, knocking my current self and its preference for moody indie music into a brackish and haunted pool.

I must have these, and I WILL use them in Pathfinder. Up the irons.

Cheapy wrote:
And I definitely didn't mean to imply nepotism, if that's what came across.

No worries! Don't confuse my boosterism and sometimes-awkward sense of humor with admonishment!

Too much good stuff on the schedule. I have no idea how I'm going to prioritize the very first slot.

The following scenarios all take place in the Midgard Campaign Setting, but the description doesn't mention it:
1. Curse of Mata Api

2. Devil's Food

3. Madman at the Bridge

4. Mayhem on Demon Mountain

5. Sorrow

The remaining two Midgard scenarios do make the setting known.

The Midgard Bestiary has already been referenced in the current AP, not because Mr Daigle was the developer, but because it is awesome. One of the reasons it is awesome is because Daigle is very good at his what he does, but that's not the same thing.

My girlfriend and I will be there!

I'd love to see it happen! There are a lot of women at (or moving toward) the forefront of this industry, and it's a trend I'd like to see continue. So if this helps that happen for somebody then it should be on the schedule.

I'm in! Looks incredibly useful.

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Impacted molar. Ace job, Cosmo! Much obliged!

I don't think I'd play there, but I don't care about the array. Insisting on rolling your abilities for you, even with you sitting right there, doesn't bode well for fun times and spontaneity.

Live feed of news coverage from Boston of some craziness happening there now. One MIT officer killed, some explosions, apparently, and at least one eyewitness description of a guy on the ground in the street with a bunch of lasers on him, while they're moving people back out of the area. Many shots fired.Link

EDIT: Oh, and if you live in Watertown, stay the eff inside, say police.

FBI says it's looking for these two guys. The second guy does look like he's toting something heavy in that pack, but he's also skinny, so... who knows? I've had textbooks make me walk like that after a long day. We'll see.

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