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Thank you Paizo! As always, great customer service! One day, I hope to resub :)

Hello Paizo,

I haven't been keeping as close attention to my subscriptions due to recent personal matters, and only just realized that I never received Book 5 of Ruins of Azlant (Tower of the Drowned Dead)

I have Book 4 and 6, but not 5.

I hadn't opened my miniatures sub so I thought, maybe they were in that box, but alas not.

Would you be able to send me my copy?

Also - as I'm finding my time and finances taken up with other things at the moment, can you cancel both my subscriptions?

Thanks in advance,


Incognito wrote:

Great to see the mini blog starting up again.

Yes! I'd been wondering what happened to the minis blog! Glad it's still a thing!

And loving these minotaurs! They'll go nicely next to my ones from WotR and H&M.

Thanks Katina! Will it still ship on time or rolled into next month?

Can you guys retry? It seems odd the payment was declined. I just used the card to purchase other things from a different store without issue.

Oddly, the email I received was sent today, and required that I respond by the 9th, yesterday...

Sent an email titled the same as this post with the pictures

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Hmm, I don't have any issues with how the DM played this, though I now have a question regarding Detect Evil for Paladins.

I always played it as the Paladin needing to actually target it on someone/something. i.e. it didn't work as the Cleric version which detects evil in a radius around him over 3 rounds.

A paladin can, as a move action, concentrate on a single item or individual within 60 feet and determine if it is evil, learning the strength of its aura as if having studied it for 3 rounds. While focusing on one individual or object, the paladin does not detect evil in any other object or individual within range.

Have I been doing this wrong?

*bump* Didn't want this to get lost in the shuffle.

Hello Paizo,

I received my hardcover of the Curse of the Crimson Throne, but there seems to be an issue with how some of the pages were cut.

Pages 338 to 352 are slightly long on the top right edge, extending slightly passed the previous pages.

Pages 353 to 385 are clipped on the top right edges at an angle.

I'm wondering if it's possible to have the book replaced? I'm unsure what the process is for this type of situation.

I can send a picture if needed.

None of the content of the book is affected, this is mainly a cosmetic issue.


Loving this set! Always happy to receive more giants!

Looks correct, thank you!

*bumping this as it wasn't addressed*

Umm, it appears you canceled my AP subscription and not the RPG one :(

Can you fix it please?


Hello Paizo,

Please cancel my PF RPG sub.

I will maintain the AP line and Battles mini subs.


Wow, did not see that coming.

I'm guessing their more experimental APs will go there?

Interesting that it's part of the same universe though.

According to this page, the live banquet revealed:

  • Blackjack will be a vigilante.
  • LOTS of new art for CotC. All the good art from the AP is in the CRB.
  • New content. Rebuilding encounters.
  • Looked back at feedback and changed the AP so you don’t leave Korvosa. New mini adventures.
  • September 2016
  • Erik Mona: “Yeah, some of tha stuff is going to be a miniature.”

Specifically regarding not leaving Korvosa, is that correct? I hope the party still goes to Scarwall... I loved that part of the AP.

When's the actual announcement?

I've been thinking of running this AP also without Mythic, or at least less Mythic levels given to the PCs. I hope you keep updating the thread so I can see how it works out for you in later books!

Just got an email from them on it, and proceeded to back it right away.

Erik Mona wrote:

I dunno, there are still a bunch in this set.

I won't stop until I've done all of them, or until someone makes me stop. :)

This has me excited. One thing that I loved about the Wrath of the Righteous set was the sheer volume of Demons I got. I am happy now to hear I will get a bunch of Devils too :D

This has the potential to be my favorite set yet!

Hello Paizo,

It seems that in my attempt to complete order 3947261, your system has charged me twice.

Can you take a look?



Those are awesome. Been wondering when we'd starting seeing some angel minis!

I'm loving this set so far! Thank you!

Oh - I just wanted to also say Erik, that I finally got around to opening my Rusty Dragon set (I moved across the country, pf minis had to wait), and I just wanted to comment on how much better the quality was compared to previous sets. No smudged faces, paints looked great. I was very happy. A huge step in the right direction.

Thank you for your continued effort in improving this line!

Oh man, I am late to this party! But I am so excited for this, even though I already played through it in 3.5, I will happily repurchase this to own it with PF rules!

I was hoping you guys would do another remaster after Rise of the Runelords! Maybe in 4 years, we will see a Second Darkness compilation :)

May is fine, thanks!

Hello Paizo,

I had recently suspended my subscriptions as I was moving across country. Now that things have settled, I wanted to re-activate them.

I had requested that i be able to continue my subscription where I left off (meaning I'd get the books + pdfs of issues I'd missed). Is that still possible?

I believe I missed 3 books from the Hell's Vengeance series.

Thanks in advance!

Perfect, thanks!

Thanks Sharaya,

Just to be clear, I don't want to miss out on the upcoming AP issues. Once my subscription continues, will I receive any issues that were shipped to other customers (along with the included PDF)?

I will be moving in the next month and am not sure what my new address will be yet. Is it possible to maintain my subscriptions but simply hold the shipments until further notice?

I would resume them sometime in mid-March most likely.

Any reason behind the delay? Nice to see the Owlbear!

Shadow Demon wrote:
Curmudgeonly wrote:

Hi FGG, I want to back this but I'm not sure how I should be doing this.

I would like to get the two hardcovers of the 2 main books Borderland Provinces and Adventures in the Borderland Provinces, and get PDF versions of the Player Guide, the Player Gazeteer, the Journey Generator and Rogues in Remballo.

However, I'm not seeing this as an option.

Am I reading the various pledges and addons correctly?

Let us revisit this for a moment:

Choose $12 Player PDF set then add the 2 hardcovers for $70. This gives a total of $82. However, you still have to add the Journey Generator which will cost about $5 (from the consideration from the Player PDF set that guide is about $5 and the gazetteer is about $7). The total now comes to about $87 plus shipping. The free pdf of Rogues of Remballo is available now for backers.

Consider that you can get everything in print plus all of the pdfs for $95 including the special print of Rogues of Remballo. The shipping difference is going to be neligible between the two options. You will save about $8 with the first option.

$95 is the not only the better deal; it is a great value for what you are getting.

Thanks Shadow Demon.

It's a shame there's no addon for PDF versions, but it's not the end of the world. Price really wasn't my concern, space was. I am literally running out of room for all the FGG stuff...

Backed the $95 Complete GM Book set level.

Hi FGG, I want to back this but I'm not sure how I should be doing this.

I would like to get the two hardcovers of the 2 main books Borderland Provinces and Adventures in the Borderland Provinces, and get PDF versions of the Player Guide, the Player Gazeteer, the Journey Generator and Rogues in Remballo.

However, I'm not seeing this as an option.

Am I reading the various pledges and addons correctly?

Did I read somewhere at some point that this will be made into one big book ala Slumbering Tsar?

I've been sorta waiting on that to buy it. Or was I dreaming?

Happy to see this :)

To Erik and Vic:

I just want to say that this was the best paint job of any set I've received so far from you guys. Even the dwarves that some of the others have complained about, while not perfect, are leagues better than Feiya. Definitely serviceable and I have no qualms putting them on my table. I am extremely happy with how this set turned out, and definitely appreciate the effort.

I've expressed my hesitation towards the next set due to my fear that there will be too many non-combat NPCs included in the set, however, in an effort to show my appreciation for the efforts you and your team have put towards improving the paint quality, I will maintain my subscription for a case of Rusty Dragon Inn no matter the figures you choose to include in it.

Great job and thank you!

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Yes to more giants please... Especially with the current AP going on!

Looks like they got packaged and marked ready for this ship this morning! Thanks!

Only my battle case shipped, but my AP and case incentive haven't. I read in the other thread to post a message as everything should have gone through by now?

Vic Wertz wrote:
Curmudgeonly wrote:
I'll reserve judgement until the full set is revealed, but a set containing mainly NPCs will be something I will skip.

Let's be clear here: just because the set is called "The Rusty Dragon Inn," it does not mean that it's all NPCs and no monsters, any more than a set called "Dungeons Deep" is all monsters and no NPCs. Not every mini is tied to the theme in every set; the key to the theme in *this* set is just that a lot of the NPC-types are folks you'd expect to find in a tavern.

Every set we do will have a *lot* of monsters and a *lot* of non-monsters.

Hence why I will reserve judgement until the full set is revealed :)

I understand what you guys are trying to do, and I'm glad to see there are people here interested. But if I had to guess right now though, I'd likely buy individual minis of the monsters than a full set to avoid all the non-combat NPCs. They will literally just never make an appearance on my table.

Cleanthes wrote:
What if instead of a tavern bar, the piece of Gargantuan terrain had been a Gatehouse? River crossing? Cave entrance? Row of market stalls? Crypt w/ removable roof? Would some other piece of terrain at home in a different setting have been more appealing, or is the problem that folks just don't want this kind of terrain in general?

Honestly, none of those sound particular enticing, but they would be better than a tavern bar.

I can draw all of that stuff rather quickly. It's not high on my priority list to get terrain pieces. I have even found terrain pieces more problematic than just drawing. The Dwarven Forge stuff has proven completely impractical to me in its setup, taking far too long to get a castle layout for example put together.

I need monsters. I need figures I will use in combat. Non-combat NPCs would never see the light of day.

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I'll reserve judgement until the full set is revealed, but a set containing mainly NPCs will be something I will skip.

Having purchased 2 Undead sets, I have enough Ghouls as well.

Also not stoked to hear about the bar. Can't ever picture putting that on the table.

I only ever place minis on the table for encounters. Everything else is roleplayed. Drawing a map for a tavern where people will only do talking would waste too much time.

Sorry Erik :( I do very much appreciate the effort you put into this, and it's a neat idea, so I hope it's successful for you, but as you said, you can't please everyone!

Woot! Backed!

Here's the image it seems to be based on. Definitely looks like wood panelling was used in its construction. Odd. Looks cool in general though.


I agree that having some figures for the PCs is always welcome.

However, I find that lack of PC figures with shields, specifically Tower Shields surprising. The only one that came close was the Pale Tower Guard from RoW.

I don't know what kind of Paladin runs around with a spear in one hand and a sword in another, but I can't imagine he's a very effective Paladin :)

Erik Mona wrote:
Curmudgeonly wrote:

Any word on the evolution sets?

No, but I have an in-person meeting with WizKids execs at ToyFair next month, and it's on the agenda.

Yay! Hopefully, you come back to us with good news!

Hey Erik,

Excited about this set, and looking forward to actual pics of figures and not renders.

Any word on the evolution sets?

Hey Erik,

The Red Dragon evolution set had black / dark coloring for the spikes on their heads and along their backs. I'm not seeing that in this render. Can we expect the same for the Gargantuan, to ensure the line matches?

Also - any chance I can get you to comment on the evolution line's future? Is there one?

Happy about the Gargantuan Red. That just leaves Black from the Chromatics.

Are we staying mum on the evolution sets still?

I was happy to see a Large Green in the last set, but we're still missing out on a lot of the chromatics in various sizes :) Maybe this set will fill out a few more ranks.

This all looks awesome Greg. I never played any of the Necromancer stuff, but found FGG a couple years ago and have been a big fan since. You have my backing with any of your Kickstarters!

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