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Redemption Comes in Red


I was a bit skeptical purchasing this product considering the mediocre sculpt and paint jobs of the White Dragon Evolution set. I am very pleased at the level of detail and paint on these Red Dragons minis. They look impressive and worthy of the price point. I even like the translucency in the wings and the coloring around the eyes. A solid product which has me looking forward to what will be next in the line. I am glad these turned out as well as they did as I was a bit disappointed with the White Dragon series and should these have been of a similar experience I would have dropped all interest in the line. Definitely worth picking these up!

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Finally, a Shirt that Represents the Game We All Love


When the news came out that shirts were to be made in partnership with OffWorld Designs I ordered right away from OffWorlds site (not thinking that it would be available here as well). My shirt came in and the colors look amazing. The red on the dragon really enhances the shirt as well the design being nicely laid out. Although I love the icon shirts we have for all the factions and PFS year shirts, finally we have a shirt that represents the game we love. I love this shirt!! Keep up the good work and I look forward to what will soon follow in this partnership.

Gaming Comfort Indeed


I purchased this shirt at GenCon and I really do enjoy the casual comfort of wearing this t-shirt. It does not feel to heavy, nor does it irritate your skin in the summer heat. Living in Southern California this aspect has been tested and approved. The larger sizes fit very nicely without making you feel as though you are swimming in a sea of fabric or clinging to every curve/ crevice of your body. I am very happy with this product and hope you will be as well. Good luck in your PFS adventures and/ or sporting your Pathfinder pride. Game on my friends!!

Note: I love this design because every time I look at the Goblin I think of Indiana Jones :)