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Pathfinder First Edition General Discussion

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How Did You Find Out About Pathfinder?

Best Open Content

FAQ System

Update me on the status of your PF1 campaign!

Are the Veins of Creation a source of Mythic Power?

Irii with Agile Mythic Simple Template and the Temporal Accelerator makes for an interesting combo.

Underground Greenhouse

Monsters You Wish Got Stats in Pathfinder?

Kineticist Powers I Would Like To See

Stuff That You Wish Paizo Had Done For Pathfinder 1E?

Any way to add some animal / fey / Dragon features on a PC witouth the need to multiclass

DMs who started with AD&D 1 / 2 - why do you still run 3.x?

Has anyone run a game (especially, but not limited to, an Adventure Path or Module) but changed it so that the PCs (or at least some of the PCs) have NPC wealth but gain a bonus level?

Owen K.C. Stephens and New Pathfinder 1e Material

Should knowledgeable players be able to 'solve' encounters?

looking to build a sorcerer..

Looking for a drain theme character

Intelligent legendary Items

What's the simplest / most complex unoffical change you've made to a statblock?

The most powerful class-based abilities in the Pathfinder system

An idea for a complicated story

Rasping Rifts Planar Traits?

Help finding most detailed map?

Scarab sages / Osirion Scenarios

do we know who created the Arcanist?

Ruling on Caster Level and is my DM right?

Would you (IRL) wear a Ring of Lifebleed if it was also a Ring of Resumption and / or a Ring of Regeneration?

All Things Kaiju

Idea Needed for a Monster of Vast (almost apocalyptic) Destruction

Useful feats for a promethean alchemist?

Need high level adventure design advice

Tombs of Golarian: "A Note on Buried Potential"

Amalgamation of the Rasping Rifts and the Ivory Labyrinth?

Dex-based melee users kinda get the shaft

Hellknight or Anti Paladin?

Tyrant antipaladin into Hellknight

Looking for archetypes that count as fighter levels

Do you feel new characters make sense?

magic items + sneak attack

Another Family Group

What would I have to do to continue putting out Pathfinder 1st Edition content?

Does anyone know of any special gems or a suppliment that has them?

What do you think ioun stones are?

Age of Worms PC tie-ins? And a rant.

How many times in a single round can a metamagic rod be used?

Total List of all Spells

You wake up in this situation what do you?

Happy 15th Anniversary to Pathfinder 1E This Year!

Vindictive Bastard Paladin, Sin Monk, Channeler of the Unknown Cleric, Planar Extremist Druid, Heretic Inquisitor, and Ronin Cavalier / Samurai.

Help me build an unexpected Kobold

Are there any ways to break physics?

Is there any way to nerf this Grenadier build without sacrificing the core gameplan?

The best of the best.

Pathfinder (1e) Remastered!

Is there anything stopping someone from wearing a chain shirt under a reinforced tunic?

Chaldira - Desna Duotheist

Sword and Planet / Sword and Stars adventures in Pathfinder?

"How many Feats" question for level 1 Halfling Rogue

The earliest events relevant to a Pathfinder 1st ed campaign.

Can a scimitar be roleplayed as a sort of one handed falchion?

Benefits of using a Fragile Weapon.

This may sound dumb, but rule 0 is not "the gm can do whatever they want" nor anything to that line of effect.

Are there any Archetypes that could have easily been Alternate Classes instead, based off of how many class features get replaced / altered?

Negotiator+Call Truce

You ever wanted to drop a build not because it was bad but because you felt it was too powerful?

Question about Cayden and the test of the starstone.

How realsitic and responsive are your illusion spells?

How would your PCs handle a sudden orphan girl placed in the party's care?

A Mauler Shimmerwing Dragonfly is stronger then the giant dragonfly??

Ridiculous attack build

Why can a person be made undead no matter how long they've been dead for?

Non-combat uses for combat spells.

What do do with the Ivory Labyrinth and the Rasping Rifts?

Are there Adamantine Dragons in Pathfinder?

So did Paizo just ignore everyone's Witch complaints and let games get ruined?

Night of Ashes stage play dvd by Cleveland High School (Oregon)

Starting and Running a guild!

Differences between a Demigod and a true Deity?

Beating a Theurge

Mass Combat as a function of Kingdom Building.

Please help your website overcharged me and did not give me my download

Maps of Casmoran and / or the Castrovin Sea

1001 Wild Magic Effects

Would you do anything mechanically to reflect a player becoming a ruler?

Would talk with animals make you a vegetarian?

Is it me or the Pit spells are way too strong?

How do you see force energy?

How big a personal demi-plane would you want?

chatgpt game

Monster manual

If All Classes Got Feats Every Level What Would You Give to Replace Bonus Feats?

Basis for the Shaman and Witch Spell Lists

Classes that emulate creatures

What is the highest critical multiplier possible?

Occult Adventures - Medium - Haunt Channeler

You got drunk after an AP and woke up to find you'd passed the test of the starstone, what happens next?

Cant find Deific / Fiendish / Fey / Etc ... Obedience boon list

Tower Rhyme?

Titan reality vs modify

Pathfinder Kingmaker Sheet Management

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