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Slow Paced


Harmonious was a mix of investigation, combat, and a little lore.

Harmonious was poorly paced. There was too much uninteresting lore, inconsequential roleplay, too many empty rooms, too many skill checks, and a lot of nothing happening, especially at the start.

In general PFS box text is too complex, the names are too complex to hear (Tien especially), especially in a loud convention. Simple is best, I don't even want my GMs to read boxtext.

The lore and the roleplay were not very good. Maybe part of the problem was that it was run in 5 hours, honestly it *should* be run in less than 2.

The puzzle was easy and has already been used several times.

There was one unique combat, but for our low Str group it went too long. Also, even with a handout, it was too complex (and unneeded and didn't make a difference), it would have been better to give the PCs a few names and let them improvise. The premise of the encounter was also silly, and it was unbelievable that we could gain those powers in a day.

”Detailed Rating”:

Length: Felt long (5 hours). Quests need to be shorter, not longer than the average scenario.
Experience: Player at subtier 4-5 with 6 average PCs.
Sweet Spot: ?
Entertainment: Felt long. Searching empty rooms sucked. (3/10)
Story: End story was OK, it just took too long to get there. (6/10)
Roleplay: Most NPCs were annoying. (4/10)
Combat/Challenges: (5/10)
Maps: Flip maps. (7/10)
Boons: tbd. (?/10)
Uniqueness: Somewhat. (8/10)
GM Preparation: tbd.

Overall: Despite having a unique encounter, it felt like a typical "fetch" scenario (5/10).

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Monster manual fight night


Betrayal is a combat scenario with a little bit of roleplay.

Your mission is to hunt down and exterminate two longtime foes of the Pathfinder Society who are trapped. This aspect of the scenario is really nice for those of us who have been around a while and provides some closure, which is great! Unfortunately, this is one of the only selling points of this scenario.

Each encounter, it felt like the GM opened the monster manual, placed an appropriate CR opponent on the map and said "Fight!". For seeker arc material, this just isn't good enough and was very disappointing.

Even the storyline was fairly mundane. There were no "Aha!" moments like we've had in previous seeker arcs.

The good part about this scenario, I guess, is that this scenario is fairly easy compared to the other level 12+ scenarios. We basically beat the scenario with 3 PCs (other two players were not very good) and except for the 1st encounter (when we realized they weren’t going to help), it was fairly easy.

The encounter with the assassin has the most potential to be memorable, but it highly depends on tactics and skills of the PCs, and the creativity of the GM. It also has the potential to be super boring, haha. Personally, although short lived, it was enjoyable and memorable (which is why this scenario is 3, not 2 stars).

”Detailed rating”:

Length: Medium (4 hours).
Experience: Player at subtier 12-13 (normal mode) with 3 greats PCs, 2 bad PCs.
Sweet Spot: TBD.
Entertainment: The lore was OK, the setting was average, the fights were nothing special. Having said that, there was nothing "wrong" per se about the scenario. (6/10)
Story: It was OK because of the lore. (6/10)
Roleplay: The skull and the assassin were short lived but good. (6/10)
Combat/Challenges: Just because something has big stats doesn’t make it a good encounter. (4/10)
Maps: OK. The map used in the first encounter didn't make a lot of sense to me, it was too open. (5/10)
Boons: OK. For Grand Lodge it's great. (8/10)
Uniqueness: Sorry, not exotic or interesting enough for 12-15. (1/10)
GM Preparation: TBD. I’m sure it was straightforward to prepare, considering the encounters.

Overall: You could open your monster manuals, have a few fights, and get a similar experience. (5/10)

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Short and unique setting


Twice is an exploration scenario with a mix of combat and roleplay.

Twice is a unique and interesting story and environment with some interesting roleplay moments.

There are some monsters that are rarely used, which could result in an easy battle (for us) or nearly impossible. In 2018, I think Twice is more easy than difficult. If it would have been more difficult it would be 4 stars.

Twice is a very short scenario, I believe we finished in 3 hours, but it could have been less if we started on time. It could take longer depending on choices and skills.

Having said all of that, there is nothing super special about this scenario, it's just a unique environment.

”Detailed Rating”:

Length: Very short (2-3 hours).
Experience: Player at subtier 8-9 with 4 very good PCs.
Sweet Spot: TBD
Entertainment: OK. (7/10)
Story: OK. (7/10)
Roleplay: Some short but good roleplay and moral dilemma moments. (7/10)
Combat/Challenges: It was not hard for us, but perhaps it was the overpowered archer ruining everything. End boss could cast only 1 spell before being destroyed. (7/10)
Maps: OK. (6/10)
Boons: . (8/10)
Uniqueness: Super unique location, I hope to go back one day. (9/10)
GM Preparation: It's short so it should be easy.

Overall: A short scenario in a unique environment (7/10).

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Dark Theme


Cultist is a horror scenario with investigation, roleplay, and combat.

The environment and dark mood that was created in Palin’s Cove was fantastic. As well, the NPCs and slightly disturbing storyline were also great. Some tough decisions, some moral decisions, I loved it!

”Detailed Rating”:

Length: Medium (4 hours).
Experience: Player at subtier 7-8 with 6 good PCs.
Sweet Spot: TBD.
Entertainment: If you like disturbing gothic horror, you will like this. (10/10)
Story: Maybe the other contacts could have been fleshed out a little more. (9/10)
Roleplay: Great NPCs. (10/10)
Combat/Challenges: A little easy for us but suitable. (8/10)
Maps: Good but nothing special. (6/10)
Boons: Overpowered. (1/10)
Uniqueness: Something different. (9/10)
GM Preparation: TBD.

Overall: A must play in PFS (9/10).

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Good combat encounter


Copper is a horror scenario with complex, punishing, and challenging combat.

The story was completely forgettable, so if you don't like interesting combat encounters or your character is suboptimal, skip this.

Copper features some very interesting multi-phase, environmentally challenging, punishing, complex fights.

My party was only average and although we finished it, I believe there was some softballing, and the GM could have easily TPKed us.

Besides the combat, this scenario doesn’t have anything else to offer. No story, no roleplay, no atmosphere. Other combat scenarios, like Elven Entanglement, had these intangibles.

Overall: If you like interesting combat encounters that are more challenging than normal, you might like this (7/10).

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A Good Special


Absalom is a combat-based scenario.

Absalom was definitely a well designed and innovative scenario.

I especially liked the part with the robot, although not everyone at my table did. Even with handouts, this just goes over some people's heads. Even with good division of labor, we lost however.

I’m not sure I like the (story) concept of a ½ construct ½ demonic horde, it just doesn’t make sense to me, sorry it just didn't feel like a realistic threat, especially given how long it takes to make constructs or how expensive it is.

Having said that, this is probably the last special I will play for awhile, although this was well done, specials are just not appealing to me.

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Far from Heaven


Far is a short exploration scenario with combat.

This is one of the shortest scenarios I’ve played. It will take a maximum of 2-3 hours, it could take less.

Far is only "OK". The mission wasn’t quite compelling (why are the Sarkorian ruins so important? And why is second hand information from someone who was only a baby at the time relevant?), and the story was only... OK (and the GM was a good storyteller).

For some groups, the final encounter could be unbeatable.

Detailed Rating:

Length: Very short (2 hours).
Experience: Player with 7 below average PCs at subtier 4-5.
Sweet Spot: TBD.
Entertainment: A very short, straightforward, and uneventful scenario. Something most players will forget in 2 months. (4/10)
Story: Short and not sweet. The scenario didn't explain why the forest was corrupted. It didn't make sense why our <redacted> could purge it. (4/10)
Roleplay: Some but there was only so much to say. (6/10)
Combat/Challenges: The 1st two encounters are very easy. The last encounter is either super easy or impossible. For us it was easy, but my level 3 carried the party, which shouldn't happen at 4-5. (4/10)
Maps: All map packs or flip maps. (7/10)
Boons: Creative boons based on PC decisions. (8/10)
Uniqueness: Very basic exploration story, hunt and destroy. (4/10)
GM Preparation: Should be short.

Overall: A very short and average exploration scenario (4/10).

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One of the best


Still one of my best and surprisingly, one of my most used flip maps.

Should be coming out in classic.

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A Complete Railroad


Blade is an investigation scenario with combat and a little roleplay.

Blade is a very bad "epic finale" story arc for Liberty's Edge, especially when compared to what other factions are getting (Salvation of the Sages). Salvation is satisfying, this sucks and is only slightly better than Rivalry's End (the last scenario of the Shadow Lodge).

In terms of railroads, this scenario had the saddest, most pathetic railroads in it (which was perhaps the GMs fault). Maybe we didn't do things "as intended" but we:
1) Magically lost 6 hours of time "because of the story".

More examples of railroad (spoiler):

2) They were able to escape with the prisoners and the final blade when there was only 1 door and we had the prison surrounded, and a spy network setup in the city. An entire mob gathered at the execution site before we even KNEW about the execution. Ridiculous.

All the work we did in part 1 felt like a waste of time.

And then we had a finale where the success is based on one die roll. The chronicle is railroaded as well, with a predetermined outcome.

Sorry, this was disappointing. I feel there is bias against Liberty's Edge with everything from Madris' stupid decisions, ineptness, your ability to save him, and the quality of this scenario. My character was Silver Crusade so that didn't bias me.

Detailed Rating:

Length: Medium (3 hours).
Experience: Player with 6 above average PCs at subtier 7-8.
Sweet Spot: TBD.
Entertainment: Was OK until there was railroad after railroad "for the plot". (4/10)
Story: Very basic and not what you call epic. A little twist. (5/10)
Roleplay: Some depending on your approach. (6/10)
Combat/Challenges: The first encounter is probably too hard (I think our GM softballed, one will save only) and the last encounter was too easy and success was based on initiative. (5/10)
Maps: Good. (7/10)
Boons: Compared to scenarios like Salvation, bland and not great. (3/10)
Uniqueness: There aren’t many rescue missions. (8/10)
GM Preparation: TBD.

Overall: The biggest railroad I've played yet and a disappointing arc conclusion for Liberty's Edge. (4/10)

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Boring Investigation and Story, Nice Twist


Missing Persons is an investigation scenario with combat and a little roleplay.

The investigation portion of the story was very boring. The storyline about the Grey Gardener who didn’t wear a mask was a complete waste of time (as we uncovered the story in The Fury of the Final Blade).

Then there is an unexpected and hilarious twist at the end. But then nothing is really done with the twist and it’s short lived.


Length: Medium (3 hours). Could have been done faster if the GM didn’t drag his feet and hand draw maps.
Experience: Player with 6 above average PCs at subtier 6-7.
Sweet Spot: TBD.
Entertainment: OK. (6/10)
Story: Boring investigation, nice twist saves it. (7/10)
Roleplay: Some but either short lived or not interesting. (5/10)
Combat/Challenges: Non-interesting investigation and plain challenges. (7/10)
Maps: OK. (6/10)
Boons: Nice boons but undeserved for this scenario. (9/10)
Uniqueness: The twist. (8/10)
GM Preparation: TBD.

Overall: The 1st part of the scenario was unremarkable and the 2nd part was too short. (7/10)

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Lodge is a scenario with combat, investigation, and a little puzzle and roleplay.

I found Lodge to be extremely overrated. Sure, there is 5 minutes of roleplay with Valais at the start. Sure, a witty puzzle. And the end had a little twist.

Having said that, it wasn’t that entertaining.


Length: Medium (3 hours).
Experience: Player with 7 above average PCs at subtier 6-7.
Sweet Spot: TBD.
Entertainment: OK. (6/10)
Story: The story of Thurl was not that interesting. (3/10)
Roleplay: Not that great, basically determining if Valais is a threat or not. (3/10)
Combat/Challenges: Was not that interesting and was very easy for our group. One witty puzzle. (6/10)
Maps: Hard to tell since everything was hand drawn. (7/10)
Boons: A useless boon and a boon too weak to worth remembering. (1/10)
Uniqueness: Somewhat at the end. (6/10)
GM Preparation: TBD.

Overall: It’s OK but doesn’t not deserve 5 stars. (6/10)

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Amazing EPIC story, maybe too hard and long


Salvation is an epic scenario with combat, puzzles, and some roleplay.

THIS is why we roleplay! For stories like this! Matt Duval, thank you!

The only fault with this scenario is that it was too long. We ran out of time (at 5 hours). The only way you don’t run out of time is if the GM and players are prepared and aren't slow. Also, for some reason the scenario asks you to look through your chronicles for XYZ (how many choices have you made for boons?) so we spent 30 minutes doing that, and these stats were never used. We could have used that time.

Disclaimer: If players aren’t going to be smart about this one you’d better bring optimized PCs. There is the very real threat of death in this scenario. My group failed.


Length: Extremely long (6 hours). You need fast players and GM and can’t look through boons at the start.
Experience: Player with 7 average PCs at subtier 7-8.
Sweet Spot: Subtier 7-8. The GM told me 10-11 was suicidal.
Entertainment: Awesome and epic and made my PC a hero. (10/10)
Story: Amazing arc concluding story. (10/10)
Roleplay: Not much, but it was good. (9/10)
Combat/Challenges: Themed and balanced well, unusual puzzles, challenging, but gave you a chance. (10/10)
Maps: Good and a custom map too. (9/10)
Boons: Boons were great, like challenging scenarios like this ought to be. (10/10)
Uniqueness: Epic scenarios on this scale are rare and I can’t get enough of them. Thank you! (10/10)
GM Preparation: I have no idea but I bet the last encounter takes time to do properly.

Overall: Play this! (10/10)

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Dalsine is a mix of combat, some sandbox, and a little roleplay.

The Dalsine story is not very good. The combat encounters in this scenario are also highly overrated. Compared to recent scenarios, Dalsine is quite boring and not innovative. It hasn’t aged well.

The big bad guy is very overrated as well. Sure, at subtier 1-2 there is a good chance he could 1 shot kill a level 1 character, which is where this scenario gets it’s notorious reputation. At subtier 3-4, the BBG did hit for 50% of my pets hit points and then died before he could act again. The surprise was that he didn’t last 1 round.

To top it off, the story, which revolves around the Shadow Lodge, doesn’t make sense anymore.

Dalsine was very disappointing.

Overall: I’d avoid Dalsine, there are better scenarios to play. (4/10)

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Underused and Under Appreciated


Phantom is a horror scenario with a mix of investigation, combat, puzzles, and a little roleplay.

Phantom is a really great introduction to Pathfinder. I used it with my 7-year-old daughter and her friends to introduce them to RPGs. They watch Scooby Doo and Ghostbusters, so they were OK with the themes in the scenario.

It had a great horror vibe that could be expanded upon, and I did!

I also loved the quest format for my kids, because we started with only 1 hour at a time. I think it also suites teaching beginners the game at conventions, since people can just jump in and out.

There are a lot of good things about Phantom, but there are several problems as well. I didn’t like that you had to play all 6 quests to get the same rewards as playing a regular scenario. Each quest can easily take an hour. I’ve finished some regular scenarios in 1.5 hours, why would a quest take 6 hours for the same reward? In the future they should consider giving a full XP and gold rewards with only 3-4 quests accomplished.

While I thought the scenario was very strong, it has the following problems which lead to it not being used. I believe these faults are now fixed in scenarios like House of Harmonious Wisdom:
1) To legally play it, it says you need to play pregens. This is bad idea, any 1st level character should be able to play it.
2) It takes 6 hours to fully complete. The target time should have been 4 hours or less, like other scenarios.
3) If you spend 4 hours, you do not get the rewards you’d get from playing a non-quest scenario.
4) Two encounters can TPK the party, which is an extremely bad experience for a demo.


For example, instead of a spider swarm (that can’t be hurt by weapons) a rat swarm should have been used. The dominate at University should have been more limited, also most GMs don’t know it’s a full round action to cast (so it's likely not going to work because concentration will be broken), and don’t know the details of the spell (as seen in other reviews).

5) I did not like the Harrow Deck and did not use it after the 2nd quest. Waste of time.
6) While handouts are normally good, the encounters shouldn’t have been done in any order. It should always start with Harrow, then you discover through roleplaying either Lightning or Mansion, get defensive help by investigating Monolith on the way back to University, and then finish with Epicenter. That's a good story. Otherwise if you start with Epicenter, the rest makes no sense at all.

All of the quests are good, but Mansion is the best.

What a shame. If you do find yourself starting a new character, consider playing this scenario.

”Detailed Rating”:

Length: Extremely long (6 hours). The children were new to the game but did not take longer than new adults to the game. If it runs shorter, you’re not really doing this scenario justice.
Experience: GM at subtier 1 with 4 pregens.
Entertainment: Great horror theme, especially in Harrow and Mansion which I expanded on. (9/10)
Story: Good story as long as you don’t do the quests randomly. (9/10)
Roleplay: There were decent roleplay encounters in every quest. There were some unique and fun NPCs. (8/10)
Combat/Challenges: All encounters were interesting and thematic except for the TPK encounters mentioned. (8/10)
Maps: Good use of flip maps. (7/10)
Boons: Four quests should be enough for full XP and gold rewards. Impressive Find was nice and saves this from being a 1. (3/10)
Uniqueness: Loved the horror theme in this format. (9/10)
GM Preparation: It’s a 6 hour scenario, so longer than normal.

Overall: This has been, by far, the best way for me to demo Pathfinder.

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Please do not mix real world politics with Pathfinder


Birthright is an equal mix of roleplay, skill checks, combat and investigation.

I have a problem with the Sovereign Court part of this scenario. Just because you disagree with the King, doesn’t mean it's OK to manipulate the senate, through any means, to achieve your goals and what you think is right. Second, it is treason. Third, if I had a PC playing this, I’d want to turn report Lady Morilla.

Please consider that many SC PCs are ex-Taldor and are also Lion Blades, dedicated to protecting the King, and Lady Morilla's goals are treasonous.

The editing and design in this scenario in this story were poorly done.

Editing Mistakes:

Morilla says "I want to stress that we must operate legitimately and within the law.". Yet it’s assumed that the PCs will break into an establishment, owned by nobles, most likely assault (or kill) a guard and some of the watch, steal from the chandlery and/or the Earl. My group killed the guard by accident.

Because this is a sandbox, they will also be tempted to assault (and kill) suspected pirates, without being deputized, which is vigilante justice (and without a lot of evidence). My group did that too.

The build on Rusmonya Kusk is such that's it fairly difficult to not kill him unless everyone is doing non-lethal damage. Orc Ferocity means he shrugs off the effects of unconsciousness for 1 additional round, which combined with rage makes a deadly combination.

Neffery says he will only help them if they don’t cause “any significant damage to the building or its contents”, but the PCs break the ship (they don’t know it’s not Neffrey’s), steal, and possibly more. In my game Vernisant's guards broke down the locked front door.

The NPC sidebars do not match the section the sidebar was in, which means the GM is constantly flipping.

In this case the handout for the skill checks was NOT useful because it made an organic roleplay situation too mechanical. PCs could also look ahead to what they need from further NPCs. Furthermore, not all checks are available if the PCs don’t make Sense Motive checks. So I didn’t end up using it.

There are two different descriptions for the painting that hides the safe in the chandlery.

The scenario can't decide how long the Earl was in power. Was it 1 year, “years ago”, “a few years back”, or 10 months ago? Parts of the plot depend on these changes happening shortly after the Earl took over.

I appreciate different builds, but the Dirty Trick Gang Up build didn't make sense for a navy officer to have, and it didn’t work well in practice either. They are 15' down, my groups just ranged them down.

In the Earl's speech he talks about primogeniture, but he shouldn’t even know about that plot element.

The mechanics of the end were horribly done, there is almost no chance for the PCs to fail. My group broke the law several times, killed a guard, got caught in the chandlery, assaulted the pirates, let them go, and they still had a +18 bonus (+24 total to get DC 30 for the final roll), which is a 75% chance! The only reason they failed was because they didn’t even bother trying, they felt it was hopeless. In any case, the bonus system was ridiculous.

The ending doesn’t make any sense, except to show that the men in Taldor are incompetent idiots (apparently).

The roleplay and NPCs in this scenario are quite good. The painting was nice too. They had personality, they were fun, they were well done.

The encounters were also well done, with the exception of the end. This was however, an easy scenario both in terms of combat and skill checks.

The scenario is too long. It took us 4.5 hours and we skipped all of section "C".

Detailed Rating:

Length: Extremely long (4.5 hours). If we had done section “C”, it would have been around 5.5.
Experience: GM at subtier 1-2 with 5 average PCs.
Sweet Spot: Subtier 1-2. I think subtier 4-5 could be too easy.
Entertainment: A fun time. (9/10)
Story: Staying away from the SC aspect, it was decent. (8/10)
Roleplay: Good roleplay opportunities. The painting in particular, if your GM takes advantage of it, is a great way to interact with the main villain without combat. It was brilliant. (10/10)
Combat/Challenges: A little unfair and dangerous at the chandlery, but that’s OK. (8/10)
Maps: Good map use. (9/10)
Boons: Nice boons, especially for Sovereign Court. (10/10)
Uniqueness: We’ve done this before. (7/10)
GM Preparation (4/10): For what it is, it took much longer to prepare than expected.

Overall: Poorly edited, overly politically correct, but should be fun for the players (7/10).

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Roleplay Heaven


Heaven is a roleplay scenario with a heavy amount of skill checks. There is hardly any traditional combat.

Heaven does a lot of things right:
1) Continues the storyline of Valais, who is a very likeable and fun NPC.
2) It’s a roleplay scenario.
3) Some really unique encounters, unique places, and an exotic environment, all of which are done well.
4) Unique and interesting NPCs.

Heaven does lots of things wrong:
1) The pacing of it is very bad. There is a lot of information for the GM to convey at the start and then more roleplay and skill checks afterwards. It starts slow.
2) Although this is a roleplay scenario, it’s the GM that spends most of the time talking. It’s a weird problem to have, but there were too many interesting and weird NPCs who all deserved a little bit of air time, and they all had information to convey. And that time adds up, to the point where the GM is mostly storytelling (so I hope your GM is a good storyteller). Sure it’s fun to talk as Valais, but then there is Kitario, Peligos, Zepha, Akarah, Altha, Skuroth, Ammoch, Oneol, Laktharis, and the Hivetender of Andolleta. It was hard to give them the air time they needed and keep it interesting. I actually had very little time talking with Valais, as I had to move things along. It takes a good GM to pull it off well and a group receptive to roleplay.
3) The skill checks (especially after penalties) seem too high at subtier 4-5. My group (APL 2.5 with a level 5 ringer) failed at subtier 1-2, they had relevant secondary skills (and successfully completed most sections) and would have failed miserably at subtier 4-5.

Detailed Rating:

Length: Long (4.5 hours).
Experience: GM at subtier 1-2 with 5 average PCs.
Sweet Spot: TBD.
Entertainment: If you like roleplay and have a good GM, you can't miss this scenario. (9/10)
Story: A great story and satisfying end to the story arc. (10/10)
Roleplay: Lots of potential. (9/10)
Combat/Challenges: I thought everything was well designed, with the exception of the DCs. (8/10)
Maps: Good use of flip maps, the one custom map is cool, but it’s a complete fail in terms of it being useful for the encounters, it just doesn’t work and should be much smaller. Also, most GMs won’t take the time to print it out, so it will be some crappy squiggly lines on a grid, so in that sense, the custom map was a nice thought, but fails in practice. (3/10)
Boons: Nice and not overpowered. (8/10)
Uniqueness: Heaven is a well done exotic location, the mechanics and storyline were great. (9/10)
GM Preparation: There is a lot to prepare to pull this off well, but it’s worth it. (8/10)

Overall: If you like to roleplay or you’d like to see how the Valais storyline ends, it's a must play (9/10).

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Forgettable Exploration


Gods is mostly combat and exploration with some skill checks and a little investigation.

I can see why players are displeased with Gods. No one likes effects that reduce your stats, and this scenario features a non-core mechanic that makes it inevitable (which irritates players who invested feats to counter it). So you're either going into a deadly combat severely penalized or someone has the foresight to spend 2000+ gold to repair your stats.

This scenario had a lot of weak encounters in it that were not really satisfying. The main encounter is long and could be viewed as annoying by some players (if your stats are affected it makes it worse), but I thought it was the best part of this scenario.

Detailed Rating:

Length: Medium (4 hours).
Experience: Player at subtier 6-7 with 6 average PCs.
Sweet Spot: TBD.
Entertainment: Lots of weak unimportant encounters. (5/10)
Story: Thin story that you only got to learn about in the end. (5/10)
Roleplay: Almost none. (2/10)
Combat/Challenges: The main combat was OK. (7/10)
Maps: Not sure, it was all hand drawn. The maps favored the opponents however, which is the way it should be. (8/10)
Boons: Useless. (2/10)
Uniqueness: There aren't many exploration scenarios like this.(7/10)
GM Preparation: TDB.

A forgettable exploration (5/10).

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My favorite character sheet


This is the character sheet I've been using for years. You can do anything with it, there are no auto-calculations, and it's saveable. I have all iterations of my characters stored and premade before conventions. Highly recommended.

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This is not the Bloodcove you are looking for


Blockade is mostly combat with a little investigation and roleplay.

I've played the previous Bloodcove scenarios and they were all great, memorable, so I always look forward to returning.

Unfortunately, this trip to Bloodcove was mundane. Impress this person, impress this person, yawn.

Being in Bloodcove didn't even seem dangerous. Are you wearing disguises? Yep. No roll needed.

I'm still unsure about the mechanics of the last encounter. Some hit points seem off.

Detailed Rating:

Length: Medium (3.5 hours).
Experience: Player at subtier 6-7 (4-player adj) with 6 average PCs.
Sweet Spot: TBD.
Entertainment: It was OK. (6/10)
Story: There was a story, but it wasn't great. (6/10)
Roleplay: Small amounts of roleplay that were not great. (5/10)
Combat/Challenges: The second encounter had a neat mechanic. That saved the scenario from being 2 stars. (7/10)
Maps: Looked good but GM hand drew them. So not so good. (8/10)
Boons: Great, especially for Exchange, almost too good compared to the lack of risk. (9/10)
Uniqueness: Impress this person. (3/10)
GM Preparation: TDB.

Overall: The first non-memorable trip to Bloodcove :( (6/10).

Our Price: $9.00


Great paint job


The paint job in the product image is awful. But the paint on my mini is one of the best humanoids I own. I'm not sure why they're so inconsistent.

Our Price: $4.50


Great shading


This mini had a good sculpt and was painted very well, excellent shading , looks great.

Our Price: $16.00




In a set that has the best quality we've seen so far, this sculpt and paint job stands out. I'm not sure when I'll use it, but it's awesome.

Add Print Edition $34.99

Add PDF $9.99

Add Non-Mint $34.99 $26.24

Best Way to Start Pathfinder


I recently gave this to my brother and his 7 year old kids, since he was unsure of whether his kids would like the game.

The box includes everything you need to start: An erasable flip mat, some paper minis for your characters and monsters, dice, a starting adventure, and easy rules.

It's really too bad this box wasn't promoted more in game shops and conventions, it's a cheap and easy way to get into Pathfinder.

Add Case $511.68 $399.99

Add Brick $127.92 $115.13

Add Booster $15.99

Cheap Incentive

I can't write a proper review since I don't own this set.

But I do own the case incentive. And I'm not a fan of the fire lord at all. There are no details to it, it's very plain and cheaply done. The fire elemental found Shattered Star was not perfect, but at least it wasn't washed out and didn't feel cheap.

I didn't buy a brick because I already have plenty of goblins, reptile humanoids (Legends of Golarion), halflings, zombies, ghosts, and minotaur. I like the rares however but can't justify buying a brick for a few.

Case Unavailable

Brick Unavailable

Booster Unavailable

Great Set, Amazing Faces


From the commons to uncommons to rares, they have the best quality, a 5 star quality, to them. For example, a common like "Reclamation Squire" was painted as well as the iconic heroes sets. For that matter, every mini I received was done with that same care. Could not ask for better quality.

In terms of faces on humanoids, Crown is the best mini set so far. The faces on the commons were done better than many of the iconic heroes. It actually makes me wonder how my commons could look so good when in previous sets, the rares sometimes had disastrous faces. Even in iconic heroes, many of the faces were only "OK". Hopefully it's this good going forward, the bar is set high now.

Crown also filled out many missing pieces, like the devils, king, children, spiders, dogs, and of course, Red Mantis Assassins!

In 2 bricks there were no broken minis and the distribution was fantastic.

A great set IMO.

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