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Am I reading the Humble Bundle page correctly? It's been live for just over 3 hours and had 5,764 bundles sold!

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Aaron Shanks wrote:
edxerox wrote:
Cheers, didn't see the new classics coming out. But its still a cutback - no flip tiles - prob. due to production costs.
The pandemic has not been kind to accessories. We will make more if people buy more.

Interesting. The majority of my last several purchases have been game accessories. Minis, pawns, maps, spell templates, and cards.

Seven years after printing, still finding errors. :-)

First and second printing.

Page 27, Hunter Animal Focus ability. The line "The companion’s aspect can be the same aspect the ranger has taken on or a different
one." should read "The companion’s aspect can be the same aspect the hunter has taken on or a different one."

I’ve looked for a spell-less Bard or Hunter Archetype, but couldn’t find one. I’m trying to create a character for a new player based on the Halfling Hunter art on page 52 of Ultimate Wilderness. The player isn't interested in being a spellcaster.

My goal is to create a good support class with a wilderness theme. I’ve looked at many Bard, Hunter, Rogue and other class archetypes and I’m gleaning from a few of them. I’m using the Hunter as a base class. The Hunter’s spontaneous spell casting, combining the Bard’s and Ranger’s spell list, is quite good. I’m replacing the spellcasting with a form of Wild Knowledge ( ACG p.81); two Bardic Performances: Inspire Courage and Song of the Wild (ACG p.81); and four Rogue Talents. I’ve also eliminated one of the Hunter’s Teamwork Feats.

Forest Singer
Alignment: Any Neutral
Hit Dice: d8
Parent Classes: Hunter (Druid & Ranger) and Bard
Starting Wealth: 4d6 x 10 gp (average 140 gp)

BAB: 2/3
Fort Save: Good
Reflex Save: Good
Will Save: Average

Skills: Climb (Str), Craft (Int), Handle Animal (Cha), Heal (Wis), Intimidate (Cha), Knowledge (dungeoneering) (Int), Knowledge (geography) (Int), Knowledge (nature) (Int), Linguistics (Int), Perception (Wis), Perform (Cha), Profession (Wis), Ride (Dex), Stealth (Dex), Survival (Wis), and Swim (Str).
Skill Ranks per Level: 6 + Int modifier.
Weapon and Armor Proficiency: A Forest Singer is proficient with all simple and martial weapons and with light armor, medium armor, and shields (except tower shields).

Spells: A Forest Singer has no spell capability and no caster level.

Class Features
1st: Animal Companion, Animal Focus, Inspire Courage +1, Nature Training, Wild Empathy, Wild Knowledge
2nd: Precise Companion, Track
3rd: Hunter Tactics, Song of the Wild, Teamwork Feat
4th: Improved Empathic Link, Rogue Talent
5th: Inspire Courage +2, Woodland Stride
6th: Teamwork Feat
7th: Bonus Trick
8th: Rogue Talent, Second Animal Focus, Swift Tracker
9th: Teamwork Feat
10th: Raise Animal Companion, Song of the Wild (2 allies)
11th: Inspire Courage +3, Speak with Master
12th: Advanced Rogue Talent or Teamwork Feat
13th: Bonus Trick
14th: Greater Empathic Link
15th: Teamwork Feat
16th: Advanced Rogue Talent
17th: Inspire Courage +4, One with the Wild, Song of the Wild (3 allies)
18th: Teamwork Feat
19th: Bonus Trick
20th: Advance Rogue Talent, Mater Hunter

Wild Knowledge (Ex): At 1st level, a Forest Singer adds 1/2 her level (minimum 1) to all Knowledge (nature) and Knowledge (geography) checks. He can use Knowledge (geography) and Knowledge (nature) untrained.

Any thoughts and insight would be helpful.

DM_aka_Dudemeister wrote:
Question: Will Tides of Battle and Social Combat Cards for 1st Edition be available as part of this sale?

I don't know if they are part of this particular sale, but Tides of Battle is currently showing at 50% off and Social Combat Cards for 20% off.

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Banedon_421 wrote:


Could you explain the presence of those mono-colored hexes all over the Stolen Lands? They are selectable but I can't delete them (read-only access), they hide most of the map and I don't see any use to them.

Apart of that, I pretty much like the map :)

It looks like it's a Google file of some kind. If you make a copy of it in your Google drive, you can select and delete the mono-colored hexes to uncover the terrain below.

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blog wrote:
Standalone Adventures $15.99–$17.99 now $19.99

Just saw a product with this price change. Now this is a real head scratcher.

Pathfinder Module: Academy of Secrets
Print Price $13.99 (not a sale price)
Old PDF price was $9.99
New PDF price $19.99

I found a similar situation with Tomb of the Iron Medusa.

The new PDF price is 43% more than the print price.

Aaron Shanks wrote:
Vardoc Bloodstone wrote:
Aaron Shanks wrote:
We'll be updating all prices, including Pathfinder First Edition. Most product line categories are the same. Rulebooks are Rulebooks, Adventure Paths are Adventure Paths, Adventures (standalone) are Adventures/Modules, Cards are Cards, etc.

I’d like some clarity on the Player Companion and Supplements lines. Many of these are little more than 32 page booklets.

Honestly, from a marketing perspective, I think it would make sense for these aged and dated products to be discounted.

Sure the Player Companions are listed above at $9.99, which is a streamlined average of the $7.99–$10.49 price. The Campaign Setting supplements are unchanged at $15.99.

I've just looked at several 1st edition Campaign Setting supplements. They are currently listed at $13.99 for the PDF ($9.99 for the print). Are they going up to $15.99, or remaining unchanged at $13.99?

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Update: Humble Bundle, after several back and forth emails, acknowledge that their system messed up in flagging my transaction and stopping my purchase. Unfortunately, they can not reinstate the purchase and donation. So still, no Strength of Thousands bundle for me.

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I've been looking at the companions in the First Edition Bestiary. I noticed they do not have any traits from the trait options. I was wondering if this was intentional or not. The companions in the 2E Companion Guide are built as full PCs, not NPCs. It seems like the companions in the 1E Bestiary should also be built that way. The 1E PFS Pregen sheets include traits.

Paizo/Game On Tabletop wrote:

Kingmaker Bestiary for Pathfinder First Edition (Add-On)

Does your group prefer to stick with First Edition? We’ve got you covered with the hardcover Kingmaker Bestiary for Pathfinder First Edition, a 160-page monster and NPC resource that converts the new companions, NPCs, and monsters unlocked by this campaign into old-school Pathfinder First Edition. Play along in the new and updated encounters with this helpful conversion guide featuring back-converted stats for the entire Kingmaker campaign, plus other rules conversions, tips and tricks to run the campaign smoothly. This add-on book is your ticket to playing Kingmaker in classic style.

Game On Tabletop Kingmaker link

Update Humble Bundle has canceled my order. No bundle for me. They have not replied to my customer service request but they have refunded my credit card. Still sad.

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I got caught in a Humble Bundle trap um, undisclosed, post-payment requirement. I tried to pick up this bundle, Humble Bundle charged my credit card, then they sent me their ransom update request:

Humble Bundle email wrote:

Verify Phone Number

We need to verify your phone number to protect your payment account. We will run a pre-approval for the purchase, but we will not finalize the payment until your order for Humble RPG bundle: Pathfinder Second Edition Strength of Thousands by Paizo is available for download.

They did not send me the keys for the PDFs they charged me for. Yes, Humble Bundle had no problem charging my credit card. I checked. They are phishing asking for my phone number. It’s not needed. I’ve sent in a support request into Humble Bundle. No reply yet, but it's only been a few hours - I'm not knocking them for that yet.


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Page 19: The map of the great hall should have a door on the east wall, north most square going into the east wing to match the East Wing map.

Page 27: First paragraph continuing Area A3c. Change "their separate ways to the east west". Areas A6 and A12 are to the west of area A3.

Roboconn wrote:
I cant find the west wing in the interactive maps. Am I blind?

If you are, so am I. No west wing.

Rural Michigan here:

Order Created: August 25
Order Shipped: August 30
Order Arrived: September 9 (today)
Tracking info has never worked.

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I have a few issues with the Aldori Manor Great Hall map.

1) If it is to match up with the East Wing map, there needs to be a door on the east wall of the great hall in the north most square. It opens to a storage room (?) on the East Wing map.

2) I though Paizo was allowing picture extraction from their PDFs now to allow owners use the maps in VTT games. I can't extract the map.

3) I wish that the Great Hall would have been one of the maps in the Flip-Mat: Noble Manor Multi-Pack instead of one of the two thrown rooms.

note: I reposted this from the 1st edition Kingmaker forum as this is the correct forum.

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Berhagen wrote:
FWCain wrote:

Do the rules on kingdom building have "backwards compatibility" with the first edition rules (in "Ult. Campaign")? Did they just revise them for compatibility with second edition? Or did they rebuild them completely from scratch?


Completely revised, much more streamlined. But also very different.

I would say it is a lot more manageable for the majority of groups though. I did originally create a relatively advanced spreadsheet (lovingly improved, updated and maintained by others - in particular Chemlak) but even if with that it the 1st edition was very involved to use…..

Is the spreadsheet still available somewhere online? My searching has failed me this time.

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Soon a Player’s Guide will be release for the Kingmaker Anniversary Edition. That will be for the second edition rules. I am preparing to run the AP with 1st edition rules. I suspect, but I don’t know, that an updated KM Player’s Guide will not be release for 1st edition. So, I’ve attempted to update the Campaign Traits in the original player;s guide with the new information presented in the Backgrounds for 2nd edition PCs. Your input is welcome!

Kingmaker AP Campaign Traits:

Bastard, now Brevic Outcast. Updated benefit: You take a –1 penalty on all Charisma-based skill checks made when dealing with members of Brevic nobility but as a result of your stubbornness and individuality, you gain a +1 trait bonus on Knowledge (nobility) checks and gain a +1 trait bonus on Will saves. If you manage to establish yourself as a true noble or secure a leadership role in a kingdom, you no longer take the penalty to Charisma-based checks.

Brigand, now Local Brigand. Updated benefit: You begin the campaign with an extra 100 gp in ill-gotten gains. You also gain a +1 trait bonus on Bluff, Intimidate, and Sleight of Hand, and one of these (your choice) becomes a class skill.
Issian  now Issian Patiot. Updated benefit: Your agile mind grants you a +1 trait bonus on all Will saves made to resist mind-affecting effects. You can use Knowledge (local) instead of Diplomacy to gather information.

Noble Born, now Bevric Noble. Updated benefits: no change.

Pioneer, now Borderland Pioneer. Updated benefits: You gain a +1 trait bonus to Handle Animal, Knowledge (nature) and Survival, and one of these (your choice) becomes a class skill.

Cartographer’s Apprentice (new campaign trait): Maps and the great outdoors has always interested you. You have combined your interests and spent the last several years walking the breath of Brevor in the apprenticeship of a master cartographer. You are now ready to practice your trade and an expedition into the uncharted Stolen Lands seems like a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. You gain a +1 trait bonus on Craft (map), Knowledge (geography), and Survival, and one of these (your choice) becomes a class skill.

Rostlander. No changes.

Sword Scion. Updated benefits: You begin play with an Aldori dueling sword. You treat Aldori dueling swords as martial weapons rather than exotic weapons for the purpose of proficiency, and gain a +1 trait bonus on all attacks and combat maneuvers made with such weapons.

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willfromamerica wrote:
Might be good to make threads for each "book" so the questions in each can be more focused? I'm not sure if the new version of the AP is broken out by the original book they were a part of, though.

I think it would be cleaner to ask for a GM Reference sub-folder. In that folder have a sticky thread dedicated to each chapter, in order. That would keep the main Kingmaker 2nd Ed. folder cleaner and require less scrolling through all the sticky threads to get to the new ones.

Just My Thoughts.

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Ed Reppert wrote:
Hm. When will we be able to order it? Before street date, I hope. The way my subs are set up I probably won't get this until November anyway, but I'd like not to be the guy who tries to order and finds "sorry, out of stock". :-)

I'm making an educated guess here:

Jim Butler posted that they would be releasing the Kingmaker Player's Guide near the end of September. I expect there will be a big blog post announcing the release of the Kingmaker AP. At that time, I expect the Paizo store webpages to go live and you will be able to order from Paizo.

That said, I have already preordered several items that are not in my backer package from Miniature Market. However, MM is already out of stock on most of the Kingmaker 2E preorder items.

Jim Butler wrote:

The Kingmaker Player's Guide will be released toward the end of September.


Awesome, looking forward to it.

FWIW: When I go to my order page on the Paizo site, then click on one of the products listed in the pending Kingmaker line, I get forwarded to a page that keeps trying to load, but never gets there. I speculate that the page may exist but hasn't been released for public consumption. I was looking at my order item that shows:

Pathfinder Kingmaker Bestiary (PFRPG)

I clicked on it to check that it is the 1st ed Kingmaker Bestiary I ordered, not the 5E one.

Terevalis Unctio of House Mysti wrote:
What is the special?
GenCon Description wrote:

PF(2ed) Special #3-98: Expedition Into Pallid Peril

Levels 1-6. The Pathfinder Society sends its agents in a race to uncover the hidden entrance to a long-lost dwarven city.

Having made several recent forays into a set of unearthed ruins in the volcanic region of Droskar’s Crag, the Pathfinder Society has uncovered what could be an access point to the lost dwarven city of Raseri Kanton. Pathfinder agents from across Golarion have come to support the Society’s latest large-scale endeavor. However, the Aspis Consortium have also begun exploring the ruins, so it’s a race to see who can reach Raseri Kanton first!

There is also a Starfinder special.

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Signing up for the Special online. So why is there an up-charge for the online special? ($8 vs $4 for a ticket). I know that the when I've played the special in-person, the higher price appears to offset the promotional miniature that everyone gets. Are there other bonuses for playing the special online this year?

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Lewy wrote:
Ok, I've searched this thread, the faq's and the subscription notices. I must be missing it but I have tried. Please would someone confirm if the fans like myself who've been here since the start and spend loads still get to keep their grandfathered advantage discount? Because, if not, then it's time for me to head off.

From farther up the thread:

Aaron Shanks wrote:
RobertTHEPerylous wrote:


And will Legacy Subscribers to the Adventure Path still get the Advantage discount?


I have am not aware of any changes to Legacy Subscribers.


Alex Speidel wrote:
Swiftbrook wrote:

A few questions.

When are the interactive specials for each system?
Are there going to be tables of 1st edition of Pathfinder?
Are the Macadam games going to be running the Beginner Box?

The interactives will be in the evening slots (8pm-1am) on Friday and Saturday.

There will be 4-5 tables of first edition in each slot.
The Academy games will be using various Bounties and other short content like the Free RPG Day adventures.

From the current event listing on the GenCon site, I can find . . .

Regular games cost $8 each slot
Academy games 2 hours and $2
SF Special: Friday 8:00 pm $12, 33 tables
PF Special: Saturday 8:00 pm, $12

As a sample, here is listings for the Friday 2 pm slot
1 table of PFS(1ed)
1 table of Pathfinder Academy
23 tables of PFS(2nd)
13 tables of SFS

Most of the tables were single tables with five tickets available. I suspect that this is going to be updated before tickets go live but I have no actual intel on that. Well, I have a little intel. Only tier 1-2 of the Pathfinder Special is currently listed and there are only 24 tickets for it.

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Looked at the lineup on Warhorn. It looks like a good selection. However I wish there was a single filter for online vs. in-person. Or Online Game, PBP, and Physical Game. There are around 30 filter check boxes for online, if I try it.


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It seem with second edition that the rules are much tighter and it should be easier to write scenarios because the authors have a better idea what the skill range will be for the PCs. A third level PC is going to have a maximum bonus of +11 (+3 level, max +4 stat, +4 proficiency), and more likely a +8 (+3 level, +3 stat, +2 proficiency). That three point range is a lot tighter than I've seen in 1E.

As to what tiers to offer, to me, offering the beginner range 1-2 doesn't make a lot of sense at the expenses of higher tiers. A walk in or new player don't have time to make a PC on the spot and can pick up a level 3 pregen just as easily as a level 1. Playing a level 3 will probably give them a better feel for the game and they'll have a little more fun because their PC can do more.

An overall range of 3-8 seems seem a better fit for what appears to be about the same amount of work.

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Well, Pathfinder 1E isn't dead yet. Over 4,000 bundles sold with ten days to go.


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I have to wonder if Paizo didn't miss the mark with the level choices for the PFS special. From my perspective, it doesn't seems much different to develop say a 3-8 range instead of a 1-6. New players can use a level 3 pregen and get a much better feel for character abilities and the game than using a level one. Veteran players can play a slightly higher level PC. Also, I've heard, at least in 1e, that level 7-9 is a sweet spot for PCs.

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Vala the White-Haired Witch wrote:
For some PDFs that we already own, is there any way to get a separate code to gift to a friend? Or are those PDFs effectively wasted?

Maybe. It depends on what books you have and need.

If you support at the $25 level, you will get three codes.
A code for the $5 bundle (7 PDFs)
A code for the $15 bundle (12 PDFs not in the $5 bundle)
A code for the $25 bundle (20 PDFs not in the $5 or $15 bundles)

So, you can share codes for specific bundle levels, but not specific books.

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This is an awesome bundle!

Great theme. Great books. I have several of the physical copies and I'm going to add these PDF to my library.

This Blog wrote:
Plus, you choose how much of your purchase supports the National Coalition Against Censorship or the charity of your choice!

I can't find this option on the Humble Bundle Page.

Humble Bundle wrote:
NOTE: Some bundles do not have this feature enabled.


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gencon.com/indy wrote:
At Gen Con Indy 2022, we anticipate that all in-person participants will be required to show proof of a full course of vaccination against COVID-19 to attend the convention, and that mask-wearing will be required in all indoor spaces.


Alex Speidel wrote:
Yes. Our portion of the Sagamore ballroom . . . .



A few questions.
When are the interactive specials for each system?
Are there going to be tables of 1st edition of Pathfinder?
Are the Macadam games going to be running the Beginner Box?


Any Updates? I'm very curious.

Concerns and Thoughts . . .

Are there any changes planned for rooming four unrelated people in one small hotel room? I think it should be one person or related couple per bed, at most. Max two people better. My perspective: I was down for a week after Origins 2019 with the flu after utilizing a Pathfinder/Starfinder room for four volunteer GMs.

Is per slot 'thank you' set at $10? Prices on all Paizo products have risen significantly in the past 15 years. Core books are now $15 (up from $10) for the PDF.

I've been thinking about an additional Campaign Trait that would be available to my players for a 1e running of Kingmaker.

Cartographer’s Apprentice:

You have just finished your apprenticeship with a master cartographer in a large town or city near where you grew up.

Idea #1
Benefit You gain a +1 trait bonus on Knowledge (geography) checks, and Craft (map). One is always a class skill for you.

Idea #2
Benefit You gain a +1 trait bonus on Knowledge (geography) checks, and Craft (map). In addition you begin the campaign with basic map making tools (two ink pens, six ink pots of various colors, a dozen sheets of paper, a scroll case and a compass).


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AceofMoxen wrote:
Today is a good day to... halp wrote:
There's also a Humble Bundle Fantasy Grounds and PF software bundle available too- and if ya donate to both [at the highest level?], ye can get Humble Store credit too. ;)
I have no interest in fantasy grounds, but I would like those PDFs at this price. Do I get the PDFs on Paizo with this bundle?

I don't know if it is true for this Humble Bundle, but I found this blog about Starfinder on Fantasy Grounds:

Paizo Blog wrote:

If you don't already own the PDF, buying the Fantasy Grounds version allows you to sync that purchase back to paizo.com to get a free PDF added to your account there.

Link Here

And this blog as well:


Be sure to sync your Paizo and Fantasy Grounds accounts to get the PDF added to your Paizo account as part of the purchase or to get the entire cost of the PDF as a discount on your purchase at fantasygrounds.com!

Link Here

The bummer is that I just bought Kingmaker AP #1 Stolen Grounds two weeks ago with the Paizo pdf black Friday sale. I could have gotten it and a lot more for just a few dollars more.

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Oldwolf1600 wrote:
Contributed over $50 through the Humble Bundle email link. However, less than half the material showed up on my downloads page. I did not get the Adventure Paths, map packs, pawns, and much more. What can I do?

I have supported HB in the past. Generally, there are multiple codes you need to enter, one for each level ($5, $15, $30 and $50).

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The Blog has arrived!

Blog wrote:

Grab Black Friday through Cyber Monday deals at paizo.com with 25% off your favorite digital products! From now until midnight Pacific time on Monday, November 29, you can save 25% on all Paizo digital products. The sale is not valid on products from licensed or compatible publishers, subscriptions, or e-tickets.[/blog]

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Aaron Shanks wrote:
There will be a sale, yes. The blog is written and will go live at 12:01 AM 11/25/21.

Looks like there are website issues again. Currently it's 6:11 AM on 11/25/2021 and no blog is up. Looking forward to the sale.

Just for fun I looked at a time zone map. It's currently Thursday everywhere! In just under an hour it will be Friday somewhere in the Pacific.

I’ve been talking to my GM about options other than going the Channel Smite to Guided Hand build route.

We looked at the Guided weapon enhancement, a +1 enhancement that gives you both Wisdom bonus to hit as well as damage. When compared to other +1 enhancement such as Agile (dex bonus to hit only), he said the Guided enhancement was over powered.

Then we looked at the Channel Smite to Guided Hand feat chain. I pointed out that the Erastil’s Blessing (combat) feat allows you to use your Wisdom bonus instead of your Dexterity bonus on ranged attacks when using a bow. The prerequisite feat is Weapon Focus (longbow). I suggested we could change the prerequisite Channel Smite feat to Weapon Focus (deity’s favored weapon). He liked it and agreed.

So I have a clearer path going forward.

I’m going to start with this build. It probably isn't optimal, but it looks like fun to play. It may change as I work through the AP.

Role: Front line, party face, buffing and healing.

Dwarf cleric of shamash
Travel and Sun domains

Str 14 [5 pts] (to qualify for Power Attack)
Dex 12 [2 pts]
Con 14 [2 pts +2]
Int 12 [2 pts]
Wis 17 [7 pts +2]
Cha 10 [2 pts -2]

* Empathic Diplomat (region) use Wis for Diplomacy
* Magical Lineage (magic) use with Divine Favor
* Fate’s Favor (faith) +1 to luck bonus
* Seeker (social) +1 Perception & class skill

C1: Additional Traits
C3: Power Attack
C4: +1 Wis
C5: Channel Smite {retrain Power Attack to Guided Hand}
C7: Power Attack
C9: ? ? ? ?

MrCharisma wrote:


Guided Weapon is actually better since it lets you add your WIS to damsge but there are 2 advantages to Guided Hand over a Guided Weapon.

1. It comes online earlier. You can get Guided Hand by level 3, whereas a +2 weapon is likely not coming online till level 7 or so.

2. Guided Hand is technically not Pathfinder material. It's DnD 3.5 material that was written by Paizo. If the GM allows it then it's also a good option to look at.

(also for the record I completely forgot about Guided Weapon, so I didn't factor it into my earlier advice at all)

I really liked Guided Weapon until I found out it was from Curse of the Crimson Throne and wasn't included in the Pathfinder update. I was even working my build around Craft Magic Arms and Armor. Having multiple weapons that you can use your WIS bonus with would be fantastic.

Feat Thoughts:

C1: Scribe Scroll
C3: Channel Smite
C3: write a lot of scrolls
C3: retrain Scribe Scroll to Guided Hand
C5: Power Attack or Scribe Scroll

Lots of good reading.

What do you think of . . .

20 point buy.
Str 15 [5 points] (+2 TH and to qualify for Power Attack)
Dex 12 [2 points] (Mysterious Stranger advice)
Con 14 [2 points]
Int 12 [2 points] (I need some skills)
Wis 17 [7 points] (4th level it's at 18)
Cha 10 [2 points]

I can use my Favorite Class bonus for hit points. The +1 Int gives me one additional (much appreciated) skill point per level and +1 on knowledge checks.

I still really like Guided Hand, unfortunately I didn't originally see that Channel Smite is a prerequisite and it's very situational.

Feats I'm considering in no particular order
Power Attack
Weapon Focus
Selective Channel
Scribe Scroll
Channel Smite --> Guided Hand

Mysterious Stranger wrote:
You don’t qualify for any channel related feats and probably don’t have the feats to spare if you did.

I'm confused. What channel related feats can't I qualify for?

Sysryke wrote:
One of the very first things you said is that you want to be a "tank". Can you please share with us what you mean by that term?

A character with very good AC and the ability to threaten the enemy with damage. A PC with untouchable AC and very little ability to hit, is ignored. I think I'm willing to wait or forgo Heavy Armor Proficiency, at least until I can afford armor to make it worth it.

Sysryke wrote:
Also, how optimized is your group? Are you all really good number crunchers, or do you play a little more casually? Basically, we need to know what type of numbers you're shooting for. Also, point buy, or rolled stats?

Human Hunter with a small cat AC very optimized - good AC, very good TH. By mid-levels, cat is always hitting and almost impossible to hit.

Elf Ranger w/o an AC very optimized - OK AC with optimized Pathfinder archer skills.

Halfling Arcanist - blaster another player trying out a new class.

Melkiador wrote:
It would really help to know about your stat generation though. Heal tanking is stat intensive. You really need them all, except intelligence.

20 point buy. Currently thinking . . .

Str 13 [3 points] (to qualify for Power Attack)
Dex 10 [0 points] (all clerics go last)
Con 14 [2 points]
Int 10 [0 points] (I need some skills)
Wis 18 [10 points]
Cha 12 [5 points]

I've thought about reducing Wis to 17, then bumping Con to 15 and Int to 12 for one more skill point and +1 to knowledge check. Wisdom would go to 18 at 4th level.

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Arkham Joker wrote:
What do you mean by "doing divine casting well"? If all you mean is healing and condition removing then that isn't doing it well! What exactly do you mean?

I don't know. I've never played a cleric, druid, or oracle. I've seen others play clerics, obviously, but for the most part, they have been healbots. Through playing, I want to dive in and learn more about the class.

I'm really liking Guided Hand. Wow, that's just awesome!

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MrCharisma wrote:
How about another question to get things moving again: What are some good domains for a front-line Cleric?

I'm currently liking Trade and Heroism. My cleric is pursuing an ideal (fair, safe and free trade ???? - still working on that), not a specific deity.

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Melkiador wrote:
Weapon Familiarity: Dwarves are proficient with battleaxes, heavy picks, and warhammers, and treat any weapon with the word “dwarven” in its name as a martial weapon.

Arrgggggggg too little sleep!

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