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Alex Speidel wrote:
Swiftbrook wrote:

A few questions.

When are the interactive specials for each system?
Are there going to be tables of 1st edition of Pathfinder?
Are the Macadam games going to be running the Beginner Box?

The interactives will be in the evening slots (8pm-1am) on Friday and Saturday.

There will be 4-5 tables of first edition in each slot.
The Academy games will be using various Bounties and other short content like the Free RPG Day adventures.

From the current event listing on the GenCon site, I can find . . .

Regular games cost $8 each slot
Academy games 2 hours and $2
SF Special: Friday 8:00 pm $12, 33 tables
PF Special: Saturday 8:00 pm, $12

As a sample, here is listings for the Friday 2 pm slot
1 table of PFS(1ed)
1 table of Pathfinder Academy
23 tables of PFS(2nd)
13 tables of SFS

Most of the tables were single tables with five tickets available. I suspect that this is going to be updated before tickets go live but I have no actual intel on that. Well, I have a little intel. Only tier 1-2 of the Pathfinder Special is currently listed and there are only 24 tickets for it.

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Looked at the lineup on Warhorn. It looks like a good selection. However I wish there was a single filter for online vs. in-person. Or Online Game, PBP, and Physical Game. There are around 30 filter check boxes for online, if I try it.


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It seem with second edition that the rules are much tighter and it should be easier to write scenarios because the authors have a better idea what the skill range will be for the PCs. A third level PC is going to have a maximum bonus of +11 (+3 level, max +4 stat, +4 proficiency), and more likely a +8 (+3 level, +3 stat, +2 proficiency). That three point range is a lot tighter than I've seen in 1E.

As to what tiers to offer, to me, offering the beginner range 1-2 doesn't make a lot of sense at the expenses of higher tiers. A walk in or new player don't have time to make a PC on the spot and can pick up a level 3 pregen just as easily as a level 1. Playing a level 3 will probably give them a better feel for the game and they'll have a little more fun because their PC can do more.

An overall range of 3-8 seems seem a better fit for what appears to be about the same amount of work.

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Well, Pathfinder 1E isn't dead yet. Over 4,000 bundles sold with ten days to go.


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I have to wonder if Paizo didn't miss the mark with the level choices for the PFS special. From my perspective, it doesn't seems much different to develop say a 3-8 range instead of a 1-6. New players can use a level 3 pregen and get a much better feel for character abilities and the game than using a level one. Veteran players can play a slightly higher level PC. Also, I've heard, at least in 1e, that level 7-9 is a sweet spot for PCs.

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Vala the White-Haired Witch wrote:
For some PDFs that we already own, is there any way to get a separate code to gift to a friend? Or are those PDFs effectively wasted?

Maybe. It depends on what books you have and need.

If you support at the $25 level, you will get three codes.
A code for the $5 bundle (7 PDFs)
A code for the $15 bundle (12 PDFs not in the $5 bundle)
A code for the $25 bundle (20 PDFs not in the $5 or $15 bundles)

So, you can share codes for specific bundle levels, but not specific books.

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This is an awesome bundle!

Great theme. Great books. I have several of the physical copies and I'm going to add these PDF to my library.

This Blog wrote:
Plus, you choose how much of your purchase supports the National Coalition Against Censorship or the charity of your choice!

I can't find this option on the Humble Bundle Page.

Humble Bundle wrote:
NOTE: Some bundles do not have this feature enabled.


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gencon.com/indy wrote:
At Gen Con Indy 2022, we anticipate that all in-person participants will be required to show proof of a full course of vaccination against COVID-19 to attend the convention, and that mask-wearing will be required in all indoor spaces.


Alex Speidel wrote:
Yes. Our portion of the Sagamore ballroom . . . .



A few questions.
When are the interactive specials for each system?
Are there going to be tables of 1st edition of Pathfinder?
Are the Macadam games going to be running the Beginner Box?


Any Updates? I'm very curious.

Concerns and Thoughts . . .

Are there any changes planned for rooming four unrelated people in one small hotel room? I think it should be one person or related couple per bed, at most. Max two people better. My perspective: I was down for a week after Origins 2019 with the flu after utilizing a Pathfinder/Starfinder room for four volunteer GMs.

Is per slot 'thank you' set at $10? Prices on all Paizo products have risen significantly in the past 15 years. Core books are now $15 (up from $10) for the PDF.

I've been thinking about an additional Campaign Trait that would be available to my players for a 1e running of Kingmaker.

Cartographer’s Apprentice:

You have just finished your apprenticeship with a master cartographer in a large town or city near where you grew up.

Idea #1
Benefit You gain a +1 trait bonus on Knowledge (geography) checks, and Craft (map). One is always a class skill for you.

Idea #2
Benefit You gain a +1 trait bonus on Knowledge (geography) checks, and Craft (map). In addition you begin the campaign with basic map making tools (two ink pens, six ink pots of various colors, a dozen sheets of paper, a scroll case and a compass).


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AceofMoxen wrote:
Today is a good day to... halp wrote:
There's also a Humble Bundle Fantasy Grounds and PF software bundle available too- and if ya donate to both [at the highest level?], ye can get Humble Store credit too. ;)
I have no interest in fantasy grounds, but I would like those PDFs at this price. Do I get the PDFs on Paizo with this bundle?

I don't know if it is true for this Humble Bundle, but I found this blog about Starfinder on Fantasy Grounds:

Paizo Blog wrote:

If you don't already own the PDF, buying the Fantasy Grounds version allows you to sync that purchase back to paizo.com to get a free PDF added to your account there.

Link Here

And this blog as well:


Be sure to sync your Paizo and Fantasy Grounds accounts to get the PDF added to your Paizo account as part of the purchase or to get the entire cost of the PDF as a discount on your purchase at fantasygrounds.com!

Link Here

The bummer is that I just bought Kingmaker AP #1 Stolen Grounds two weeks ago with the Paizo pdf black Friday sale. I could have gotten it and a lot more for just a few dollars more.

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Oldwolf1600 wrote:
Contributed over $50 through the Humble Bundle email link. However, less than half the material showed up on my downloads page. I did not get the Adventure Paths, map packs, pawns, and much more. What can I do?

I have supported HB in the past. Generally, there are multiple codes you need to enter, one for each level ($5, $15, $30 and $50).

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The Blog has arrived!

Blog wrote:

Grab Black Friday through Cyber Monday deals at paizo.com with 25% off your favorite digital products! From now until midnight Pacific time on Monday, November 29, you can save 25% on all Paizo digital products. The sale is not valid on products from licensed or compatible publishers, subscriptions, or e-tickets.[/blog]

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Aaron Shanks wrote:
There will be a sale, yes. The blog is written and will go live at 12:01 AM 11/25/21.

Looks like there are website issues again. Currently it's 6:11 AM on 11/25/2021 and no blog is up. Looking forward to the sale.

Just for fun I looked at a time zone map. It's currently Thursday everywhere! In just under an hour it will be Friday somewhere in the Pacific.

I’ve been talking to my GM about options other than going the Channel Smite to Guided Hand build route.

We looked at the Guided weapon enhancement, a +1 enhancement that gives you both Wisdom bonus to hit as well as damage. When compared to other +1 enhancement such as Agile (dex bonus to hit only), he said the Guided enhancement was over powered.

Then we looked at the Channel Smite to Guided Hand feat chain. I pointed out that the Erastil’s Blessing (combat) feat allows you to use your Wisdom bonus instead of your Dexterity bonus on ranged attacks when using a bow. The prerequisite feat is Weapon Focus (longbow). I suggested we could change the prerequisite Channel Smite feat to Weapon Focus (deity’s favored weapon). He liked it and agreed.

So I have a clearer path going forward.

I’m going to start with this build. It probably isn't optimal, but it looks like fun to play. It may change as I work through the AP.

Role: Front line, party face, buffing and healing.

Dwarf cleric of shamash
Travel and Sun domains

Str 14 [5 pts] (to qualify for Power Attack)
Dex 12 [2 pts]
Con 14 [2 pts +2]
Int 12 [2 pts]
Wis 17 [7 pts +2]
Cha 10 [2 pts -2]

* Empathic Diplomat (region) use Wis for Diplomacy
* Magical Lineage (magic) use with Divine Favor
* Fate’s Favor (faith) +1 to luck bonus
* Seeker (social) +1 Perception & class skill

C1: Additional Traits
C3: Power Attack
C4: +1 Wis
C5: Channel Smite {retrain Power Attack to Guided Hand}
C7: Power Attack
C9: ? ? ? ?

MrCharisma wrote:


Guided Weapon is actually better since it lets you add your WIS to damsge but there are 2 advantages to Guided Hand over a Guided Weapon.

1. It comes online earlier. You can get Guided Hand by level 3, whereas a +2 weapon is likely not coming online till level 7 or so.

2. Guided Hand is technically not Pathfinder material. It's DnD 3.5 material that was written by Paizo. If the GM allows it then it's also a good option to look at.

(also for the record I completely forgot about Guided Weapon, so I didn't factor it into my earlier advice at all)

I really liked Guided Weapon until I found out it was from Curse of the Crimson Throne and wasn't included in the Pathfinder update. I was even working my build around Craft Magic Arms and Armor. Having multiple weapons that you can use your WIS bonus with would be fantastic.

Feat Thoughts:

C1: Scribe Scroll
C3: Channel Smite
C3: write a lot of scrolls
C3: retrain Scribe Scroll to Guided Hand
C5: Power Attack or Scribe Scroll

Lots of good reading.

What do you think of . . .

20 point buy.
Str 15 [5 points] (+2 TH and to qualify for Power Attack)
Dex 12 [2 points] (Mysterious Stranger advice)
Con 14 [2 points]
Int 12 [2 points] (I need some skills)
Wis 17 [7 points] (4th level it's at 18)
Cha 10 [2 points]

I can use my Favorite Class bonus for hit points. The +1 Int gives me one additional (much appreciated) skill point per level and +1 on knowledge checks.

I still really like Guided Hand, unfortunately I didn't originally see that Channel Smite is a prerequisite and it's very situational.

Feats I'm considering in no particular order
Power Attack
Weapon Focus
Selective Channel
Scribe Scroll
Channel Smite --> Guided Hand

Mysterious Stranger wrote:
You don’t qualify for any channel related feats and probably don’t have the feats to spare if you did.

I'm confused. What channel related feats can't I qualify for?

Sysryke wrote:
One of the very first things you said is that you want to be a "tank". Can you please share with us what you mean by that term?

A character with very good AC and the ability to threaten the enemy with damage. A PC with untouchable AC and very little ability to hit, is ignored. I think I'm willing to wait or forgo Heavy Armor Proficiency, at least until I can afford armor to make it worth it.

Sysryke wrote:
Also, how optimized is your group? Are you all really good number crunchers, or do you play a little more casually? Basically, we need to know what type of numbers you're shooting for. Also, point buy, or rolled stats?

Human Hunter with a small cat AC very optimized - good AC, very good TH. By mid-levels, cat is always hitting and almost impossible to hit.

Elf Ranger w/o an AC very optimized - OK AC with optimized Pathfinder archer skills.

Halfling Arcanist - blaster another player trying out a new class.

Melkiador wrote:
It would really help to know about your stat generation though. Heal tanking is stat intensive. You really need them all, except intelligence.

20 point buy. Currently thinking . . .

Str 13 [3 points] (to qualify for Power Attack)
Dex 10 [0 points] (all clerics go last)
Con 14 [2 points]
Int 10 [0 points] (I need some skills)
Wis 18 [10 points]
Cha 12 [5 points]

I've thought about reducing Wis to 17, then bumping Con to 15 and Int to 12 for one more skill point and +1 to knowledge check. Wisdom would go to 18 at 4th level.

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Arkham Joker wrote:
What do you mean by "doing divine casting well"? If all you mean is healing and condition removing then that isn't doing it well! What exactly do you mean?

I don't know. I've never played a cleric, druid, or oracle. I've seen others play clerics, obviously, but for the most part, they have been healbots. Through playing, I want to dive in and learn more about the class.

I'm really liking Guided Hand. Wow, that's just awesome!

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MrCharisma wrote:
How about another question to get things moving again: What are some good domains for a front-line Cleric?

I'm currently liking Trade and Heroism. My cleric is pursuing an ideal (fair, safe and free trade ???? - still working on that), not a specific deity.

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Melkiador wrote:
Weapon Familiarity: Dwarves are proficient with battleaxes, heavy picks, and warhammers, and treat any weapon with the word “dwarven” in its name as a martial weapon.

Arrgggggggg too little sleep!

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First, thanks to everyone for your ideas. It's given me lots to consider.

MrCharisma wrote:

Ok, we've had a good robust discussion about what the Cleric can and can't do, but I think we (including myself) have kind-of left the Swiftbrook's request behind. Here's everything they said about what they want:

So what Swiftbrook wants is to be:

- A Dwarf


- A frontline melee/tank character, preferably using a hammer/earthbreaker


- A divine caster, preferably a 9th level caster


- A channel-capable character (though this could possibly mean "healing"-capable?)

YES Channeling is something I want to try out. I'm not planning on taking many, if any, channeling feats, but I am considering selective channeling.

- a team-player, preferably using a teamwork feat with the party Hunter (doesn't need to have any class abilities around Teamwork feats...

Teamwork feats are more of a dream that I've left behind. From what I've read so far, there are much better uses of my feats.

Another thing I have thought about, because everyone seem to say I should take Heavy Armor Proficiency, I was looking at a build without it, just to be different. Kind of like a non-CHA dump dwarf. Now I'm not dropping more than a few points in CHA. I'm looking more at fun with this build. I've never played a cleric before. I still remember the game when my -2 CHA dwarf fighter was the face for the party. Oh what fun!

As for my hammer, it looks like I need a patron such as Torag to get proficiency with the warhammer. Maybe even a large one. Spending an extra feat for weapon proficiency isn't worth it. On the other hand, I've played a character once that used a large light crossbow and took the -2 penalty. Lots of fun.

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MrCharisma wrote:

Aside from "front line tank/basher" and obviously some divine magic do you have anything specific in mind for this character?

I'm looking at being a full caster. I'm willing to take a one level hit. Since I will be the party's primary divine caster, I'm interested in doing it well. Also, I'm looking at channeling and at some point swift channel so I can still attack every round.

I'm thinking about a hammer of some type for my primary weapon. Hammer and shield or Earth Breaker. I haven't quite looked that far yet. If I can afford it (I doubt it), I'll take a teamwork feat so I can pair up with the Hunter and his pet.

I'm also thinking about taking Weapon Focus as my fighter bonus feat.

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I'm building the front line tank/basher for a party of four starting the Kingmaker AP. We have a Elvin Curve Blade wielding Hunter, Archer (class TBD), and Arcanist. I'm looking at playing a dwarf.

I've been looking at Cleric, Cleric with archetype, War Priest and Paladin. Then I started thinking, would a Cleric X/Fighter 1 be better than all the rest? If I take one level of Fighter as either my first or second level, I'm only one level behind in my full casting (similar to the Oracle), but I get +2 to my Fort save, heavy armor proficiency, tower shield proficiency if I want to use it, a +1 to my BAB and a bonus feat.

So, is a Cleric X/Fighter 1 better than the others?

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blog wrote:
Tune in to our Gen Con 2021 streams for more information on the new classes (and the book they’ll be appearing in), and be the first to play them in just under 2 weeks! We hope to see you there!

I think this blog when live three weeks early, or needs some editing. :-)

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It looks like this bundle has been extended another week. I say the final total page on 8/19 but now it is again accepting contributions and shows six more days.


I was perusing the Gen Con Online schedule for PFS(2ed) Special #3-99: Fate in the Future and I noticed that all the high level tables (5-6 and 7-8) are Sold Out but there are still many open tables of the lower tiers, especially 1-2. Are there any plans to adjust the tables and open up some more high level play?

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I think I see what I'm missing.

PBS is an action. You enter the PBS Stance. Then the line "While you are in this stance" . . . .

That's what I missed.

pixierose wrote:
POint blank shot isnt a new action. It just makes your regular strikes stronger. It doesn't grant the stance trait to every attack with a bow

It has the action icon next to it. So why isn't it an action?

pixierose wrote:
Swiftbrook wrote:
pixierose wrote:

Once you are in a stance you remain in the stance you don't need to keep reapplying the stance and monks would also be unable to function if you read stances as needing to be reapplied or preventing any further actions after using the stance.

Basically what that section of the stance is saying you can only enter one stance in a round.

I understand that. You enter a stance as your first action in round 1. You may complete a stance action as either your second or third action of the round. In the second round, you are still in a stance and can use one stance action in any one of your rounds three actions.

I'm talking about the fact that you can't use PBS towards more than one action in any round.

Where are you getting that? Nothing in the feat says that

From the text of Stance: "After you take an action with the stance trait, you can’t take another [Stance] one for 1 round. "

thenobledrake wrote:
So for 1 action near the beginning of an encounter you turn on the benefits and unless something goes wrong they stay on for all of your actions throughout the rest of the encounter.

Yes it stays on, but you still only get one stance action per turn. Not all three.

pixierose wrote:

Once you are in a stance you remain in the stance you don't need to keep reapplying the stance and monks would also be unable to function if you read stances as needing to be reapplied or preventing any further actions after using the stance.

Basically what that section of the stance is saying you can only enter one stance in a round.

I understand that. You enter a stance as your first action in round 1. You may complete a stance action as either your second or third action of the round. In the second round, you are still in a stance and can use one stance action in any one of your rounds three actions.

I'm talking about the fact that you can't use PBS towards more than one action in any round.

CRB 2e p.144 wrote:

Point-Blank Shot

[Fighter] [Open] [Stance]
Requirements You are wielding a ranged weapon.
You take aim to pick off nearby enemies quickly. When using a ranged volley weapon while you are in this stance, you don’t take the penalty to your attack rolls from the volley trait. When using a ranged weapon that doesn’t have the volley trait, you gain a +2 circumstance bonus to damage rolls on attacks against targets within the weapon’s first range increment.
CRB 2e p.143 wrote:


A stance is a general combat strategy that you enter by using an action with the stance trait, and you remain in for some time. A stance lasts until you get knocked out, until its requirements (if any) are violated, until the encounter ends, or until you enter a new stance, whichever comes first. After you take an action with the stance trait, you can’t take another one for 1 round. You can enter or be in a stance only in encounter mode.

First Question: I see two ways to read the emphasized line in Stance.

1) "You can't take another action for 1 round."
2) "You can't take another Stance action for 1 round."
I assume 2) but the wording is left to interpretation.

Point-Blank Shot seems to have little value because you can only use it once per round. A 1st level Fighter (Archer) takes PBS using a longbow. Ignoring Dex, PBS To Hit = 1 (level) + 4 (Expert) + no longbow penalty = +5. But this is only on the first shot. The second shot of the round they can't use PBS so the To Hit = 1 (level) + 4 (Expert) - 2 (longbow) - 5 (2nd attack) = -2. In addition, because PBS is an action, you can't combine it with Double Shot or any other action feat. In a three action turn you can PBS then Double Shot or Double Shot then PBS, but not both in the same action.

Because you are required to be in a Stance, you either get a +2 To Hit for one shot or +2 damage for one shot per round. It doesn't seem worth it.

What am I missing?

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If you contribute to the $50 level and get the physical Beginner Box and Pack Worlds, can you add other items to your Paizo order to save on shipping?

demlin wrote:
can't reduce it to anything lower than 30% it seems though which is high as well.

That's an unpleasant, strong-handed, greedy, and unwanted change. Sure puts a sour note into a good bundle.

I've kept track of the Paizo Humble Bundles over the years and contributed to almost every one. I think this one has a good assortment of 2nd Edition material at good value for a good cause.

A few days ago, Humble Bundle's web page changed the way that it displays the bundle. The pictures of the books and maps seem to be larger without having to click on them to enlarge them. That is a plus. However, the information that they are displaying is much less transparent. Their new ‘Bundle Filter’ mechanism (buttons) is less helpful and informative if you are trying to compare the bundles. No longer is there a prominent title above each donation level stating "For $5 you get .... ", then farther down the page "For $15 ...." etc. Now you are shown everything and have to click on a filter button to see which items are included at each level. The filter buttons show the number of items in the bundle but don’t show the cost until you select them. You don’t see any of the lower donation levels unless you use the filter to show fewer items. Worse still, when you click on the [25 Item Bundle] filter for example, every item's individual description that is available in the 25-item bundle will show "Pay at least $15", even the items that are available at the $5 bundle level will show $15. They are not informing you that you can get a particular item at a lower level. Humble Bundle has also removed the total amount raised from the bundle campaign. They are only displaying how much has been raised for the charity.

On a positive note, one thing that hasn’t changed is that you can still adjust your donation portions as you choose. Want to give a little more to Paizo for great products. No problem. More to the charity, in this case Stop AAPI Hate, easily done!

Overall, it appears the Humble Bundle website is less transparent and more difficult to compare bundles. For Paizo’s part, they are providing great products for a fantastic deal.

Just My Thoughts

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Marco Massoudi wrote:

It looks like the two sides pictured in the middle connect.

Are they on two different mats?

This set looks all-around great - thanks for making this!

I did some copy and pasting. The two middle ones almost line up, but not quite. The canal lines up, but the house and tower at the top are off by one square.

Also, the 4th map almost lines up with the second map. Place the 4th above the 2nd and everything but the stairway lines up.

Just like the potential alignment of these maps, this project just missed the mark for me.

I purchased the Deep Cuts version of the Elf Fighter. I like the detail of the mini. I'm interested in seeing the actual paint job. To get the painted version you're paying twice the prices for half the number of minis.

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Blave wrote:

We're at 19671 bundels right now, with an average of €21.26 paid per bundle. I live in europe and have no idea how to switch the displayed currency to USD. For the record, the big pdf-bundle is €18 and the complete bundle with the physical CRB is €26.50.

The top 9 participants have paid between 100 and 200 USD, pulling this average up a bit. There's most likely also many people curious but not dedicated, who only get the first bundle for €4.50 to get the CRB pdf.

All things considered, I'd estimate that we're at MAYBE 5000 physical CRB copies going out from paizo via this bundle. Probably quite a bit less since the shipping costs are quite high outside of the US.

Just for fun, from a cooped up math teacher who hasn’t been able to teach in six months, let's run some numbers . . . . Math in USD

As of right now, 21,650 bundles have been sold for $524,282.50, with an average of $24.22.

With an average price of $24.22, and because the bundle is a just so good with such a new product, I'm making the assumption that people are only buying $20 or $30 bundles. To make the math work, I need to make some assumptions.

So, to the math:

Subtract $4,282.50 for the "over the top" donations we have $520,000 in sales.

So let P represent the Physical 2nd ed CRB, then 21,650 - P is the number of bundles sold without a physical book.

Then our equation is $30 • P + $20 • (21,650 - P) = $520,000

30P + 433,000 - 20P = 520,000
10P = 87,000
P = 8,700

So, around 8,700 physical copies of the Pathfinder 2nd edition Core Rule Book have been sold. So about 40% of all bundles sold include a physical CRB.

Also, assuming most people don’t change the “Choose where your money goes” settings, then the breakdown of the giving is:
Paizo $314,469.50 (60%)
Charity: $78,642.38 (15%)
Humble Tip: $131,070.63 (25%)

There are several assumptions here and we will never see the actual data but it's fun to speculate and run the numbers.

Just My Thought

I hope WizKids makes a set (3+) of the archery targets in a Deep Cuts or similar set, as well as the table accompaniments.

Here is the Swinging Scythe Blade


Mark, how big is the spinning wheel? 1" wide, 2" wide?

Sundakan wrote:
Mind you it doesn't matter after 6th level (Ranger/Slayer), 10th level (Fighter, any full BaB class with a Combat feat at 10th), or 11th (any full BaB class) since Shield Master negates all the penalty anyway.

CRB wrote:

Shield Master Feat

Benefit: You do not suffer any Two-Weapon Fighting penalties on attack rolls made with a shield while you are wielding another weapon. Add your shield’s enhancement bonus to attack and damage rolls made with the shield as if it were a weapon enhancement bonus.

You still incur the attack penalties with your primary weapon.

Yes, this is an old tread and I'm late to the pary

Parody wrote:

As a workaround: click on any event entry, then click on the day in the upper-right of the event description. You'll be on that day and able to navigate by day.

You can also replace "schedule/agenda" at the end of the URL with "schedule/2020/05/xx" (26-31) to go to the start of that day.

Hope this helps.

That works! And the [Sign Up To Play] [Sigh Up To GM] buttons are displayed making it easier to quickly see which events need GMs.

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Is there any way to get back to calendar view in Warhorn for PaizoCon Online? I'm stuck in Agenda view and I have to keep scrolling down and press the [Load More Scenarios] button. It takes forever and a day to get to Wednesday, worse for Thursday, etc.

Are these the original resin figures or the new plastic figures?

Vic Wertz wrote:
The only Humble Bundle we've ever done with a physical product was the Beginner Box, in February/March 2016.

Rolls DC 25 Will Save vs Vic's memory . . . 19 + 6 = 25, passes barely.

My tracking sheet shows:

March 2016: Shattered Star Miniatures Booster Pack
January 2017: 4 Physical Comics
October 2017: 4 minis + 1 Starfinder Minis + 4 Comics

Casts Expeditious Retreat and heads for local con.

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