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Full Name

Nbarg Blackrock (the Wise)









Special Abilities



Lawful Neutral




Common, Dwarf, Tien

About Nbarg the Wise


A dwarf dressed in dark robes. Shaved head and long, braided beard, secured at the end by little ringlets with pentacles emblazoned upon them.

A variety of gardening implements hang at his belt. DON'T walk on the grass or mess with the topiary... you don't want to make him angry.


Nbarg is a product of modern Chelaxian empire, and nearly as old as the ascendancy of House Thrune. Most of his many decades of life have been spent under the iron hand of House Thrune's rule, and he has learned to embrace their values over the years.

Nbarg is a slave, and a loyal one, to the Nobles of Cheliax. He originated from a small clanhold in the Menador Mountains, which was raided and destroyed during the initial military expansion of House Thrune's rule. Most members of his clanhold were put to the sword or sacrificed to the Prince of Law, while the young were sent to the hellish conditions of mithral mines to extract the ores necessary for the war machine.

Even slaves have some free time, and when he grew older most of Nbarg's free time was spent fighting in impromptu pits constructed as forms of entertainment by the mine overseers. Workers fought for the pleasure of their masters, enticed by rewards of positions of power and better quarters. Seeing a chance to advance as he matured into a twenty-something, Nbarg took to the fights with a fierce determination that only a dwarf can muster. In that harsh environment Nbarg excelled, often besting his fellow miners with brute strength and cruel holds. All this was to the great delight of his masters.

His position advanced, Nbarg began to slowly develop himself in his newfound privacy. Having gained the enmity of his fellow slaves and too far removed from his owners, Nbarg turned his energies towards solitary pursuits, delving into a few smuggled tomes of plant lore and history. In time he managed to grow a few herbs, spices and drugs in his small quarters. These he would barter with staff or inmates for a few austere luxuries, such as a simple text of world history or a book of dwarven runes.

Eventually, the mine overseers began taking Nbarg to the city of Egorian. Impressed with his fighting abilities in the mine pits, they began showing him off in the public bouts that are often found in the alehouses and back alleys of Cheliax. In these he did well, usually beating his opponents into unconsciousness before they could do the same to him. Sometimes during these trips he would be taken to private parties in the houses of tradesmen and nobles afterward. At these secretive affairs, which were sometimes orgiastic or religious in nature, Nbarg would not participate, given his ugly and alien nature. However his masters found it useful to order him to subdue and bound particularly troublesome sacrifices to the glory of Asmodeous. He discharged these duties impassively and effectively. This went on for about a decade.

It was at one of these parties that his current owner casually insulted the hosts tiefling wife, referring to her as a "devil-whore". It was a mistake for them, as the woman, Lady Tivaria Charthagnion, was in fact a Sister of the Golden Erinyes. It was a simple matter for her to break the fools neck with the arts of Hamatsula. With cold ease Lady Charthagnion addressed Nbarg and informed him that she had been studying his performance in the crude alleys of Trick Alley for some time, and that he would be a suitable addition to her household.

Lady Charthagnion had some strange beliefs, having risen up from the poverty to her current noble status through here own undertakings, not to mention being schooled in the esoteric arts of the Golden Sisters. Although she fully expected Nbarg to serve as an apt man-at-arms, she also believed that the soul best matured when it was set to a multitude of tasks. After all, idle hands are the playground of angels. Being a generous master, Lady Charthagnion offered Nbarg a boon: he could name in which capacity he believed he could best serve her.

Nbarg answered simply: "I wish to serves as your gardener"

Thus Nbarg's life was changed.

In the next 30 years Nbarg served faithfully, keeping the Lady's roses and attending to less pleasant matters such as intimidation, assassination or guardianship as instructed. He would occasionally take lessons from Tivaria, who would beat him to within an inch of his life, and teach him a few secrets of Hamatulatsu in the process. Eventually, his loyalty and duty meant he was rewarded with his own quarters in Trick alley, above a brothel where he is a great favorite of the staff (he has a habit of pacifying unruly customers, and he never makes passes on the clientèle.).

Lady Charthagnion aged much more rapidly then Nbarg, as Tieflings suffer lifespans similar to humans. Having developed a certain liking for the dependable dwarf and feeling her approaching descent into the lower planes, Lady Charthangion decided to entrust her ownership to her friend the up-and-coming Paracountess Zarta Dralneen. Moreover, she decided to sponsor his application to the Pathfinder society, where she felt other Cheliax agents and spies would be well served by his strong arm. So it was that Nbarg came to the Pathfinders. Although he struggled with his studies of spell and lore, his unorthodox fighting abilities were undeniable. In a few short years he embarked upon his service abroad, furthering the designs of the Pathfinders and, secretly, House Thrune.

He fulfills his duties loyally and thoroughly, faithfully guarding more learned associates in the dangerous environs in which the Pathfinders find themselves. As he travels, he studies the martial arts of many nations.

Some small part of Nbarg hopes to someday participate in the Dies Irae - the great combat spectacle of Cheliax where anyone from slave to freeman may fight in death-matches in front of the bloodthirsty crowds with hope of becoming champion and winning the title of nobility. Thus he dreams of joining the Lords who have shaped his life and given him purpose. He still has years before he feels ready to undertake the challenge. In the meantime, he is among the most stoic of Pathfinders.

Male dwarf Monk 12
LN Medium humanoid
Init +2 ; Senses Perception +22, Darkvision 60'

AC 27, touch 26, flat-footed 24 (+1 armor +1 defending +2 dex +1 dodge +2 deflection +1 insight +5 wisdom + 4 monk level bonus)
(Defensive: -4 to hit and 31/39/25 (+1 shield); Ki + shield + mage armor: 38/30/31, 38 vs incorporeal); +4 dodge vs. giant subtype; +1 dodge vs. spear weapon group; ignore crit/sneak 1/day
hp 123 (8+11d8+48+12)
Fort +17, Ref +15, Will +19 (+8/8/8 class, +3/2/5 ability, +1/1/1 competence, +1/0/1 trait, +4/4/4 resistance)
Situational +2 vs. spells, spell-like abilities, poisons, +2 vs enchantment, Improved Evasion, Immune to Poison

Spd 60 ft./x4
(+9/12 BAB + 7 Str + 1 competence + [1 WF(Unarmed)]- [2 flurry of blow])
Melee Unarmed Strike (cold iron, magic, lawful, silver) +18 or +19/+19/+14/+14/+9 2d8+7+1d6 acid +2d6 (Vicious) B/S 19-20/x2

  • Extra 2d8+6 on a critical
  • Stunning Fist (DC 21 Fort, 13x/day, Stun or Fatigue 1 round or sicken 1 minute or staggered for 1d6+1 rounds)
  • -1d6 dmg/self on hit

Melee +1 Defending Dan Bong (blocking (+1 shield bonus AC when fighting defensively), +2 grapple) +18, 1d3+8 B 19-20/x2
Melee Masterwork Mithral Cestus +18 1d4+7 B/P 19-20/x2, -2 to fine motor skills, monk
Melee Siangham +17 or +18/18/12/12/7 1d6+7 P 20/x2, monk
Melee Cold Iron Kama +17 or +18/18/12/12/7 1d6+7 S 20/x2, monk, trip
Melee Silver Kama +17 or +18/18/12/12/7 1d6+6 S 20/x2, monk, trip
Ranged Shuriken +12 or +13/+13/+8/+8/+3 1d2+7 P 20/x2 10' range increment

Power Attack: -3/+6
+1 to hit vs. Humanoids(Goblins, Orcs)
Cornered Fury: at <1/2 hp and no allies <30', +2 AC and to-hit bonus

Str 20 (24), Dex 14, Con 15 (17), Int 8, Wis 16 (20), Cha 5
BAB +9/4 CMB +23 (unarmed) (+28 to Grapple, +25 to trip) (+12 monk level + 7 str + [1 WP focus (unarmed/trip, but not to grapple)]+ 2 insight + 1 competence + [+6 Improved Grapple + Dan Bong + Signature Move] + [+2 Improved Trip])
CMD 46 (43 FF) (10 + 2 dex + 7 str + 12 level (def combat training) +1 defending + 2 deflection + 1 dodge + 2 insight +5 wisdom + 4 monk level bonus)
+3 vs. Grapple, +6 vs trip, +4 vs bull-rush
Blind Fight, Cornered Fury (1/2 hp & no allies <30': +2 hit and AC), Defensive Combat Training, Dodge, Improved Critical (unarmed), Improved Grapple, Improved Trip, Improved Unarmed Strike, Power Attack, Step Up, Stunning Fist, Weapon Focus (Unarmed)

Weapon Proficiencies
battleaxe, brass knuckles, cestus, club, crossbow (light or heavy), dagger, handaxe, javelin, kama, nunchaku, pick (heavy), quarterstaff, sai, shortspear, short sword, shuriken, siangham, sling, spear, temple sword, warhammer

Skills (3x12) 32
Acrobatics +22 (Jump +46) (12 ranks +2 dex +3 trained +5 competence +[12 jump monk + 12 speed])
Climb +12 (2 ranks + 7 str +3 trained)
Escape Artist +6 (1 ranks + 2 dex + 3 trained)
Intimidate +2 (1 rank -3 cha + 3 trained + 1 competence)
Knowledge (History) +4 (2 ranks -1 int +3 trained)
Linguistics +0 (1 ranks -1 int)
Perception +22 (12 ranks +5 wisdom +5 competence)
Profession (Garden) +9 (1 rank +5 wisdom +3 trained)
Sense Motive +9 (1 rank +5 wisdom +3 trained)
Stealth +7 (2 rank +2 dex + 3 trained)
Swim +11 (1 ranks + 7 str + 3 trained)

Taldane (Common), Dwarven, Tian

    Ki Pool (10x/day)
  • 1 point for extra attack on flurry (swift)
  • 1 point for +4 dodge (swift)
  • 1 point for +20' move (swift)
  • 1 point for +20 jump checks (swift)
  • 2 points for level in hp (standard)
  • 2 points for abundant step: dimension door, level=monk level(move)
  • While non-zero unarmed attacks are magical, lawful, silver and cold iron

    Class Abilities
  • Flurry of Blows
  • AC Bonus - Wis mod +1/4 monk levels (max +5) to AC and CMD when unarmored and unencumbered. Apply vs. touch attacks and when flat-footed.
  • Bonus Feats - Improved Grapple (1st), Dodge (2nd), Improved Trip (6th), Improved Critical (10th)
  • Stunning Fist
  • Weapons and Armor - When wearing armor, using a shield, or carrying a medium or heavy load, a monk loses the monk AC bonus, as well as her fast movement and flurry of blows abilities.
  • Unarmed Strike - Improved Unarmed Strike at 1st level bonus feat. The Monk can attack with any appendage, no negatives for offhand attacking. The monk deals more damage with an offhand attack.
  • Improved Evasion
  • Still Mind - +2 vs. enchantment effects
  • Maneuver Training - Full Monk levels to CMB
  • Fast Movement - +40 ft at 12th
  • Slow Fall (60')
  • High Jump: Always considered running for purposes of jumps
  • Purity of Body: Immune to mundane and magical diseases
  • Wholeness of Body: Heal level in hp, standard action, 2 ki
  • Diamond Body: Immune to Poisons
  • Abundent Step: D-Door

    Racial Traits
  • Darkvision - 60'
  • Defensive Training - +4 dodge vs. giants
  • Greed - +2 appraise for gems and stones
  • Hardy - +2 vs poisons, spells, spell-likes
  • Hatred - +1 vs. orcs, goblins
  • Stability - +4 CMD vs bull rush, trip
  • Slow - 20' base
  • Stonecunning - +2 perception to notice unusual stonework, free check within 10'
  • Weapon Familiarity - Proficient battleaxe, heavy picks, warhammers, treat "dwarf" weapons as martial

  • Resilient (Combat) - +1 Fortitude Saves (PFCT 4)
  • Indomitable Faith - +1 Will Saves
  • Heirloom Weapon - Dan Bong


  • 8: Exemplar of Falcon's Hollow: +1 Charisma checks with Anodrans
  • 8: 1 use: auto-succeed charisma checks [ ]
  • 11: Hero of the Five Kings: +2 Charisma based checks with dwarves
  • 12: Favor owed to Thorne, mightiest of mages
  • 15: Favor of Cartahegn: mundane equipment (not weapons or armor) at a 10% discount
  • 22: An agent uncovered: wayfinder with +2 bluff, diplomacy, intimidate with Pathfinder agents.
  • 24: Mutani Manual of Martial Mastery: +1 dodge to grapple
  • 25: Hoof Brother: +2 diplomacy vs Centaurs
  • 25: Spearmind: +1 dodge vs. spears weapon group
  • 26: 1 use: remove curse, CL12, 5000+ settlement
  • 29: Cornered Fury
  • 33: Signature Move: +2 bonus to grapple
  • 33: World Renown: +2 Bluff, Intimidate, Diplomacy vs Tian Xia and Pathfinder agents
  • 33: Vanity: Monastery
  • 34: Lessons Learned: +2 sense motive vs. devils and chelish officials

    Combat Gear
  • Shuriken
  • +1 defending dan bong
  • Cold Iron Kama
  • Silver Kama
  • Siangham
  • Masterwork Cold Iron Cestus
  • Masterwork Mithral Cestus


  • Mage Armor (30 charges)
  • Cure Light Wounds (30 charges)
  • Cure Moderate Wounds (25 charges)
  • Magic Weapon (42 charges)
  • Resist Energy (13 charges, CL 3rd)
  • Wand of Shield (50 charges)


  • CLW (x2)
  • Lesser Restoration (x2)
  • Mage Armor (x4)
  • Magic Fang
  • Magic WP (x2)
  • Prot v Evil (x2)
  • Remove Fear (x1)
  • Remove Sickness (x1)
  • Restoration
  • Shield of Faith (x2)

  • Bless Weapon (x2)
  • Cure Light Wounds (1d8+1) (x3)
  • Cure Serious Wounds (3d8+5)
  • Daylight
  • Enlarge (x1)
  • Feather Step
  • Fly
  • Invigorate (ignore fatigue 10 min)
  • Invisibility
  • Mage Armor (x2)
  • Magic Fang (x2)
  • Remove Sickness (x1) (remove nausea)
  • Touch of the Sea

    Body Slots
  • Armor: Ha!
  • Belts: Belt of Giant Strength +4
  • Body: Robes, Monk's
  • Chest:
  • Eyes: Eyes of the Eagle
  • Feet: Boots of Elvenkind
  • Hands: Deliquescent Gloves
  • Head:
  • Headband: Headband of Inspired Wisdom +4
  • Neck: Amulet of Mighty Fists (Vicious)
  • Ring (right): Ring of Protection +2
  • Ring (left):
  • Shield: Ha!
  • Shoulders: Cloak of Resistance +4
  • Wrist: Bracers of Armor +1

    Other Gear
  • Amulet of Mighty Fists +1
  • Dusty Prism Ioun Stone, Slotted (+1 insight to AC, +2 insight to CMB/CMD)
  • Meditation Crystal (x2)
  • Pale Green Prism, Cracked (+1 competence to attack rolls)
  • Pale Green Prism, Cracked (+1 competence to saves)
  • Pink and Green Sphere Ioun Stone, Cracked (+1 competence to intimidate)
  • Pink Rhomboid (+2 enhancement to constitution)
  • Vibrant Purple Prism, Cracked (Stores 1 spell level)
  • Wayfinder (Light at will, +2 survival checks to avoid becoming lost, +2 to bluff, diplomacy, intimidate vs. Pathfinder Society Agents)

Backpack, Robes, Belt Pouch, Bedroll, Flint/Steel/Tinder, Two Sunrods, Rations (10 days), Rope, 50', Grappling Hook, Waterskin, 25 shuriken, Weapons
Everburning Torch
Alchemist Fire (x5)
Acid Flask (x5)
Smoked Goggles
Book: Inward Facing Circle +2 knowledge checks vs Devils
Book: Map of the Silken Way +2 survival in silken mountains

Adventure Log:

Scenario 03: Murder on the Silken Caravan
Gold Earned 454
Day Job 10
Prestige 2/2
Access Map of the Silken Way (+2 survival in Zho Mountains, 100 gp)
Purchases Cure Light Wound Scroll (x6), Mage Armor (x4), Shield of Faith (x2) (300 total)
Misc. Expenses
Wealth 154

Scenario 01: Silent Tide
Gold Earned 453
Day Job 4/4
Access Inward Facing Circle +2 K checks vs. Devils
Misc. Expenses
Wealth 607

Scenario 24: Decline of Glory
Gold Earned 775
Day Job
Prestige 6/6
Purchases Bracers of Armor 1000
Misc. Expenses
Wealth 382

Scenario 08: Slave Pits of Absalom
Gold Earned 457
Day Job
Prestige 7/7
Misc. Expenses
Wealth 839

Scenario 29: The Devil We Know Part 1: Shipyard Rats
Gold Earned
Day Job
Prestige 9/9
Misc. Expenses
Wealth 1324
Journal 2163

Gold Earned 1279
Day Job 20
Prestige 9/11
Purchases +1 cloak resistance, replpace scrolls, scrolls MW x2, wand of mage armor (2 PA), Everburning Torch, Scroll PvE (x2), Acid Flask (5), Alchemist Fire (5), oil of bless weapon
Misc. Expenses
Wealth 1802

Scenario 39: The Citadel of Flame
Gold Earned 1820
Day Job 10
Prestige 11/13
Access +1 holy arrow (limit 4: 360)
Purchases Map of the Silken Mountains, Inward Facing Circle, Ring of Protection +1 (2100)
Misc. Expenses
Wealth 1522

Notes Exemplars of Falcons Hallow, Hero of the Fey
Scenario 43: The Pallid Plague
Gold Earned 3036
Day Job 20
Prestige 13/15
Access Wand of Cure Moderate Wounds (25, limit 1; 2250)
Purchases Mwk. Garden Tools, Scroll of lesser of restoration, Scroll of Comp Language (230)
Misc. Expenses
Wealth 2806

Scenario 45: Deliruims Tangle
Gold Earned 1917
Day Job 50
Prestige 15/17
Access Wand of Water Breathing (2 charge; 450 gp)
Purchases Pot Magic Fang (x2), Enlarge Person (x2), Cold Iron Kama (204)
Misc. Expenses
Wealth 4519

Scenario #47 The Darkest Vengeance
Gold Earned 1945
Day Job 50
Prestige 17/19
Access Potions: Invis (750), Cure Mod (300), Elemental Gem (Earth) (2250), Scrolls: Cure Mod (150), Deep Slumber (375), Secret Page (375), Tongues (375), Darkvision (10), Suggestion (375); Boots Elvenkind (2500)
Purchases Headband of Wisdom 4000, Scroll/potion replacements, Cortiers Outfit, Cold Iron Kama, Potions: Enlarge (2), Magic Fang (2), 200 total
Misc. Expenses
Wealth 2130

Notes Hero of the Five Kings: for helping Torvic find the Gallery of Wonders, +2 Cha with dwarves of that region
Scenario #37 The Beggar's Pearl
Gold Earned 1251
Day Job 10
Prestige 17/21
Access +1 fey bane arrow (166, limit 10), Ivory Handled short sword (60), Scroll: aid (250)
Purchases Wand CLW (2 PA), Potions: CLW (50), Scrolls: Magic Fang, replace two (75 total)
Misc. Expenses
Wealth 3286
Notes A once-elven creature of nightmare was dispatched. Several encouter with mites and their derro masters, who experimented with strange, mind and body altering fungi.

Scenario #51 The City of Strangers
Gold Earned 3246
Day Job 50
Prestige 19/23
Purchases Wayfinder (250), Dusty Rose Prism Ioun Stone (5000), 100 gp worth of scroll replacements
Misc. Expenses 22
Wealth 1210
Journal Favors owed to Thorne, Mightiest mage in all of Absalom! (tm) (actually an elven druid), and Dakar, a power broker of the city. Spent a night with Ms. Feathers, showed him a thing or two about ropes. Why are people trying to establish a shadow lodge in this city? A city of true intrigue and danger.

Scenario #50 Fortune's Blight
Gold Earned 2534
Day Job 10
Prestige 21/25
Access +2 Falchion
Purchases Cracked Ioun Stones, 200 gp each, deep red sphere (+1 comp. acrobatics), pink & green sphere (intimidate)
Misc. Expenses A hag, a sword, something, harpies. Fought alongside a giant bard. Why are we here again?
Wealth 3354

Scenario #12 Stay of Execution
Gold Earned 1231
Day Job 10
Prestige 23/27
Access Amulet Nat. Armor +1, Pot. Cure Mod Wounds, Pot. Cure Serious Wounds, +2 heavy steel shield, +2 longsword
Purchases Masterwork Cold Iron Cestus (310), Masterwork Mithral Cestus (605)
Misc. Expenses 16
Wealth 3364
Notes Party talked it's way through a prison riot

Scenario 2-01 The Bloodcove Disguise
Gold Earned 3234
Day Job 20
Prestige 23/29
Access Greenblood oil (Limit 1; 100 gp), Wand of inflict light wounds (21 charges) (Limit 1; 315 gp), Medium spider venom (Limit 1; 150 gp), Striped toadstool powder (Limit 1; 180 gp), Wand of inflict moderate wounds (11 charges) (Limit 1; 990 gp), Wand of reduce person (9 charges) (Limit 1; 135 gp), +1 frost bolts (Limit 6; 166 gp each) Large scorpion venom (Limit 1; 200 gp)
Purchases Amulet of Mighty Fists (Vicious) (5000), Wand of Magic Weapon (2 PA), 2 potions of cure light wounds (100), Cold Iron Shuriken Qty 10, (4), Alch Silver Shuriken ()
Misc. Expenses
Wealth 1492
Journal Brought a key to the Azlanti ridge under the nose of the Aspis Consortium. Missed most of the adventure due to sound issues :(

Notes Combat boon, may use a reroll as an immediate action, two uses
Scenario Pathfinder Society Special: Year of the Shadow Lodge
Gold Earned 2500
Day Job
Prestige 25/31
Purchases Potion of Mage Armor (x2) (100)
Misc. Expenses
Wealth 3897
Notes A strange artifact from the Mwangi expanse was brought to Absalom; it summoned many black dragons and kobolds. The Pathfinder (Grimjaw?) who used it had his sould sucked into the ether, but not before fighting his fellow pathfinders. Nbarg slew one of his many copies single-handedly.

Scenario #49: Among the Dead
Gold Earned 3192
Day Job
Prestige 25/33
Access Scroll Lesser Restore (150), Bag Tricks (Gray) 3400, Pot Cure Mod (300), Ring Climbing (2500), +2 short sword (8310), Cloak resist +2 (4000), Large Half Plate (1200)
Purchases Belt of Giants Strength +2 (4000), Potion of Fly (2 PA), Invisibility (300), Scroll Lesser Restore (150)
Misc. Expenses
Wealth 2639
Notes A cult to Zyphus, god of misfortune, was dispatched efficiently. The trafficed with various undead forces.

Scenario 2-03: The Rebel's Ransom
Gold Earned 2543
Day Job 5
Prestige 25/35
Access Dagger of venom (8,302 gp) Dust of illusion (1,200 gp) Golembane scarab (2,500 gp) Lesser silent metamagic rod (3,000 gp) Red dragon hide full plate (3,300 gp)
Purchases Potion of Invisibility (300), Potion of Cure Serious Wound (2 PA), Potions of Cure Light (Replacement, x2) 100, Scrolls: Shield of Faith & Comprehend Language (Replacement), Remove Fear (x2) 100
Misc. Expenses 150 (spells: 1/5 of a teleport, remove curse and remove disease)
Wealth 4537
Notes The Osirani love their trapped tombs and their dead; death comes to all, but there is no need to obssess. May Asmodeus find joy in toying with the souls of he merchant prince and his seven wives

Notes Favor owed to Dakar paid in full.
Scenario 52: City of Strangers II: The Twofold Demise
Gold Earned 3381
Day Job 50
Prestige 25/37
Access Cloak of Resistance +1 (1000), Belt Inc Dex +2 (4000), Wands: CLW (750), Scorching Ray (4500), Elixer of Love (150), Potions: Cure Moderate (300), Cure Serious Wound (750), Invisibility (300)
Sold CLW Scrolls (4, 50)
Purchases Potion of Daylight (2 PA), Pale Cracked Green Prism Stone (+1 competence to attacks) (4000), Pale Cracked Green Prism Stone (+1 competence to saves) (4000)
Misc. Expenses 15 (buying fruit, advice of sage regarding flesh golems)
Wealth 3
Notes A return to Kaer Maga, locating the shadow lodge branch and their goblin flunkies and neutralizing them.

Scenario 2-07: The Heresy of Man Part II
Gold Earned 5604
Day Job 10
Prestige 27/39
Access Wand of resist energy (CL 3rd, 12 charges; 1,080 gp), Mulberry pentacle ioun stone (Seekers of Secrets 45; 10,000 gp), Bracers of armor +1 (2,000 gp), Dust of illusion (1,200 gp), Ebon wayfinder (Seekers of Secrets 50; 18,000 gp), Pearl of power (1st; 1,000 gp), Potion of remove disease (750 gp), Wand of resist energy (CL 3rd, 16 charges; 1,440 gp)
Purchases Scrolls: Lesser Restore (x2) (300), Restoration (800), Potion/Oil: Bless Weapon (100), Wand of Resist Energy, 16 charge (1440)
Misc. Expenses
Wealth 2977
Notes The restless dead and their damned riddles. Give me a good, clean fight in hell over the moanings of those kept from their just rewards.

Scenario 2-09: The Heresy of Man Part III
Gold Earned 5365
Day Job 10
Prestige 29/41
Access Pipes of terror (9000), Ring of the Weary Sky (11200 + 10 PA), Scrolls: Arcane Sight (375), gust of wind (150), knock (150); +2 Chainmail (4300), Cloak Resist +2 (4000), Ring Protection +2 (8000)
Misc. Expenses 300
Wealth 8052

Notes An Agent Uncovered - Free Wayfinder, +2 to Bluff, Diplomacy, Intimidate with Pathfinder Agents
Scenario 2-06: The Heresy of Man Part I
Gold Earned 5923
Day Job 50 (Roll 26)
Prestige 29/43
Access Pot. of Neutralize Poison (750), Cure Mod (300), Infl Serious (750), Invis (300), Dead Man's Shroud (6000), Incense of Meditation (4900), Robe of the Pure Legion (750), Scroll Interposing Hand (1125), Wand Infl Mod Wounds (8 charge, 720 or 16, 14440),
Purchases Ioun Stone (Pink Rhomboid, +2 enhancement to constitution, 8000), Wand of Cure Mod Wnd (2d8+3) (25 charges, 2250), Scroll and Potion of Remove Sickness (25 & 50), Wand of Cure Light Wounds (2 PA)
Sold Wayfinder (250)
Misc. Expenses
Wealth 3950

Scenario 2-25: You Only Die Twice
Gold Earned 5474
Day Job 50 (Roll 26)
Prestige 31/45
Purchases Ioun Stone (Vibrant Purple Prism, Cracked, 2000), Wand Infl Light (315), Eyes of the Eagle (2500), Gloves of Arrow Snaring (4000), Scrolls of Shield (x2)
Misc. Expenses
Wealth 609

Scenario 3-03: The Ghenett Manor Gauntlet
Gold Earned 5503
Day Job 50
Prestige 31/47
Purchases Cloak Resist +1 -> +2 (3000), Potion of Fly (2 PA), Scroll Shield (x2), Replacement Scroll, Channel Foci: Meditation Crystal (x2)
Misc. Expenses
Wealth 2832

Notes Hoofbrother: +2 diplomacy w/centaurs; spearmind: +1 dodge AC vs spears
Scenario 3-04: The Kortos Envoy
Gold Earned 7680
Day Job 50
Prestige 33/49
Access Ring of Delayed Doom (1 or 2 garnets, 5000 or 10000gp), Boulderhead Mace (6182)
Purchases Cloak Resist +1 -> +2 (3000), Potion of Fly (2 PA), Scroll Shield (x2), Replacement Scroll, Channel Foci: Meditation Crystal (x2)
Misc. Expenses
Wealth 2832

Scenario 2-14 The Chasm of Screams
Gold Earned 8050
Day Job 50
Prestige 52/34
Access Oil of Greater Magic Weapon (750), Oil of Keen Edge (750), Rod of Wonder (12000), scroll of contingency (1650)
Purchases Ring of Protection +1 -> +2 (6000)
Misc. Expenses
Wealth 5753

Notes Dogged Adventurer, letter from the Ratfolk captain
Scenario 3-20: Rats of Round Mountain I
Gold Earned 7951
Items Sold Price Adjustment Amulet of Mighty Fists 1000
Day Job 100
Prestige 54/36
Access Wand of Dispel Magic (CL 11th, 6 charges, 2970, limit 1), Wand of Dispel Magic (CL 14th, 6 charges, 3780, limit 1)
Misc. Expenses
Wealth 13804

Notes Cornered Fury
Scenario 3-22 Rats of Round Mountain 2
Gold Earned 7995
Day Job 100
Prestige 56/36
Purchases Jingasa (5k), +1 Defending Dan Bong (8300) Cloak +2 -> +3 5k
Misc. Expenses
Wealth 3599
Journal Destroy the wicked Rakasha upon it's throne.

Notes Heirloom Weapon
Scenario Boon: Extra Trait
Gold Earned
Day Job
Misc. Expenses

Scenario #20 King Xeros of Old Azlant
Gold Earned 6552
Day Job 20
Prestige 58/38
Purchases Deliquescent Gloves, 1d6 acid, 8000
Misc. Expenses Scroll Replacement 50
Sold Gloves of Arrow Snaring, for 2000
Wealth 4,171

Scenario 2-10: Fury of the Fiend
Gold Earned 7690
Day Job 5
Prestige 60/40
Access Ebon Wayfinder 18k, Scroll of Limited Wishes 3775, Scroll of Symbol of Stunning 7775
Purchases Headband of Inspired Wisdom +2 -> +4 (12000)
Sold Masterwork Cold Iron Cestus (155)
Misc. Expenses
Wealth 21

Scenario 2-16 The Flesh Collector
Gold Earned 7780
Day Job 10
Prestige 62/40
Sold Mwk. Cold Iron Cestus (155)
Purchases Headband Insp Wis +2 -> +4, Amulet of Mighty Fists +1 (4k), Scroll: Breath of Life (1125), Smoked Goggles (10), Weapon Cords, 10 (1), Potions of Feather Step, Invigorate, Touch of the Sea
Misc. Expenses
Wealth 2370
Journal Dispatching some weird demon collector amongst Jistkan ruins.

Notes World Renown, Signature Move
Scenario Ruby Phoenix Tournament
Gold Earned
Day Job
Prestige 66/37 (Vanity: Monastery, Replace Potion of Fly)
Sold Artisan's Tools (27.5), ioun stone deep red cracked sphere (100)
Purchases Belt of Giant's Strength +2 -> +4 (12k), Cloak of Resistance +3 -> +4 (9k)
Sold jingasa buyback 5k
Misc. Expenses
Wealth 10121.5

Notes Lessons Learned
Scenario Year of the Risen Rune


To Buy:
Wand of Barkskin 4500
Cloak of Resistance +3 -> +4, 7k
Shirt of Immolation (chest) 1d6+10 fire while grappling, 10/rds day, 8k
Deep Red Spere Ioun Stone, +2 enhancement dex, 8k
Ring of the Beast -> 1/day +4 physical, -2 mental, +2 natural armor, 8k
Amulet of Hidden Strength, regain 2 Ki 1/day, 9k
Defending +1 -> Defending +2: 10k
Ki Mat Wisdom Check DC10+ki points, 10k
Ring +2 -> +3, 10k
Belt of Bull's Strength +2 -> +4, 12k
Heaband of Wisdom +4 -> +6, 20k

Gold Earned
Day Job
Misc. Expenses