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Fire Snakes

havoc xiii's page

RPG Superstar 6 Season Star Voter. 1,416 posts (5,639 including aliases). 6 reviews. No lists. 3 wishlists. 26 aliases.


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:( still can't play need new system thinking ps4.....but no money who has an extra one they want to give to a poor deserving soul?

Just finished Seven Deadly Sins we greatly enjoyed it and are eagerly awaiting a season 2.

Does anyone know if Netflix will ever get the last season of fma: brotherhood?

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It's currently 61 here with a low of 41.

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Freehold DM wrote:
Rosita the Riveter wrote:
Clark Gable wrote:

Gable spent most of 1943 in England at RAF Polebrook with the 351st Bomb Group. Gable flew five combat missions, including one to Germany, as an observer-gunner in B-17 Flying Fortresses between May 4 and September 23, 1943, earning the Air Medal and the Distinguished Flying Cross for his efforts. During one of the missions, Gable's aircraft was damaged by flak and attacked by fighters, which knocked out one of the engines and shot up the stabilizer. In the raid on Germany, one crewman was killed and two others were wounded, and flak went through Gable's boot and narrowly missed his head. When word of this reached MGM, studio executives began to badger the Army Air Forces to reassign its most valuable screen actor to noncombat duty. In November 1943, Gable returned to the United States to edit his film, only to find that the personnel shortage of aerial gunners had already been rectified. He was allowed to complete the film anyway, joining the First Motion Picture Unit in Hollywood, California.

In May 1944, Gable was promoted to major. He hoped for another combat assignment but, when the invasion of Normandy came and went in June without any further orders, Gable was relieved from active duty as a major on June 12, 1944 at his request, since he was over-age for combat. His discharge papers were signed by Captain (later U.S. President) Ronald Reagan. Gable completed editing of the film Combat America in September 1944, giving the narration himself and making use of numerous interviews with enlisted gunners as focus of the film.[33] Because his motion picture production schedule made it impossible for him to fulfill Reserve officer duties, he resigned his commission on September 26, 1947, a week after the Air Force became an independent service branch.

Adolf Hitler favored Gable above all other actors. During World War II, Hitler offered a sizable reward to anyone who could capture and bring Gable to him unscathed.[34]

That's some

Interesting fact Clark Gable's gunnery training took place in my home town.

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One day I'll get fallout 4 like if a new computer/ps4/xbone falls out of the sky and falls happily and peacefully on my doorstep. =(

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Limeylongears wrote:
It is impossible not be cheered up by hair metal versions of the William Tell Overture

That is awesome.

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Skyrim Rampage Cap'n Yesterday wrote:

Should I kill the Greybeards secret dragon?

On the one hand, he seems to have done some terrible things, on the other hand, he's pretty bad ass and might help with Alduin. But then again I could use a few more Dragon souls as I've killed most of them and I gots shouts to unlock.

I've always left him alive the blades don't like that but who cares they're kind of a lost cause. It always amused me that they get all ticked off if you don't kill him. I want to go yell "I killed Alduin you really think I can't handle this one if he goes rogue??!?"

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I'm 26 and if it wasn't for bills I'd hardly be considered an "adult".

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Started season 2.

Just started Knights of Sidonia. I'm enjoying it so far I just have a feeling it's going to end up being a rocks fall everyone dies kinda series. Judging by the current death rate I'm probably right.

I'm still sticking to my handcannons.

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I blame Cosmo that there was no one for me to do the King's Fall raid with last night.

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It's our anniversary so we'll be out today.

Yea, at the rate I'm going a new computer is looking like ummmm never which really sucks since my wife needs one she is just starting to sell her art pieces and everything is already getting $100 for one tomorrow. Hospital bills and other bills have piled up and are threatening to drown me in their debt enclosed hell.

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NobodysHome wrote:
Sharoth wrote:
Ohhhh!!! I know what I want for Christmas. Sadly, it might be NEXT Christmas.

LOL. I have the opposite fear. As I've mentioned, I use things until they fall apart. I'm perfectly happy playing Rift on my work laptop; an ancient Lenovo Thinkpad that wheezes heavily whenever more than 3 other players are on the screen. But I'm happy, and it takes up very little space in my far-too-tiny-for-a-family-of-4 house.

I have friends in the computer industry who have declared that I "need" a new computer. They have the means to make one appear. And it will be some hideous monstrosity that fits nowhere in my house and eats up 1500 watts just checking e-mail.

If it appears and I can sneak it out the door, I'll check international shipping rates... ;-P

I wish I had friends in the computer industry that could make a new computer just appear, turns out a laptop would be great now that we have our studio built.

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Put icy hot on the toilet seat that'll teach um.

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Double bass pedals!!!!

I've decided to wear my pockets inside out to work today...though I doubt anyone will get the reference.

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5'11 3/4 and I'm 1/4 Spanish so beat that. Even though I'm only a quarter Spanish you could drop me off in Zaragoza or Madrid and as long as I don't talk I'd fit right in.

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Freehold DM wrote:
Freehold DM wrote:
Orthos wrote:
Tacticslion wrote:
Sorry. Mystery Science Theater-ing is a thing I do sometimes. Neat video, and thanks for the link!
A group of us should totally MST something together one of these days, that would be hilarious.

"msting a movie" now added to post-lovecraft activities for FaWtL in NY!

Chasing green fairy optional.

ooh! Maybe we can rent/reserve the basement for a few hours!

** spoiler omitted **

Soooo your saying a firefly/serenity marathon followed by both Avengers movies and to top it off with a Destiny Raid is out of the question?

Destiny Spoiler:
Nathan Fillion does the voice of Cayde-6.

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Depends on how bad the food brought is.

Also thinking eBay for the DSs.

Orthos wrote:
havoc xiii wrote:
So a copy of Pokemon Fire Red is for over $100 dollars but a GBA SP is less than $40....strange things....

Are you searching New or Used? I got my niece a used copy of Yellow and Crystal for about $40 apiece, including shipping. I can see the GBA games being slightly more expensive than the GBC ones, but that's kinda ridiculously more.

Thankfully I didn't have to buy FireRed, Scint had a copy she never plays and offered to send it to me for free.

Combined with Mario Land 2 and Kirby, my niece has the basics for growing up on the building blocks of gaming, and she's not even 4 yet. =)

I own fire red I was looking out of curiosity. I want to get the new stuff and play with my wife.

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So a copy of Pokemon Fire Red is for over $100 dollars but a GBA SP is less than $40....strange things....

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Hmmm I wish I had money...then I'd buy 2 3ds( do I put another s here is it implied what to do) and the get Pokemon x/y y for me x for my wife and yet we have no market organ dealing? Also I blame Orthos.

Anyone know how I can get my hands on extremely cheap sets?

Greylurker wrote:

Here is a thought

What if the Joker was Gotham itself

Jerome could be a component of the whole Joker, with the Joker himself being not so much a person but more of a physical manifestation of Gotham's Madness. Different traits, different pieces slowly accumulating in the psyche of the people of Gotham until the day Batman shows up. A trigger that causes all of that subliminal psychic fear to manifest as a killer clown known as the Joker.

The recent comics have certainly been hinting at the idea of the Joker being something more than just human

No just no I pretend that such hints are nothing more than the incessant ravings of a lunatic.

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The last two posts above orthos' post since he saw fit to ninja me I'm assuming are not supposed to be read in order but it makes it so much better or worse...

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Mm arsenic it gives doughnuts that certain "oomph" that other spices lack. Just ask those kids in the attic.

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22 and 22 for me and my wife now 26 and married 4 years come Halloween. Dated since we were 18 living together since 19/20ish.

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Feeding them to the beagle?

captain yesterday wrote:
havoc xiii wrote:
Aniuś the Talewise wrote:
tying my hair in an elastic band was a terrible idea.
I use a piece of black leather and tie my hair back now.

Ouchless hair bands, my hair can't be tamed by a strip of leather, but that's if I wear anything, I like my hair to be free, haven't even worn a hat in years :-)

My hair is relatively short imagine soka's hair from avatar that's what I've got now.

Aniuś the Talewise wrote:
tying my hair in an elastic band was a terrible idea.

I use a piece of black leather and tie my hair back now.

Sharoth wrote:
David M Mallon wrote:
Picked up a copy of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic (original Xbox) on a lark, and now I'm completely hooked. It's like Star Wars Mass Effect, which is pretty damn close to perfection in my book.
How does it work on the X-Box 360? I have a copy of both for the X-Box and i might try them on the 360.

I don't remember having any issues with my old copy.

Alright fishing fanatics I went fishing today!!!! It was out my car closed the door discovered my fishing pole got caught in the cross fire crunch....end of fishing trip. Instead collected shells also saw a big beach rat.

NobodysHome wrote:
havoc xiii wrote:
...also NH exotic pets?

Over the years:

(1) Crayfish Oh yea I forgot did have on of those for a little bit.
(2) Tarantula
(3) Black rat snake
(4) Chinchillae in great abundance -- never let anyone tell you they won't breed in captivity
(5) Madadascar day gecko
(6) Albino corn snake
(7) Leopard gecko

Also, a ferret (illegal in California even when neutered), a corgi, and a multitude of cats.

I forgot to add I had a black and white California King snake, my wife had an armadillo, goats, chickens, and ducks, now I'll include my brothers snakes....

Red tail Colombian boa
Ball python
White bull snake
Multiple corn snakes

We also had a vole that we rescued....that may have been a field rat >_>
Also a cockatiel

Story time on how I found out my bearded dragon Gargamel is a Gargamela...

So a little background. We named our dragon Gargamel after the villain in the smurfs because our dragon's favorite food is blueberries. So we went on assuming it was a "he".... Until my wife woke up to a very pissed and confused lizard surrounded by 18 eggs. She says apparently the agony of the cursed "time of the month" has transcended on to lizards as well. Oh and this is the same way she discovered "Max" the cockatiel is really "Maxcine".

The only good spider is a roasted spider...also NH exotic pets?

I've got a bearded dragon and I've had a savannah monitor and a leopard gecko.

Mm double sin dipped brownies....I WANTS THEM!!!!!

NobodysHome wrote:

I bought an insanely-expensive sword set back in the day, and I have to say I *have* regretted it:

- The wakizachi arrived broken. After two years of back-and-forth phone calls, promising that he was "working on it", threats of legal action, etc., etc. the guy just changed phone numbers and vanished. Back in the 1980's this was possible, and I wasn't about to waste more money on an interstate manhunt
- The katana is beautiful, but so far has been used for nothing more than to discipline recalcitrant spaghetti squashes or particularly large watermelons
- The tonto's a nice blade, but my buck knife is better and sturdier for day-to-day camp use.

Ah, well, live and learn!

Then get old and die...

I really reall plan on getting into weapon making and general smithing....I just need a forge and a place to put one, and everything that goes with it....but one day damn it.

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Zero Dantes/The Wolf of Kintargo

Once a spy and assassin for Her Infernal Majestrix, Queen Abrogail II of the Thrice-Damned House of Thrune. Has now abandoned the prince of lies in favor of protecting the home of his new wife and the one who led him away from the lies Rosalina. The two take an active stand in stoping Thrune.

I'm rewatching the Karas movies :) didn't realize that the company that made this also worked on Macross, Neon Genesis Evangelion, The Big O, The Soultaker, And PsycoPass 2. Then the group that did PsycoPass 1 worked on Ghost in the Shell, blood+, xxxHolic, etc

My old DM's campaign had some irritating little dimension hopping creatures. That hunted the space between spaces so if you attempted to teleport their was always the chance of being caught by them. Half our group got caught once luckily they were able to escape while the rest of us had to use....other means of transportation....more or less by screwing with the what is and what could possibly be.

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Lost feel bad for making fun of some of the paizo complainers now....spend any amount of time on the destiny forums and you've got people up apparently hate everything about the game and yet they've got 1000+hours logged in...WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU YOU THAT YOU'D PUT THAT MUCH TIME INTO SOMETHING YOU HATE!!!!!

Also I'm greatly enjoying the game no complaints here.

We do try :)

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It'll take a miracle. Bye bye.

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Have fun storming the castle.

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A good hour. Here *hands over he pill*

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An hour.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Ha ha ha! Hi dah lig dah lah nay juh! That is a noble cause. Give me the 65 I'm on the job!

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Shah! I make him better, Humperdink suffers?

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Nobody's hearing nothing!

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