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Fire Snakes

havoc xiii's page

RPG Superstar 2013 Star Voter. 1,113 posts (5,026 including aliases). 6 reviews. No lists. 3 wishlists. 24 aliases.


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Its Wednesday!!!! Where's my chapter?!?!

At least I get to say my birth soon canceled the World Series :)

I think the last time my particular area of the south had snow was in 1989....i was only 3 months old and living in California :)

I remember watching AMVs and you'd always have a jerk pop in the comments and say how horrible the video was and yet had no videos they had made....hmmm.

I love "experts".

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But I got nothing martials need cool high level abilities.

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Who doesn't need to randomly slaughter people for their stuff? I mean after all you can't spell slaughter without laughter.

Best regards~
Your friendly neighborhood Kuthite

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This isn't "clever use o game mechanics" because the rules don't allow it. So it would be classified as one of two things.

1. House rule
2. Cheating

But as others have said there are no rules supporting Self AoOation and if you keep tryin it you'll grow hair on your palms and go blind.

F. A. Real H. wrote:
havoc xiii wrote:
Are you accepting artists at this moment? My wife and myself are willing to take requests.

Yeah, sure. Artists should contact our Art Director, Ken Marable, at

Best regards,


Hmm I sent an email awhile ago....I'll just keep waitin for a response.

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Hello my name is high level wizard you killed my clone prepare to die.

Thry aren't giving you "oppinions" there are no rules for "selfAoAtion"

Yes please I am ready!

thejeff wrote:
Lemmy wrote:
thejeff wrote:
Not compared to Batman is now a kid in a high tech batsuit, mentored by an aged Bruce Wayne. (That one's real - Batman Beyond. Not bad at times, but not actually Batman)

Batman Beyond was awesome! :O

Terry McGinnis is just as much Batman as Dick Greyson! :)

But not as much as Bruce Wayne.

At least they are related...

Elan was left yes? Hopefully she is by herself....

Are you accepting artists at this moment? My wife and myself are willing to take requests.

Sure it just have to really like splatter art.....or something, or be a serial killing blood spatter analysts.

Arrana also thinks blogger doom is a good idea so I don't want to onow that version of "fresh".

Meant in good natured way not attacking :)

Melkiador wrote:
havoc xiii wrote:
Its fantasy costume swords are combat swords :)
Yeah. But it's fantasy. My superhumanly strong barbarian shouldn't have any trouble wielding a two handed sword in one hand. Especially when a real life moderately strong person can do so, although admittedly at a penalty.

[tongue in cheek]You can...ish either the something somethin lace or titan mauler.[/tongue in cheek]

Why? A barbarian gets more damage usin two hands anyway.

I feel like I should know what I'm looking at and yet I don't...

Edit: Never mind figured it out.

Its fantasy costume swords are combat swords :)

Why are the minnions being shot at from range while their boss is fighting? Minnions die first the BBEG should still be laughing from the other side of the room.

Grey_Mage wrote:
havoc xiii wrote:
How often would they be doing this? I'd be bored as hell if my one and only trick was hopping away like a coward all combat.

Let me summarize the effects:

"Dex Monkey Trap finder" enters a room first when initiative begins. He wins and immediately readies action (standard and 5' step).

BBEG charges and DMTF interrupts with a readied attack and 5' step. BBEG can no longer attack DMTF because he used a charge (full round action) even though he has movement left.

Other 5 party members are buffing and ranged shooting minions.

Next round DMTF does the same thing. BBEG 5' steps forward to full round attack, but DMTF again standard attacks and backs up 5'. BBEG sighs and takes another 5' step changing his 5' step into a movement action, so he only gets a standard attack this round.

Buffed party cleans up minions and starts wailing into BBEG.

After two rounds of combat BBEG got 1 attack (a standard) while 2 standards have connected vs him. His minions are gone and now he faces 6 buffed opponents.

Some here simply call this tactics. I call it a substandard combat due to abuse of weak game mechanics resulting in a lackluster gaming experience by players who weren't threatened even by the climactic end encounter.

And the real issue? This tactic requires no skill or feats. Its understandable if the Crane Style Monk jumps out there to hold off the BBEG, but a peasant or lvl 1 familiar could have tanked the BBEG for at least 2 rounds with this method. Substitute in an Animal Companion or other disposal HP asset and you have effectively broken the game as there is no risk whatsoever against tanky-type bosses.

Stop attacking the dex based trap monkey. Ohhh switchhitter DMTF gets full attacked anywway.

How often would they be doing this? I'd be bored as hell if my one and only trick was hopping away like a coward all combat.

Well you are aware of the charging horse, and wasn't the classic avoidance maneuver dodge out of the way of the horse? That's essentially what this is.

I'd say with stealth it wouldn't work, wouldn't you have to be aware of the attack to activate the ready action?

I may have to look into this...

xavier c wrote:
havoc xiii wrote:
Have you read anything about The Kingdom of Man? Gods are nothing than mages with a "god" complex. So to them they are over stepping their bounds.

So? what they think does not matter. what they think is not true.

since a god is an actual type of creature.

Right, what I am saying is if the angelic hosts all came down and attacked Cheliax there would be more than just demons/devils/daemons getting upset about it. So they might not be met with upraised hands and happy voices.

I'm guess its Way of The Wicked, WAIT I'VE GOT IT!!! When the uppity paladin from above attacks you BAM!!! Unwilling bloodletting slave.

Have you read anything about The Kingdom of Man? Gods are nothing than mages with a "god" complex. So to them they are over stepping their bounds.

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*Lets go of tripwire hidden in the Jiggylusion*

Ohh I like very much.

They'd also have to deal with the Rahadoumi this is exactly what they oppose. Gods and divine entities overstepping their bounds.

I'm ok with this, as generation 1 and 2 were always my favorite...wonder if netflix or hulu has them....WHY AM I AT WORK AND UNABLE TO CHECK THESE THINGS?!?!?

More spells count as non-dead levels.

Scratches another gash into wall.

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2 people marked this as a favorite.

And some people wonder why Paizo put a "dance hall" instead of a brothel in one of their books.

Can the Warbaker make kaiju gingerbread monsters?

Ring of Arcane Mastery for my magus.

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A rant?! You want a [EXPLETIVE DELETED] rant! I'll give you a rant!

When I tell you that the food you are ordering doesn't fit your [EXPLETIVE DELETED] it means it doesn't fit your [EXPLETIVE DELETED] full stop! I have no [EXPLETIVE DELETED][EXPLETIVE DELETED][EXPLETIVE DELETED] controlled over your diet. And you people who think you are so [EXPLETIVE DELETED] smart when you ask for multiple entrees and you are informed one entree per order you ask for pizza [EXPLETIVE DELETED] you! You are the opposite of funny. And the people who call me with no idea what you want to order DON'T CALL UNTIL YOU KNOW THE MENU SAYS IT AND IF YOUR ON HOLD IT TELLS YOU TO BE PREPARED!!!!
Takes another breath

Then the nurses they talk down to us like [EXPLETIVE DELETED] as if we were less than [EXPLETIVE DELETED] well [EXPLETIVE DELETED] you. Its not my fault you can't put the diet in like your supposed to, and what do you mean you didn't have time to give the patient their food! What the [EXPLETIVE DELETED] it is your patient! Do you not check on them bring the [EXPLETIVE DELETED][EXPLETIVE DELETED] food in with you.

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I blame Cosmo that I am at work...

Steven Schopmeyer wrote:
Guys, don't bring up locked discussions. It only leads to more locked threads.

...Are you the evi....err the good twin, or have I entered the Twilight Zone. TOZ is calling for moderation....sign of the Apoccalypse Cosmo is coming!!!

I'm a sucker for fiendish characters so I'm ready for the next parts. Is it Wednesday yet?!

thejeff wrote:
Terquem wrote:

When I was very young, many thousands of years ago, my father used to delight in telling me that Bumblebee's cannot fly. He would explain, in great detail (he had been an aircraft mechanic in his youth) that the body weight to wing size ratio of a Bumblebee made it impossible for them to actually be able to fly.

When I would see a bumblebee flying I would point and ask "How come that bumblebee can fly?" and he would answer

"Shhhh, I don't think anyone has told that bumblebee yet."

There you go. Are you going to be the one to inform the 100' dragon swooping down on you that he can't fly?

You could...I'd advise against it but, hey it's your funeral. :)

Sooooooo My wife and myself tried to watch Magi: The Magic Kingdom of course at the time I didn't realize it was the second season which explains the confusion at first, but someone here said no fanservice....

Alladin tries to mottorboat one of the female characters twice in the one must have a very different definition than the rest of the world. Also the fact that Alladin appears like 5 years old was also weird with having him act like that...

So far completly uninterested maybe we will try the first season but unlikly we couldn't even finish the episode we were watching.

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Sooo....if the PCs are played intelligently you pull a fast one just to mess it up? Seems some how wrong...

thejeff wrote:
Jiggy wrote:

People see a discussion about a thing.

They see at least one person criticize Thing, and at least one person praise Thing.

They determine "Ah, this is an argument about the merits of Thing."

They then conclude that there must be exactly two positions: Thing is bad, and Thing is good.

Every post thereafter is categorized into one of those two camps.

Absolutely everything said by anyone who is put in a given camp is considered to be canonical to that camp's one and only stance on the subject.

Every poster who is put in a given camp is therefore considered to espouse every belief assigned to that camp, whether they themselves said such a thing or not, and in fact even if they said the opposite.

Posts stop being read. Instead, a given reader simply skims enough of a new post to guess if the author belongs to the opposing camp, and makes a generic reply to the opposing camp's overall position instead of replying to the things the other poster actually said.

If this is pointed out to them by the misrepresented poster, it is taken as an attack (because how dare you insult my intelligence by implying that I'm capable of error?) and the post's content is dismissed, while simultaneously adding to a perception that people in camp X are antagonistic.

Then the thread reaches page 2.

You forgot the part where people start making metaposts about the nature of internet arguments.

That does tend to happen a couple pages further in though.

Can we fit the profit step in there somewhere?

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Muad'Dib wrote:

There too many responses to my post to address each so I'll throw this out there.

When a player plots out so far ahead it makes the GM adhere to the players train tracks. Now it's the GM who has to plot and plan out encounters specifically so that the player can get his/her prestige class or whatever.

But more importantly locking your character into a "build" prevents many players from being spontaneous and responding to the (hopefully) dramatic events that happen to them.

Luke Skywalker did not know he was going to be a Jedi knight when he was shooting Wamprats with Bigs at Beggers canyon. Young Skywalker had not planned out his future beyond going to Tashi station to pick up those damn power converters. He got caught up in the story and adapted to the events that unfolded.

Luke may not have known, but I'm pretty sure George knew...and since I am controling my chaacter I know what feats he is getting but "he" does not.

I remember that one...good times.

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