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Fire Snakes

havoc xiii's page

RPG Superstar 2013 Star Voter. 910 posts (4,492 including aliases). 6 reviews. No lists. 3 wishlists. 21 aliases.


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Dimensional agility not really worth it. Just use Bladed Dash and later use Greater Bladed Dash.

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She's a she probably doesn't normally worry about pointy stabby things going into her abdomen.

Fencer_guy wrote:

I don't enjoy playing the martial classes. (to me) they are so boring that I don't enjoy playing. With the magic classes I have to plan ahead and think about what I am doing. Also get I think that magic classes get to do more over all in the game itself.

My 2nd choice are usually the skill monkey for the same reason. You can't just sit there and hit, you have to plan a little.

And yet your name is Fencer...

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Ohh I like this. I have an idea....

Also...we have an awesome blog post and it still manages to get doomsayers showing up...seems Paizo can't win.


Kudaku wrote:
Zark wrote:
Let's hope they understand it was a joke, because if it isn't the ice bears will get them Before I do :P

I just what?!?

Unless you like it for flavor. I'd use it for no reason other than it looks cool.

Avatar-1 wrote:
This is one of the strangest rules in the game; requiring a feat to draw two weapons at the same time. Like a regular person can't use both hands at the same time to do basically the same thing on opposite sides of your body.

If your fighting with two weapons your going to be using Two Weapon Fighting why does it matter if it requires the feat to draw them at the same time.!!!!!!!!!

I just....what?!?!


EvilPaladin wrote:
Imbicatus wrote:
Treppa wrote:
Dazylar wrote:
JoelF847 wrote:
GeraintElberion wrote:
TriOmegaZero wrote:
VM mercenario wrote:
markofbane wrote:
Sissyl wrote:
Irnk, Dead-Eye's Prodigal wrote:
Xabulba wrote:
Sebastian wrote:
markofbane wrote:
John Woodford wrote:
Alex Martin wrote:
jemstone wrote:
GregH wrote:
Drejk wrote:
Dazylar wrote:
Dazylar wrote:
Drejk wrote:
Itchy wrote:
Fromper wrote:
Irnk, Dead-Eye's Prodigal wrote:
Caineach wrote:
Fromper wrote:
strayshift wrote:

"I'll go... uh... check on Mr Scruffy."


Yeah, that struck me as a bluff check, where nobody was paying enough attention to bother making a sense motive roll. Guaranteed he's stalking the vampire.
it struck me as "the best way I can help is by being out of the way"
Possibly. Just reread it & I noticed that he's kind of looking directly at Durkula as he's saying it. I suspect that Fromper & strayshift might be on to something...
Either we're totally right, or Belkar really is just worried about the vampire eating his cat. :P
Or it's both. Also, the nesting quotes are starting to look like either a pit or a pyramid, depending upon how my eyes look at it.
Both pit and pyramid are appropriate for OotS :P
That's a pretty weirdly proportioned pyramid...
I suppose it'll


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CapeCodRPGer wrote:
Tell me again why its so amazing to watch people kick a ball into a hole 8 feet by 24 feet?

Tell me again why it's so amazing to watch people run a ball over a 53 yard wide line?

Scroll up.

Do we need to send out the search parties again?

Current "favorite" Baldur's Gate: EE for the iPad even if I have to reload saves because my NPCs are idiots :/

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But but but what about the RAWR and the GRAWR and the ANGER?

No the Warpriest can't be "fine" as you so simply put it it must be trash and worthless.

Or something...what was I saying again?

Oh right space hamsters are cool.


Ohhh yes this very much yes!!!!

Gullyble Dwarf - Lvl 7 DM wrote:
Any chance we get to see the list w/occasional updates as things move forward and more stuff is added? It would remove people from faq'ing or starting threads on stuff listed in the queue. You could sticky it at the top of the rules forum.

Gods no! Could to imagine how bad it would get if someone's pet FAQ was either not on the list or near the bottom?

Is there even any doubt?.....OF COURSE THEY ARE? What else you going to use them for to small to even get a decent meal out of um.

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I'm trying to wrap my head around what your saying...and I'm really really have a hard time doing it.

Kirth Gersen wrote:

I'm with you, Hama. I've been weaned onto solid foods for decades now. If I want fruit, I'll eat that, not some sweetened baby food paste ("jelly") made from fruit. If I want peanuts, I'll eat them, not their mashed remains. If I want eggs, I'll eat eggs -- and not put a nauseating fatty egg glop ("mayo") on my sandwich.

Beer and wine are A-OK with me, though!

That all makes sense...except for the mayo part...WHATS WRONG WITH YOU MAYO'S AMAZING!!! Especially if it has olive oil in it.

Voting for Magus.

Will Save: 1d20 - 10 ⇒ (17) - 10 = 7Fail

Shadow warrior?

Also willing to help out here

Page is both mine and my wife's.

Not gona lie my mouthy tiefling is stealing some of these.

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Undone wrote:
Dekalinder wrote:
Comparing to the inquisitor is totally unfair, he is by far the strongest class in the current playset after summoner and shroedinger wizard, with both the highest to hit and static damage bonus of any class, as much skill points as a bard and very few madness thanks to his wis to anything approach. O, and btw he also has 6 level spellcasting with heals, but that's just filler.
First of all the inquisitor and magus are the only classes the WP should be compared to. They had the chance to make the WP passable in melee by making it have the bane special weapon quality as an addable quality. Inquisitor just doesn't feel good to play. Whenever I try to build one of those or the magus I realize I'm always just doing less damage than a barbarian, paladin, ranger, or now blood rager. The additional spells gained are minimal given that there are so few and they are so weak relative to the level gained.


I'm not really sure what to say to this...

What Steve said...granted it lacks my dismissive tone but it's better than what I would say.

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Steve Geddes wrote:
havoc xiii wrote:
Aratrok wrote:
Vic Wertz wrote:
It's not being nice. Suggesting our designers don't know the rules and don't know English is quite simply being a jerk. Knock it off.
He's discussing objective failures of the past and wishing the next person with the responsibility well on avoiding those pitfalls. I don't see how that's being a jerk. Problems don't get fixed if you ignore them and don't expend effort doing things better.
So the problem was that the last person couldn't understand English and didn't know the rules?....yep that's not rude nope uhhu not at all..
It's okay, you see, because it's objective.

Ohh...ok...I..think..I understand..wait no I don't.

Oh wait is that kinda how old ladies in the south use "bless your heart" to cleverly hide their insults in a veil of kindness?

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That's being nice?

Raging bloodily across the street?

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So the question remains why don't we wait to see what the actual class looks like before crying about the collapsing sky?

Tels wrote:
Rathendar wrote:
havoc xiii wrote:

What?! Your all going off on a sick man! You should all be ashamed of yourselves, ashamed I say!

** spoiler omitted **

Stephen got the drop on Jason and he suffered one too many blows from The Gauntlet?
It's that Touch of Corruption (Diseased) combined with Plague Bringer. Remember, Stephen suffers no effects from diseases, but he can still spread them and he can outright inflict them via Touch of Corruption. Just being near Stephen practically ensures you're going to catch something.

Or he's faking sick to avoid the gauntlet punch...

What?! Your all going off on a sick man! You should all be ashamed of yourselves, ashamed I say!

I kid I kid ^_^

Summoner? I mean it's not an animal companion but other than that it does seem to accomplish most of what you want.

Gee and we wonder why some people think the threads have become more hostile as of late.

Spain will win...that is all good day to you all

It always had gunslinger as one of its that's not a new realization.

You should have an email from me we just need the list of Cyra's stuff and we'll have that to you ASAP.


Perfect balance allows you to use two 1 handed weapons with a -1 Pendleton instead of two. Since the benefits of improved/perfect stack.

Also a vanilla fighter to use a double weapon would now need 2 feats instead of 1 since they are not proficent in any double weapons.

This may seem crazy...but will a bow using character be completely sol on loot in this?

Yea the page is both mine and Cyra's everything on the first folder is her's and the other folder is mine. One of my favorites involving the snails is the family on its way back from fishing :)

Essentially all the weapons are mine and the little character sketches, the true art is all her's.

Also if you google dwarves archer you get a ton of dwarves with bows, some them are armored but it's mostly correct.

Montana77 wrote:
Ascalaphus wrote:
Back when, we had to roll our 3d6 for stats uphill in the snow, both ways.
My group used to roll our stats in a box with scorpions, that's how hardcore we were.

Please your only hardcore when you bungee jump off a bridge, through a ring of fire and spinning blade, and then roll your dice onto the box floating in the shark infested waters.

/end thread

*sigh* I'll just continue scratching away the dates on my prison wall.

Freehold you really should be drawing a beam saber...

I wouldn't mind hearing more about these schools you speak of.

Shakes magic 8-Ball

Will we be getting Secrets of Sword & String soon?

...hmmm they still have till August to tell us about our free copies of the ACG "J" people UNITE!!

Actually the professional is the movie I'm talking about.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Sounds crazy but the "cleaner" could be a slayer archetype there was a movie where the main character was an assassin and they called him a cleaner...but I might and am quite possibly wrong.

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