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Fire Snakes

havoc xiii's page

RPG Superstar 2013 Star Voter. 970 posts (4,703 including aliases). 6 reviews. No lists. 3 wishlists. 23 aliases.


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I beleive it was explained that the bonus applied to the damage but not the attack...but I'm not positive.

Actually scratch that even if they didn't come out and say it. Its pretty simple, it doesn't matter if its also applied to the attack since you have to deal sneak attack damage first so you'd have to have hit without the studdied target bonus first and it adds the bonus to the damage roll.

So it would just apply to the damage for that attack.

Well I'm reading this now must have missed it the before. So what ever the occasion I'm happy for the necro.

If I'm looking at it correctly it grabs them in alphabetical order or at leas it appears to at a glance. The first entry comes from the APG but if you look up "druid class" it seems the first entry is the CRB druid entry.

I'll just say I enjoy what I enjoy regardless of what "label" it happens to have today.

Sci-fi, science fantasy, high fantasy, low fantasy, blah blah blah ITS GOOD!

I love literature I hate literature school people. Same for art my wife's art teacher hated anything but clasical art and considered modern art(using modern art for manga/comic/etc) but thought the girl who could do nothing but photocopy old art was amazing. Art is art to be enjoyed same as stories. Does it matter if the thingamabob doesn't actually work when "real science" is applied? No! If at the emd of the story you are loath to turn the last page because you want more it was good.

Not saying anyone here was saying this its just how I feel in general

Did you study the target as a standard action? If not then no it doesn't count.

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Could be worse...I died in my sleep when i missed a game day.

Yea...bad gm move is bad?

There is a penalty when using a weapon other than a bow, crossbow, or firearm. Now the only thing I've ever heard confusion on was whether or not you kept your AC bonus while using a bow.

There is no penalty for using a buckler with a I am confused as to what your question is.

New season premiere...holy [redacted]. That was awesome!

Tarantula wrote:
No. Both trigger off "when an opponent makes a melee attack". If one fails, you can't trigger the other.

I know you can't have two AoO activate off the same trigger but its only one AoO being used the other is immediate action. I don't really see the issue with this.

I don't see why not granted, thats a lot of panache used in one round.

Its a bladed buckler. And sounds awkward to use your wrist would have no room to move, yep sounds like a -1 to me.

I like it!

The fearless hero avoids the enemies blade by throwing his body forward and rolls to his feet to deliver a mortal blow to the wicked orc raider.

So...What does a Kensai get? It doesn't say they get the feat just proficency? Guess bastard sword or katana is out right?

Darvin and his brother from hand of death err doom show up via a song in a tavern and while at camp.

So I'm rereading this book and I notice Lissete a song about a certain "hero" and his halfling brother. That was awesome to see.

Check these posts for amazing PbP info

I have the same problem am using Dolphin ver. 7.7.0 for the iPhone on and off...

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Why are you playing with someone you don't like? O_o

Bah, if the corpse is missing a leg sew a new one on. It worked for Frankenstein.

Me and my wife have a slayer duo, she is going to use a two handed weapon and use killing flourish while I have shatter defenses to set up ranged sneak attacks. Looks like it could be lots of fun :).

Kodger wrote:

If you start a thread and nobody replies, don't bump it by replying yourself for 6-12 hours if your only intention is to keep it close to the top. I've seen people being very critical of those who bump too soon.

On the other hand, if you have something substantive to add, don't be afraid to post right after your first post.

Especially if it's the weekend or some obscure time o the day like 1 am...'s called the adaptive weapon property.

Jiggy wrote:
...Am I the only one who would take the pizza over the frito pie?

Nope, I'll join you in the pizza over pie...then again I've never had a pizza I didn't enjoy.

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I'm pretty sure no one has ever gone

L1Player: hey cool your 20th level!
L20Player: Yea wana join?
L1Player: YEA!!! I wana play a level 1 character and shine your shoes!!!
L20Player: ...errr...ok I guess...

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I blame Cosmo for the absolute disaster that was work today. Dealing with hungry patients in a hospital when their food is almost an hour late...not fun.

I believe they said after GenCon they normally have something like hundreds of emails to go through.

People answered your question the answer is no, they do not gain levels. That's not how it works if the GM wants it to have levels then yes but in general unless it is gained via the leadership feat it does not gain levels.

Just because you don't like the answer doesn't mean you get to say no one understands your question and then dismiss the answers. Sorry it's not the answer you wanted but you question was answered.

Jeraa wrote:

From Ultimate Campaign:

Mounts: Common mounts (such as horses or riding dogs bought from a merchant, rather than mounts that are class features) don't normally advance. If extraordinary circumstances merit a mount gaining Hit Dice, and you have Handle Animal ranks and take an interest in training the animal, use the same guidelines as those for animal companions.

They don't normally advance. Implies they can possibly advance.

Core Rulebook - LEadership feat:


A cohort does not count as a party member when determining the party's XP. Instead, divide the cohort's level by your level. Multiply this result by the total XP awarded to you, then add that number of experience points to the cohort's total.

If a cohort gains enough XP to bring it to a level one lower than your level, the cohort does not gain the new level—its new XP total is 1 less than the amount needed to attain the next level.

Cohorts are NPCs. Flat out says they gain XP.

Pretty sure extraordinary circumstance = GM Fiat

Driver 325 yards wrote:

I did find this langauge in the NPC gear section

Note that these values are approximate and based on the values for a campaign using the medium experience progression and a normal treasure allotment. If your campaign is using the fast experience progression, treat your NPCs as one level higher when determining their gear. If your campaign is using the slow experience progression, treat the NPCs as one level lower when determining their gear. If your campaign is high fantasy, double these values. Reduce them by half if your campaign is low fantasy. If the final value of an NPC's gear is a little over or under these amounts, that's okay.
It seems to suggests that NPC do gain experiences points.

That talks about the gear you give says nothing about them receiving XP.

SockPuppet wrote:
DominusMegadeus wrote:

You're a terrible person unless you hint at some point that there is a genius supersoldier leader who can see them without them seeing him.

In cases like you've described there's no reason to not outright tell them to f$#@ing clear it the first time. You're going to waste their time, kill them, and then have to redo all the character creation.

That's just like, your opinion man. I absolutely hate it when GMs play my turn for me. Deciding to retreat or push is a calculated decision and a good chunk of the thinking and fun.

I'm not hinting at anything, beyond the fact that someone organized the dungeon. If they fail to ask any of the creatures or case the place before the end and investigate beyond just kicking down doors and killing everything, then they must not be curious what lurks at the end.

Besides that, I think it is funny.

Ahh there we go that explains it all now.

I remember after my first review he commented on it. For some reason that always stuck with me...

How low? Because as long as you don't have an extremely negative one your score will be at least your character level. Probably more since having a country probably counts as having a stronghold.

Give it levels in fighter savage warrior archetype. Or any archetype with a focus on natural weapons.

Interesting...must explore when I get a PS4.

Orthos wrote:
havoc xiii wrote:
Ignorance is bliss if I don't watch it it never happened.
Like Shahahahahahahlyaman's Airbender right? =P

I'm sorry what movie are you talking abou again? I know of the Avatar movie and Avatar: The Last Airbender, but this other movie you mention seems odd.

Ignorance is bliss if I don't watch it it never happened.

Ummm...cause they don't?

Orthos wrote:
havoc xiii wrote:


OCW on iTunes you can purchase BG 1 and 2 do so now!

The dude hates FR. Chances are shoving the games at him like that isn't going to help. ;)

I feel you are attempting a logical debate against my a fanatic I must say your attempts are wasted. We shall force the change!

What other game lets you help a boy find his dog...

Only to find out its a hellhound and he is probably a pit fiend

Why would you tell such spurious lies?!? There is no Michael Bay Ninja Turtle movie and I'd apreciate it if you keep such slander away from the beloved turtles.


OCW on iTunes you can purchase BG 1 and 2 do so now!

I'd say keen first and then rapier mastery since it seems to augment the weapons current Crit range. So with keen the actual range is 15-20 so it drops by 1.


2 people marked this as a favorite.

Here ya go

2 people marked this as a favorite.

So instead of Drizzt... I'm thinking Varrian and Radovan need a cameo appearance.

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Cap'n Dudemeister wrote:


James Jacobs wrote:
havoc xiii wrote:
Maybe it's future earth 0_0

It's not. The ship and its androids came from a 3rd planet.

The theory being if there are humans on two planets, that means there are humans on LOTS of planets.

Why is this? That's a good question!

See I may not have guessed right but I got him to say where it's not...

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Lisa Stevens wrote:

All will be revealed this weekend. Well, maybe not all. :)

Press release tomorrow. More details throughout the weekend. We are talking about more than one type of game. I think you guys will be happy. :)

Btw, they are NOT taking over Pathfinder Online. Let's squash that right now.


Why can't I plus one more than once?!?!

Splode wrote:
havoc xiii wrote:
Maybe it's future earth 0_0
I'm pretty sure Reign of Winter established WWI-era Earth as the "current Earth" in the present day of the campaign setting timeline.

I know that's why I said future earth. They are time traveling androids.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Maybe it's future earth 0_0

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