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one more time
Trusty Minigun
Lot of exposions
the Power armor got blown to crap
but mission complete

Leave the factory and Damn....Lot of Raiders wondering WTF just happened inside.

Pretty much a running fire fight all the way to the junk yard. How many Molotov Cocktails do these buggers have?

Book it, fast as I can run back to Sanctuary

I am tired, hungry, thursty and caffinated but mission is done and I can sleep now

Come morning, repair the armor and head to Tempin's Bluff to let them know the job is done.

Oh hey it's those Murklurker Eggs again


g+& d*!n it

Today's story ends here

Gas canisters do explode in any mode. I got blown up a few times life that before I figured it out. :P

Scythia wrote:
Gas canisters do explode in any mode. I got blown up a few times life that before I figured it out. :P


I've had Cars blow up on me but never just an random tank. Maybe they are made of sturdier material outside survival mode.

Wish I could go around in power armor all the time. Used up two power cores just getting that factory done.

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Greylurker wrote:
Scythia wrote:
Gas canisters do explode in any mode. I got blown up a few times life that before I figured it out. :P


I've had Cars blow up on me but never just an random tank. Maybe they are made of sturdier material outside survival mode.

Wish I could go around in power armor all the time. Used up two power cores just getting that factory done.

Any red painted tank or gas container will blow up. Sometimes you can use this strategically--sneak up to an area where some enemies are near gas tanks, shoot the tank, lots of people die, hopefully not including you. This is especially handy in that hospital full of super mutants.

That said, if I see gas tanks and I fear I'll get stuck near them if a fight breaks out, I Will shoot them preemptively, to blow them up before they can be used against me. Same goes for oil covered floors... I almost always just shoot them and let them burn out ahead of time if I'm sure they are more likely to work against me than against my foes. Same for gas-filled rooms (if the air suddenly looks "wavy" it's not a graphics glitch, it's gas). Also oil slicks are often signs of a nearby tripwire trap which will trigger a grenade bouquet or shot fired into the oil, so spotting them is is a good signal to slow down and look for more danger.

On companions, while I've had many pathfinding issues with them, and particularly the thing where they run right into your shot as you fire, I have also been saved by them dozens of times. Melee oriented companions (the bots, Cait) are especially useful for tying up death claws while I can snipe them safely from a distance. Macready has also saved me by spotting and sniping an enemy I can't see yet.

Well, Told PReston I'm not interested in leading his Minute men revival. Grabbed a bunch of supplies, cartered them out to Tempen's Bluff. Built them a house and a half, some turrents, guard posts, large generator, Water Pump and a Settlement becon.

Even better on my way there I found a crashed Vertibird and a suite of power armor just sitting there. Left it at TB to help with defenses.

Place looks nice. Now have 4 people living there. They should be ok.
Had a good night's sleep and thought I might be ready to check out the main city, maybe even make my way to this Diamond City people keep telling me about

I thought Wrong. Raiders trapped me in an alley between them an a turrent

Todays story ends here.

Managed to get up on the Highway today. I don't know who lives up there but they havemade some nice places to rest. Hope they don't mind that I robbed them blind while they were out.

Came down near some military outpost. Wrecked tanks and stuff and

Molerats....so many molerats, glowing green molerats coming from everywhere.
Kind of amazed I didn't die, so glad Dog was there to be bait....I mean to help.

Got back to Sanctuary. Upgraded my trusty 10mm pistol a bit more. Planted a carrot.

Next morning I take wood and steel up to Tempin's Bluff. Spotted a shack just across the river behind Sanctuary. Never seen it before. Guy shoots at me. I kill him. Turns out he was a raider, but I find a dead farmer in the cabin. Wish I gotten there sooner.

On the way to TB find another shack, lady warns me off, she found it first. I choose not to argue with a lady carrying a shotgun

Arrive at TB
Tomorrow gonna finish building that second house.

Went to check out a crashed airplane, and saw a gunfight between a bunch of scavengers and a Mr. Gutsy.

Nopped right the hell out of that.

Got into the city, avoided some nastier fights and ran into Smilin Larry who offered to do some trading.

then I ran into Mac. Mac decided to open the worlds smallest Bar right in the middle of a fire fight zone. Msc has guts so I buy some Inguana bits and water

Don't really get to enjoy them because around the corner from Mac I run into the Beeep beep beep of a Mine Plus a Machine gun turret.

What's left of my corpse is scattered all over the street

Todays story ends there

Waiting out the rain in the old folks home. It's nice here, lots of beds, kitchen, courtyard. people could live here

2 hour wait and it's still raining....screw it guess I'll get wet.

Start up one street, have a vague memory of being exploded, decided to go a different route. Pass by an electronics warehouse. loaded up already from the old folks home but I'll come back here with Cogs sometime.

Military check point ... oh god Botflies, gross gross gross
t-51 power armor. Oh yeah

head a bit farther into town, found a sleeping bag, not one to look a gift save point in the mouth I take a 1 hour nap

how was I supposed to know that sleeping bag belongs to a Supermutant. Now I have paracites and the Mutant is running up the steps with his spiked board. I'm rushing to get back in the power armor, he has friends downstairs, one of them has a gun.

Jump shoot throw grenades, I am not dying at a save point GD it!
Cars explode

Last Super mutant gets eaten by a ghoul.....oh god no

The explosions have attracted a horde of ghouls, at least a half dozen and more coming and I'm down to 12 bullets.

RUN Dog RUN!!!!

Make it back to the Red Rocket. I build a bed there and sleep for 5 hours.

Leave the suite at the Rocket. Check up on Abernathies, start a new house there.

Why do you people keep sleeping on mats when I've made actual beds for you?

Head west. Mr. Guttsy tells me I'm defying curfew. I back off

He guns me down

Today's story ends there

Looted the Electronics store. Was about halfway through the building when I realized I forgot to restock my ammo. Grand total of 8 bullets and a security baton surrounded by robots in off mode wondering if they were going to wake up.

Luckily they didn't

Spent some time on the Abernathy farm working on house #2.

Suddenly Radio goes off
Distress call
Caravan under attack by Robots

.....That doesn't sound like something I could handle.

Ok maybe if I wear that new Power Armor. Mini gun is out of ammo but I'm sure the armor and my Shotdun will be enough. I grab a whole lot of ammo and off I go.

I can do this

no I can't
Robots gut me with one hit right through the power armor.

Sorry caravan is gonna have to die

Today's story ends there

Ok so trying to take a half dozen crazed robots is not a workable plan.
Time to crack open the emergency kit

Step 1 Olivia station; there is a locked door with my name on it there.
Step 2 Sanctuary; got something been sitting on that workbench for ages waiting to be used.

Ok then, once more me in power armor off to fight robots.
deep breath.....

ok time to load the Fatman.


yep that worked...caravan saved(?)

Ok so Ada, the surviving not evil robot, tells me how the evil robots killed her friends long before I nuked their camp site to save them, and I agree to help her. She shows me how to build the robot workbench and we run to the nearest save point so I don't have to do this again.

Supermutants decide not to let me
oh god what is that beeping.....

ADA get him I'll run over here.

ADA gets nuked for the 2nd time in 5 minutes and I'm still not dead.
Save point at junkyard.

On to the Abernathy farm
little bit of work on House#2 when Raiders attack.....no not raiders .... Rust Devils.

Power Armor is wrecked but still alive. Add a couple of turrets to the North side of the farm and book it for Sanctuary.

Need to rethink my plans for the future.

So....Robots and Rust Devils....do not make Survival mode any easier

Ada is incredibly helpful most of the time and makes good bait with her tendancy to go into melee. Keeps people in place long enough to throw grenades at them.

Been using up a lot of Robot repair kits though
Wondering if robots have a tolerance level for getting exploded

Have begun work on THE LAB.
Nice big concrete building on the edge of Sanctuary Gonna build robots here someday.

Also discovered one of the houses in Sanctuary has a Rootceller where someone has been living. Stole all their stuff but damn it's a nice little hidedy hole.

Gonna have to remember it if I start a new character someday.

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Sorry to interrupt, Greylurker; I've been enjoying your posts.

Wanted to finish up my own Sole Survivor's tale if that's alright:

I finished the main quest on my Vault Tec scientist run.

It felt ultimately a little... empty. Though those who've played the main quest may recognize that feeling. I like Fallout 4 a lot--this is my third freakin' playthrough--but mindblowing mainquests are not what I buy Bethesda games for.

I'm not going to spoil it massively, but your final battle is blowing up the Brotherhood, and then you have a nice little chat with Father. The Institute is mainly supportive but it's very back to status quo very quickly. But that's okay with Dr. Vault Tec, she's got EXPERIMENTING to do! (On the Institute. They don't have to know that.)

The chat with Father SHOULD be heartwarming and sad, but...

Father talks about how he wishes he had more time with you, but all I can think of is , "Dude all you did is everytime I talked to you, you sent me off to kill someone, and said you didn't have time." Of course my character probably would have been totally the kind of "cat's in the cradle" mom to him where she would always say she never had time for him, so it's apropos I guess. But Courtenay's weepy voice acting (which elsewhere I honestly think is good) doesn't really fit the fact that Shaun himself basically avoids spending time with you and uses you the way he did Kellogg until he dies. That said there's at least some decent choices of, "Yup, I'll do my best to lead the Institute" without waxing a lot on it so that was good.

I was disappointed to find that I couldn't bring X6-88 into the final battle (or any of my companions), so you don't get a reaction speech at the end with your companion the way you do if you fight the Institute. (X6 did comment on my victory when I returned to him, and I presume if I run into certain companions they comment on the ending as well, though Codsworth didn't.)

The ending cinematic was generic... I mean, I know it always is, but what's weird is they DID change it... but it talks nothing about going forward with the Institute. Why record a new ending if you don't focus on the reason for said ending? I understand why they didn't do a full "ending slideshow" the way previous Fallouts have done, because they let you keep playing (and I am willing to take that tradeoff). But say SOMETHING about the faction you win with and their plans! Jeez.

I wonder if they didn't originally plan to let you side with the Institute. I know it's weird to say that, as it seems an obvious to have the choice to side with your son, but the ending is sort of sudden, and there's not a whole lot of fanfare once you're done. I felt like once winning with the Railroad or Minutemen there was slightly more aftermath, if only slightly. Moreover, the Institute is the only place you can't do any sort of construction---in particular, you can't use it as a home base because there are no workbenches. Even if you want to soup up the cool synth armor you just bought you have to leave the Institute to do it. It's weird. I can understand limiting your building capacity, but not even having your own room to decorate is really weird. Oddly there's a room in the director's quarters where it looks like it's under construction and you could refurnish, but there's nothing you can do with it.

But back to Dr. Vault Tec. She's continuing to traipse around the Commonwealth "doing good" (building experiments on farm labor in the 23rd century), and eventually she'll finish clearing out the area around vault 88 and building her megavault. The future is Underground!

I want to go do Far Harbor to see the Institute resolution up there... but unfortunately I triggered the Eddie Winter case and so I want Nick to shut up about it before I do the Far Harbor case. I know I can skip Nick but I'd rather see some of his dialogue in Far Harbor, and I don't want him bugging me about Eddie Winter in the process.

I may also just leave off playing for a bit.

Oh don't mind me I love hearing other people's stories. (Besides it's everybody's thread)

This is kind of what I love about these games. Nobody has the exact same experience and you get out a lot when you invest your own time and imagination in it. The more linear games just aren't as much fun for me.

I love being able to tell your own story in these things

although the idea of a VR Elder Scrolls game seems kind of intimidating, should they ever get around to it.

I'm kind of sorry to hear your thoughts on the Insitute Ending beng somewhat lacking. Your character concept seems like a neat one.

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DeathQuaker wrote:
I wonder if they didn't originally plan to let you side with the Institute.

Given how unfinished a lot of the plot notes feel, I can comfortably say it was almost certainly kind of an afterthought- The Railroad and Minutemen are varied flavors of "essentially good guy, efforts to be incompetent and/or shady set aside," the Brotherhood are really pretty much a problem to be solved unless you actually buy Maxson's hardline interpretation of the Codex (and really, the Sole Survivor, as someone we're told is focused on finding their child wherever they got to and whatever happened to them, should theoretically have some trouble with that- what if Shawn is alive but Ghouled? What if Shawn's been infected with FEV but still more or less knows who he is? Add on to that that in the Commonwealth everybody and their brother seems to know how to use power armor and the Brotherhood is... a less than ideal choice).

The Institute do pretty terrible things, not just to the Commonwealth, but to the Sole Survivor personally.

If Father were to be able to survive the end of the main questline, and you could actually be with your son through siding with the Institute, it would feel less tacked-on.

In some ways, siding with the Institute parallels siding with the Legion in New Vegas- you can do it, but most of the narrative seems hellbent on pitting you against one another.

An option I would have liked is another page out of the New Vegas playbook- Taking everybody down.

Thrash the Institute, thrash the Brotherhood, let the Minutemen fail because they're not willing/able to take the steps needed to actually make the Commonwealth a safer place, and... well, the Railroad doesn't seem all that interested in political control, but treat them like the Great Khans in NV and have the option to put them on a bus/write them out.

Hell, call it the "Goodneighbor" ending- "Screw everybody, I look out for my own, and the rest of you should look out for me."

Ah well.

As has been noted repeatedly, FO4 isn't exactly the pinnacle of strong plotting.

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Burn em all approach is kind of what I'm doing with a different character I'm trying. Cindy Hex. Nomral Difficulty, very Luck focused build with an eye amied at Nukaworld DLC.

Compaired to my survival mode character she is like an action hero. Jumping off platforms into the middle of raiders and shotgunning everyone in the head.

Ignored Sanctuary beyond stuff a bunch of beds into one of the houses for people to sleep on.
("But there are so many other houses here."
"No, screw you guys, you can all live in the crappy yellow one with the workbench. I'm out of here")

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Greylurker wrote:

Ignored Sanctuary beyond stuff a bunch of beds into one of the houses for people to sleep on.

("But there are so many other houses here."
"No, screw you guys, you can all live in the crappy yellow one with the workbench. I'm out of here")

I don't know that I've ever done anything but make a single "town dorm" for Sanctuary.

Deadbeats invited themselves into my old town, they can damn well room together.

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I think you can "burn'em all" by doing the following:

Side with the Minutemen, get the Castle. Attack the Brotherhood and become enemies with them early on. Attack the Railroad after they decrypt the holotape. Shoot Father in the face as soon as you meet him. This should trigger the Minutemen endgame pretty quickly.

Once the Minutemen win, head to Nuka world. Take over the Raiders and start conquering settlements. Talk to Preston-- he'll turn against you and no longer be essential. Kill them all.

You and your raiders are the only faction left.

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Re: Sanctuary, I've done everything from completely ignore it (save for looting it) to trying to fully rebuild it, with houses for everyone and marketplaces and a bar. In reverse order.

I find the prefab buildings hard to work with--I keep wanting to "fix" them up but save some shenanigans with concrete walls it's hard to do. Better to just build a new concrete structure on some of the foundations you get after clearing away the rubble, and ignore the existing houses. I kind of wish they'd either let you fix up the houses or let you scrap all of them.

The game seems to really want you to rebuild Sanctuary, but that becomes increasingly inconvenient as the game progresses and you end up wanting to spend your time in other parts of the map. If you're not fast traveling, either by choice or due to survival mode, Sanctuary becomes more of a liability than anything.

Right now Survival me is kind of concentrated in the middle of Sanctuary.

Walled off the middle section, giving me 4 houses plus my old one. Those 4 houses have about 2-4 beds each. Knocked down the rubble next to the workshop house and turned it into a dinning area with BBQ, Cook station, patio tables etc... and a dinner bell.

Back of the yellow house is the garden. Except for this one field of Razorgrain that I've been making for some reason behind one of the blue ones. Don't know why just sort of decided "That's all Razorgrain".

I blame my prairie upbringing.

With the Mechanist story now running I expanded into the back area of town and cleared the wreckage there to begin work on THE LAB. Only finished 1 level so far but the plan is a multistory concrete building that will house all the High Tech stuff I'll need to build.

As it is the town is getting a little full now so I'm going to need to expand forward soon. It's that or let people sleep in my house....I still haven't scavenged Shawn's room

Welp....I'm out of food

Time to go hunting.

There is a trashyard nearby with a lot of Molerats as I recall so I'll check that out. Ada prouves to be wonderful Bait and surprise surprise I discover a cave network with an ammo storage and

Oh sweet mercy Legendary glowing Molerat
ADA hold it there while I throw grenades

What do you mean it mutated?!


.Not Dead Whoot. (Repair kit for ADA)

Why dose a Mole Rate have a Submachinegun that shoots freezing bullets?
You know what don't care, need a save point and need it now.

Tempin's Bluff provides a night of shelter and time to cook up some mole rats

...not while in combat...wha?
Stealth mode says Danger....cautious.Danger.....cautious. Danger

It's ADA isn't it, she's finally had it with me using her as bait and blowing her up.

8 hours of sleep later
still in Danger

Leave town and hope for the best...Suddenly Molerat attack.

little bugger must have been following me for a day to get revenge for his family. Ah well moving on.

Stop by the Quarry to see how the drain has been going. Doesn't look like he's done yet but I use his cook station to cook the mole rats.

Good Meat on those.

Take a look at the water filled quarry. Still full of water.....and suddenly not full of water..WTH? Looks like guys down the...GAH Raider with a machette right behind me!!!!

is that my arm on the ground?

and todays story ends here.

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Some of the legendary drops utterly boggle me. Cryo-machinegun sounds nice though.

I always end up with stuff like "Hunter's Rolling Pin" and "Rad-Powered Leather Arm."

Although I did get a plasma-infused minigun not long ago. X6-88 appears to enjoy it a great deal, though he burns through ammo like crazy.

You know, I may skip Eddie Winter and Nick and just take X6-88 with me to Far Harbor. We've got synths to hunt, he'll enjoy it. Got respect for a man who loves nothing more than destroying his own kind in the name of science.

I was going to ignore settlement building on my crazy raider chick but then I got to Greygarden and kind of went nuts.

I've built this strange batch of huts and scfolding going up the slope which ends in My Room.

it's got a bed, a chair, a table with a bottle of burbon on it and a weight lifting bench.

She is currently going around with Cait on a shotgun killing spree chaing down anyone who crosses her path. She and Cait are getting along just fine

She's wearing the head of a Bear mascot that she looted off a raider she found in a school.

Today Cogsworth gave me a speech about how awesome I am. I really appriciated that.

Made me rethink Preston's offer. I've told him Yes, I'll help rebuild the minute men.

It's right about then that I get a warning that the time limit on my mission for Tempin's Bluff is almost run out.

didn't know that could happen. What did they want again?

Kill Supermutants in Hospital.....oh yeah, that place is a death trap......I kept getting killed at the front door

I give it a try, I've leveled a little since I last tried it plus I have ADA

It goes about as well as I had expected

Today's story ends here.

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Yes, some of the radiant quests are timed (though normally the time limit is fairly generous).

The mutants at Medford Hospital seems to pop up WAAAY too much. Dr. Vault Tec received it twice.

Dr. Vault-Tec's first attempt at it also resulted in many deaths at the front door. She had found a Stealth-Boy or two--one maybe in the Satellite base? IIRC she had to use it to dash into the hospital and find a place to hide while the suicider blew himself up. This is hard because there's super mutants everywhere you run, so you've got to run where there are fewest, take out whatever's there. I think Codsworth got blownup by the suicider but I fixed him up after. An early game shotgun helped Dr. Vault-Tec a lot with the rest of the super mutants.

Medford Hospital was where Dr. Vault-Tec began seriously questioning the merit of experimenting with FEV. Maybe, *sometimes* doing science for science's sake was a bad idea....


On the second time she received the quest, Dr. Vault-Tec had just finished single-handedly invading Boston Airport to destroy the Brotherhood's defenses to port in a synth invasion while subverting Liberty Prime. She personally had probably killed at least two dozen members of the Brotherhood, including Elder Maxson (*whose body I never got to loot, grumble grumble*). By that time around, even on survival, she was not concerned about the Super Mutants. She burst in on her way to check on County Crossing and took them out in a few shots, then went on her merry way.

The difference between level 10 and level 60.

Well....Plans A,B and C didn't work out On to Plan D

Sprint like mad to the nearest suit of Power Armor and hope I still have time to finish the mission.

Then Sprint like made back....low on ammo, swimg by Covenant to buy some from PEggy....whoa.....WTH happened here?

Destroyed robots all over the place, couple of settlers dead. That shy mechanic girl dead, honest Dan dead...

More of the Mechanist's evil, he must be stopped but no time right now. Trade half my Rad-X and Rad-away for ammo.

Sprint to the Hospital. Deep Breath.....Lets Go ADA

Dash in and quickly shoot the suicider in the bomb, drop land mine behind me, throw another mine into the kitchen then hide in the elevator while ADA draws their fire.....Mines go off pop out and finsih them off then repair ADA

Keep moving, grab ammo and guns.

Grenades, Mines uses everything I have, chugging down Nuka-Colas like and addict.
It's Working
We got this

Legendary Mutant....not goinging down now, not when I am this close. Cryogrenade is a glorious thing. Got key to Operating theater

We Got This

Message: Time Expired mission Failed

Are you kidding me?
there is like 2 guys left
I'm doing it right now

G+* D~+n It

I finish the mission anyway. 2 guy, 2 dogs. Get me a syringer, high power assault rifle and some other stuff.

Fusion Core runs out as I reach the exit.

the constant beep, beep beep as I slowly walk back to the boat house is the sound of failure.

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Might be just as well about Covenant, it's a pretty buggy place. With people dead were you able to unlock the workshop, or were enough people there it's still plot-locked?

I played a little yesterday. Forgot I was in survival when I went to go clear out Longneck Lukowski's, on my way north to visit the Nakanos. We suddenly get ambushed by feral ghouls when I thought we had finished clearing them out. Somehow one was behind me--what the heck nothing was there! I got hit, but keep just firing my gun because I'm like, "these are easy to kill, I'll kill it before it kills me." Didn't see how low my hit points were till right before it hits me again. Annoying thing is if I'd gone into VATS I'd've killed it, I was just being lazy. And then I realized I hadn't saved since I left the Boston Airport.

When I reload, I may just stick around and keep working on my memorial to the Brotherhood. They were awful backward jerks working to impede humanity's progress through SCIENCE!, but they did help me built the teleporter array. Good to put up something to honor them... and warn away others. Pictured: the suit of armor I was given when Danse asked them to make me a Knight, Dr. Vault-Tec, and a bit of X6-88 in his tesla armor.

The fidelity on the pic's not great, so this is what the text says:

Dr. Vault-Tec's Memorial:

In Memoriam Ad Victoriam
The Brothers fought bravely but none can halt progress.
Science is stronger than dogma.
The Commonwealth is stronger than steel.

lol sounds like Dr. Vault-tec has things pretty much nailed down.

As for me.
Started putting together the Starlight Drive in. First convert the rooms around the screen into something livable, then clean out he pond, put up a couple of tin can houses.

No crystals though to make the radio.

Right Me and ADA are trying something I've been eyeing for a while.

Super Duper Mart

Step 1: Sneak into the office.
Step 2: turn on the Protectron
Step 3: Hide in the office until the shooting stops

Loot time

Robot didn't get all of them but I shoot the last few Ghouls where it can't see me. Lots of salvage plus a Fusion Core.

no crystals though

Still got enough to build another Tincan at the Drive in so that's something

Headed down to the boathouse I had been using as a base when trying to take down those mutants in the hospital. Got people living there now, but low on beds. Do a little bit of home repair, should be find for a bit. They'll need more food if anyone else shows up though.

Headed East. Preston wants me to look in on some farmers out there.

Passed by a Middle school and decided to check it out. What do I find. A VAULT in their basement.

Would have been nice too if it weren't for the Gunners who sprayed me with bullets

Todays story ends here

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Gunners are bastards. That is all.

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Gunners are not just bastards, they're also drearily generic as an organization...

Talon Company had more friggin' panache, and they were just jerks!

Compairing the two characters I've playing right now is very interesting.

They are both about the same leel right now, but Crazy Cindy is so much farthere ahead story waise and has gotten so much farther south. MEanwhile Survival Me has yet to even reach Diamond City (death keeps happening to discourage going that far south) but he has found So many more things.

some of them are just little things, like a hut belonging to a farmer who just got murdered by a lone raider. Or a Scavenger shooting bottles at a self made shooting range.

or a Vault in the basment of a middle school full of Gunners.

Crazy Cindy doesn't find these things, she just shoots people in the head with a shotgun as she and Cait wander the land in their Power armor.

As much as I would love to loot a vault for all it's goodies....I've gotten very tiered of gunners shooting my face off. Gonna leave that place for another day

Still on the topic of Looting, That hospital is empty of mutants, might as well go through it with a fine toothed comb.

ok Eeewww....so many bones and body parts....but also a lot of glass and wood and nitrogen.

Cart it all back to the boat house, finish building the 2nd floor of the 2nd house. Also send the new arrival settler on a supply line to Tempin's Bluff

Gets some sleep

Wake up to an alarm: Tempin's Bluff is under attack. Failed them once not gonna fail again. Run like crazy to find the place under attack by Super Mutants. Start Gunning them as best I can but I didn't see that Dog on my right

damn those things have big mouths

Today's story ends here

Ok here we go

Mad dash to Tempin Bluff, Start shooting Mutants
One down, Dog Down, Two down....wait that wasn't a mutant....Settler....oops

Someone shoots me in the back of the head

I don't blame them

Todays story ends here

Ok 3rd times the charm.

I just got a Power core from looting the hospital and I've still got that Powerarmor sitting in the garage of the boat house. Kind of wanted to stockpile Cores fora bit but...

Off to Tempin Bluff once more.

and thankfully it works out. Armor is in worse shape than ever but mutants are dead and town is saved, having Lucas the armor vendor around helped a lot. I have a quick nap and then head to Fort Rocket to repair and store the armor.

Back to work There are three farms to the east that Preston wants me to talk to.

Walking along the road I come across a dead Brahmin. Never one to turn down free meat

Wasteland Lesson #5: If something is lying around dead, something else killed it

In this particular case it would be those robots that just gunned me down with machingun fire.

Todays story ends here

ok heading east, gonna go help some farmsteds

made it past TB, got a nap in a trailer,

Spotted some Supermutants, there is one trailing behind the others with a tell tale red blinking light.

ADA my sniper rifle if you please

We shadow the Supermutants for a while. not sure where they are going but as they cross over the hills I think I can avoid having to deal with them

....ADA NO...No do not engage, DO NOT ENGAGE


well crap


Todays story ends here

Managed to reach the first of those eastern farms. They want me to wipe out the Raiders at Dunwich Bore.

Right now I'm in an old army training ground.
I'm tired
I'm hungry
I'm thirsty

and there are ghouls

on the up side I found a dead Brotherhood of Steel guy so at least I have a new outfit.

Find the old barracks lots of Ghouls including a glowing one. Chug some cola to get me through the fight

Cola wears off

"You are too tired to move, you must sleep"


I can't sleep here there might still be ghouls.

I end up collapsing in an old bed for 10 hours

Lucky me there were no other ghouls.

Refreshed I head outside. Swing by the armory and lookie lookie...Power Armor

no fusion core though

still not going to just leave it here.

I step out of the armory with my shinny new armor

and get shot in the face by a Sentry Bot

Todays story ends here

So why get your face blown off by a killer sentry bot for a half finished power armor with no fusion core

when there is a full suit of power armor just sitting in a crate complete with power core.

51b Power Armor aquiered

Visit Farm #2. They want me to clear out a spot so other people can move in. I can do that.....their definition of around the corner means whole other side of the map.....that'll wait.

One the way to farm #3 I run into a Mr Guttsy who tries to kill me.
I hide ADA kills him

5 new Fusion Cores

At Farm #3 Guy tells me how his son stole his sword and joined a bunch of raiders called the Forged. Right near by. Go get the sword. Son not so much....

so then....your son isn't using that bed right now is he

Savepoint YES!

Time to kill some Forged

Flamers, Molotove Cocktails, burning lasers vs. me in my shinny new power armor....I think I can handle this.

Gunner on the highway with a Missle Launcher who just has to stick his nose in things

Hate Gunners so Much

Todays Story ends here

Finch Farm has probably one of the worst locations you could get in the game.

To the North they have the Forged, to the South a bunch of Supermutants and above them Gunners, who pass the time by shooting at their Brahmin Herd

because Gunners are jerks

So I'm checking out the different groups through the sniper scope and I see the red blink of a Mutant suicider...surrounded by his buddies...It's just too tempting

Sniper Rifle may be a cheap-ass way of doing things but I can't complain about results. Super Mutants are no more. Snipped most of them cleared up the rest with the shotgun.

Just got Forged and stupid Gunners left.

At least I still have Jack's bed to savegame with

Tried to circle around the Forged find a clear way in.

ended up caught between Mr. Guttsy and a bunch of insects

and then an Assaultron wandered by

Today's story ends here

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Getting real tired of people setting me on fire

....really really don't like fire

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I finally get an Xbox1 SO I CAN PLAYS!!!!!

havoc xiii wrote:
I finally get an Xbox1 SO I CAN PLAYS!!!!!

I'd love to hear how your story goes

havoc xiii wrote:
I finally get an Xbox1 SO I CAN PLAYS!!!!!

Glad to hear that. Fallout 3 and Fallout NV also work on the XBOX One. Load the main game, then load the DLCs. Then use the second disk to launch the game so the DLCs will work. Did you also pick up Syrim SE?

I’ll try and do journal entry type writing for it. I’ll pick up skyrim but first Fallout!!

The Forged are no more, and Jake is back with his family. ADA is pretty badly damaged and I am out of repair kits

Built myself a little shack with a bed and fell asleep for a day. Then I went back and looted the heck out of the foundry. ADA is gone though, not sure where she wandered off to.

Really low on Ammo, gonna head back west, check out the settlements see if I can find ADA. I leave the Finch's a suit of Power armor with a Core in it (not my good suit, it's one I got off the Supermutants) Jake should be able to defend the place against those Gunners on the overpass with that.

It's a long walk back, take a few naps at local settlements I pass just to be safe.

Almost at the Drivethru when I see it


I have 16 shotgun rounds and a flamesword

and a Flare Gun

Minutemen join the fight but they are like tissue paper to this thing
Shotgun is out, only the sword now

Land me a crit, takes out half the thing's health....Hell Yeah I can do this


Nope, no I can't

Today's Story ends here

Dashed off towards the drive in. No Deathclaw this time just some Rust devils.

Sort the place out a little then headed back to sanctuary. Finished the Lab and moved my stuff into it, including all three of my Power armor suits.
Cleared out Shawn's room turned it into a bedroom for more settlers.

Sanctuary currently 15/24 settlers. It's being talked about on the radio, although they have the location wrong.

Found ADA waiting at Fortress Rocket.

Heading to Sunshine Coop get that sorted.

Ran into Rust Devils on the way
Mr. Handy hacks my legs off

Today's Story ends there

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Greylurker wrote:
Finch Farm has probably one of the worst locations you could get in the game.

It does, at least to start with, but....

Once you dealt with the Forged, did you go north to the swimming pool? If not and you get back in that area, do that. It's like right across the road from the Ironworks on the north side.

One thing I LIKE about Survival mode is that once you kill stuff, it takes a long time for things to respawn. I find it hilarious they do this to "increase difficulty" -- I guess because a more frequent respawn rate earns you more XP and loot? I love that once I clear out an area it stays clear, if not for good, at least for a long time. Especially since it's not exactly hard to level up in Fallout, I'd much rather have safe places to explore than a constant stream of enemies to kill and an endless supply of worthless pipe guns I don't need.

Finch Farm and its neighbor to the north are really irritating to deal with in regular mode because the Forged CONSTANTLY respawn. It's really freaking annoying.

They MIGHT actually be way better in Survival since the Forged shouldn't keep coming back all the time. Once you do eventually clear those areas they should be relatively safe. Get some supply lines and build up their defenses fast, and the places will be able to defend themselves well if and when any respawns eventually arrive.

Heck, I hadn't actually visited that area yet in my game. I might go to it, it would be cool to clear that out (plus Dr Vault Tec would LOVE a whole settlement of ghouls to experiment on!). I think I started Far Harbor technically but there's some stuff I need to do anyway before I go.

One o the things I've been doing is leaving the Protectron out and about once I cleared a place. No idea if that has an effect or not but mentally I feel it should keep the bad guys away.

Ran back west because one ofthe eastern farms asked me to clear out the Sunshine co-op. So now there are a couple of people living there and the Eastern from (something Crossing I think it was) both join up.

Next on the list of things to do is Dunwich Bore...which I remember being brutal on regular mode

Preston wants to take back the castle now, ADA wants me to hit a toy story and I still need to get to diamond city

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Lost Omens, Starfinder Adventure Path, Starfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber

I like leaving mines in areas I clear. It generally works reasonably well... I'll be bopping along, and suddenly I'll get XP for no reason... and know that somewhere, Someone Bad has found one of my little parting gifts.

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DeathQuaker wrote:

They MIGHT actually be way better in Survival since the Forged shouldn't keep coming back all the time. Once you do eventually clear those areas they should be relatively safe. Get some supply lines and build up their defenses fast, and the places will be able to defend themselves well if and when any respawns eventually arrive.

I had an interesting situation in Survival involving the Forged and the Gunners nearby. I was worried about taking on the Forged (I remembered that the final encounter didn't have much cover and was difficult when not on survival), so instead I took out the nearby Gunners. I got distracted, and did a few other missions, and a relatively small amount of time passed in game. I decided to go back and wipe out the Forged and, lo and behold, the Gunners were all back (even though other areas I had cleared at about the same time remained empty). I'm not sure if the game was set up to respawn the Gunners more quickly if the Forged remained active or something else happened (maybe that Gunner nest just respawns quickly).

I finally wiped out the Forged and then the Gunners right afterwards. I should check and see if either of them came back next time I fire up the game.

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