Dead Suns

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Campaign Traits?

Plot Speculation

Blog: A Ship Without a Crew!

Will Dead Suns have a Player's Guide?

Paizo Blog: Dead Suns Dead Ahead!

Dead Suns!

Dead Suns Player's Guide?

Incident at Absolom Stat - In Design Layout - Technical Complaint

There Will Be No Player's Guide for Dead Suns, Period.

Paizo Blog: Here There Be Aliens

How many Player Characters?

Incident at Absalom running time

First physical AP module sold out, can we expect more?

Monster Stats...


Themes and Narrative Ideas?

NPC AC Calculations - confused?!?

NPC bonus damage?

Star Wars reskin

Tabletop maps for the hardcover AP

Lazy NPCs

"Our sensors detect nothing Captain" (SPOILERS)

Adjustments for 6 player group?

Question about an NPC's skill ranks [Spoilers]

Maptool Support for Dead Suns

High-res ship map?

**SPOILERS** New Crew Member

Bimonthly Releases and Your Personal Gaming Schedule

Unexpectedly Hilarious

Blatant speculation about new character options in Dead Suns 2 of 6 (spoilers, probably)

Running Dead Suns for Pathfinder Society.

Loot on the...

Player's Guide

Can the (SPOILER) use its (SPOILER) ability to (SPOILER)?

Check out our new weekly Starfinder podcast of Dead Suns! In the first episode we have Thurston Hillman and we're giving away over $1000 in prizes!

Statted out the Okimoro

Number of PC's vs CR

Incident at Absalom Station - After action report

The Balance Point of this Adventure is Ridiculous (Spoilers)

What exactly happens at the end of Incident at Absalom Station? (SPOILERS)

the Absalom Station info in dead suns

The Gate of Twelve Suns

Hebiza Eskovar


So the final fight

My Dead Suns Pre-Adventure Introduction

Slow Leveling

Loot on the...

Goblin Upgrades

The Logs of the Sunrise Maiden

Does part 2 depend on part 1?

[Temple of the Twelve]How in the name of Oras do you pronounce Ailabiens 21:2 ??

Running without xp: when to level up? (spoilers)

Nothing to see here, just another Dead Suns play-through...

First time GM Q: do I need to prepare stories for the NPCs referenced in the AP1-6 Gazetter?

Five Arches

[Spoiler] Level 21 Crew Hideout

Paizo Blog: A Star to Steer Her By

What character concepts fit in well with Dead Suns?

Captain's Log [GM Journal] *SPOILERS*

GM Question: Adjusting Dead Suns (IaAS) for 5 players.

What type of ship is the Acreon?

[Spoiler] Temple of the Twelve - Tahomen

WalterGM's way to long Dead Sun's playthrough (Book 1)

Critique of Dead Sun 1 AP

[Spoiler] Halkueem Zan's Notes

Noqual Ore

Incident At Absolom Station Weapon Question

What type of rodent is Jabaxa based on?

[Spoiler] Temple of the Twelve - Wilderness Trek

Blog: To Live and Die on Eox!

Temple of the Twelve - After action report

[Temple of the Twelve] Why no air travel on Ukulam?

How does Chiskisk know about the alien language?

Descriptions taken from Zan's notes (Temple of the Twelve)

Syrinscape: Dead Suns - Incident at Absalom Station Soundpack

Mashing Dead Suns and old 3.5 Dungeon mag APs together

[SPOILERS] Rusty Rivet

WalterGM's way to long Dead Sun's playthrough (Book 2)

Reading XP Gains

Temple of the Twelve

How useful / needed is a technomancer for the ap?

Temple - StarStorm Trap

Empire of Bones (GM Reference)

Dead Suns Player's Guide

Blog: Dark Clouds Gather!

No Interactive Maps?

Playing the AP and the Society adventures together

Morika Nashes' Video log video

[Spoilers] Astral Extractions

Hebiza Eskolar, what gives?

Redoing Incident at Absalom Station's NPCs as classed and levelled NPCs

The Pyramid People of Ukulam

What's the bonus to-hit for enemy starships? [Temple of the Twelve Frontmatter]

Dead Suns / Ninja Division miniatures

Starfinder Pawns for the Dead Suns Adventure Path

[Spoilers} book 3 starting question (starship upgrades)

Side Adventure: Garaggakal rampage across Absalom Station?

[Spoiler] How the heck does Void Death work?

Incident on Absalom Station exp awards

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