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Hello there! After about a year I've finally finished voicing all the dialogue I think I can for Dead Suns. So I've decided to compile it into a post so anyone using the forums can have an easy access list. I had a lot of fun doing these, and I hope that they come in handy to anyone running Dead Suns. Obviously, spoilers ahead for no one who's played or read through the AP.

Don't be scared away by the earlier videos' lack of design! I got things sorted and looking nice around book 2. Comments and constructive feedback are always appreciated as well.

Incident at Absalom Station


Gervalarsk Nor

Acreon Ship Logs

Temple of the Twelve


Ailabiens 21:2


Splintered Worlds


The Ruined Clouds

Azlanti warning message

"Xavra Knows"

The Thirteenth Gate


Jangly Man + Devourer Cultists

Eltreth + Deldreg

Empire of Bones


Thanks to everybody who gives these a listen, and better yet, uses them in their game! I'm going to look at Against the Aeon Throne for my next project sometime in the future.

Great job, I will use these in my game. My players will love them.

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Wow, the voice overs are amazing! Thanks for all the hard work. When I can get a group together, definitely using these.

Wow. So awesome!

Silver Crusade

Glad I found this. Gonna use the ships logs for the Acreon. Players should love it.

Great Job on making these. I'll be using Xavra Knows this week and its very nicely done.

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