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I got Empire of Bones yesterday, and I'm looking forward to playing it. I am trying to figure out the scale of the eponymous ship. According to the back cover, it looks approximately 11 miles long (more than twice Absalom diameter and almost 4 times the Idari).

According to IaAS back cover, the Sunrise Maiden(SM) is 200 feet long. My mini for the SM is a bit less than 1 inch long. So to represent the Empire of Bones (EoB) 'to scale' on the map next to the Sunrise Maiden for Event 2, the correct size of the EoB would be 24 feet.

I obviously will not represent the EoB on the map, but I just want to make sure I am reading the sizes correctly. Is that correct?

My apologies for some rounding, I did some back & forth between metric and imperial units.

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Yeah, 10-14 miles depending on how you want to count some of those extra bits.

24 feet sounds like a reasonable scaling factor.

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