No playable corpsefolk in DS6

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Boo. This should be a graft option in addition to a playable race.

I am kinda surprised that corpsefolk were not the undead player race instead of the borais since they seem like they are one of the more common residents of eox.

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40 pages of assurances that undead are people and aren't evilly plotting against the Pact.

So far, we have 6 or 7 non-evil Undead NPC's (all neutral, none good) and 1 psuedo-undead playable race. The rest are all irredeemably evil monsters, same as always.

I don't understand why making Black Hole dwelling J Jonah Jameson playable was a priority but not talking zombies.

I mean, I love that I can play a 7 foot tall talking Jelly Fish from a planet full of carnivorous butterflies. But there's a planet full of talking zombies right next door, why can't I play one of them? They speak the same language(s) and have the same rights as my goblin.

Part of the issue is that undead come with a decent chunk of real and useful immunities and the character generation setup is built around not penalizing any player choices. So you have the same issue that you get with many/no armed characters or large/small characters; for "balance" you can't let them be better or worse than the other core races.

So you won't get actual undead character options because "balance". You may get a faux-undead like the android race that still eats, drinks, gets poisoned and diseased, etc.

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I mean it didn't stop them from making SROs playable who enjoy basically as many immunities as undead do.

There's also nothing stopping them from making undead (or construct) only diseases/poisons/drugs/et al. Those have existed for over 10 years now in 3.5. Or for that matter, take some or all of the immunities away. They've already divorced monster entries from PC entries.

Seriously, if "balance" is their only reason then they need to go back to whatever class they took that made them so good at balancing Ooze PC's and Construct PC's and Aberration PC's.

I'm all but positive that this lack of undead PC/good aligned NPC representation is prejudice stemming over from PF and nothing more.

Maybe in Alien Archive 2?

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Still very disappointing.

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Yea i dont get why corpsefolk are not playbul not saying the new race we got isn't cool our anthing but that semmend odd

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The "undead" race that we have so far is not really undead and thematically not very "Eoxian"

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