Maps for Foundry VTT - Or w / o grid marks

Dead Suns

Does Paizo offer the maps for the Dead Suns AP (or any AP) w/o grid marks, or setup for Foundry?

Trying to copy them from the PDF and match the grid marks seems impossible as they are not consistent throughout.

Can you get them close and then set foundries grid to transparent?

That worked for the first map, but the second one the size difference between the entrance area and others farther into the building were way off.

I could just turn off grid lines and let it ride, or find 3rd party maps that are similar but was hoping there was a better option.

Which map in dead suns? Sometimes I can use paint to just enlarge one section so they'll match (no, shouldn't have to do that with vtts being a thing these days but you go adventuring with the maps you have not the maps you want)

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