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The players have just finished book two and going into book three. They maybe heading back to absolmn station to resupply/refitted weapons and gear. I wanted to have the downside kings/astral extraction play a role in causing the player a little trouble. The during the first book the players choose to leveled the nightclub serving as the base of operation for the downside kings in the process eliminating their leadership and a large majority of their membership. . with the starfinder group. The group also went against astral extraction company returning the vessel and the drift rock to the hardscabble collective. This is roleplay gold right here I was thinking if I were this gang(which I am) I would framed them for a crime they didn't commit (as the gang), or sue them for lost of profits (as the company). Story wise during the revelations on the drift rock would have been enough to out their identities and affiliations. Give me sum good juicy puzzles that these groups can throw at the players that only good role play can solve.

This could be a good opportunity to put character background to use. Do the PCs have families? What might a corporate-backed criminal gang do to seek revenge? Outright murder of the PCs' relatives wouldn't be enough, perhaps. Perhaps they could be kidnapped so that the PCs could be psychologically tortured first and "made to pay" for what they've done. The role-play opportunities come in when the PCs seek help locating their kidnapped loved ones to mount a rescue or else they must negotiate with the kidnappers and decide how they're going to handle whatever extortion demands you come up with.

As you introduce the set up for playing "Splintered Worlds," you could present the kidnapping as a moral distraction to build plot tension. I won't say more to avoid spoilers, but the idea should be basic enough.

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