Need help creating a 13th level 'Battle of the Bands' adventure coda for Dead Suns (some spoilers)

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Back when they started with level one character creation, my players decided that they all wanted to be a traveling heavy metal band. They named their group, We Ate Golarian. Even the Solarian has spent precious skill points on Profession Musician, and upgraded his instruments. We have arranged to have a plot-appropriate major rock concert in every book of the AP so far. I have no idea how I will fit a rock concert into Book 5, but hey... There's got to be an opportunity, right?

Early on, they had a concert where they met Zo! The Pact Worlds's most famous vidshow host took a shine to them, and introduced them to the Eoxian Ambassador, and has had regular appearances in my game while they were still in the Pact Worlds. Zo! has been both mentor and comic relief all through this A.P.

When they visited Eox, they learned about a Battle of the Bands gameshow (because one of my players claimed to see an advert for it, and I loved the idea). They then demanded that Zo! enroll them as contestants. It was ONLY the threat of the impending destruction of the Pact Worlds from a super weapon that dragged them from this idea... Zo! told them that if they saved his production studio from armageddon, they were badass enough to be on his show.

I want to create the whole Eoxian Idol experience -- interviews, back stage shenanigans, skill challenges, RP challenges and some sonic battles with angsty creatures from the abyss. I intend to use some of the SFS adventures 'Live Exploration Extreme!' and 'Star Sugar Heartlove!!!' for inspiration and setting material.

I'd love suggestions and scheming for this, which will be the capstone to our Dead Suns tour. We're just about to enter Book 5 so I have a couple months to plan this out.


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Zo! adjusts his bow tie. "This will be EPIC."

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