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Shackled City (Pathfinder) - GM_Chris

Game Master Chris Shannon 719

This will be the Shackled City adventure path using the Pathfinder rule set. However, the existing deities (i.e. St. Cuthbert, Pelor, Wee Jas) will not be converted to similar Golarion gods.

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As we head into the party's final trip, go ahead and level up if you'd like--or not if it's a pain. As demonstrated once again, the party is already beyond the power level of the mod so I need to tweak things anyway.

All right peoples, let's finish this thing. A couple good weeks and it will all be fond memories.

F14:R16:W17 (+2);K(Arc)26;K(Dun)18;K(Hist)20;K(Loc)26;K(Nat)25;K(Pln)28;K(Rel)28;Perc 27;SMot 22;Spllcft 29;UMD 19
Cuthbertist 16 - Bludgeoner First Class


Dyrant *facepalms*.

That's not the piddlespotting word I would piddlespotting use.

M Steinneblin (Rock Gnome) Paladin 16/Cavalier 1

Thanks for sticking through the grind of level 12+ play!

Half-Elf Barbarian (Urban Barbarian) 1, Alchemist (Internal Alchemist, Vivisectionist) 15
Init +12 | Per 22* | F +17* R +19* W +10* | AC 35* (t20* f27* i22*) +1 crwd | CMD 34 | *many buffs

Agreed, Glimmil. Thanks, Chris!

So, I may be the only mean jerky person who's leveling up. Here's what that includes:

+1 Acrobatics
+1 Knowledge (nature)
+1 Perception
+1 Sense motive
+1 Linguistics (abyssal)
+2 Knowledge (planes)
+1 UMD

BAB +1
Fort +1
Ref +1
One level 6 infusion slot

• Extend potion
• Eternal potion (feat – Extra Discovery): usually used for Haste

To be sold
• Boots of speed

Don't really need more stuff, except maybe 20 durable adamantine arrows and 20 durable cold iron arrows.

I'll dump the party in Carceri tomorrow.

Sorry for the delay. Multiple city operation came up.

M Steinneblin (Rock Gnome) Paladin 16/Cavalier 1

Glimmil leveled up, it was mostly to pick up Wheeling Charge so that he could maybe get one last charge in.

+1 Disable, +1 Climb
Wheeling Charge

With 15-20K of "last run funny money", Glimmil simply picks up a +3 lance to replace his +1 lance because he appears really interested in charging something during their planewalking.

@Chris: Let me know if there's any issues here.

Hate to curse it, but thanks to everyone for keeping up. Feels like we're back to a good pace.

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