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Hello, I happened to find out about, maybe, one of the worst feat ever made by humand standards. (Maybe it is a bit exaggerated but it is really not good)... CONSUME POWER.

It is only available to Wyrwood. They are a race of construct, and I really think they look good. But this feat. oh boy.
Basically you can eat (destroy) a magical item in order to regain 1d6 hit points + 1 additional hit point per caster level of the item.
And a little bonus on attack and damage rolls but who cares.

Yes this is terrible. BUT. Maybe... MAYBE. If there is a really, dirt cheap magical item (<1 gold for example) it could make for an interesting out of combat healing option for a race that cannot be healed otherwise. (Since it is a construct) [I know about the racial trait that makes the race a living construct but this is not the point of the topic]


Scrolls of zero level spells cost 12.5gp. Cheaper than cure light wounds potions.

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The feat gives a bonus to your to hit and damage for a few rounds, too.

Besides scrolls of cantrips, the more convenient option seems to be:
Hex nail 1d6+3 for 20 gp.

If you want to abuse the system, you can instead see if your GM accepts that eating a single magical arrow will work.
50 arrows +1, 2301 gp, 46,02 gp for a cure effect that can range from 1d6+3 (minimum CL for the item) to 1d6+20 (maximum CL). As the CL of the arrow has no practical effect, making them with a higher CL doesn't increase the price.
Magic arrows/quarrels/sling bullets are a fairly common kind of loot, and often they are for a weapon that no one in the group uses. Even if someone uses the right weapon, he often has a magical version of it, so he would have no use for a +1 arrow.

The spells that give fast healing are way more efficient, as fast healing works on constructs.

BTW, if you really want to abuse the system, get someone with Make whole and a CL twice that of the item you use. He can reconstruct with a casting of the spell. The main advantage is that, if you keep the pieces of the destroyed item, it can do that during downtime, while casting Make Whole to heal you will take 10 minutes while adventuring.

Wyrwood already have an alternate racial feature that let's them cast Make Whole as an SLA 1/day. Lol.

And I wouldn't be caught dead with a Hex Nail... blasphemy! *spits in disgust*

See if the GM will allow the Downtime rules in your game. Then see if either a party member or a friendly NPC would be willing to craft zero-level scrolls for you while you pay the crafting costs.

Using the Downtime rules a PC can spend 1 day using common skills like Craft or Diplomacy to generate Magic Capital. Unfortunately you have to pay 50 GP up front once you generate 1 Magic Capital, but then you possess that capital and can spend it.

1 Magic Capital can be spent to pay the crafting costs of up to 100 GP worth of magic items. In this manner, each of the zero level scrolls actually end up costing you 6.25 GP per scroll. Granted, that's not 1 GP each but it's still pretty cheap.

Edit: I just took out a bunch of stuff on Make Whole b/c others ninja'd me to the punch!

I think this Consume Power feat would be especially fitting on a Wyrwood Arcanist with the Consume Magic Items exploit...

[3.5]Firepowder CL3 10gp.
scrolls of Zero level(0@1) spells are 12.5gp, First level(1@1) 25gp. Sadly Zero level spells are mostly dead weight.
Hex Nail CL3 comes next at 20gp. Most hexes aren't that scary unless the caster is a sad clown archetype.
grey(burned out) ioun stones are CL 12 at 25gp. These are a good target for Continual Flame, a wayfinder slot, or nummy for Consume or psionics.
Feather Token(Anchor) CL12 & Universal Solvent CL3 are at 50gp.

you could always buy from Items that can save you and use them in other ways.
Casting Infernal Healing 1@1 via a wand may be more efficient (15gp for 10HP over 11r{1 for casting}).

I'm really surprised there isn't something even cheaper. I mean, you could craft these items to get them for a bit less... But that still isn't much and not really good by any mean.

Conde wrote:
I'm really surprised there isn't something even cheaper. I mean, you could craft these items to get them for a bit less... But that still isn't much and not really good by any mean.

lol... they've hidden the cheaper magic in PF2 $;^)

Too bad a soul gem isn't considered a magic item... it would be fun to combine Soul-Powered Magic with this consuming magic business.

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Have an ally invest in False Focus Feat, Get a 50GP Holy Symbol. Cast Continual Flame on Random objects. The Item now has a Magical aura, and strength would be based on the caster, but with False Focus, it forgoes the constant 50GP Ruby Cost.

and best of all until they hit level 3, they can Scribe Scrolls. Making some cheap lv 0 Spell Scrolls, but until then, certainly still costly to the character that needs them for healing.

But on the plus side, you can destroy cursed Items safely ;-) and once people find out something is cursed, generally want it destroyed.

Bluff is a great friend in those moments

Interesting. I don't know if an item with a spell casted on it/ with a magical aura is considered a magical item per say... And so would be a valid target for the feat.

All the Stars in the Sky would work if consuming magic ammunition was allowed. Obviously a bit niche.

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