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We all know death is an expensive and unfortunate experience, but there are some items you can buy that can help keep you alive and survive in the game...
Rather than a general gear list, let's keep it focused on real "game changers" and things that will keep you up in a scenario, and under $5000(GP).

This list contains basic core items for Home Games and PFS use (PFS--> Home Game is pretty much guaranteed for standard items).

For PFS remember to check your Fame as not everything is 'always available'. Fame <5 {Maximum item price} $0!, 5-8 $500, 9-12 $1500, 13-17 $3000. You should be getting 4-6 Fame per level and as you cross the thresholds things become 'always available'.
Remember that PA/$$$ values can be split on Raise Dead and Vendor Program bonuses make you very hard to kill... just in case you forget.

I've updated the list with good practical items. There are other good options posted in the thread.
Link to the 2018 list
Link to the 2017 list

format - item name, price($ or GP), "("slot")", source, description(short).

=== staying alive & active ===(sorted by ascending price)

Potion Sponge $2 (none) ARG container that works underwater but Full r actn to drink [1 use]. Suitable for potions of Air Bubble 1 UC {lets you drink other potions and cast}, Cure Lgt Wnd 1 CRB, or Touch of the Sea 1 APG. Rather than the sponge you could use a waterskin(sm) $1 and argue about it with your GM (not advised).

Hex Nail $20 (none) PeopleotN ReignWinterPlyrGuide +2 rst all sv hexs, spels, SLA, SU of fey, hags, witches [1 use] and important to have only 1 on you at a time. Circumstantial before you get a Cloak +2 $4000 (shoulders) CRB.

Smelling Salts $25 (none) APG [dozens uses as Full actn (stoppered)] low level compromise to consciousness and for a save vs staggered or unconsciousness. Useful to question people who are below 0 Hps. It's better to cure your friends, but consciousness is better than unconsciousness...

Potion: Cure Light Wounds 1@1 $50 (none) CRB heal 1d8+1 HPs. Always have (at least) one on your person as sometimes the person giving it to you cannot use a wand or read a scroll. Usually a move actn to get out and a standard to drink, or a Full actn to give to someone else.

Wand: Cure Light Wounds -or- Infernal Healing 1@1 $750 or 2 Prestige (none) CRB heal 1d8+1/10(over 10r) HPs. Don't be a mooch, buy one and get cured.

casters: get a wands with an escape/defense spell as wands do not provoke AoO! Have a curative wand in one wrist sheath and a Shield or Vanish in the other.

Potion: Remove Blindness 3@5 $750 (none) CRB std to drink and remove condition. Expensive but can beat waiting for the cure.

Scroll: Lsr Restoration 2@3 [5] $750/2PP CRB. It's gonna happen so bounce back in rounds (or you took Allnight).

Tourmaline Sphere Ioun stone $1000 (none) PS Primer +2 CON for HP limit on dying. So 2 extra rounds and a nice buffer. Wayfinder: +1 Con chks to stabilize SoS. The cracked is okay but overly specific.

Scroll: Breath of Life 5@9 $1125 (none) CRB cures 5d8+9 HPs & brings back from dead within 1r with 1 neg lvl (see spell). Need some action economy with this to make it work effectively. Cheaper than a Raise Dead and keeps you in play. A Scroll of Restoration might be handy. Likely you'll also need Scroll: Invigorating Repose(dwarf|Torag) 5@9 $1125 (none) which gives you CL/2 r to get the first scroll off, you'll probably have to give Torag or his friends some kind words that morning.

Ageis of Recovery $1500 (neck) Ult Equip +2 rst bonus on "second" saves, if less than 0HP heal 2d8+3 HPs [1 use {then expended}]. Action ecenomy as it auto activates. This will save your butt if you are not killed outright by a critical or awesome damage! Put on the Aegis THEN put on a Talisman(s) for when the Aegis disintegrates the Talisman can become active, it's a 1-2 combo to save your bacon.

cracked Pearly White Spindle Ioun stone $3400 (none) PS Primer Regenerate (as spell) 1 HP/hour, immune to bleed damage, regrow body parts (slowly). Long term survivability and beauty maintainer(lol).

Clear Spindle Ioun stone $4000 (none) PS Primer sustains crtr w/o food or water. Wayfinder: Protection from possession and mental control (as Protection from Evil so only from bona fide Evil sources/casters). Anti-Dominate Person for low Will PCs vs BBEG.

First Aid Gloves $4500 (hands) PFS Primer {Breath of Life [5 of 10 chgs] so $2250 per}. For 5+ level characters. Handles that action economy but the owner of the gloves bears the cost of your Breath of Life, buy a set and give one to your healer.

Talisimans(various) Occlt Adv. May wear up to 3. Activation condition is listed after the benefit. I'd suggest the last 3 after your Ageis as if your aegis crumbles to dust you must be in deep doo-doo. The permanent ones exceed the cost ceiling.
. . Beneficial Winds: fall 5'+ -> Feather Fall 1@1 $50 or 1/d $500 (cheaper than Snapleaf).
. . Triskelion(HorAdv): entangle, paralyzed, slow 2nd save & longstrider with success $600
. . Talisman of Pentacle, Lesser 1@1 $600 Horror Adventures. Grants a second saving throw against an evil possession/charm/compulsion affect that exercises control. If you succeed, then it casts protection from evil on you for a 5 round duration.
. . Freedom: grppld, entngld, paralyzd -> 3r Freedom of Movement 4@7 $900.
. . Healing: less than 50%HP-> Cure Crit 4@7 4d8+7 $2400.
. . Life's Breath: dead -> Breath of Life 5@9 $3500.

The Pathfinder Tales Chronicle (Boon) for owning the book Queen of Thorns real$10 $0GP (none) as an immediate action, gain temporary HP and the Confused Condition for 3 rounds...

PFS vendor purchase rewards are excellent and work for the whole table.

for casters with familiars Bloodstone Collar $900 (neck) BotCoven. Worn by a Familiar or Spirit Animal. If wearer damaged to below HP:0 stabilizes at HP:-1 and master takes damage beyond that, refusing to take damage kills collar wearer, uses:[3].

=== Helpful ===

Unseen Servant/Familiar/etc to hand it to you for Action Economy.

Bandolier $0.5 UltEquip. Holds 8 items with mov actn to recover, same as backpack. If your hands are free (with GM agreement) you could pull 2 as a mov actn for a little action economy, if GM says no then don't buy it. If you are using this you should not be next to an opponent due to provoking AoO. Replaced by HH at higher levels (next item).

Soul Candle $1 InrSeaTmpls. undead or haunt within 5ft candle goes out, 24hr dur.

Spring loaded wrist sheath 1@$5 2@$10, (wrist), AdvtrArmry. Pop wands, potions, and scrolls as a swift action (Action Economy). Get TWO.

Vermin Repellent $5 AA. Vermin & vermin swarms DC15 Fort to enter your square, dur 4hr. Buy 2.

Alchemist's Fire $20. buy 4 and 6 $0.1 plain lamp oils, throw when it looks dead or if you just want to burn it. Throw in order; AF(ignites)(1d6 then 1d6), oil(1d3 then 1d3), oil, oil... catching on fire Reflex DC15 to avoid otherwise 1d6(fire)/r, success puts fire out.

Anointing Oil $25 ARG. A nice +1 CL for divine casters for harmless touch spells {a bit specific but 25gp is cheap}.

IF there's no Rogue in the party Scroll: Aram Zeys Focus 2@3 $150 (none) will be handy, 2PA=[5] on one scroll.

Continual Flame w/Heighten $50 + your ioun torch or dull gray ioun stone($25) {note that you can only have ONE such item}. You'll need a party caster of 7+ CL with the spell to do it for you.

the usual potion assortment at $50+; (Cure Light Wounds is above), Antiplague, Antitoxin, Twitch Tonic, Feather Step.

Blood boiling pill $75 AlchMan. +2 alch INIT, +2 save vs cold efcts, RndUp(1.5*dmg from bleed efcts) for 8hrs.

Handy Haversack $2000 UltEquip. 80lb/8cuft, 2@20lb/2cuft. Pulling items from a HH is a MOV actn that does not provoke an AoO. Caster's might consider an Unseen Servant to pull and hold items for you.

various Lesser Rod Metamagic (Extend, Reach, Silent) $3000. Double durations of buffs/protections. Reach out and touch someone. Range Close means you don't have to move and spell must be cast (aka not on a scroll)(Vampiric Touch at close range). Cast 3 spells while in Silence which prevents that spell from shutting down casters (and move out of the area of effect).

Caster's Shield (to 3rd level) $3153 UltEquip. {corner case on the scribing} If you buy scrolls using cash at half it pays for itself over time (17th usage) with 3rd level spells at half cost and 5% Spl Fail... don't "wear" it and avoid the spell failure. I usually buy wands and scrolls using PA.

Four-leaf Clover $3750 (none) OccA. free actn +2 luck single ability chk, skill chk, or save 3/day. Probably the "sweet spot" in luck bonus items

Mnemonic Vestment $5000 UltEquip (spontaneous caster-Oracle) use your slot to cast item's spell ;-)

Vanishing Sheath $5000 AdvClsGd (again, some GM leeway required but more likely than mundane item). Disguise Weapon is an alternative.

Sipping Jacket $5000 (chest) UltEquip - use Dur:(Inst or N*r) potions round by round as swift actn.

Chronicles - check them for wands with fewer charges or small batch ammo. You can always buy the wand later if you don't have the cash now.

=== Combat ===

Smoke Stick $20 -or- Wand: Obscuring Mist(for casters) 2PP CRB. The wand is more effective and usually can hinder ranged attacks, useful in Darkness to balance out advantages.

various Weapon Blanches $5-$200 UltEquip, APG. Always buy cold iron ammo and then coat 10 with; $5 silver, $100 adamantine, $200 ghost salt{ghost touch}PS FldGd.

Oil of Bless Weapon $50 CRB. Std actn to apply then 10r of effect vs Evil creatures.

Holy Weapon Balm $30 AdvClsGd. Std actn to apply to weapon or 10 ammo, gain +2d4 dmg & Rflx DC10 or take 1d4 next rnd, mundane weapon counts as magical, ghost touch vs incorporeals to evil outsiders or undead for 1 attack within 1min.

Spiritbane Spike UnD Slyr Hbk $300. Take 1d6dmg gain shtsword w/ghost touch for 10min.

Arrow Magnet $600 Ult Equip. Item Hrd:8, HP:5 attracts all projectile thrown wpns within 5ft for 5rounds then falls to ground (unless touched or destroyed). Seems reuseable.
Fortifying Stone $1000 PS FldGd. Attaches to any item less than 100lb, Hrd:+5, BreakDC:+5, HP:+20. Restore with Make Whole.

Swarmbane Clasp $3000 (neck) Ult Equip. Deal full weapon damage to swarms, automatically succeed on saves vs. swarms distraction. A backup item to wear (as non-active) and swap your neck slot items around if you need it. Similar to Golembane Scarab $3000 (neck) usefulness.

don't forget to scan the thread for other ideas


just so people know...

a lot of the items above are Core Rule Book(CRB) and it is usable in the CORE Campaign.

there are a lot of basic goodies in the Advanced Player's Guide(APG).

Ultimate Equipment(UltEquip) has a lot of equipment, reprints and some clarifications.

If you have an animal/familiar/mount or are a GM in a home game Animal Archive(AnmlArchv) can be very handy. Check the sidebar on Additional Resources for handy Blog posts!

Advanced Class Guide has some unique things but in PFS they may be race specific, particularly spells.

Alchemist's need the Alchemy Manual(AlchMan), no surprise there.

Ioun Stones are in the Pathfinder Society Primer(PSPrmr).

Pathfinder Unchained(PUnchd) if you are going Monk, Rogue. The summoner got balanced.

There are expansions for spellcasters and melee/ranged types. Supplements get a bit specific from here so I'm stopping with the above. Remember to review the class guide to your class.
Messageboard Class Guides
Zenith Games Pathfinder Guides

Lastly, when rooting around you'll have to do 3 searches.
d20pfsrd search is fast but no PFS legality marker and some names have been changed.
ArchivesOfNethys is the acting PF PRD and notes PFS legality with an icon, but hit search link between searches...

pathfinderwiki is good for background, domains, and the odds and ends of the official PFS world golarian.

*updating so hold on...*

5/5 Venture-Agent, Texas—Dallas & Ft. Worth aka Azothath

done updating and out of time to edit... ahh well...
I'd like to thank all the posters that helped make the list better 8^)

some useful links for PFS
Additional Resources note the handy listing on the right, many APs & blogs!
Campaign Clarifications
Archives of Nethys note that stuff is also listed by resource(book) which is handy when dealing with Add'l Res.

5/5 Venture-Agent, Texas—Dallas & Ft. Worth aka Azothath

there are some handy files in the Pathfinder DFW Facebook page, you have to join first... I'd check out my practical newbie's guide "PFS-StartingOut.odt" as it will help you stay alive and prosper in PFS.

Grand Lodge 5/5 ⦵⦵⦵ Venture-Captain, Online—PbP aka Hmm

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Thank you for updating this thread every year, Stephen. I'd love to see this thread in SFS. I never know how to spend my Starfinder credits!

5/5 Venture-Agent, Texas—Dallas & Ft. Worth aka Azothath

I'm going to add an old entry as a Helpful Item (for a Wizard) -

Lore Needle $4000 (head) Magic Tactics Toolbox, use trained Know skill ranks on another trained Know skill 3/d. You did put 1 rank in all your Knowledge skills, right? This is an okay item and better past 5th level but handy when skills are required and does not fill the headband slot (so you can wear your Headband of Mental Superiority too). Just don't fiddle with it or get hit on the head as there are serious negative repercussions.

Dark Archive 5/5

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Please stop using a dollar sign to mean gp.

It's just wrong.

5/5 Venture-Agent, Texas—Dallas & Ft. Worth aka Azothath

reviewed & items of interest
PC - Blood of the Sea 07/17.
PC - Elemental Master's Handbook 08/17.
PC - Antihero's Handbook 09/17. Liquid Leprosy $750, Iniquitous panacea $200.
PC - Blood of the Coven 10/17. Hag's Seasoning 3rd {tasty targets for anml companion or ailing PCs}.
PC - People of the Wastes 11/17. Firearm Oil $260[20|10], Mineral Acid $50.
PC - Potions and Poisons 12/17. Ossivane $350, Harvester's Kit$65[10], Aegis of Recovery Grtr $3750 (neck), Death's Will $3600 (hands), Antitoxin Touch 1st, Toxic Blood $120 3rd.

nothing really notable for this list

Here's my 1st level Pathfinder Society shopping list. Much of the latter part of this list is wishlist items to pick up after you get a bit of gold to spend, but most of it should be obtainable before level 2.

This list doesn't include the cost of your primary weapons and armor since it differs by character. This list contains no items that require a minimum amount of Fame to purchase, and everything is PFS legal, provided you own the required resources.

Adventuring Equipment

Sack of Powder - 1 cp (1/2 lbs) [Ultimate Equipment]
Invisible enemies at low levels suck. This is a ranged AC 5 attack that outlines them for a mere copper piece.

Chalk - 1 cp (0 lbs) [PRPG Core Rulebook]
A cheap way to keep track of your movement in a dungeon, leave messages to others, or draw pretty pictures on walls.

Torch - 1 cp (1 lbs) [PRPG Core Rulebook]
You'd be surprised how often an open flame is handy. This also gives you a last-ditch effort weapon for swarms, even if it's only 1 point of damage per hit.

Earplugs - 3 cp (0 lbs) [Ultimate Equipment]
You get a +2 circumstance bonus to language-dependant spells or abilities whilst wearing these. Useful against enemies that you know will use enchantments, and incredibly cheap for their bonus.

4 Candles - 4 cp (0 lbs) [PRPG Core Rulebook]
Again, having an open flame handy is more useful than you'd expect.

Inkpen - 1 sp (0 lbs) [PRPG Core Rulebook]
Don't be an illiterate barbarian. Seriously, even barbarians should carry one of these and be ready to write down important information in character.

3 Oil Flasks - 3 sp (3 lbs) [PRPG Core Rulebook]
Grease a flight of stairs. Add a fuse and throw it at a swarm. Rub it on yourself to slip out of a tight spot. In a pinch you could also light a lantern with it, I suppose.

Waterproof Bag - 5 sp (1/2 lbs) [Ultimate Equipment]
Five times the cost of a regular sack, but temporarily protects your gear from water damage. Remember to keep your sack of powder, torch and other water sensitive items in this.

Wooden Holy Symbol - 1 gp (0 lbs) [PRPG Core Rulebook]
A great litmus test to determine if the NPC is a vampire. Present this strongly at them and see if they recoil.

Grappling Hook - 1 gp (4 lbs) [PRPG Core Rulebook]
Weighty, but handy to get your rope where it needs to be.

Potion Sponge - 2 gp (0 lbs) [Advanced Race Guide]
Keep one of these loaded with your go-to underwater combat potion and you'll never need to worry about putting ranks into Swim.

Spring-Loaded Wrist Sheath - 5 gp (1 lb) [Adventurer's Armory]
At lower levels keep a dagger handy. At higher levels keep a wand inside. Plus it's just plain cool.

Ink, 1 oz. vial - 8 gp (0 lbs) [PRPG Core Rulebook]
For your inkpen, obviously.

Journal - 10 gp (1 lbs) [Ultimate Equipment]
Always keep notes. Write down names of important NPCs, goals for the quest, riddles encountered, copies of maps, everything. Then you get to freely ask the GM to repeat themselves by simply saying "I wrote that down in character, so I check my journal."

50 ft. Silk Rope - 10 gp (5 lbs) [PRPG Core Rulebook]
Lighter but more expensive than hemp. Worth the cost to keep your weight down. Also great if your character is into kinky stuff. Never leave home without rope!

Smoked Goggles - 10 gp (0 lbs) [Ultimate Equipment]
Makes you all but immune to gaze weapons, plus you can wear your sunglasses at night.

Pathfinder's Kit - 12 gp (22 lbs) [Ultimate Equipment]
I prefer this kit over many others. You've got your obligatory hobo items like a backpack, bedroll, waterskin, flint and steel and rations, but doesn't load you up on torches and an iron pot like many class kits. You get a signal whistle for when you're in trouble because you split the party since it seemed like a good idea at the time. You get a whetstone for an extra +1 damage on your first hit with a bladed weapon. You get a dagger to put in your spring-loaded wrist sheath.

Total: 60 gp (38 lbs) - Leave your rations and bedroll at camp or on a mount to take 12 lbs off this total


Alchemical Silver Cestus - 25 gp (1 lbs) [Ultimate Equipment]
Your always-on melee threat item. Superior to a spiked gauntlet in pretty much every way. Make sure you do bludgeoning damage, as the piercing would suffer -1 damage penalty due to the material. A cheap means to bypass DR/silver too, if you're in a pinch.

Cold Iron Kunai - 4 gp (2 lbs) [Ranged Tactics Toolbox]
This one serves triple duty as a backup thrown weapon, a DR breaker for fey, demons and the like, plus the item text specifically calls out it can be used as a crowbar or piton without risk of damaging the weapon.

Total: 29 gp (3 lbs)


Guard Dog - 25 gp [PRPG Core Rulebook]
It's a move action and DC 10 Handle Animal check to command your guard dog to defend you. You don't even need to be trained in the skill for this usage. Simply take 10 on this skill out of combat, or take 20 if you're exceptionally uncharismatic. Having an extra pool of hit points for this cost is great value for money.

Total: 25 gp

Alchemical Items

Tindertwig - 1 gp (0 lbs) [PRPG Core Rulebook]
For when you need a fire RFN.

2 Sunrods - 4 gp (2 lb) [PRPG Core Rulebook]
Light and vision is king. Unless your whole party has darkvision, carry a few of these and don't be stingy about using them.

Vermin Repellent - 5 gp (0 lbs) [Ultimate Equipment]
Swarms suck at low levels. Vermin repellent isn't perfect, but it might just be enough to convince a swarm to go chew on someone else instead. Worth the cost.

Smokestick - 20 gp (1/2 lbs) [PRPG Core Rulebook]
Blocks line of sight, but the rules are sketchy about whether you need to light it on fire first or if it self-activates as part of the use. If your GM is finicky about the activation, glue a tindertwig on it and call it a day. It's a handy item that can buy you total concealment against ranged attacks.

Smelling Salts - 25 gp (0 lbs) [Ultimate Equipment]
Okay, you beat the bad guys, but where do you go next? Easy, just grab one that hasn't bled out, stabilize him and then use smelling salts. Intimidate him for information about the bad guy's plans. Does your check fail? Kill him and try the next one. Also a really handy item to have in case the party healer is knocked out.

Holy Water - 25 gp (1 lbs) [PRPG Core Rulebook]
Okay, it's not really an alchemical item, but it's close enough. It's also a decent way to contribute damage against both undead or evil outsiders, especially if they've got some kind of exotic damage reduction you don't have anything to bypass.

Smog Specialty Smoke Pellet - 40 gp (0 lbs) [Dungeoneer's Handbook]
Remember how much invisibility sucks? This is the sack of flour's big brother. Negate a creature's invisibility for 1d4 rounds if you throw it into their square.

Tanglefoot Bag - 50 gp (4 lbs) [PRPG Core Rulebook]
Entangled, no save, 2d4 rounds. All you gotta do is hit them with it. Can be a lifesaver at low levels against bosses.

Air Crystals - 50 gp (0 lbs) [Pathfinder Society Field Guide]
Underwater combat sucks, but a bag of these can save your character if they're able to get them out in time. Just make sure you have them in your mouth before you get grappled by the kraken.

Total: 220 gp (7.5 lbs)


Potion of Touch of the Sea - 50 gp (0 lbs) [Advanced Player's Guide]
Never worry about water again. Get a 30 ft. swim speed for 1 minute. Keep this in your potion sponge.

Potion of Feather Step - 50 gp (0 lbs) [Advanced Player's Guide]
Difficult terrain can ruin your day. This lets you ignore that for 10 minutes.

Potion of Remove Sickness - 50 gp (0 lbs) [Ultimate Magic]
The bonus to saves isn't nearly as good as the ability to negate the sickened condition for 10 minutes. There's many creatures that can inflict this status, so a counter is always handy to have as a backup.

Potion of Protection from Evil - 50 gp (0 lbs) [PRPG Core Rulebook]
Typically the most common enemy type you'll face, and this one has a bunch of benefits. Deflection and resistance bonuses, prevention of mental domination, and that sweet protection from summoned creatures can shut a summoner down cold.

Total: 200 gp (0 lbs)


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May not need it often, but a Bottled Scream is a great way to break the silence effect shutting down your casters.

5/5 Venture-Agent, Texas—Dallas & Ft. Worth aka Azothath

It is a good idea to always assess the situation. If combat breaks out and the common frontal assault isn't working you should try different tactics. Too often I see PCs push forward when they should change tactics to reduce losses.
Spellcasters should have responses to common attacks already figured out before combat. Being defensive is easier than offensive with a low BAB and several tricks up your sleeve. You may not be proficient with a tonfa but are you really trying to hit with it? Often just moving 30ft will put you out of an area of effect. A Bear's Endur with Reach Metamagic can be more effective than a Cure Moderate and save a life at range.

Grand Lodge 4/5 Venture-Agent, Colorado—Denver aka roll4initiative

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What does the 1@1, 2@3, 3@5 mean?

5/5 Venture-Agent, Texas—Dallas & Ft. Worth aka Azothath

Christian Dragos wrote:
What does the 1@1, 2@3, 3@5 mean?

ex: Magic Missile 1@5 means it is a first level spell at(@) caster level 5th, thus 3 missiles.

It is a shorthand notation (along with spell name abbreviations) I've used for years to determine effects, costs, etc as in home games with metamagics etc things can get complicated. Some classes adjust spell level and that effects crafting costs and some spell interactions(Minor Globe of Invulnerability).
Sometimes when I post I use my spell name abbreviations. When the spells had goofy multi-word and/or multi-syllabic names (some still do) shortening the name really helps when writing them on a spell list or magic item description. I've always dropped the leading personal name which PF adopted when it came out. My personal spell sheet for Wiz/Sor contains about 360 spells on a page using trebuchet at 9 pitch, so 0-5th on side 1; 6-9th, mythic, concentration checks, & metamagic feats on side 2.

Acquisitives 5/5

Hilary Moon Murphy wrote:
Thank you for updating this thread every year, Stephen. I'd love to see this thread in SFS. I never know how to spend my Starfinder credits!

see SFS Items that can save you. It's quite short at the moment. Starfinder doesn't have the breadth or history of materials that Pathfinder has to draw on. It's likely that PF2 will have a rather positive impact on that.


reviewed & items of interest
PC Disciple's Doctrine 1/18. !Godstar $1000, spells: Fastidiousness 1, Litany of Duty 1, Unflappable Mien 3.
PC Merchant's Manifest 3/18. lots of cute items though some are not cost efficient. Baston fighting stick $10, Reflex bow $125, Iadaran Dress Uniform $2625, Blade of Life's Defense(kopesh) $170, Dianxue Gloves (hands) $3000, Gloves of the Keen Evaluator (hands) $1200, Quill of Passage (none) $5000, Veil of Attentiveness (head) $350.
PC Blood of the Ancients 5/18.
PC Heroes from the Fringe 8/18. Poisoner's Buckler (buckler) $1505.
PC Plane-Hopper's Handbook 9/18.
PC Martial Arts Handbook 11/18. Interesting tools.

Anulite paprika (none) $3[10] MerchMnfst: 1[fire rst]{when caught on fire} for 8hrs.
Covenant rings (ring) $100(2) MerchMnfst: +1 vs Fear for two.
Lonoma eel (none) $1 MerchMnfst: +2 comp Conc Chk vs motion for 8hr (such as when riding on your horse).
Mantra wheel (none) $450 MerchMnfst: divine scroll activation w/o verbal or somatic & +3 on activation, preload the scroll. In PFS this is especially useful and is essentially two metamagics when in a tight spot.


Whisperer in Darkness wrote:

Anulite paprika (none) $3[10] MerchMnfst: 1[fire rst]{when caught on fire} for 8hrs.
Covenant rings (ring) $100(2) MerchMnfst: +1 vs Fear for two.
Lonoma eel (none) $1 MerchMnfst: +2 comp Conc Chk vs motion for 8hr (such as when riding on your horse).
Mantra wheel (none) $450 MerchMnfst: divine scroll activation w/o verbal or somatic & +3 on activation, preload the scroll. In PFS this is especially useful and is essentially two metamagics when in a tight spot.

Mantra wheel is NOT legal for PFS.


Whisperer in Darkness wrote:


Mantra wheel (none) $450 MerchMnfst: divine scroll activation w/o verbal or somatic & +3 on activation, preload the scroll. In PFS this is especially useful and is essentially two metamagics when in a tight spot.

correct... missed the lack of icon on AoN in my review. Add it to the >tiny list< of items of interest. As this thread limits the items to $5000 or less, items over that cap aren't generally commented on. In a wry note I did notice the PFS usability, it probably dazzled me too much so I missed the lacking icon... lol... no biggie. Yay for peer review.


well - it's up to the online community at large to add to this... seems there's little interest.

Dark Archive 4/5

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Rulebook, Starfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber

The Clear Spindle Ioun Stone resonant effect has been changed. Updated version is here.

The wearer can cast protection from chaos/evil/good/law on himself once per day (CL 12th). He can activate this ability as an immediate action, but doing so drains the ioun stone of its magic, turning it into a dull gray ioun stone.

The Exchange 5/5

I like the cheap things.

Like sunrods. It's always amazing how many people don't have a sunrod. Lasts for 6 hours. AOE is 30' (bigger than the 20' for most magical light spells or from a torch). So elves see 60', and dim light extends for double that range. An elf can see something (dimly) at 120' with a Sunrod... and it only costs 2 gp.

but the best is the Whetstone (AA Pg9), gives a +1 damage for a normal (bladed) weapons for the first time it hits after you sharpen it. Cost? 2 cp. Yeap, 2 COPPER PIECES! What 1st level PC (or 2nd for that matter) Can't afford this? And the Role Play of sitting around, sharpening a blade while the "Face" PC is doing an Intimidate roll... "Hay! do I get to roll an Aid Another for that Intimidate check? I check the edge on my 'skinning knife' by splitting a hair with it...where the NPC can see me do it..."

The Exchange 5/5

Alchemical Grease - cost 5gp - each pot covers one Medium or 2 small creatures... Gain a +5 Alchemical bonus on Escape Artist checks, on Combat Maneuver checks to escape a grapple and to CMD to avoid being grappled. Lasts 4 hours (or until you wash it off).

And you get to play a "Greasy Little Slip"... 5 gp a day (10 gp for the "big folk") for a +5 bonus in Grapples (and on Escape Artist)...

Sovereign Court 3/5 Venture-Lieutenant, Georgia—Savannah aka KitsuneWarlock

Dream Journal of the Pallid Seer is incredible value. Give it out to your entire party to read and buy a new Dream Journal when you finally use yours.


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Wayang 24? wrote:

Alchemical Grease - cost 5gp - each pot covers one Medium or 2 small creatures... Gain a +5 Alchemical bonus on Escape Artist checks, on Combat Maneuver checks to escape a grapple and to CMD to avoid being grappled. Lasts 4 hours (or until you wash it off).

And you get to play a "Greasy Little Slip"... 5 gp a day (10 gp for the "big folk") for a +5 bonus in Grapples (and on Escape Artist)...

You can do many things with alchemical grease. There was one scenario with a minecart where the wheels were rusted and weere going to make a bunch of noise if the party used the cart. So naturally I greased the wheels to deal with the issue.

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