Playtest character thread:

Kineticist Class

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I realized we are three days into the playtest and we don't have a collected thread for players to show off what they are making, what feats they are taking and how they play or you imagine them to play. What do your Kineticists look like now that we have the mechanics for you to build them?

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Human [Undine], Scores [Str 16, Dex 12, Con 18, Int 10, Wis 14, Cha 10], Background: Amnesiac, Kineticist [dedicated water gate], Ancestry feat [armor prof], Class prof [flexible blast], Impulse Feats [Deflecting Wave, Tidal Hands, Water Dance]

She doesn't know who she is or how she got these water abilities but she feels at home in or near the water. Starts with 20 hp and a AC 18 with a breastplate.Nothing like being able to swim 90' in a round. ;)

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Ancestry: Orcish Undine
Background: Sailor
Class: Kineticist
STR: 16, DEX: 12, CON: 18, INT: 10, WIS: 12, CHA: 10

Three playstyles using two variations.

One's I've tested:
1) Subclass: Dual Gate (Earth/Water)
Impulse Feats: Stone Shield, Deflecting Wave
Class Feat: Elemental Weapon
Ancestry Feat: Orc Ferocity
Equipment: Leather Armor

Uses Elemental Weapon to make a bastard sword, then another action to two-hand it. Then move forward using Stone Shield. I tried doing one with a water bastard sword, but then I realized if I used Deflecting Wave, I'd lose the sword. And spending two actions to remake it and ready it wasn't a good idea. I should've ran with Water Dance instead so I could zoom in and slap people with water.

2) Subclass: Dedicated Gate (Water)
Impulse Feats: Deflecting Wave, Tidal Hands, Water Dance
Class Feat: Flexible Blast
Ancestry Feat: Orc Ferocity
Equipment: Leather Armor, Wooden Shield

Tidal Hands is fun being able to aim it so many different ways.

One I'm setting up to test (gotta get a party and a multi-encounter setup for it):

3) Subclass: Dual Gate (Earth/Air)
Lvl 1. Geologic Attunement, Fair Winds
Elemental Familiar
Orc Ferocity
Lvl 2. Familiar Master (Enhanced Familiar)
Grab the Elemental Wisp (Air) specific familiar for a +1 dmg
Lvl 4. Restoring Mud
Lvl 6. Soothing Breeze

Elemental Wisp (Air): Accompanist, Speech, Resonance (Air), Independent, Flier

Want to try out a more support/healer-ish type of Kineticist that gets a small damage boost from their elemental familiar. I figured an Air Elemental Wisp would be a lot more natural for scouting. Breezes in an enclosed caverns aren't' exactly odd....right?

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Due to a last minute decision (we are shifting to Foundry instead of in-person play) I'm going to play instead of GMing (I suck at using Foundry). We will play at 5, 9 and 13 (we are also playtesting some custom ancestries at the same time). This will be my character:

Bob the flying seaweed


Dual Gate: Water and Wind

Ancestry: Leshy (Sylph)
Background: martial Disciple (Acrobatics)

Initial Stats: 12STR 16DEX 18CON 14WIS 8INT 10CHA
Stats 5-9: 14STR 18DEX 19CON 16WIS 8INT 10CHA
Stats 13: 16STR 19DEX 20CON 18WIS 8INT 10CHA

Class Feats

Lvl 1: Flexible Blasts
Lvl 1: Aerial Boomerang
Lvl 1: Tidal Hands
Lvl 2: Air Cushion
Lvl 4: Flinging Updraft
Lvl 6: Slippery Sleet
Lvl 8: Wings of Air
Lvl 9: Torrent in the Blood
Lvl 10: Chain Blasts
Lvl 12: Clear as Air


Stealth (5,7)
Acrobatics (3,9)
Nature (11,13)
Warfare Lore

Skill feats

Cat fall
Lvl 2 Trick Magic Item
Lvl 4 Nimble Crawl
Lvl 6 Quick Squeeze
Lvl 8 Swift Sneak
Lvl 10 Foil Senses
Lvl 12 Kip Up

General feats

Fleet (3)
Toughness (7)
Incredible initiative (11)

Ancestry feats

Lvl 1: Swift
Lvl 5: Leshy Superstition
Lvl 9: Lucky Keepsake
Lvl 13: Airy Step


Frost (9) and Shock (13)
Leather armor
Wand of Longstrider lvl 2 (9)
Boots of Bounding (9)

(Few items because they are not why we are here)

My idea is to try out wind utility (which I think it is too strong) and both a bit of pure damage and control impulse feats. Plan is to use Wings of Air every 5 minutes or so, and use Clear as Air as soon as it dissipates. That way the character has permanent fly and invisibility. I also plan to try entering combat with both Air or Water charged to test both out.

At first I wanted to make Bob STR based and pick Sentinel (he has a can stucked to its body or something idk), but in the end i decided against it so I can test it without any archetype.

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I have an Ifrit Dwarf I'm hoping to playtest as an Earth/Fire Kineticist, using STR for ranged attacks with Brutal and Propulsive. She's an Azer!

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I am playing way out of my comfort zone and playing a gnome aerokineticist. Gonna be high DEX, obviously.

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Started up a kitsune acrobat who's going to be either dual air/fire or pure air, haven't decided. Unfortunately this will be my first 2e character period, so I'm having to get back to basics and also find a table.

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Dwarf [forge dwarf], Scores [Str 12, Dex 16, Con 18, Int 10, Wis 14, Cha 10], Background: Driver, Kineticist [dual air/earth gate], Ancestry feat [
Fire Savvy], Class prof [flexible blast], Impulse Feats [Air Cushion, Stone Shield]

She's a test pilot in Dongun Hold and an unfortunate accident piloting a flying contraption that left her falling from a great height caused her latent elemental powers by letting her float to the ground unharmed. She's heading out to adventure to get a handle on her new abilities but will get a vehicle as soon as possible [like a Automated Cycle or Steam Cart].

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The following is a log of three combats starring the same characters: an azarketi intimidation sword/board fighter, a thief rogue, an elf sorcerer using a bow and cantrips, and a dedicated gate human fire kineticist (Con>Dex) taking the following feats:

1 Burning Jet
1 Warming Nimbus
1 Elemental Weapon
1 Flame Eruption
2 Eternal Torch
4 Blazing Wave
6 Stoke Element
8 Kindle Inner Flames
10 Chain Blasts
12 Furnace Form
14 Horrid Ignition
16 Effortless Impulse
18 Ignite the Sun
20 All Shall End in Flames

The combats were randomly generated through a utility I developed. All encounters took place in a 20x20 room with two ledges for cover on the opposite side of the room, and 3 columns granting total cover on each side of the room.

Enemies were randomly generated from a select pool, with only 1 enemy type per level. IE, all enemies at -3 to the party would be the same creature. Legal enemies including heavily featured undead, demons, and evil NPCs (this tool was developed for random encounters for 2E WOTR conversion). The enemies were also randomly placed in the room.

Each character was built to level 20, and provided reasonable gear at each level. The majority of the gold went to the Fighter, simply because they had more combat relevant needs. All rolls were prerolled in bulk.

An overall conclusion: the martial characters and the cantrip+bow using sorcerer (no spell slots or focus points consumed) significantly out-performed the kineticist in the encounters at 1, 6, and 10. The kineticist had some awkward turns, didn't do amazing damage even with the best combination, and accidentally BBQed the fighter. The Elf Sorcerer had greater control over their damage using Scatter Scree and Electric Arc, and a better array of damage types.

Level 1 Moderate Encounter (all weapons drawn at start of combat)
2 Weak Harrow Readers (-2)
1 Elite Begger (0)

Round 1
Weak Harrow Reader 1 Strides x2, Strikes Elf Sorcerer for 4 damage (Azarketi Fighter hits AAO for 3 damage)
Human Kineticist deals Gathers Power, Strikes x2 WHR1 for 4 damage in melee (1M, 1H); WR1 dies
WHR 2 Strides x1, Strikes x2 Elf Sorcerer for 3 damage (1H, 1M)
HF Strikes WHR2 for 7 damage, Strides, Raises Shield
ES Strides, casts Electric Arc (6); WHR2 fails and dies, EB succeeds
HR Strides, Strikes x2 Elite Begger for 8 damage
Elite Begger Strikes x3 (3M)

Round 2
HK Strikes EB for 3 damage, uses Flame Eruption for 1 damage, EB succeeds
AF Strides x2, Strikes EB for 8 damage. EB dies.

Total damage: AF 18, ES 9, HR 8, HK 8

Level 6 Moderate Encounter (all main weapons drawn at start of combat)
Assassin (8)
Gear: All one +1 striking weapon and +1 armor per party member
Gear: Fighter +1 Shield Boss, Minor Sturdy Shield, Full Plate

Round 1
HR nat20, AF nat20, Assassin 30, HK 25, ES 22

HR Strides, Strikes x2 (1H, 1M) for 11 damage
AF Strides, Double Slice (2H) for 8 damage (Assassin Nimble Dodges longsword)
Assassin Steps, Poisons arrow (Giant Centipede), Quick Draws longbow against ES (Crit), 8 Arrow, 9 deadly d10, 4 sneak attack x2 (42)
ES fails savings throw (15)
HK Gathers Power, Strikes (1M), Stokes Element
ES Strikes (1M), Strides x2 (Success on poison; 4 damage)

Round 2
HR Creates a Diversion (F), Strikes x2
AF Steps, Demoralizes (Success), Strikes (1M)
Assassin Strides x2 (Fighter AAOs, hit for 15), Quickdraws rapier (1M)
HK Strides, Strikes x2 for 10 (Assassin in Light Cover, 1M, 1H)
ES Strides x3

Round 3
HR Strides x2, Strikes (1M0
AF Strides x2, Strikes for 26 (critical hit)
Assassin Creates a Diversion (nat 1), Strikes HR x2 (2M)
HK Strikes x2 for 12 (1 CH, 1M), Stokes Element
ES Strides, Strikes (1M), Strides

Round 4
HR Strikes x3 for 50 (3H thanks to FF)
HF Demoralizes (fail), Double Slices for 28 (1 CH, 1M)

Total Damage: HF 77, HR 61, HK 22, ES 0

Level 10 Moderate Encounter (no weapons drawn at start of combat)
1 Weak Zombie Dragon
2 Tyrannasaurus Skeletons (TS1 spawned next to party, TS2 spawned away)
Gear: All one thundering rune
Gear: Fighter 1 striking rune, demon mask, force shield; Rogue ventriloquist's ring

Round 1
AF Battle Cry (all immune), Interacts x2 to Draw Longsword, Shield, Strikes TS1 with Shield Boss for 58 (near max roll) (CH)
TS1 Tramples for 19: HR CS, HK F, ES CS (nat20), AF S
HF AAOs (1M)
HR Delays turn
HK Gathers Element, Kindles Inner Flame
HR Strides x1, Quick Draws TS1 x1 for 25 (-16) (Precise Debilitation, 1H), Strikes TS1 x1 for 30 (-10)(1H)
TS2 Strides, Strikes AF for 27 (1H), Rib Skewers ES for 12 (succcess)
ES Quick Draws (Archetype) to strike Zombie Dragon for 24 (1H), Scatter Screes for 17 on TS1 (fail) & TS2 (S)
ZD Strides, Strikes AF for 56 (CS)

Round 2
AF Strides, DS against TS1 for 28 (-15) and 15 (2H); HR Opportune Backstabs (1M)
TS1 Tramples for 18: HK S, ES CF, AF F
HK Strides x1, Blazing Wave for 28: ZD F, TS1 F (-10), TS2 F (-10), AF CF (nat 1 dying 2)
AF fails recovery check (dying 3)
HR Strides, Interacts to draw healer's tools, Battle Medicine on AF (21 HP/W1 with Godless Healing)
TS2 Strikes AF 21 (dying 2), Rib Skewers AF for 24 (F, dying 3), Rib Skewers HR for 48 (CF)
ES Strikes ZD (1M), Scatter Screes ZD and TS2 for 28: ZD CS, TS2 succeeds
ZD uses Breath Weapon for 33, 2 round CD: HK S, HR CS, AF CF (dead), ES saves

Round 3
HK Gathers Power, Strikes ZD for 21, Stokes Element
HR Escapes (29), Battle Medicines (21), Strides
TS2 Strikes x2 for 25 (1H, 1M), Rib Skewers HR (CS)
ES Strikes ZD for 15, Scatter Screes for 22: ZD F, TS2 F
ZD Strikes x2 with tail ES (2M)

Round 4
HK Strikes ZD x1 (1M), Blazing Waves for 24: ZD F, TS2 S
HR Hides (S), Sneaks (S), Strikes ZD for 40 (CS)
TS2 Strikes HR x2 for 12 (1H, 1M), Rib Skewers HR for 21 (CS)
ES Strikes ZD (1M), Scatter Screes for 13: ZD F, TS2 F
ZD Strikes x2 with tail ES (2M)

Round 5
HK Gathers Elements, Strikes ZD for 26 (CS), Stokes Element
HR Feints (F), Feints (S), Strikes TS2 for 4Pi (-10), 18 Pr, 2 S (CS); DS: FF
TS2 Strikes HR x2 (2M), Rib Skewers HR (CS)
ES Strikes TS2 for 33 Pi (-10) + 2S; ES uses Scatter Scree for 13: TS2 nat 1s

Total Damage: ES 181, HK 132, HR 89, AF 86

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my favorite playtlest build ive made

human for medium armor feat tax (ugh)

STR focused, high con

dual gate, earth/water (yes i know they are both bludgeoning/no agile im not that concerned)

1- flexible blasts, witches clutch

STR to hit on my ranged attacks and a difficult terrain aura that also does per level damage every round to everyone inside it at no save or hit chance.

2- deflecting wave

could take stone shield instead but the class on its own has no reaction as it is and is therefore less taxing imo.

4-blast barrage

this one might be a dud, idea was to leverage sweep/forceful traits depending on the scenario, but no agile and 16 strength indeed makes this harder

6-cycling blast

this will enable my playstyle as i get to a higher level

8- aura shaping

bigger witches clutch, exempt people from taking damage.

9- elemental flexibility

outside of when i need something specific, standing surf. scaling wall of water is very nice battlefield control. with cycling blast the overflow is less of an issue.

10-chain blast

Quite good for either earth or water even with the shorter ranges

12- rock rampart

my other wall spell

14- assume earths mantle

15- improved elemental flexibility

unless i need something else my defaul will be fusion blast to help punch through bludgeon immune things i turned into resistance with extract element

16- effortless impulse

free sustain on a wall makes it feasible for me to run two walls maybe?

18- rebirth in living stone

20-flawless elements (earth)

2 action assume mantle!

thoughts, in the mock fights ive done. this has been a decent character. level 1 im doing 1d8+3 in damage and +1 to anyone in my aura

level 2 deflecting wave seems pretty strong and broad in application, overflow becomes less of an issue at level 6 with cycling blast.

level 4 blast barrage, its pretty hit or miss (lol) and i feel like, given our accuracy issues, this feat could be changed/made better. maybe if it was just 2 different targets at the same map for 2 actions?

level 6 feels great with cycling blast, making deflecting wave far less of an issue.

level 8 aura shaping is great to expand my constant area of effect and make it so im a better team player and do not afflict my teammates.

level 10 chain blast is truly nice to have.

beyond that its just gravy

overall impressions, yes they could use a bit of a damage boost. im just not sure how. if you do a static con to damage, strength+con=+7 damage at level 1. for not cost, where a barbarian has to sink a limited resource to get 4+2 (ok, more if giant instinct or dragon instinct).

this was a fun build to control the battle and keep damage flowing though. i actually like blasts a good bit for their flexibility.

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overflow becomes less of an issue at level 6 with cycling blast

How so?

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Guntermench wrote:
overflow becomes less of an issue at level 6 with cycling blast
How so?

I think people miss the impulse trait on it and what that means.


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Xenocrat wrote:
Guntermench wrote:
overflow becomes less of an issue at level 6 with cycling blast
How so?
I think people miss the impulse trait on it and what that means.

To clarify for those that did indeed miss it, it means that it can't be used without a Gathered Element. Cycling Blast is a switching tool, not an action economy enhancer for Overflow actions.

Nitro~Nina wrote:
Xenocrat wrote:
Guntermench wrote:
overflow becomes less of an issue at level 6 with cycling blast
How so?
I think people miss the impulse trait on it and what that means.
To clarify for those that did indeed miss it, it means that it can't be used without a Gathered Element. Cycling Blast is a switching tool, not an action economy enhancer for Overflow actions.

Wich is fair. Still nice to have though.

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Fra Vanya Livgrace; Skeleton (Fodder), Magical Experiment
Dedicated Fire Kineticist 6


I will revise this to be an NPC stat block when I do a feedback post
Speed 30, HP 78
Blast +13 2d6 fire, DC 22
AC 14; Fort +14; Ref +14; Will +12. Perc +10, Senses Darkvision, Tremorsense (imprecise)

Feats: 1) As in life, so in Death (a), Eternal Torch, Burning Jet, Flame Eruption, Warming Nimbus, 2) Thaumaturge MC, Stitch Flesh, 3) Ancestral Paragon (Undead Empathy), 4) Blast Wave, Battle Medicine 5) Past Life, 6) Blast Barrage, Godless Healing

Expert) Reflex, Fort, Scribing Lore, Medicine, Will, Deception
Trained) Stealth, Occultism, Academia Lore, Nature, Religion, Perception, Diplomacy, Class DC, Attacks, Light Armor

Str 10, Dex 18, Con 18, Int 10, Wis 14, Cha 14

The 4th son of an already minor noble (being only distant cousins of the ruling noble), Vanya did not place much stock in being of the Karcau Livgraces, but instead found a position within a druidic monastery fairly young in life. And there he would have happily remained, but for the small fact that his refuge was the front for a death worshiping aspect of the Green Faith that liked to experiment, and he seemed a safe enough target.

A few primal rituals later, Fra Livgrace found himself reborn without flesh, but infused with fire. After teaching his former fellow "monks" the error of their ways, Vanya has aimlessly wandered ever since. He has by now far outlived every member of his family and anyone that knew him in life.

While not particularly intelligent, Vanya is something of an intellectual dabbler in many subjects, and his primary activity is that of archiving and research. He has recently found a copy of something from a "Dark Archive", and looks forward to taking it to his rented quarters to see what secrets it might hold.

Going to run him as a solo character through the Dark Archive adventures. Ironically, that is probably the best case scenario for the kineticist's current mechanics, so hopefully I'll enjoy it despite my displeasure on the basic chassis. I'm slightly concerned that I didn't find a way to cram Survival or Arcana into him, but we'll see how it goes. I'll probably pick up Untrained Improvisation at 7th.

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My currently Playtest Kineticist.

This char is made to playtest low-level kineticist (at moment) replaying some Plaguestone's battles.
Here I'm putting current the simplified char sheet. Soon I you put the battle results.
Follow the currently test char:

Bolin - Rock Dwarf - Dedicated Earth Kineticist - Amnesic*
* We choosed Amnesic to improve the Str diminishing the Str MAP a little
Str 14, Dex 16, Con 18, Int 10, Wiz 12, Cha 8 - LvL 1
HP 22, Speed 20, Blast +5/+6 - 1d8+2/1d8+1 (melee/range), DC 17
AC 18 (20 with Stone Shield), For +E9; Ref +E8; Will +T4, Perception 4 - Dark Vision, Tremorsense (imprecise) (if Geologic Attunement Aura is enabled)

Class Feats: All 4 Earth Impulses
Ancestry Feats: Rock Runner
Trained Skills: Occultism, Stealth, Acrobatics, Thievery

Party members: Human Champion Paladin, Elf Thief Rogue, Human Oscillating Wave Psychic*

* I'm GMing this tests while a friend will control the chars. The both Paladin and Thief are Seelah and Merisiel iconics that we are using to not loosing too much time building but Psychic was purposely build to work as comparison basis against the Kineticist as a similar "unlimited resources caster" DD.

Kineticist Playtest - LvL 1 Severe - Fight versus 3 Mangy Wolves + Caustic Wolf in a Ambush:

Round 1:
- Wolf 3:
- Moves near to Psychic
- Attack Psychic with jaws and crits = 6 dmg
- Paladin reaction protects diminish the damage in 3; Paladin Step and Strike with Punch = 4 non-letal
- Attack again with jaws and miss
- Earth Kineticist:
- Gather Element
- Attacks the Wolf 3 = 4 dmg; KO
- Cast Stone Shied
- Wolf 2:
- Moves near to Psychic
- Attack Psychic with jaws and crits = 4 dmg + sickened 1
- Attack again with jaws and miss
- Psychic:
- Psychic uses an action to recover from sickened
- Attacks the Wolf 2 with Produce Flame but miss
- Thief:
- Draw the rapier
- Move to flan the Wolf 2
- Attack the Wolf 2 with the Rapier = 14 de dmg; Kills the Wolf
- Wolf 1:
- Moves near to Psychic
- Attack with jaws and miss
- Attack again with jaws and miss
- Paladin:
- Draw a Long Sword
- Move to Flank the Wolf 1
- Strike with a Long Sword = 6 dmg
Round 2: Wolf Caustic enters in the Initiative
- Earth Kineticist:
- Attacks the Wolf 1 with a Blast, crits just = 10 dmg/Kill
- Attacks the Caustic Wolf, but miss
- Rise the Stone Shield
- Caustic Wolf
- Moves closer to Psychic
- Use a 2-action especial action that's tryies to demoralize all
- Psychic fails and become Frightened 1
- Thief pass
- Paladin crit failures and become Frightened 2
- Earth Kineticist failures and become Frightened 1
- Psychic:
- Unleash
- Feint Wolf Caustic, flat-footing it
- Attacks with an Produce Flame but have a bad roll and used a hero point to roll again, this time hiting = 9 dmg
- Thief:
- Draw a dagger in off-hand
- Move to flank the Caustic Wolf with the Paladin
- Strikes with the rapier, causing 15 dmg!
- Seehla:
- Move to enter in range of Caustic Wolf
- Attacks the Wolf Caustic with a long sword but miss
- Attacks the Wolf Caustic with a long sword but miss
Round 3:
- Earth Kineticist:
- Attacks the Wolf Caustic but miss
- Attacks the Wolf Caustic but miss
- Casts a Stone Shield
- Caustic Wolf
- Caustic Wolf thrown acid breath on Psychic and Earth Kineticist causing 10 dmg
- Psychic failures, taking all dmg
- Seehla protects the Psychic reducing 3 points of the damage to 7 and tries to counter but fail.
- Earth Kineticist fails, taking all dmg
- Caustic Wolf attacks Psychic = 8 DMG and Psychic is down and dying 1
- Psychic:
- Rolls d20 plain check to recover and pass, being no more dying but wounded 1
- Thief:
- Thief moves to flat-foot the with Caustic Wolf Paladin
- Thief attacks the o Caustic Wolf with the rapier but miss
- Thief attacks the o Caustic Wolf with the dagger but miss
- Seehla:
- Step to become closer to the Psychic
- Uses Lay on Hands and heals the Psychic in 6 HPs, waking up the Psychic
- Attacks Caustic Wolf with the Longsword but miss
Round 4:
- Earth Kineticist:
- Attack the Caustic Wolf but miss
- Attacks the Caustic Wolf but miss
- Rises the Stone Shield
- Caustic Wolf:
- Attacks the Psychic hitting = 7 dmg
- Seehla reaction protects reducing the dmg by 3 and counter with longsword hitting = 5 dmg
- Attacks the Psychic but miss
- The Caustic Wolf moves to try to avoid flanking*
- Psychic:
- Get up
- Psychic uses his 2 actions to flee.
- Thief
- Move to flank the Caustic Wolf with Seehla again
- Attacks with a rapier and hits = 9 dmg and killing the Wolf

* In a normal game battle after suffer so much damage I usually make the animal to run for its life. But here I made it to fight until dead

Notes on Kineticist in this fight:
-In a battle with no opponents capable of inflicting attacks of opportunity, his position allowed him to perform a large amount of attacks without worrying about moving even with only 6m range. So it was just a tower.
-Because of the bad luck of the dice, he ended up hitting very little even though he was attacking the most.
-The few times he hit was the one that did the least damage, even with the crit, this was less than the rogue's non-critical attacks, contributing little to the reduction of opponents' HP.
- The player does not use earth aura in this scenario. He said it's not worth it due to the range being too small to significantly affect the wolves' movement and due to the initial location of the players it would end up making it difficult for allies to move.
- Using Tremor (Overflow AoE), also proved to be unfeasible because opponents were not in suitable positions for it, even when they were side by side the Thief would kill the wolf before and because of Overflow the high action consumption prevented him from raising his shield, in the end it was better to use Elemental Blast.
- The class's high HP made it less of a potential target for opponents who preferred to focus on the weakest and easiest target (the Psychic).
- Overall the player who played with the class said the experience was good, much like the experience of playing a Paladin with a returning thrown weapon, but the Paladin at least had useful reactions that the Kineticist didn't so he says that in the end, Kinetic was less helpful than a champion.

Kineticist Playtest - LvL 1 Trivial - Fight versus a Bee Swarm in a surprise attack:

Party vs Bee Swarm
Round 1:
- Thief:
- Take out the rapier
- Pull out a dagger
- Attempts to recall knowledge about bees, but fails without obtaining useful information
- Swarm:
- Using 2 move actions moves to players square (they are all together)
- Uses Swarming Stings on players and takes 1 damage for using this action
- Psychic fails DC 16 reflexes and takes 4 piercing damage and fails DC 16 Fortitude taking 2 poison damage and is clumsy 1 for 1 minute
- The rest of the characters pass the reflex check taking only 2 piercing damage each
- Kineticist:
- Moves 20ft away from the swarm
- Attacks the swarm using Impulse Blast and crits, dealing 6 damage to the swarm which reduces 2 due to bashing damage resistance
- Attack again the swarm using Impulse Blast, but misses
- Paladin:
- Moves outside the swarm, but adjacent to it to the psychic
- Uses Lay on Hands and heals 6 HP of the psychic
- Draw the long sword
- Psychic:
- Moves to 7.5m away from the swarm
- Casts Electric Arc on swarm that fails the reflex check and takes 8 damage
Round 2:
- Thief:
- Takes a step away from the swarm
- Attacks the swarm with the rapier hitting dealing 9 piercing damage, which is reduced by 5 by the swarm
- After realizing that the exam reduces piercing damage more than bludgeoning, tries a second unarmed attack against the exam, but misses
- Swarm:
- Move to stand on the thief
- Attacks the thief with Swarming Stingers taking 1 damage and killing itself in the process
- The thief passes a DC 16 reflex check taking only 2 damage

Note: This was just a small trivial encounter that serves to see the behavior of the Kineticist in small quick combats.

  • Once again the Kineticist was not very relevant here, but more due to a bad luck on the damage die (he took 2), but a damage bonus would obviously have been very helpful here. In addition, against an opponent with physical damage resistance, the kineticist ended up with the same disadvantage as the rest of the martials. Maybe doing a Dual Gate with fire, or Universalist would be interesting for situations with resistance to physical damage, even though fire damage is weaker than earth / water and fire impulses are not so attractive just have an energy type damage would prove very useful sometimes.
  • As the opponent was a flying swarm, it didn't even cross the player's mind to use Tremor (interestingly nothing in Tremor forces the opponent to be standing on the ground, although it makes no sense for it to work on flying/floating creatures in an open space).

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    Play testing a lvl 3 fire kineticist made me wish horrid ignition was a lvl 1 impulse that scaled from 1d6 to 3 or or 4 at endgame since setting stuff on fire seems pretty core to the fantasy

    Kineticist Playtest - LvL 1 Moderate - Fight versus 4 Bloodseekers:

    Party vs Bloodseekers
    Round 1:
  • Thief:
  • Draw the rapier
  • Draw the dagger
  • Attempts to recall knowledge about Bloodseekers but fails
  • Bloodseeker 1:
  • Stride towards paladin (which is closest)
  • Bloodseeker tries to attach itself to paladin and succeeds
  • Bloodseeker drains 1 HP from the paladin, receiving it as temporary HP and leaves the paladin drained 1
  • Bloodseeker 2:
  • Stride towards paladin
  • Bloodseeker tries to attach itself to paladin and succeeds
  • Bloodseeker drains 3 HP from the paladin
  • Bloodseeker 2:
  • Strides using 2 actions due to distance towards paladin
  • Bloodseeker tries to attach itself to paladin and succeeds
  • Kineticist:
  • Use Gather Element
  • Attacks Bloodseeker 1 with Elemental Blast melee and crits for 14 damage, killing the mosquito.
  • Due to the death of Bloodseeker 1 while he was sucking blood, the paladin is now suffering 1 persistent bleeding damage
  • Attacks Bloodseeker 2 with Elemental Blast melee but misses
  • Bloodseeker 3:
  • Strides using 2 actions due to distance towards paladin
  • Bloodseeker tries to attach itself to paladin and succeeds
  • Psychic:
  • Draw the bow
  • Casts Electric Bow on Bloodseekers 4 and 2 and both pass the reflex check but take 4 damage
  • Paladin:
  • Draw the long sword
  • Attacks Bloodseeker 4 and hits, dealing 6 damage to the mosquito and killing it
  • Attacks Bloodseeker 2 and crits, dealing 10 damage to the mosquito and killing it
  • Takes persistent bleed damage and fails to flat check
    Round 2:
  • Thief:
  • Attacks Bloodseeker 3 with the rapier and hits it dealing 6 damage and killing it.
  • Note:
    Easy, fast battle, bloodseekers have very little HP so the damage was almost irrelevant. This time there were no significant differences between the kineticist and the Martials, as damage mattered little and he fought melee. Interestingly it was better than the psychic this time as the Electric Arc failed and did little damage.

    Kineticist Playtest - LvL 1 Low - Fight versus Boar:

    Round 1:
  • Stride with 2 actions to close to the boar
  • Strike with the bow, but misses
  • Strides to the boar's flank using all actions
  • Strides to the boar's other flank using all actions, flanking along with the Thief
  • Stride with all actions closer to the boar but still outside the element's range
  • Strike the thief and crits dealing 24 damage and rendering her unconscious and dying 1.
  • The paladin tries to protect the Thief, but the damage reduction is not enough, but she counterattacks with this reaction hitting the Boar dealing 10 damage
  • Boar Strike again but miss
  • Boar Strike again but miss
    Round 2:
  • Moves until it is 9m away from the Boar
  • Casts Eletric Arc on the boar but it passes at reflex check taking only 3 damage
  • Take a step closer to the thief
  • Lay on Hands on Thief healing 6 HP and leaving her only wounded 1 and conscious.
  • Attacks the Boar, but misses
  • Attacks with Elemental Blast from a distance, but misses
  • Try one more time and fail again
  • Raise a Stone Shield
  • Get up
  • Strike with the rapier, but misses
  • Strike with a dagger, but misses
  • Strike the paladin, but misses
  • Try again but miss
  • Try again but miss
    Round 3:
  • Use unleash
  • Casts Ray of Frost AMP on the boar and hits it, dealing 7 cold damage, gaining 7 HP temp
  • Strike with the bow but miss
  • Step to flank the boar along with the Thief
  • Strikes with the longsword, but misses
  • Raise the Shield
  • Attacks with Elemental Blast from a distance and hits for 8 damage
  • Attacks again but misses
  • Raise the Stone Shield
  • Strike with the rapier, but misses
  • Tries again with the dagger, but misses too
  • Tries more dagger attack and misses again
  • Strike the paladin, but misses
  • Retry and hit for 8 damage
  • Paladin blocks with shield reducing damage to 3
  • The boar attacks again, but misses
    Round 4:
    Psychic (2):
  • Use Ray of Frost AMP again, but miss
  • Fire an arrow but miss
  • Attacks with the longsword and crits for 20 damage, killing the boar
  • Note:

  • First fight where the distance was greater than the Earth Elemental Blast's range and the player chose to use the entire turn to get closer.
  • The kineticist's collaboration in this battle was similar to that of all the other characters, without major highlights.

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    I'm not going to transcribe the fights anymore because it's too much work for me. I'll just put the notes now.

    LvL 1 Party vs Hallod (Plaguestone mini boss):
    Result: TPK!!!

    Obs.: In this fight, rarely long because of the TPK (12 rounds), the Kineticist was the last to fall due to the high HP, high dex and the Stone Shield.

  • Stone Shield is good, it delayed the Kineticist's death a lot, but it also destroyed his action economy. But the problem itself wasn't even because of the extra action costs caused by the shield block, but because of the AoO he suffered and would continue to suffer when using melee impulses. This created a terrible situation for him, where if he does anything with a Impulse he gets an AoO, so he needed to take a Step, but that already consumed an action, if he didn't raise the Stone Shield, he was low on AC and could be hit easily, and if not blocked it would take a lot of damage and die soon. In the end using Stone Shield remained important, but AoO wiped out all the rest of his action economy.
  • AoO is simply devastating against the Kineticist, there's no way he can melee an opponent at this distance without Elemental Weapon, but he also can't do anything other than Strike with the Elemental Weapon in melee, it's a terrible situation and no way out . The player said it was one of the worst experiences with a character he has ever had.
  • The low damage against a strong opponent in a long fight also took its toll. Even when it hit, the efficiency was very low, making everything even more complicated, the Kineticist really needs more damage!

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    Pathfinder Pawns, Starfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber; Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Superscriber

    Sienna Hensworth, beast tamer and wind witch (CG female versatile heritage human outrider kineticist 6)

    “You really think you can keep up with the two of us?”

    Sienna Hensworth is a Tian merchant that specializes in the capture and sale of rare and exotic beasts. Known to many in her homeland as a “wind witch,” Sienna possesses a unique ability to control the air around her—a power that she has leveraged many times to lull many unsuspecting creatures into an oxygen deprived sleep before their capture. She does not know why she possesses this power, only that she has had it for as long as she can remember. She suspects that her family may possess a remnant of djinni blood, though that is merely speculation on her part.

    In her free time, Sienna also happens to be an avid terror bird jockey, racing her majestic birds in professional competition. Though her career is only beginning to take off, her ability to put the wind at the back of her steed while simultaneously using it to slow her competitors has served to give her quite a leg up on the game. Even without the boon of her wind powers, however, her skills in animal husbandry and training alone would make her a formidable opponent on the track.

    Unfortunately, both her successful business and the winning streak in her hobby have put her under the scrutiny of organized crime. Local crime syndicates wish for her to supply them with beasts that will aid them in their larcenous pursuits, and for her to further rig the races on their behalf. Instilled with a strong sense of right and wrong at an early age by her parents, Sienna’s lack of cooperation has earned her the enmity of these syndicates.

    Tactics: Learn as much about potential enemies with your familiar spy (directing it via Whisper of the Wind) as you can prior to any confrontation. When battle is joined, use the superior speed of your terror bird mount in conjunction with Fair Wind to keep your distance from potential threats whenever possible. Pelt your foes with ranged Air Blast (when focus firing), Blast Barrage (against swarms of weaker enemies), or Aerial Boomerangs (alternate with the other two attack forms). In a single round, your mount should be able to carry you 100 feet as a single action, or 50 feet for no actions at all. That leaves you with two to three actions to use your boomerang or blast barrage, or to make normal blasts and maybe Gather Element if it is needed.

    When focus firing a single powerful foe, consider dismounting and using multiple Air Blasts, rather than Barrage Blast, in conjunction with your agile trait and terror bird Support Benefit. Between agile reducing your penalties and your animal companion making your target flat-footed, the likelihood of landing your iterative blasts is much higher than is traditional for other kineticists.

    If forced into tight areas against especially dangerous foes (such as those with reaction attacks) where high mobility isn't much of an option, rely instead on your steed's natural attacks for offense or your own melee reach to avoid the enemy reactions.

    The AoO thing stood out to me as being problematic from the beginning. At the very least, the Kineticist's melee attacks shouldn't be triggering AoO.

    After after we recreated the party and make some characters optimization we tested in LvL 2 encounters. In general they was too similar to LvL 1, kineticist was boring and low damage in general. But we finnally had one interesting battle to coment. The first battle where the Earth kineticist finally could use Tremor! But again was terrible! kkk

    LvL 2 Party vs 3 Bloodlash Bushes - Severe encounter!

    Notes: Usually the kineticist gameplay resumes to something like Blast, Blast, move/rise Stone Shield. But this time curiously because the opponents had reach attacks they were perfectly aligned and no melee allies too close to be friend-fired by AoO, allowing the Kineticist to use Tremor 2x in a row!!!

    That said it was a shame. Next to him was the Oscillating Wave Psychic that accompanies the kineticist in the party and even in the ideal situation the difference was stark! While the kineticist used 2+1 actions with Tremor to deal 2-8 damage and make a difficult terrain that endures 1 round which in the end didn't matter to the creatures as they didn't need to walk because of the reach (and therefore remained in the correct position to AoE), the Psychic, without using Unleash, did 5-8 damage with Electric Arc, and to top it off, he still firing an arrow with the remaining action! I don't even need to comment on how it went after Unleash.

    It was ridiculous. So far I'm trying to understand what went through the designer's mind when he created Overflows whose damage and efficiency is lower than a Cantrip and still spends one more action. But this was probably done without much thought, because as it's a playtest the designer shouldn't have stopped to balance too much here. But I really hope they consider the minimum expected of a 2-action Overflow is that it is at least more powerful than 1 Cantrip+Strike otherwise we'll end up with a Kineticist who in the end will be worse than any caster with a bow, or some ability to deal damage in a third action like Psi Burst or some sustainable Spell.

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    Frozen sea, level 3 earth/water lizardfolk.
    Flexible blasts, winters clutch, stone shield, tidal hands.

    4 encounters so far. First was spent just trying not to hit friendlies with my aura, two round fight so I did nothing.

    Second was over before I entered the room, I was last in almost every fight.

    Third was rough, a little ranged damage in a small space, failed to judge when to stone block(second enemy didn't attack me), standing still and trying to block to avoid AoO, finally tidal hands and enemy rolled a one so felt great. With nearly any other roll it would have been much less enjoyable I think.

    Fourth(boss) fight was brutal, put up aura then was downed before second turn. Group basically TPKd if not for GM allowing sly player idea to work, so poorly made fight that doesn't really reflect anything.

    I like the things I can do, but so far feels like I'm fighting against handcuffs to do them. I can't start with my aura or an aoe and then raise shield, so I'm rather squishy as a con/str based character. Hard to decide to block first attack that hits you and thus lose the shield protection that might deflect other attacks.
    Battles to short right now to get my kit rolling.

    In a mostly ranged group, so my damage shouldn't feel low, but with at least one gun user critting per combat or the ranger swapping to a reach weapon, it does feel a bit underwhelming so far.
    Hopefully some better fights next time.

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    Spike, Cactus Leshy Barber (because of the horrible pun. Barbs! Harhar!)
    Level 5 Dual Gate (Water / Earth) Kineticist. Flexible Blasts, Tidal Wave, Stone Shield, Water Dance, Return to the Sea

    Attributes: 14/18/18/8/18/10

    The character was specifically built for PFS2-06: The Crashing Wave

    Since I know a lot of fights would be under water, I basically HAD to take the level 4 feat Return to the Sea if I wanted to use ranged attacks, since the underwater combat rules have no exception for attacks with the Water trait, so all ranged blasts, being bludgeoning, would have been impossible otherwise.

    Due to Leshy Lore as an ancestry feat I had a decent amount of skills, despite having Int 8. Athletics and Nature both came in handy, as of course Medicine did.
    The Spine attack of Cactus Heritage was meant as a way to fight in melee without any AoO and uses the same proficiency and items as the blasts, so it seemed a very good fit.

    Overall I had a few moments to shine. Biggest ones were a Tidal Wave that was able to damage three enemies for a decent amount (about 80% of an attack of someone of comparable level) on two different occasions, as well as moving Seelah into position to flank the BBEG with Water Dance, which would have taken her more than 3 actions on her own.
    In combat I tried to focus on smaller enemies since the to hit and damage were very much sub-par, and the horrible rules for creating playtest characters lead to me having the worst AC in the group (other than the level 3 character) due to not having an armor rune.

    Saves and Perception were all very good at +13, HP pretty decent as well. So other than the missing rune, the character was very well of defensively and had some nice utility value. It just wasn't the thing I think of first when I think of the 1st Ed. Kinetcist: An amazing single target / burst damage dealer

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