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So to my wallet's detriment, I took advantage of the Golem clearance event to pick up a hefty stack of modules. In order to improve my DM skills and also get to experience the module format, I'd like to start a game in which a group of adventurers jump from module to module, essentially creating a story by taking part in so many different scenarios.

There'd be breaks in which the characters return "home" and a familiar cast of characters can grow and react to their success and failure. For levels at which I don't have a module ready, I'll adjust another one I do possess or use a third party one I pre-selected before hand.

The first module would be Murderer's Mark. Anybody game?

Just to check, are you aware that it will take at least two months to complete a module and there will likely be at least one dropout within that time, possibly more? 'Jump from module to module' may be an overly-ambitious goal.

Players will be replaced as needed in hopes of a core group becoming established. In the event where it becomes too frequent, the modular aspect of the campaign will allow it to reach a natural conclusion.

Worse comes to worse, I run a low level module or two and learn something.

I might be interested depending on the details of creation

...Yeah, color me intrigued. It could be a fun time.

Sounds good. Just wanted to check you were going into this with your eyes open.
I'd be interested as long as we don't start too low level.

This sounds interesting! I'll eagerly await more info.

interest depending on creation rules

interested as well...

Here too. Modules are fun

I'm interested. Is this for PFS credit or stand alone?

I have a healthy amount of interest in this! In fact it sounds like just what I was looking for. And I have a sniper concept I've been itching to use!

Ammon Knight of Ragathiel wrote:
interest depending on creation rules

I agree.

This sounds like a great concept for a game. I'm in.

Sure thing, that sounds fun. A bit like the PFS playstyle, except without the PFS aspect, which seems appealing to me.

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Consider me interested as well.


Interested here also.

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Interested also.

Grand Lodge


I have never played an online play-by-post game so I might be willing to give it a try.

Good idea. I'd say you have plenty of interest.

Interest noted. Will post a recruitment thread later today.


Link to official recruitment here. Hope to see you there.

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