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SO my crew finally Squibbed the Man's Promise which requires renaming of their new ship......They are 95% sure they are going with "Boaty McBoatface."

So I am curious what other ridiculous names other peoples parties have chosen & actually used.

(not a this would be a funny name for a ship; I mean actually used in game)

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Naga's Wrath for our first ship. Naga's Hammer for our second full sized ship. we never named the cutter we ended up selling.

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"The Memorable Appendix Crisis"

The party I am GMing for squibbed The Man's Promise and renamed it The Liar's Fortune. Simple enough name but after a few adventures things started to go off the rails.

The second ship became The Mystery Machine.

They recently just captured 4 vessels and have decided to name them:
The Pussycats (Always paired with Josie)
The Funky Phantom
Speed Buggy
Sense a pattern to the insanity?

She (ships are always she :) ) should have a name that strikes terror into the hearts of your foes and demoralizes your plunder targets.

Just a few suggestions

Reaver's Pride
Storm Queen
Cruel Cutlass
Marauding Mary
Sea Bi**h
The Wailing Maiden
Wind Scourge
The Black Tide
Last Scream
Blood Wake
Plunderin' Peg
Terror's Mistress

Just a few classic style pirate ship names, because no one is afraid of the good ship Lollipop ;)

"If You're Reading This We're Coming For Your Booty"

Silver Crusade

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We seriously considered Boaty McBoatface but decided to name our ships after Paizo APs. So the Man's Promise became the Serpent's Skull. We haven't kept another ship yet, but when we do, I'm going to move for the Reign of Winter.

"The Booty Hull"

Rorryn wrote:

SO my crew finally Squibbed the Man's Promise which requires renaming of their new ship......They are 95% sure they are going with "Boaty McBoatface."

So I am curious what other ridiculous names other peoples parties have chosen & actually used.

(not a this would be a funny name for a ship; I mean actually used in game)

That's stupid and sounds like a name they may find regrettable after the LOLs wear off. If I were running that game, I would have most Free Captains throw a minor amount of shade on them when they found out that name.

In my game, the players couldn't agree on what to call the ship so used a random name generator which spit back "Bloody Trident". No one loved it but everyone settled for it. More than once they wished they had tried harder in later days.

My group couldn't think of a name for their ship at first and waited till they had an inspirational moment. They had a rough fight that through bad luck and bad decisions left them the victors of the battle but badly damaged and forced to beach their ship to keep from sinking. During the repairs they had huge murders of crows feasting on the dead they had hauled off the ship to eventually bury...

Raven's Feast was born.

Ships flag is white (yes white) with a blood red crow.

They are at Tidewater at the moment and seriously improved both their tactics, crew and luck!

Fair Seas!

Boaty McBoatface?

"That's stupid and sounds like a name they may find regrettable after the LOLs wear off. If I were running that game, I would have most Free Captains throw a minor amount of shade on them when they found out that name."

Yeah, I'm with Shaun. If they can't take themselves seriously, how are the REAL Pirates supposed to?

My group killed a 18th level wizard by stealing his personal flagship and hitting him with a full broadside of cannon fire. The name was either going to be "Razmir's Folly" or the "Crimson Drake"

They went with the Crimson Drake, and have since hired several wizards (using the gold, and selling one of the Sun Orchid elixir vials they found on the ship) to permanently enchant it so that it flys.

It's made getting random encounters difficult but the horror they found upon waking to find a baby Dis-enchanter eating their wizards staff was priceless.

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My group proposed perhaps the greatest ship name I've ever heard...

The Random Encounter

The Unyielding Storm

Liberty's Edge

My face-to-face group named their ship The Siren's Lament.

My play by post group names their ship The Kiss of Vengeance.

Liberty's Edge

My group called their ship the Icy Naga due to the combat they just finished with the naga at Squibs and the Sorcerer uses ice spells.

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You guys were right about Boaty McBoatface being STUPID...and REAL pirates not taking them seriously.

They changed the name to the "Fist & Claw" due to the Brawler & Druid we have in the group because the Real Blackbeard walked into my house and gave all my players a Rodney Dangerfield type lecture about respect & ship names......Now my players know how serious this game is and stopped trying to have fun......

Except my Brawler...he knitted himself a sash that says "Arch Duke of Neck Punching" and wears it around the ship.....

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We named ours the 'Crisis of Faith', because anyone that came across it was soon to find the Gods don't love them as much as they think.

Also just a fun jab at the Rahadoumi we took it from.

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I ended up being involved in two Skull and Shackles campaigns. The groups never bothered to rename captured ships - just their original.

First group was 'Stormbringer' after a classical fantasy reference. It didn't hurt later on when we won the Regatta.

Second group had much debate, but eventually settled on the Vengeful Tide. (The PCs in that group had a lot of revenge issues.)

My group named their first ship Miss Erie's Curse and the next one Lucy's Aft Glory. The second was a fishing vessel
converted into a floating brothel they used to make money while in port. I'm sure any other ships they take will have names just as.... respectful.

My group renamed the Man's Promise as Blackbeak's Cutlass, their captain was a Tengu with a famous pirate ancestor. They named the rest of the ships they captured: Salty Surprise, Sea B+++&, and Bone and Ash. That last one captained by a Gnoll mercenary and crew they allied with.

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The Man's Promise became The Salty Splinter, mostly because we were a pain in the ass to everyone we came across. :)

Eventually we traded it, another ship, a butt-load of plunder points, and a number of magic items in for a custom Fabricated Man'o'War called The Terminus; aptly named for being the end of many a sailor's tale.

1st ship:
Lament for the Fallen

My ships:
The Plunder Taker [my flagship]
Seize Plunder
Rage of the Serpent
Merchant's Silence
The Little Squid
The Nights Treasure
Azlant's Secret
Scurvy Raider
Greedy Strumpet
-- Name generators can inspire great names.

Wizard's ships:
A Good First Step
Disproportionate Retribution [under construction]

Other ships in the party I know of:
Blue Lang
The Lady Styx
Marid's Whisper

I know we have others.


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Jumping genres, I've seen several badly named ships in various Star Wars games due to a party (of smugglers of course) with a propensity for outlandish paint-jobs and hacked transponder codes. Of course, their stand-by home-away-from-home was some disturbing amalgam of a YT-20-something (lore was not my strong suit in this system) originally named Black Betty.
In the course of ~20 sessions and 8 systems (~20 planets, I think), they changed her name to
No Ship of Consequence
Error Ship 404
Rolling Rock
Free Beer
Full of Bees
Lucas' Folly
Padme's Shaggin' Wagon
Kilt Lifter
Don't Look Here
A Moon
Heart of Tungsten
Badlatin Biblicalname
The Final Form
Blue Moon
Pure Communism
Gungan Pride
The All-Head Pint
Too Fly to Drunk
and my personal fave: The Wet Wookie
These were mostly groan-induction manifolds, which I got to witness from across the room, as I had a bad habit of taking heavy-weapon users and winding up in ugly melees (i.e. dead/comatose) at the start of any given adventure. This worked out well enough, since I was never totally into the SW d20 system (tastes & accounting...)

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The Vengeance.

The Dark Horse

The Widowmaker.

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We called it The Sea Cockroach in honor of our first deceased PC, a tiefling magus who died while rescuing Sandara. He had quitinous skin (for the +1 nat armor alternate race feature) and was not very sociable (cha 5) so the crew called him Cockroach.

BTW the word is chitinous.. ;)

GM_Beernorg wrote:
BTW the word is chitinous.. ;)

Uuups, sorry my first language is spanish

No prob...just a very minor good natured ribbing there, as I was an English major in college after all :).

Love the nick name Cockroach, that is simply priceless

Get someone on the ship to play this.


My players named their ship the «Mustakrakish» after the Metalocalypse song/monster but there is a story around.
The bard in the group loves boasting. From the very beginning she loved inventing stories about the terrible Mustakrakish, a monster that came directly from her mind.
Being superstitious folks, many pirates believed her and the terrorizing stories about the feared Mustakrakish grew bigger and bigger and more popular.
Finally when they had their own ship everybody aggreed to name it after the well known terror of the sea.

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Me? Boasting? Never! It's just that I have a compromise with my audience and I won't tell them boring stories! And what is more exciting that a fight with a ghost ship? A fight with three ghost ships! Or five! Or... The dreadful Mustakrakish! Yes, we were there! Let me tell you that amazing story. Invite my crew to a single pint of rum and you will hear a story you won't ever forget!!!

Ships' name: "Forbidden Crack"
Captain's name: Sanchez aka "Dirty"
Flag: A skull with two fingers under his nose

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In our first campaign (in which I was a player), we called our first ship The Queen's Herald (a reference to Besmara but without being too obvious to our marks or pirate hunters). I forget what we called our other ships.

I think the appropriateness of "Boaty McBoatface" (and other names of similar ilk) depends entirely on the group. Personally, as a player and as a GM, I'd be irked; that's not my idea of role playing a pirate. But that's how I have fun. For other groups it could be entirely appropriate for the chuckles it engenders around the table.

My players have now their own fleet!

Their flagship is the already mentioned Mustakrakish, the squibbed Man's Promise, with Kiani the Blue as the admiral of the fleet.

The squadrons (aside from the oficial ones in the books) are:

The Tempest Squadron, with the Thresher in lead and Isabella Locke as the commodore.
The Tropical Storm Squadron, with Zeboim's Revenge as their main ship (formerly the Wormwood) and Sandara Quinn as the commodore.
The Sharp Wind squadron, with The Inspired Blade (formerly The Infernus, that they recovered from the sea with a Salvage scroll) and Fox Clayton (who is an Inspired Blade swashbuckler xD) as a commodore.

The other PCs decided not to have a ship or a fleet of their own because of not having enough Profession skill or enough CHA score.

All the squadrons are thematically named after meteorologic phenomena because of their devotion to the goddess of the sea and storms.

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The Man's Promise was re-christened the Wandering Dishonor.

The Thresher had been squibbed and re-christened Nobody.

They've also captured two other ships, currently known as The Mad Eel and The Good Terror, but they don't have enough crew to sail them so they sit anchored at Tidewater Rock, guarding the harbor.

Something similar happened to my players. At first they didn't have enough crew for their ships, but they felt rewarded for keeping them when they had to build their fleet.

My go-to name for a ship has been, for years, Harakiri Maru.

In form, that would be a Japanese merchant ship, but that's also the name of a particular courtyard in Himeji Castle, because it was a favorite spot for people to commit suicide in. It says something about my group(s) that my first thought is "oh, good, another spot to commit suicide in."

We called ours Besmara's Dance. But the one I got for my character in PFS version (she is a Shackles Corsair and a Sea Witch based on Uma from Descendants) will be the Sea Witch I believe.

Sovereign Court

We have named ours the "Bejeweled Queen". Reason being was because the last AP we finished was Runelords and we were amused by the collection of "quest items" that Delavine had in the runeforge. We have two other ships presently, and the thought is to name them after the other Runeforge ingredients.

We renamed the Man's Promise, the Besmara's Lust.

When my wizard, Jamest Iberiu Skirk, got his Shackles Letter of Marque and christened his own ship, he named her Inceptum. She has been added to our fleet and Jamest commands a squadron from her deck.

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