DC Comics To Relaunch Everything


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My comic shop just notified me that Generation Zero #1 has been cancelled (which doesn't necessarily mean it won't be re-solicited, perhaps even as early as the following month.)

I'm not surprised Generation Zero (ANY issue) isn't coming out.

Right now it seems full steam ahead with Death Metal. Which, honestly, I'm enjoying.

Also while I'll miss some of the extra stuff, we'll have to see how much of the secondary characters get pushed to the wayside. (Looking at you Aquaman and Batgirl)

The introduction of the Dark Multiverse is an interesting addition to the DC universe, but there are elements of it I'm just not finding to be my personal cup of tea. These include the five "actual" elements infused into Batman (Nth Metal, Promethium, Dionesium, Electrum, and oh-for-God's-sake Batmanium) in order to bring Barbatos forth.

Although I will read and enjoy things like The Boys, Brat Pack, Irredeemable, and Herokillers as an occasional change of pace, Dark-Death-Metal lays it on a bit too thick and continuously for me. Plus, as much as I like the character of Batman, I'm not sold on him being the focus of an entire multiverse and a dark supernatural plan spanning tens of thousands of years.

I have several upcoming Death Metal titles on order, but I really don't like the idea of them becoming the main focus of DC going forward. One reason I read comics is to escape the real world Dark Universe for a while.


While I understand your concern with the whole 'grimdark' aspect to it, I feel Death Metal is kind of like Metalocalypse, in that it's a kind of a subversion at times of the darkness trope. (I mean Batman in a T-rex? How is that not kind of humorous?) So while I get it...I'm kind of stoke for it, if only because I hope it will lead to the following:

Wally West saving the multiverse; Young Justice replacing the Teen Titans while the older Titans become like mentors; basically everything that Rebirth was supposed to be but got axed for some reason.

That's just my take though.

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The DC Universe is taking a giant leap into the future

Looks like I'll be getting even fewer (meaning zero) DC comics for at least two months.

Probably but I am interested in how Jonathan does filling in his dad's shoes. Plus the new Wonder Woman will probably be from the third tribe of Amazons hinted at previously.

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DC Comics Promotes Marie Javins to Editor-in-Chief

I wish her success in her new position. Hopefully, she can make more of DC worth buying. I have my doubts. Not really about her, since I don't know her. More about DC as a whole, and those who own it.

I am considering the DC online subscription. It sounds like they will have access to their whole library with a 6 month delay from market release. Sure I'd be half a year behind the current stories but It might still be worth doing

Eh...I mean it's not like they have Dan Didio still running things...so it MIGHT improve. We'll see.

On the whole, I'm still waiting to see how Death Metal plays out before I pre-judge how 2021 will develop.

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Greylurker wrote:
I am considering the DC online subscription. It sounds like they will have access to their whole library with a 6 month delay from market release. Sure I'd be half a year behind the current stories but It might still be worth doing

That is indeed what true DC Universe Subscription will have. I’m debating whether it is worth keeping it now that the television programming has moved to HBO Max.

The back catalogue is nice at first, but after delving through for about six months I’ve barely touched it.

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Cat Vasko to Pen Female-Centric Plastic Man Movie

I didn’t think this was worth it’s own thread, but it’s still interesting. I like Plastic Man, but he’s barely good enough to carry a comic anymore (if he ever was). I can’t see him carrying a movie. At least, not a successful one. Maybe that’s why the gender change.

Nevertheless, I wish them luck with this.

I wish em luck but....it's not gonna be Plastic-man. If it looks good I'll probably watch it, but if they are counting on bringing in Plas-fans, this is much more likely to drive them away.

plus there are LOTS of Good Female DC heroes to do movies about, it's kind of bull#$%^ that they ignore all of them to do this

I'm with Grey. I'd much rather they do something more like "Vixen" or even a "Fire and Ice" movie...

If I wanted to make a plastic man movie with something other than a cis white guy, I'd go with Kumail Nanjani. He has the sense of humor. He has been in a few small action comedies that were decent, and he has buffed up for The Eternals.

I agree that there are many great female DC heroes to make movies about. Not sure why you would bother with a Plastic Woman.

In that vein, Shazam, Black Adam, Hawkgirl, Hawkman, and maybe Dr. Fate could form their own cinematic universe while largely ignoring the rest of the DC universe.

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GM SuperTumbler wrote:
In that vein, Shazam, Black Adam, Hawkgirl, Hawkman, and maybe Dr. Fate could form their own cinematic universe while largely ignoring the rest of the DC universe.

That could be a potentially awesome set of movies.

Yeah. I'd love to see Black Adam team up with the other magic people to do a start up Justice League Dark.

DC has apparently circled back to what they tried by introducing Hypertime back in 1999 with The Kingdom: nayh, nyah, you can't hold us to anything in continuity ever again! Pffffft!

The domino effect of Death Metal, Future State, Generations Forged and Infinite Frontier just left me thoroughly confused.

Also, an offhand comment made by Waverider in -- was it in Generations Forged ? -- sounded a bit like it conflicted with something that was established in ...

Doomsday Clock: namely, that Superman's original frequently shifting forward in time was due to Doctor Manhattan's interference and that (also because of this same futzing around by Dr. M) that the Earth-0 universe was effectively the Superman Universe and was someway outside of the rest of the multiverse. (Waverider said the Linear Men know the Earth-0 universe as the Linear Universe, which is unique in that folks live longer there than their counterparts in other universes.)

But then I believe Infinite Frontier said that Dr. M's corruption of that universe's timeline had been undone in the after math of Death Metal. So...yeah.

...never mind, I just got finished saying that "established" has no meaning for DC any more. Old habits die hard.

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I saw they’re apparently re-establishing Wally West as the Flash, with Barry running off...somewhere in the universe (or some crap like that).

If I didn’t think they’d just throw Wally away and bring back Barry again, I’d possibly consider picking up a new Flash series. Not that Barry’s bad, or anything, but I’ve long been on record as thinking the major companies are both ultimately cowards when it comes to replacing someone behind the mask.

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Not too mention, I think most of DC’s writing these days sucks big, hairy goat balls. Maybe I’m just too cranky, though. Or curmudgeonly.

I'm not sure this is Hypertime so much as "We can't find a way to please everyone so this is our answer."

I also hope the Future State stuff for Wally doesn't come to pass.

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I saw an article about DC having some kind of March Madness-style voting brackets for new comic projects. Most of the ones mentioned in the article seemed pretty lame, which is not surprising coming from DC these days.

Even if all the projects were potentially kick ass, however, I would not likely bother with such a gimmick. Last time I participated in a DC comic vote, they (eventually) brought Jason Todd back anyway.

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The whole thing kind of reminds me of that pathetic Coors gimmick with the mountains on their cans changing color (or something stupid like that).

I read most of them. Other than the one where we'd get more LGBTQ+ characters...I kind of agree.

More Ambush Bug! Have him team up with Deadpool for meta adventures.

Eh. I mean if there was a better than just meta reason for it...maybe Phillip...

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I saw an ad for a new Mister Miracle series. Written by....some dude I've never heard of. Art by....some other dude I've never heard of. That, and the fact the last MM series they did had a pathetic and idiotic ending, make me hesitant to get this one.

Brandon, M Easton has written comics for more than few smaller publishers, but he's also done a few one shots for both DC and Marvel.

I can't speak for the art since I'm not familiar with Fico Ossiio. But I doubt it will be anything like Tom King's one since this is with Shilo Norman, NOT Scott Free.

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Superman: Son of Kal-El - DC Officially Crowns Jon Kent the New Man of Steel

At least until the gimmick is over and they bring the original back.

I mean I hope not. I'd like to see Jonathan succeed. But then I feel the same way about Connor...even he's getting shafted right now.

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I'm all for it, I think Jon is a pretty good character (even if I don't agree with aging him up suddenly). What feels weird to me that while Jon is going to be Superman, Clark is running the Authority. That just doesn't feel right somehow.

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Greylurker wrote:
What feels weird to me that while Jon is going to be Superman, Clark is running the Authority. That just doesn't feel right somehow.

If the powers that be stay spinelessly true to form, this will only be temporary. Things will be back to "normal" before too long.

It will be temporary since the Authority thing is only to deal with the threat of Warworld and Mongol II. At least that's my read on it.

Lex Luthor.....is Batman

No...he just the guy RUNNING Batman Inc now, Grey. Kind of like how if Doctor Doom funded the Avengers...

Heard a rumour.....don't like it

Did they seriously just Kill Guy Gardner?

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In a black label out of continuity book, yes.

dirtypool wrote:
In a black label out of continuity book, yes.

Oh thank god

Tis but a scratch. He'll just spend some time in that afterlife bar and gamble his way back in.

Yeah Human target isn't cannon. Although they are going to kill the Justice League in Dark Crisis so...

I know they are trying to make this Dark Crisis thing feel important and all...

apparently Deathstroke shot Beast boy. They are making a big deal about it but I can't help but think...Take him to Thymescara and use the purple healing ray, Like you did back when Deathstroke LITERALLY killed him before

Technically Beast Boy might still be okay since he and Cyborg got merged back in the first run of Titans Academy.

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So, after a good long run of everyone knowing that Clark Kent is Superman, that's now been "fixed" so that only the Kents, the JLA, and presumably anybody who was off-planet or currently dead, knows. Anyone else who finds out, dies.

(If Superman were more ruthless, he'd probably be tempted to use that as a weapon. Pop on the glasses, hold up a Pulitzer, and watch the villain keel over with a heart attack.) (Luthor, of course, could probably pull the same stunt. "Officers of the court, Clark Kent is Superman.")

I admit, I'm tired of Luthor being behind every crappy thing that happens to Clark or Jon on Earth.

I mean that's what he's for right? Being a crappy human?

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Yes, but, just as Daredevil could fight someone -- anyone -- other than Kingpin or the Hand, Superman could fight, I don't know, maybe Malador the Darklord, Terra Man, or Brainiac, or maybe the Hand, in a cross-over no-one expected...

Well he's fighting Metallo right now...even if Metallo had to be blackmailed into it.

Wonder Tot has returned

I considered complaining but turns out she is adorable

Sigh....apparently they are killing Beast Boy again

I was under the impression Beast Boy's mind is gone and all that's left is a kind of Hybrid Starro/beast thing.

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