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Sovereign Court

Wait, Fisk is supposed to be autistic?

I didn't pick up on that igther. Now he definitely suffered from sever trauma from his abusive father so probably some PTSD. I didn't pick up on him being autistic?

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I don't think Fisk was portrayed as autistic in the Daredevil show. I think Fisk was portrayed as a criminal mastermind genius. Those guys usually have big egos and thus create fantasies in which they are the 'victim', or the 'hero', and not the monster/bullies they truly are. In short, their ego is so big that they come to believe their own lies.

Sovereign Court

Also Dex was a perfect example of a functioning psychopath.

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I'm with Hama, Dex/Bullseye is a functioning psychopath. Fisk doesn't have any autistic qualities that I saw, so much as he suffered almost debilitating abuse by his father along with the whole "I killed my Dad."

Liberty's Edge

Pan wrote:
Wait, Fisk is supposed to be autistic?

I've seen posts in other places saying how people think Fisk is Autistic because of how he acts. Always talking with the same vocal tone, ect..

I thought Fisk was on the autism spectrum because actor Vincent D'Onofrio (who plays Fisk) has said in interviews that he also thought Fisk was on the autism spectrum. D'Onofrio himself is dyslexic, believes himself to be mildly autistic, and he believes autism runs in his family.

I'm sure Fisk's abusive father and childhood trauma are the foundational reasons for his decent into evil. I don't think that whether Fisk is or isn't on the autism spectrum has anything to with his committing evil acts. I do think that the writers don't always write precisely enough to make that point clear in the audiences' minds, especially for those viewers who do not have personal exposure to people with autism.

I think that is just D'Onofrio bringing his own baggage to the role then. Nothing about Young Fisk ever really showed any kind of spectrum... and the source material of the Comics never went that route either. Young Fisk was poor, and bullied and fat and pushed too far and killed his dad.
… Then you started to see a shift in mentality.

Prior to that snap, he was just a normal kid in a crappy situation. Pretty much the same as Murdock... which I think is what we were supposed to connect. They have that 'two sides of the same coin'... / 'If things ahd been different that could have been me' thing going on.

I agree that every other version of Fisk has never displayed any signs of it. I don't know about baggage so much as I think D'Onofrio is like most character actors and was just looking for a new and interesting hook/angle into the character that has been portrayed numerous times in multiple media.

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