Joshua "KtFish7" Guillion has died.

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Joshua Guillion has died. He was a talented layout artist (Rise of the Drow, and many other AdventureAWeek products), a gifted reviewer, and a good friend.

I don't think many of my books would be as popular without his reviews and I was happy to get to interview him in Pathways #37 (which is free and you should go read.)

I also want to express my condolences to all his friends and family especially to the folks at AdventureAWeek.

Steven D. Russell
Rite Publishing

Shadow Lodge

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I'm speechless. Last he and I talked, he was recovering fairly well. My condolences to his family and friends.

My condolences, my thoughts go out to his friends, family & all that knew him.

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Thanks for posting this here, Steve. After typing on my page, I needed to take a break. I'll say this anywhere - I've been blessed to know this man.

Sovereign Court

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My condolences, to his family and friends as well.

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I didn't know him very well, but his reviews were always insightful and informative. This is a loss for all of us.

I remember after my first review he commented on it. For some reason that always stuck with me...

A serious loss for the community and he will be missed :-(

Liberty's Edge

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Wow ...

Josh and I exchanged a number of e-mails over the years and he always struck me as a really decent guy who was passionate about gaming.

He used to tell me how much of a fan he was of my illustration work (which really meant a lot to me) - when he had his stroke a while back, I sent him an original of one of my illustrations with a 'get well and hang in there' note and he seemed so genuinely appreciative ... it was really touching.

Really sad to hear he's gone ...

Paizo Employee Contributor

His insights and talents will be greatly missed. I'm very sorry to hear this, and wish the best to his friends and family in this difficult time.

Liberty's Edge

Sorry to hear that.

I'm sorry to hear this. He was a talented artist, and all my condolences to his loved ones.

President, Jon Brazer Enterprises

I really did not know him as well as I would have liked. I always thought there was more time ...

May peace be with his family.

My sympathies and condolences to his family and all who knew him.

I was a fan of his work--I'm really sad to here this news. Condolences all around.

Publisher, Dreamscarred Press

I never really know what to say in situations like this. I didn't know Joshua as much as I would have liked to and it's sad to see him go. My condolences for his family and friends. The outpouring I've seen today makes it evident that he will be immensely missed.

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Very sad to hear about this. He was an amazing and positive influence in the third-party publishing community. He is missed.

Condolences to his friends and family. His reviews led me to make more than one good purchase.

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This is sad news for the community. My condolences to his loved ones.

It is touching to hear how he's helped and boosted others in the trades he loved though.

Jeremy Smith wrote:
I never really know what to say in situations like this.

Please don't beat yourself up over it. I don't think anyone really knows. :(

Condolences to his family and other surviving loved ones.

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My condolences, he will be missed.

I've picked up a few products based on Joshua's reviews; my sincere condolences to his friends and family.

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I never really got to know Joshua, but he was a major factor in my only module getting made, which I obviously appreciate. I was certainly stunned when I heard about his death. My deepest sympathies to his family and friends.

Layout and Design, Frog God Games

*doffs hat*

I'm sorry to hear that, and my condolences to family and friends.

That is a damn shame. I'm so sorry to hear of his passing.

Silver Crusade

My condolences to his family and friends. :(

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Ugh. Thank you for passing on the word Steven. I am sorry to hear this and wish the best for his family.

Woah. I never actually met Joshua, but having purchased a couple of his products and having gotten some rave reviews from him on a couple of Kaidan products, I almost feel like he was a friend. This is a major blow. Condolences to his family and friends.

Oh man. My deepest condolences.

Liberty's Edge Contributor, RPG Superstar 2012

Very sad news.

My condolences to his family, friends and those whose lives he touched.

Sovereign Court Contributor

So very sad. I wish I'd had the chance to know him better.

Joshua and his families will be in my prayers, I'm sadden by his passing.

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My thoughts are with his friends and family, RIP :(

I am shocked to hear this. He always did a bang up job and he was a swell guy. He will be missed.

You'll be missed, KT7fish.


Sovereign Court

Just got my weekly Paizo e-mail and the last bit was a lovely tribute.


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