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RogueWraith909 wrote:
Luis Loza wrote:

For those wondering, that's the new diabolic dragon on the Player Core and the new mirage dragon on the GM Core. :)

Shout outs to the ever amazing Kent Hamilton for concepting those dragons in-house and, of course, to the inimitable Wayne Reynolds for making them look absolutely killer on these covers!

Are there plans to make the Monster Core and Player Core 2 etc in the same style? They look so good and unique!

I'm wondering this too, as I really want the four core books to look good together

I'm still waiting for my email :(

Fayries wrote:

It's been a while since I've been a subscriber. In the past, once the subscription order had been generated, it was possible to add other items to that order and save on shipping. Is this still possible?

At the moment, though my February subscription order has been generated, I can't add anything to it. (During checkout, under the big "2 Shipping" button, the "Change Shipping Details" button only lets me sidecart items, or ship them on their own.)

Side cart items will go with your next subscription, in this case March, which should save postage

Ed Reppert wrote:
Got my authorization email. Now I gotta find 300 bucks.

Me too, plus 85 postage! That's money not going to WotC :)

Terry Mixon wrote:
This is my first full month as a subscriber. Looking forward to it. We'll see if their swamped shipping department gets my initial order out before this ships, or they just combine my pending January order with this one. Either way, fun times ahead.

I just got my email, same situation as you, big order! I added a new updated core rulebook too, as mine is first print. Both Jan and Feb combined

I've not had (my brand new renew) subscription shipping email yet, but looking at the Q1 stock announcement, I can see why!

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Well, that covers every publisher, apart from WotC itself, that I regularly purchase physical stuff from!

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Is this still intended to be released, with the OGL problems?

Man I played the original BitD, this looks a tad bigger!

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As the title, thanks. Also cancel my beginner box pre order

Tengu don't have wings, they are humanoid, so they really wasn't the flying type

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Verlaunte wrote:
Joan H. wrote:

Shipping Update:

Hi folks, thanks so much for your patience this month. I wanted to drop in for a correction and an update on shipping. Street date for our July subscriptions is actually Thursday, July 30, which aligns with the start of GenCon. I'm so sorry for the confusion! Additionally, shipping is taking longer than estimated, and the Warehouse Team has let us know that most folks should expect their shipping confirmation on Friday, July 31.

I know this is really disappointing news for some, so I wanted to take some time to break down two major factors contributing to this delay.

1. July is a massive month for subscriptions. Most of our subscription lines have a product releasing, which means orders take longer to build.

2. The warehouse team is taking extra pandemic precautions. As the only team that can't work remotely, Paizo is making sure to put their health and safety first. All of the team are working spread out in the warehouse and limiting interactions, which means that everything just takes a little longer. Those seconds and minutes add up for a big month like July.

Finally, I wanted to address some speculative comments with a blanket statement. We're always doing our best to look out for our customers, and thinking of how we can minimize impact to you all as much as possible when an issue or delay arises. It's not in our nature to "take it easy" while books are sitting unshipped and messages are waiting to be answered. Thanks again for your patience and understanding. If you have a concern with your order beyond the shipping delay, please open a new thread and we'll get to you as quickly as possible.

thanks for the update. But I'm wondering are our pdf's being delayed as well until our books ship?

Yes, subscribers get their PDF when their books ship, even if it is after Street Release date. Release date is 30th, as mentioned in the quoted post, shipping should be finished by the 31st. So some of us will get the PDFs after the date you can buy them direct from the Paizo store. It's happened before, and it will happen again. I find it's best to just enjoy the FREE PDFs when they arrive, rather than stress about it. Then again, I'm in NZ, so my books won't arrive for months either - but they'll get here :)

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Verlaunte wrote:
so there's no benefits to subscribing other than a pdf

Correct. And that's exactly what it says on the product pagE . Free PDF is pretty cool, to me. We are still within the published shipping window, until Wednesday. No point stressing about it until that point is passed, because someone had to be the absolute last shipment.

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Katina Davis wrote:
Update: FYI, the Core Rulebook has now moved to backorder status. You should still be able to place orders and redeem Humble Bundle codes for it.

oh cool, will the next run included the errata?

Just ignore this, cest la vie, I'll take it as it comes haha

My 4 item sub looks to be shipping in THREE sperate items

in 3 packages via Standard Postal Delivery and USPS Priority Mail
Estimated Shipping & Handling: $67.52

Is that the correct amount for shipping?

My 4 item sub looks to be shipping in THREE sperate items

in 3 packages via Standard Postal Delivery and USPS Priority Mail
Estimated Shipping & Handling: $67.52

If this is there case, and continues to be that expensive, I'll have to cancel, sadly

mach1.9pants wrote:
I got my March, and April, sub here in NZ late last week, so yeah, some delays. But they got here!

ANd my May sub just arrived 1 week later! HUZZAH!

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And it is call 'Juneteenth' as a portmanteau of June Nineteenth, the date of Gen. Order No. 3. I think etymology is always interesting!

Happy Juneteenth USA :)

I got my March, and April, sub here in NZ late last week, so yeah, some delays. But they got here!

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Yeah my April and May subs are somewhere between USA and NZ. Our borders are pretty much closed, and everything from overseas is massively delayed. But I'll take that for 14 days no new cases, and an end to all internal restrictions next week!

Yup give the poor D12 some love, and divide by three

EDIT: "Pathfinder RPG Superscriber"? Ooooh undeserved promotion!

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James Jacobs wrote:

I 100% agree witht he use of the word "Lycanthrope". It should not be the word for all werecreatures; that's why we changed it from lycanthrope in 1st edition to werecreature in 2nd.

The only place we talk about lycanthropy in the book is in a single sidebar on page 291, and it's in the context of "Many scholars..." When you see us attribute in-world lore like this, the intent is to frame that lore in a potentially unreliable narrator. Some scholars are wrong, and those who apply the word "lycanthropy" to all werecreatures are not correct (as the sidebar notes) yet they still do so. In the same way we in this world use words like "Kleenex" for facial tissues, "band-aid" for adhesive bandages, or "D&D" for fantasy-based RPGs (couldn't resist that one! :P).

The whole point of the sidebar was to enable the use of the word "lycanthrope" in the game, if only as an often-misused term, so that readers who look back at other 1st edition products aren't potentially confused, and because the word itself is a really neat word and I didn't want it to get completely excised from the game.

As for using real-world words... look at it this way. When we publish books like this, we're translating the words to English (or Italian or Spanish or whatever) so all of us at Paizo can edit them and so all of you out there can read them. None of us can speak or read Taldane or any other made-up language from Golarion, so we don't publish in that language. If we did, words like "lycanthrope" and "tyrannosaurs" would be spelled differently and with a different alphabet and would sound different... as would words like "wizard" or "cat" or "the." :-P

Tolkien did it, so why not Paizo ;-)

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Ka mau te wehi!

I've not seen one of the pocket books, are they A5/half letter sized? Or 6x9 inch?

Edit: Aha the Core Book is 8.4" x 6.5", so the same I guess

So excited for this. Backed it PF2, I hope the find the cash to add 5e on was well.


This order is coming in two packages meaning a large postage cost to NZ. It seems even the last order of two AP books did the same. It's this right, the cheapest method? If not, it really needs to be fixed, otherwise shipping will become prohibitive (more so!) for those of us overseas.


Steve Geddes wrote:
Thanks, Fayries. It’s good to hear things like this. I’m still missing my March and April shipments in Australia. This sort of report makes me relax somewhat.

same in NZ

Well said

Thanks, my payment method didn;t work, I have been unable to add the CVC number to it anywhere. But when I added a new card that did give me the option, so I swapped to that.

Yes please that would be awesome. Great news


I am really struggling to get to store pages. The forums work fine but everytime I try to go to a link for a product I get this error:

"You’ve reached this page due to an error on The web team has been notified and are working to fix the issue.

Click here to return to"

In addition I am struggling to access my 'assets' I have to keep clicking on the links to download, so it takes 4 or 6 clicks to get anything downloaded. I also get a lot of this error:

"This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it. The document tree is shown below.
<Message>Access Denied</Message>
kMa/4ywIscoF0vssE+bj/d8BfflCzj/VU2D9poqDKygBl/iApwrtTtsAafV4HhU0AuH2mzMZ0yo =


Is there any chance I can restart my for subscriptions and keep the advantage, rather than waiting until another item of each had shipped. I stopped my subs after I lost my job due to CV, but have a new one now and want to continue supporting Paizo. Amazon is so much cheaper here in NZ, but it I can keep advantage I'm happy to restart subs. Otherwise I'm waiting until the next module ships,


You made exactly the same post in the Fifth Edition DnD section of ENWorld, and didn't get back to the 30 pages of replies, so I'm confused as to what you are after? In 5E Paladins can be of any alignment, as can Necormancers. Is this a Pathfinder 2 sepcific thing or 5E or what? No such thing as a Necromancer in PF2E or 5E, class wise? You talk about a mechanical solution, so we really need more stats to give that

Sorry I missed this. I the same way there is no place to enter your CCV number there is no place to specify whether the card is master card or visa. The recent card I entered is a visa. Anyway I've cancelled my subscription, so I can sort this out in the future

Please cancel all my subs

Thanks, good luck going forward in difficult times


I've addes a new card but cannot figure how to select is as default. Can you cahnge tmy default payment method to the recently added VISA and delete the old MasterCard, thanks

Lucas Yew wrote:
Seems it's out (is it?), but the sign of an "add PDF" function seems missing...

nope, not out yet

•Street Date for Paizo Products: Wednesday, February 26th

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beowulf99 wrote:

As with all things in RPG games, I think that context is key here. If you have a familiar that is traveling on it's own, you may need to use it's sneak if it would be odd for that animal to be around. If for instance you had a cat for a familiar and you happened to be in a cave. If however you were in a town, it wouldn't be weird for that familiar to just be walking around, meaning that it's stealth is largely irrelevant.

I usually allow my wizard who happens to have a cat familiar let it ride in his robes, sidestepping the whole issue. I don't have a character with an Animal Companion in my current campaign, but if I did I would likely give allowances to the character to make stealth easier.

Animal Companions that are traveling directly with the party would need to roll, and would need to be included in the group roll if their bonus was the lowest. However if you say had a bird companion and were in the woods, I wouldn't force you to make the bird go into stealth unless it's presence would somehow be out of the ordinary.

Another option would be to have an Animal Companion move "off screen" during sneaking situations, letting it basically tail the party from a safe distance, and largely be forgotten about until something happens. This ends up being a hand waive situation, with the rider that the animal companion may not start directly next to their controlling player if combat breaks out.

Unless you use your Animal Companion as a mount, I see no reason for it to always move with the party, and if you have a horse, well it would make sense that it wouldn't be very sneaky so should constitute a penalty to stealth as is.

Edited for clarity.

My loyal raven familiar, who has, naturally, been at my side all along

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A full list web add-on PDF would be cool tho, don;t take up any pages, but have a full list for easy reference. I guess that is something that would be OK for a fan PDF?

Really it's nothing more than a slashing short sword, so short sword but mostly use S rather than P! Versatile means that they are both equally ok. Alternatively you could use scimitar.

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Getting your PDF early is not one of the offered benefits of subscribing, although it is often happens as a nice bonus. I'm in NZ so getting stuff shipped from the USA teaches one patience ;)

What advantages are there to subscribing?
Subscribers to any of our lines will receive each subscription product directly from Paizo and need never worry about missing a product.

Many of our Pathfinder & Starfinder products receive a free PDF of each subscription volume purchased as part of their subscription. Some subscriptions include a percentage discount on each new release in the subscription line. See individual subscription pages for more details.

Those who subscribe to four or more qualifying subscription lines receive a special benefit for subscribing. See "What is the Paizo Advantage Discount?" for more information and restrictions.

Yeah, it is not clear to me which way is intended. The problem being that (I guess) when they were writing and testing the rule a ranged unarmed attack wasn't really thought about. It really needs official clarification, as I can see it both ways.

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But I'm a Steve too, tons of gaming stuff, 90% is for reading. I play 5E with my kids, so the Books and DDB for that get used. Everything else is for my reading.

Gorbacz wrote:
Steve, you're ... weird, BUT - if there's anything PF1 fans could be frustrated at, it's that there weren't more people like you.

Well he IS an Ozzie, so maybe weird for us but not so for Platypus land! ;-)

There is no interactive maps file in the Single File DL?

Like the dire-flail, and other such ridiculousness, this weapon will be Sir Not Appearing in any game I'm in!

The Gleeful Grognard wrote:
mach1.9pants wrote:
I'm glad this is coming because I had to delay my Rulebook, AP and adventure line to get the 15% discount with 4 lines. SO then it's got to get to NZ, but at least I will have the PDFs soon!

Just warning you, even with the 15% discount you are paying more thanks to the shipping costs than if you bought the book online and bought the pdf from the site. (although you do get pdfs earlier)

Not that I don't want to support Paizo, just that I have found that their products get to me a lot later and cost a huge amount to ship from this site (even compared to smaller indie rpg teams).

thanks, but yeah I know, trying to support Paizo. I'll be switching to ad hoc Amazon purchases once the flow of products means I won't be keeping up. Even the reduced PF2 rate of publication will be to much for me, eventually

I'd say range, otherwise it's pretty pointless

I'll add to this, can someone tell me what the level 1 and level 2 mean next to the name of heavy armour?

Edit: oh crafting.

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