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God, I don't have the words.

Even long after he left Paizo, he still felt like a member of that family. His work played such a big part in shaping the character of the setting, it was honestly like he'd never really left. Korvosa alone has his fingerprints all over it. He really brought the place to life.

Always liked seeing him pulling his ninja lurking thing on the forums afterwards.

Rest in Peace, Mike. And condolences to your family and friends, at home and at work.

May you find dragons where you're heading. The cool kind.

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I came to your books for the laughter. I stayed for the compassion and learned some important things along the way.

Thank you for everything Pterry, and godspeed towards a place that needs no maps.

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This is sad news for the community. My condolences to his loved ones.

It is touching to hear how he's helped and boosted others in the trades he loved though.

Jeremy Smith wrote:
I never really know what to say in situations like this.

Please don't beat yourself up over it. I don't think anyone really knows. :(

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Seriously though, I'm really excited to get to be a part of this. :)