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Freelance game designer, sometimes S&B Paladin/Fighter, Chô Aniki Tetori Monk, or obese Drunken Hotei Monk with Monkey Style. Currently a (prankster and bateleur) gnome bard with a little monkey companion and an unhealthy passion for fire.

My published stuff :

  • The Secrets of Tactical Archetypes II, for Rite Publishing. Reviewed by Endzeitgeist as "a stellar book of smart options guaranteed to enrich your games", and developed in concert with the awesome Will 'Cheapy' McCardell !
  • Pathways 14, for Rite Publishing. Two new archetypes : the Knife Thrower (rogue/ninja) and the Plaguebringer (alchemist), plus two rogue talents and one discovery.
  • The Secrets of Renegade Archetypes, for Rite Publishing. 17 brand new archetypes for third-party publishing base classes like Total Party Kill Games's Malefactor, Louis Porter Jr. Design's Machinesmith, Rite Publishing's Taskshaper or Luckbringer, and Super Genius Games's Dragon Rider or Time Thief ! Reviewed by Enzeitgeist 4 stars + Seal of Approval: "This is the first solo-offering of Benjamin Rombeaut and it is glorious: These archetypes (and I've reviewed a few so far) are almost universally brilliant, teem with iconic ideas and offer options galore for some of the finest classes out there."
  • The Secrets of Adventuring, for Rite Publishing (february/march 2013). A printed, 200-pages softcover supplement full of brainy crunch where both the previous supplements and rules will be included !
  • Contribution to 101 Legendary Curses, for Rite Publishing.

My homebrew stuff :

  • Maxximilius's Archetypes Part 1 and Part 2, a free supplement compatible with the Pathfinder RPG rules. This supplement contains thirty new class archetypes for your games, like The Host (Alchemist), The Rocker (Bard), The Cannibal (Barbarian), The Crossbowman revisited (Fighter), The Chronomage (Wizard), The Kenshi Ronin/Errant Swordsman (Cavalier without mount), The Vampiric bloodline (Sorcerer)...

    A number still increasing ! Also, be sure to check the official thread to discuss the archetypes or get any question answered.

  • The Bone-Conjurer, a summoner archetype dealing with necromancy, undeads and followed by an undead-like bodyguard.
  • The Handcannoneer, a gunslinger archetype wielding heavy weapons to break sieges, strongholds and puny enemies.
  • The Divine Champion, a paladin of free alignment and conduct code who can worship any deity in her own fashion, and receives domain powers accordingly to her faith.

  • The Brainy Guide to Tweaks: Heroic Fighters and Archery Redux, containing:
    - the Heroic Fighter, a variant of the fighter class compatible with all existing class options complete with a list of 34 possible exploits to choose from depending on your style, weapon and character;
    - the rules for Archery revisited, reducing the sheer potency of archery while making it fit better in the whole "agile, mobile and precise damage dealer" theme, including an analysis of the reasoning behind the changes.
  • Maxximilius's Cookbook for poisons, venoms, toxins and marshmallows : a Brainy Guide to toxicants, a revision to poison crafting rules for players who wish to put the poisonous love back in the game, and craft their own custom poisons !

Because you can't ever have too much gray matter in your game.