150 Urban events


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462. A group of six swarthy men are hauling a wagon full of animal hides and hunting supplies, apparently returning from a successful hunt to bring their spoils to market. A DC 28 Perception check lets the PCs notice the armed bear trap that fell off the wagon and landed in the street. If none of them make it, 1d10 minutes later a DC -10 Perception check lets them hear a woman's scream coming from that same spot.

463. Two halflings, dressed in jester's attire and holding several sticks with brightly colored ribbons tied to them, are sitting on a fence somberly eating some bread and cheese. A passerby approaches them, but one of the halflings rebuffs him with "Not now. Come back when we've had our lunch."

464. If any of the PCs have an animal companion, mount, familiar or eidolon, regardless of what it looks like, a little half-elf girl no older than five approaches that PC and asks to pet it.

465. A third-story window about two blocks from the PCs shatters, as a man falls backwards out of it and lands on the street on his back. The sound of his skull cracking on the ground is unmistakeable, and by the time the PCs get to him, he's dead.

Grand Lodge

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464. A newly appointed sheriff begins a crackdown on what he terms "loose adventurers" starting with required peace-bonding on all weapons. City guards make checks on all likely suspects.

465. The local wizard's guild gets a law passed that requires all arcane magic users to be registered within the guild. The adventurers then find out that the guild refuses to register sorcerers or any other type of spontaneous arcane caster. This leads to enmity with the bardic members of the Performer's Guild.

Scarab Sages

466. Someone is dragged out from the catacombs beneath the city's center of government (City Hall/The Palace/The Grand Basilica/The Archchancellor's Tower, you name it), having been caught in the act of trying to open a gate to the Elemental Plane of Fire underneath it.

467. A pair of fire priests riding magic carpets demolish the Grand Headquarters of the Merchant's Guild by flying themselves and their magic into it; everyone acts like this is an irrevocable traumatic paradigm shift even though the city had seen at least two similar stunts pulled over the past 10 years, while many other cities had been dealing with worse, and nobody seemed to care.

468. A 'poet' walks by, talking, waving his arms and gesticulating loudly, he is also using Scrivener's Chant to capture his composition.
469. A sage sits cross-legged, closed eyes, meditating. As the party pass, they open their eyes, smiles, sees the group and says: "I knew it."
470. A young child (6-ish) passes the group playing a toy-drum. The ground cracks and collapses slightly in their wake.
471. An acrobat passes, walking on their hands, their feet however seem to be keeping a sphere of light aloft like a game of keep-ball.

472. Tell them to roll initiative and point out to them the 3d6 of boars in the middle of the streets or in an alley. Calling for a perception check or just looking around reveals a pig farmer next to them screaming in terror as the rest of the party slaughters his pigs.

473. A popular bard travels the city. His voice is pure and stirs hearts whenever he sings. The PCs discover that his true voice is terrible, and he has been using magic to enhance his singing.

474. A massive beast that has laid dormant for thousands of years wakes from beneath the town. The founding settlers had no idea they were building on top of something so dangerous...


475. A tall elf girl in a porcelain mask is juggling flaming batons, while a halfling in a matching mask talks up her performance and holds a jar out for donations. A DC30 Perception, DC25 Sleight of Hand, or DC15 Profession (juggler) check will reveal that the girl is actually making several mistakes and the flames are coming dangerously close to her body. A Detect Magic spell, followed by the appropriate checks, will reveal that she is protecting herself with a Draconic Reservoir spell. A DC25 Sense Motive check will reveal that several members of the audience are in fact accomplices of these performers, and seem to be subtly "corralling" the passersby towards the crowd.

If the PCs stay to watch the performance, then after 2d6 minutes a signal is given and the two performers start attacking the party, along with the accomplices in the audience.

Silver Crusade

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476. A man has set up a booth selling Crawling Hands. "It's okay...they're tame!"


477. A husband and wife are having a very loud conversation-- her from a second-story balcony, and him from the street.

478. A group of homeless people are gathered on the steps of the courthouse, petitioning the magisters to be allowed to use the old abandoned church for shelter. The magisters are refusing, despite having no other use for the building.

479. One of the bridges that spans the river has been blocked off to wagon traffic with a pair of large gates. The bridge itself is now a public garden, with freshly-planted saplings, flowering bushes, and even a well in the center (actually just a hole in the bridge through which river water can be hoisted up). A flock of birds have settled in the trees.

480. An upstanding citizen is found dead, thrown off the roof of a castle tower. A brooch shaped like a clown mask is found on his body.

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481. The town cryer yells, "Hear, ye! Hear, ye! The king has been..." and is then promptly struck dead by a bolt of lightning on an otherwise clear, sunny day.

482. A seemingly healthy, highly regarded man jumps from the belltower to die upon the cobblestones below as horrified onlookers watch. Strangely, his body is withered and rotten as if dead for many years when the townsfolk approach his corpse.

483. A horrible, tentacled beast bursts forth from a sewer grate to attack the citizens. Bravely fending off the monster, the PCs quickly realize the beast is but an illusion, drawing attention away from a true crime a few blocks over.

484. A small fountain appears in the middle of a small square out of nowhere. All the local birds rush to drink from it. By the time the pcs get there it vanishes.

485. The wall of a house collapses forward much to the surprise of the occupants who may or may not suspect the pcs had some involvment with it.

486. If the party has a ranger or a druid they are stopped and questioned about someone who is turning animals feral merely by speaking to them.

487. A young girl asks the party for spare coin. A DC 15 perception check reveals a familiar picking a characters pockets.

The Exchange

488. A young man, dressed in his best birthday clothes, is streaking above the marketplace with his shiny new Ring of Flying. Plowing through the crowd below, none too gentle, is his coterie of followers, also richly attired. Much foul mouthed bravado and insults come from both sides, occasionally targeting the unwilling populace. Grumbling resentment can be heard only after the bullies are out of earshot.


Has anyone compiled these into a document?

489. An Evil (or Neutral, but misguided) Urban Druid has taken residence in the city's sewers and is planning to grow a massive underground garden grove with a rare soporific fungus which will put everyone in the city in a state of permanent sleep as the grove continues to grow into the city above.

490. The King is on his deathbed and has no heirs. The Nobleman who would succeed the King is being challenged by a rival noble who wants the throne for himself.

491. A coven of vampires has recently arrived, albeit unknown to the cityfolk. Mysterious, unexplained disappearances have been increasing and an alarming rate....

492. A graffiti artist has been painting spells into the walls around the city that cast Dominate Person and Geas/Quest if the person stares at the art for too long.

493. A large ship with no crew crashes into the city's docks at 20 knots. Upon investigating the wreckage, the papers, maps and port of call receipts are all missing.

494. An ancient dragon arrives and gives the townsfolk an ultimatum: "A thief stole a large cache of my gold and has spent it here in this town. I want every single one of my copper, silver, and gold pieces returned to me, with interest, or else."

495. An assassin has been killing powerful nobles, leaving a paper mache black lotus in the mouths of the victims. So far, three deaths like this have been noted, but each death is different from the other. One noble died from being hanged, another with poison, and a third has been stabbed in the back.


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Has anyone compiled these into a document?

It doesn't look like it ... that means it's up to you!

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496. A gaunt, pale man walks up the street, with various bits of his apparel phasing in and out of reality to reveal a sparkly void underneath. If questioned, he does not appear to notice. If his path is blocked, he phases through the PC unimpeded, imparting 4d6 cold damage. In several rounds, he slowly fades and vanishes, then briefly reappears a few rounds later, then disappears a final time.

497. Thirteen coffins in the cemetery have been dug up, then placed back in the wrong graves, upside-down. The constabulary have no suspects.

498. A small cloud persistently rains over the local temple of a good deity, and has been for several months despite attempts to dispel it. Membership in the faith is declining.

499. Something weird is going on.... (Each day, the GM rolls a die; on odd or even, the entire city and its infrastructure and inhabitants grow or shrink in size by 5%. This effect does not happen to visiting travelers or their possessions unless they have been there at least a week, and they may not notice unless the size changes go in the same direction several times in a row.)

500. The smell of brimstone has begun to seep up from the town wells and sewers, and everyone is convinced that foul magic or other category of evil has beset them. (What is actually happening is that the settlement is in the eroded caldera of an ancient volcano, which is slowly stirring to life again. In two months time, it will be obliterated in an ultra-Plinian eruption. In the days preceding the blast, constant earthquakes and poisonous vapors will render the entire region uninhabitable.)

501. PC's arrive in a town and head to the local watering hole for food, ale, and information. An hour after the PC's arrival, an NPC bursts in the door frantically gasping for food and water, though nothing slakes his hunger or thirst. "I've been cursed by Druids!", the man pleads for help, dry-heave vomiting what seems to be sand and ash (he's been cursed with both Feast of Ashes and Cup of Dust). If you choose to help him and remove the curses, he tells you that he chopped down a tree for firewood at his cottage. Further investigation reveals that almost everyone living in cottages in the woods have been slain or cursed by vengeful Druids.

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