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can't play a barbarian or a monk. the party already has them. toe stepping it's not something I like to do.

was going to use counter combat style but its third party and I should have seen it coming the feat was very useful.

is there a martial area of effecter kinda build? that would work maybe. I am trying to avoid a one on one kinda build since my GM loves the 10 on 1 odds.

I was thinking of using a sword with the quick draw and quick sheath so I can swap out the sword for a reach weapon. so tactically the enemy be it a chicken or a human will see I have a sword and can just charge my PC and using my free actions to pull out my reach weapon and hit them 15 feet from my PC.

Brother Fen
sorry, can't do he does not have the net. so I can't send him to the forums.

my GM did not remove the AoO system he just plays everything he controls as tactically intelligent as possible. They run up to the danger zone then step into it with caution so as not to provoke an attack of opportunity. It's very annoying since he starts a lot of combat with them already surrounding the party PCs on the field. then take advantage of AoO when my PC is suddenly surrounded by 6-8 beasties and can't reposition or does and spends the rest of the night koed because he got AoO to unconsciousness. thus the asking for a way to counter attacks. it won't save the PC but at least its trying to do something.

Cavall wrote:
Upsetting style as well.

Is that an actual style? if so linkage, please?

I had to ask. thank you.

a fighter's Weapon Training (Ex) does it count as proficiency?

thank you Imbicatus I missed that military tradition that's work the bonus feat.

I know I can get it with a feat, I know the Mysterious Avenger can get it, and i know the fighter can get it in the flail weapon group. And half-orcs and hobgoblins have alternative racial traits that give them the ability to be proficient with whips.

is there any other class archetypes that one can dip into to get whip proficiency?

yeah, you can ready one ready action that's not guna help when you're surrounded by 6-8 monsters wanting to tear you limb from limb. my gm loves using overwhelming *tactical genius* force. I was thinking of luring targets in by wielding a one handed weapon but using quick draw and quick sheath and mixed combat to swap to a reach weapon so I could trick an AoO out of my DM.

not as in AoOs. my DM does not allow for AoO at all. Everything from the chicken and up if he uses it knows how to combat like a master. I want to make something that counters attacks. That guy attacks you you can get a shot in before said attacks resolved. something like that. But I can't find anything on counter attacking. other than counter combat style which gives +2 AC nothing about allowing one free counter attacks. reposte allows you to chose a target to counter if it attacks you. And knowing my GM he would just not attack me with said target and mow me over with a new target.

I was thinking a human Racial Heritage (Orc) fighter (swordlord) that may work into dualist who uses both sword and grappling hook picking up the hook-fighter feat to use it. throw in mixed combat quick draw and quick sheath and Reverse-Feint. and all the prerequisites (toughness off the top me head is one) feats and combat reflexes. ohh and the counter combat styles.

what else could be used?

also thinking of combining the hook and pull fighter to this build. so escaping the counters will be impossible.

zainale wrote:
simple BFR. big freaking rocks.

drop them from high enough. they will be falling fast enough to cause large amounts of damage.

simple BFR. big freaking rocks.

Birds, Chocobos, Raptors, Kangaroos, Centaurs, Werewolves, Xenomorphs, and what not cause all sorts of issues to rule-lawyers. Causing them to lose their freaking minds.

like Roadhog(overwatch) or scorpion(mortal combat). can a grappling hook as a weapon? or to be able to yank some flyer out of the air. maybe the fighter?



The Shaman wrote:
Three Reasons to live is a magical instrument that makes you count as higher level for the performance bonuses. It is detailed in the Archives of Nethys.

archives of nethys seems to get all the goodies.

Silas Hawkwinter wrote:
zainale wrote:
I am thinking of supporting. but it seems like the only thing available. I tried a blasting alchemist. and it could not compete. I am currently trying a max int witch but it can't pop a hex to save her life.

Wait. What? A blaster alchemist can't compete?! What's in the rest of your party? Also a witch shouldn't be having problems landing hexes...

PS bards are awesome.

a universalist magic item maker has all the spell, a monk that hits things, a healing paladin, and a barbarian that eats things.

Felyndiira wrote:

Full Support Bard, level 9:

Inspire Courage: +7 Atk/Dmg

+3 levels (with boost from banner of ancient kings)
+2 Master/Grandmaster Performer
+1 Dervish Sikke
+1 Three Reasons to Live

Flagbearer: +2 Atk/Dmg

Total: +9 Atk/Dmg to everyone.

That's very powerful at level 9.

what is the +1 Three Reasons to Live?

thank you guys

Gorbacz wrote:
I really wish I could take out the "bards are useless pansies in pink tights who can't do anything lol" stereotype and shoot it repeatedly in the head.

what makes the bard great for you?

I am thinking of supporting. but it seems like the only thing available. I tried a blasting alchemist. and it could not compete. I am currently trying a max int witch but it can't pop a hex to save her life. so she will most likely die soon. I could step on some toes and make a bloodrager or a sorcerer.

but mostly is my bad luck and old D&D bias.

ranged takes to many feats to get up and running. healing in combat is not in anyway useful. I would like to try a druid but not for this character. my GM despises rogues. leaves bards and a bunch of other classes....

and I don't know, I was asking you guys. "what does the bard bring to the table that is amazing?".

I been looking at it and looking at it and not really feeling it at all. what exactly does the bard do that makes it amazing? sure he can sing and dance and then you make a roll and depending on that roll you can buff your party members.

which would be most useful? I am thinking about the "voice of the wild" bard archtype. And it lets the bard choose spells from those other spell lists.

I think that may be exactly what I am looking for. if it also applies to animals. And I don't see anything that changes the "creature"'s saves scores based on their HD/LVL.

base types! base types! and thank you. but why are vermin on that list? you can scare rodents and some insects are know to run and hide when endangered. well, anywho thanks for the answer.

can someone link me to where I can read this information on d20pfsrd or Archives of Nethys?

My hex DC is 18. evil eye is a mind effect spell. I can't seem to get it off either the creature is immune, has an ability which reflects the ability back on my witch, or is some sorta creature that is immune to mind effects. so what kinds of creatures are immune to the evil eye hex since it is a mind/mental effect? aberrations? plants? mindless undead and constructs?

the greatest evil is the one that can hide behind the mantle of "good". and while the peasants may know what a paladin is how are they to know if that really clean well-trained horse is a normal horse or somesort of a divine mount? or if that magic that he is using is from a god. why would they, they are peasents. and as long as the guy can hide his evil from publics view and act benevolently in public.... PCs would be able to tell and high-level NPCs. which makes me think I should make an imposter paladin now.

ohh and can you pass me a link to that errata or is it under the feat now?

thank you lemeres
I say goat in front of demon/daemon/devil because I don't know which side of the beasty falls on it could be either or.

sure I can just choose whichever one I would like with out knowing what they may look like but if it does not match up. I would invoke the wrath of the sleeping giant at my table.something along the line of "yeah but your bloodline does not look that way it is this way and you're bleeping wrong you flipping stupid dummy." then a temper tantrum for another hour till I change everything to what it should be thus ruining the build and appearince of the character." I rather head that issue off at the pass then let it ruin a game night.
I can now check for myself and i will check out the fire goat and the plague goat demons.

and I am wondering which one would be the goat demon or devil one. I lack the time at this moment to search each entry for the one I want now. Quick help would be cool. thanks.

cool just had to check.

and can a blind person use it blind to see?

invisibility or invisibility like abilities?

same gm and the only one I could find. I have offered to wet my hands at dming so he could play as a PC for a while but there is no way in hell the special guy in the group will let that happen because I will not let him pull the shit he does with our gm. I may be new-ish to Pathfinder but I have years of experience with D&D, not as a DM but as a player. And i have read so many of the Pathfinder books via the sites I think I have a handle on it...

I don't believe in just walking away. I would rather work through the rough patches.

I don't want my GM to coddle me, which I know he is doing. if I do something stupid and it ends up with me dying good maybe my next reincarnation won't be that stupid on his or her turn on the wheel. if my GM is coddling my PC then there is no risk and if my PC did not want any risk they would not have become an adventurer.

that's a shame then because my GM's favorite tactic for my spellcaster is to have as many monsters surround her and block off escape then to attack into unconsciousness so she can't do anything to help with combat. and it also seems like a huge flaw in combat. you don't get a chance to protect yourself from someone rushing into your space. but you get to poke them if they are carelessly run away from you. which is countered by statically retreating or five-foot stepping away.

how would you stop your enemies from swarming (overrunning with numbers) your support spellcaster(lvl 7 debuffer witch)? help a guy out because this is the tactic my GM uses every combat. Surround, pervent escape, beat into KO, then leave alive and move on to attacking the rest of the party.

the item is very OP. you wear the ring and at will you can become a melee powerhouse who is wearing enchanted armor healing armor wielding a +10 sword and has a magical shield that projects fire domes of firey protection. in a low magic-ish land. and the transformation lasts long enough to kill eight werecreatures by himself. while healing party members so they don't die while they face the same odds.

I am not sure how we got it but what I am sure of is that we did not earn it.

tis the DM's and favorite's way of forcing me to play a character and class i do not want to play and add yet another NPC into the party that is so overpowered that it makes the pcs useless. I saw what would not stomp on any of the other player's toes and filled that slot.

we have nine magical items one is a weapon the paladin is borrowing from the party I have a metagame magic item that allows me to dismiss my familiar at will and the rest belong to the wizard. the wizard is already good at what he does and allowing him or his monk to use it would take the spotlight away from the paladin or the barbarian.

no not small. small or tiny creatures can't kill you in one hit. *barring extreme power builds* being able to use AoO to deter beings from surrounding and KOing a PC in the first round. this is a small PC being surrounded by medium creatures.

This is not a entering your box question but a entering the area around your box that you threaten *aka the red zone* were enemies have to be to kill you and you can kill them.

So a monster runs at you and enters your red zone with the intent to do bodily harm. does that reckless attack provoke an attack of opportunity?

I understand if a warrior runs att you with his weapon drawn but as he gets close enough. he slows down and enters your red zone with caution. you don't get an attack of opportunity.

all that aside how many size categories must something be before a being is able to be able to enter its space? is it 2 size categories?

so size matters?

he is just used to coddling one of the other players who will throw a tantrum if one of his PCs die. I told my DM he can kill me just make it epic.

alright thanks bardarok

I might just do that or leave it at home. when I get one if I can get one.

I must know. because my GM either coddles us the players or enjoys tormenting us.he will ask us how much health we have and decide how many people can attack you. either way, I don't much like that way of playing very much. sometimes I think it would be better if he just killed our PCs so we and he would learn something.most the time its the GM throwing impossible odds at us than saving us with gm interventions which to me does not feel very heroic.

so that my party members won't notice it. the item I want to lose and not have another party member just pick up is a "ring of exicator" or something like that. It turns the wear into a 7th Lvl warpriest that hates the undead has magic heal others armor, a +10 sword, and an enchanted fire shield. the party is Lvl 7 and we are in a quasi-low magic realm. and this is the dm and dm's pet's attempt to force me to place a class I don't want to play as my pc. I am playing a debuffing spellcaster that I am enjoying-ish. but she can't do hand to hand combat which for the last three sessions he has been forcing her into to force her to use the ring. at least that's how I feel and the ring is very OP.

how do I go about losing this item?

a creature that enters your space provokes an attack of opportunity. but if he stops in it then he is safe? here is how I see that "the orc/cow/monster runs at you with the intent to attack you but at the last moment it stops and cautiously five-foot steps in and enters combat"

Kileanna wrote:
Kileanna wrote:
Ask your GM if he will allow monster feats. Ability focus increases the DC of one of your hexes by 2.

I did.

First answer xD

OP said his GM wouldn't probably allow monster feats.

well PC's are not monsters even if they are because they are player controlled

Garbage-Tier Waifu wrote:
What creatures are you facing, OP?

some sort of mantis magical creature(it was immune and reflected my hex back at my PC)I don't know what it was but it was in one of the many monster books for Pathfinder or D&D, hyenadons (megafauna), wererats and humans I think. oh and cockatrices.

good one to know taks.
focusing on intimidate for an extra -2 to saves. where is this info?

I use the Evil Eye to lower their save stats. maybe I should hit their armor because the wizard never uses suggested spells anyways. he might throw a tizzy about that but it's better to help more people than just him and try not getting my own combo off.

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thank you guys

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