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102. A priest of a mystery cult waving a lit censer leads a procession of about two dozen followers. Two of the followers carry a garishly-painted effigy of their god.

103. A group of four stray dogs are fighting over something in an alleyway-- a dismembered humanoid arm.

104. The PCs are roughly shoved aside by burly men who are escorting a veiled palanquin through the streets at a brisk pace.

105. As the PCs pass a bakery, the enticing aroma of freshly-baked pies makes their mouths water.

106. The town crier rings a large handbell, and shouts "Oyez! Oyez!" He then produces a large scroll and reads a proclamation from the city government.

108. A child of about seven chases a chicken through the streets.

109. A blind beggar pleads for alms.

110. Four knights in shining armor riding beautiful barded steeds trot past the PCs. They wear the livery of the city's elite guard.

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111. A mail courier bumps into one of the PCs scattering letters around the two. The courier quickly gathers them up and hurries on but misses one. The letter reads "Dear sir Mighty Awful. How doth thou write with thine fighting gauntlets on?"


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112. The PC's exit the local inn early, the morning after a heavy snowfall. They spot a dozen tracks of footprints, trailing toward the inn, yet all stopping about twenty feet from the front door, forming a semicircle, where each trail stops. Detect Magic and a Spellcraft check reveals a dozen magic auras of Illusion; each resting directly where its owner's foot trail ends.

A group of seven men approaches. They are following the road east, and are making good time, neither tarrying nor running. Their faces are expressionless. One is dressed as a cleric of some sort, and another is dressed as a traveling drummer. The others could be peasants or serfs going from one location to another for the harvest season. Each carries some sort of weapon. It is plain that they are not soldiers by their haphazard way of walking. They do not seem to be joking loudly or singing as they advance.

114: A rain of roof slates clatter down to the street, possibly hitting the PCs. Above them, a man slides down the roof and over the side clinging on by his fingernails. He shouts for help. If not rescued within 4 rounds, he falls off.

115: A wagon loaded with beehives runs out of control. If/when it crashes, angry bees swarm across the marketplace.

116: A woman runs screaming from an alleyway, pursued by a swarm of rats. Behind the rats comes a rushing stream of sewage. Behind the sewage comes an otyugh. You don't want to know what comes behind the otyugh.

Dotted. Great stuff!

117. The PCs find a small pouch with 20 silver pieces in it. The writing on the silver pieces is in some unknown language. A successful translation reveals the coins to be from Germany a bit less than a third of the way into the fifteenth century.

118. Late in the evening as the PCs walk past a blind beggar, the beggar calls out "Alms for the poor milord (or milady as appropriate)?" Whether or not they stop to give him a coin, they hear a "tick, tick, tick" followed by a short pause then a louder "tonk" of a small pebble or other piece of debris bouncing down the roof and then hitting the ground. (The beggar isn't blind and is watching out for the thief on the roof.)

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(Resetting the count back three to eliminate the duplicate fifteenth-century Germany duplicates.)

115. A circus troupe is accepting challenges: free admission to the show ("VIP tickets for a group up to 6!") if you can defeat the circus strongman Guntar in a sparring ring.

The sparring ring is 65' diameter circle; opponents begin 25 feet apart across the center. To win, his opponent must either drive Guntar from the ring or do enough damage to render him unconscious. The contest will last ten rounds. Guntar grants his adversary the first move.

Rules: 1) no armor; contestants fight bare-headed and stripped to the waist in bare feet in an arena of sand. ("Armor is for wussies who can't take the broad side of a pillow!"), 2) you may choose from a selection of non-magical, masterwork melee weapons from light up to 10' polearm size; all have metal replaced by blunt wood, and are padded to do nonlethal damage (any feats you have will still work; and attack bonus will not be reduced). Due to the padding, none of the weapons are capable of critical hits. 3) no magic casting or consumables are permitted, although you may wear any non-armor magical items you like so long as they do not exhibit visible effects (the rules, of course, don't permit much aside from belts and arm gear). 4) throwing weapons or employing dirty tricks (such as throwing sand to blind the opponent) results in automatic forfeiture; disarming attempts are permitted but locking gauntlets are not.

Guntar's stats: 9th-level dwarven barbarian2/fighter6/cleric1(Kurgess:Community/Travel); move 40, raging STR of 26; Combat Reflexes (2/rnd), Power Attack, Pushing Assault, Vital Strike, WF:Longhammer, WS:Longhammer, Improved Unarmed Strike, Improved Trip, Improved Bull Rush, Weapon Training (hammers), Reckless Abandon +1. Gunter has 114 raging hitpoints, a +4 strength belt and Gloves of Dueling; attack +21, damage 2d6+12 (+9[PA] +2d6[VS] when applicable) nonlethal.

Tactics: Guntar always uses Pushing Assault to drive opponents toward and over the edge the ring (it also denies them full-attacks, permitting Guntar's +2d6 Vital Strike to tip the scales damage-wise). Secondary tactic: if his opponent appears to have repositioning skills or does more damage than he does, he will grapple and pin until time runs out.

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116. The PCs are ambushed in a warren of allies by three 1st-level neutral halfling rogues and a 3rd-level ringleader evil cleric of a ne'er-do-well deity. The attack is precipitated when one of them Invisibly filches a valuable item, then runs. The halflings employ snipe & run tactics. If caught (i.e., grappled) or are unable to escape through a maze of cover, they surrender and plead for their lives. Their only weapons are daggers (four each) and saps.

117. Tainted feed makes the mounts cartoonishly flatulent for the next 1d4 days, and irritable in combat (-4 to all Ride and Handle Animal checks). Remove Disease cures the problem.

118. Quantum magic flux: for the next 24 hours, all no-attack-roll cantrips are permanent and uncontrollable.

Cuup wrote:
112. The PC's exit the local inn early, the morning after a heavy snowfall. They spot a dozen tracks of footprints, trailing toward the inn, yet all stopping about twenty feet from the front door, forming a semicircle, where each trail stops. Detect Magic and a Spellcraft check reveals a dozen magic auras of Illusion; each resting directly where its owner's foot trail ends.

119. After a heavy overnight snowfall, a mysterious set of tracks is discovered stretching right across the town. The tracks, cloven and [Tracking] belonging to a biped, run absolutely straight and appear on roof and the tops of walls. Whatever left them apparently climbed vertical surfaces effortlessly. Night guards shamefacedly admit that they saw nothing, although cynics might suggest that they were sheltering from the snow.

If anyone follows the tracks, they appear from an area of desolate scrub and run for several miles beyond the town. Whether their originator is at the other end is up to the DM and campaign.

Sir Thugsalot wrote:
(Resetting the count back three to eliminate the duplicate fifteenth-century Germany duplicates.)

What do you have against Germany in the early 15th century?

120. a spooky old house up the hillside sits derelict and overgrown with weeds. As the characters pass a pair of adolescent kids hurl rocks, trying to damage the window shutters. If the PCs ask, that's the old Granville house. They say if you can break a window in it you get a wish (but you have to be a pretty good shot nowadays). If the PCs venture in tack on any themed side quest that's appropriate (Scooby Doo, gothic horror, classic adventure, etc.)

Mark Hoover wrote:
If the PCs venture in tack on any themed side quest that's appropriate (Scooby Doo, gothic horror, classic adventure, etc.)

Would that mean that the kids are the monster if we go down the Scooby Doo trail considering they are the first ones we meet or should we introduce an old gardener, who won't show up again until the end, on the way up the hill?

121. While following a guide through the city their guide takes the PCs down a street with large red lanterns hanging outside most of the doors and stopping at one of them at the end of the street indicating it as their destination. A Knowledge Local check can clear up the confusion as in this region a red light district is something else than what they are used to but rather used as an indicator for something else such as a religious sign, political affiliation, fashion statement etc.

Caught a very Freudian misspelling of political as plotical

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122. Two loud, angry voices can be heard from the street. Two nobles are arguing over something trivial (like their favorite jouster, whose economic policy would work better, if the house over yonder is white or off white, etc.). Their argument has carried them out of their respective carriages, and they're inches from one another, red-faced. The personal guards of each noble don't seem to know how to handle the situation.
Finally, one says "Enough! Let us agree to disagree."
The other scoffs "Absolutely not; we must settle this here and now!"
The first noble grins. "The old fall-back, then?"
The nobles then turn to the crowd, which has grown quite large, as beggars, commoners, and shop owners have all come to see what all the excitement was about. The nobles spot the PC's and each pick one to fight to the death for his honor, and "the final word".

123. On a particularly hot day, two clerics of Sarenrae have brought barrels and barrels of holy water into the street.
(Gesturing to the blazing sun) "Our Goddess, Sarenrae, has blessed us today with her beautiful face! As mere mortals, though, it is not so easy to bask in her glory. Come, children, let us shower you in our holy water, so the mighty presence of Sarenrae might become more bearable, and we may love her in greater comfort!"
These are actually clerics of Rovagug, who killed two clerics of Sarenrae for their attire. The holy water is actually lamp oil, and they plan on using a wand of burning hands on the people who let them shower them with "holy water". Allow Sense Motive, Perception, Knowledge (Religion), etc for the PC's to have a chance to piece this together before it's too late.

124. Flash mob

125. A grippili bard leaps and capers amid a small stand of trees. He has rope and harness, juggling balls and garish attire. The entire time he performs he sings 2 songs; either It's Not Easy Being Green or Rainbow Connection

126. A baker chases rats out of his shop with a pastry roller. He declares all rats should be destroyed and he'd pay to see it so.

127. A massive lye pit spontaneously combusts; 1d6 nearby businesses are currently in the path of cinders and flaming dust but the substance is also caustic.

128. As the PCs walk by night sudden lights catch their attention. They are multicolored, roughly about half a foot tall and moving in impossible ways in the air just at the edge of their vision. If they take any action toward them the lights wink out. If the party inspects the area they find only a stand of oak trees. (Monsters: x6 pixies or sprites, depending on APL)

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129. Able-bodied young riffraff (alignment CN and CE; ages 8 to 16) greedily beg for coin as the PCs enter town (the PCs have no reason to reward them, as there's plenty of employment in town, and the punks are neither starving nor destitute).

Later in the day, rival gangs have a horse-apple fight in the street; and the PCs are caught in the crossfire.

PCs who paid off the beggars earlier avoid getting hit on a DC 20 Reflex save; PCs who stiffed them are deliberately targeted, Touch-AC 20 splash-attacks (as the softest, gooiest apples are chucked their way). This occurs for three rounds, then they run (unless steel is drawn by the PCs, in which case they scatter sooner).

130. The most disreputable PC (alignment closest to CE, or the player most likely to go for this, in the GM's estimation) is approached privately by a shady character who desires to hire him to supply two humanoid corpses deceased within the last 24 hours. The source or manner of death doesn't matter. Payment is very tempting (for the level of the PC.) If asked what it's for, he (or she) simply answers, "It's none of your concern; do you want the job or not?" If the PC attempts to cast a spell or attack, the other will immediately flee (as a readied action) with a base move of 70 around a corner (and disappear).

If the PC agrees, a time and place are arranged for delivery. When the PC arrives with the bodies, the other is a no-show. If the PC waits more than a few minutes beyond the agreed time, a city watch patrol (1d6 CR-3 warriors) happens by and begins asking nosy questions about the lumps under the tarp in the PC's cart. If a fight breaks out, at least one of the patrol immediately blows an alert whistle and runs for help.

131. (River-front town, summer) Mayfly swarm! Any and all light sources outdoors are smothered by thousands of the harmless insects after dark. Reduce light levels by one category and halve radius of all light sources; bugs will festoon the hair and garments of anyone within the radius. AoE spells will only clear pockets in the monstrous swarm for one round. Mounds of dead bugs pile up a foot deep under stationary lighting. The swarm lasts for three days. The DC for fishing checks is reduced by 10 for the duration.

132. As the PCs approach an intersection, they see two large gangs facing each other off. Those on one side seem to be wearing red (shirts, bandanas, cloaks, armbands, etc.) the ones on the other side are wearing blue. Looking closer the two groups seem to be armed with some improvised clubs (chair legs, firewood, etc.). The two groups seem to be yelling incoherently at each other. Various shop keepers are out closing shutters, and bringing in anything sitting outside. Street vendors and entertainers are quickly headed away. From the opposite direction the PCs can see a unit of the local city guard approaching. With a DC 10 Perception check, the PCs will notice a shopkeeper trying to get their attention, waving for them to enter his shop. If the PCs stay in the street to watch, they will get caught up in the riot taking 1d6 subdual damage per round until they can get away a DC 15 CMD or Escape Artist check. If they go into the shop, they can watch as the two groups riot for about 30 minutes. The shopkeeper will explain that they are fans of two rival soccer teams that are set to play a match that afternoon.

133. In the middle of the night the PCs come across an Alchemist and his hunchback associate maneuvering a cart through the street. An inspection of the cart will discover a recently dug up corpse.

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134) While walking past a Jewelry store -- a high perception check reveals that nobody is behind the counter, and in fact customers and staff are bound and tied laying about the floor. Numerous NPCs (of comparable level as the PCs) are robbing the place -- and can choose to intervene. Alternatively -- you can make the site a bank, and there is a standoff between a good number of organized criminals and town guards, worried about approaching because of the fate of hostages. Upon seeing the PCs, the guards are emboldened if the party will initiate a covert action or coordinate/lead a breach.

135) A gas fire/explosion in the poor section of town has created a HORRIBLE yellow mold problem. Small colonies of yellow mold have been fed by the flames, causing the stuff to boil out from under the ground, taking over a whole block of run-down, burned-out buildings. The PCs may simply be threatened by the mold, or be somehow obligated/motivated to fight the fire and the yellow mold before it gets out of hand. The fire and poor structural integrity of the run-down buildings are added threats.

136) While walking at night up to a four-way intersection, the party is confronted by a different of three large street gangs coming up each opposing street. If the party doesn't talk fast they will invariably be pulled into a deadly four-way conflict!

137) A distinguishing item or bit of clothing on one of the party members mistakenly labels him as a contact for a spy/saboteur from a nearby country/city. The party member will be approached subtly and asked to come to a meeting point. This will lead the party into some bit of larger intrigue, or at the very least an interesting encounter where they are suddenly expected to have detailed orders and instructions for a group of organized terrorists/mercenaries -- who will no doubt be out for blood once they realize their mistake. You could even have the party member run into somebody wearing the similar ring/cloak/hat on the way to the mysterious unexplained rendevous (the actual contact) and broaden the intrigue -- especially if the actual contact goes to meet the saboteurs and is slain as an impostor!

138. Two elderly but still foppish noblemen pass discussing the best way to manage nasal hair.
139. A woman screams up at an upstairs bedroom window: "Oh, so it only doesn't work for ME!"
140. A group of young fresh-faced street-vendors are arrayed around the street, as the pcs pass each asks for money to help kobolds made homeless by a dragon-slaying.
141. A hole/pit appears in front of the pcs. Determine depth/causality appropriately.
142. A cat is moving its kittens to a safer spot.
143. A small mangy dog has decided the pcs are its best chance of a meal.
144. Knowing the aforesaid mangy dog is rarely wrong, a small pack of mangy dogs begins following the pcs.
145. A high-class courtesan passes in her carriage, her glance meets a PC, a scented handkerchief flutters from the window with a message on it...
146. Two men are talking, one says: "Germany? No this is Rome." The PC's have ever heard of either of these places.

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147. The PCs see a flyer that says that Lil Von Shtupp will be performing at the Dew Drop Inn.

148. At the dock's in the fishmarket an unusual catch is brought in...
149. An old lady hugs and thanks the pcs then starts weeping. She tries to explain why but fails. Too emotional. Cue awkward silence.
150. There is a momentary eclipse, no sorry it was just a strange cloud scudding across the sky.
151. One pc, determined at random, steps on a caltrop.
152. A small structure such as a market stall collapses, chaos ensues, observant pcs may notice a pick-pocket exploit the situation.
153. A beggar farts. It is loud and extremely noxious.
154. Two prostitutes are helping each other apply make-up to cover up their scabs.
155. A merchant finds god. No, sorry they sold a valuable antique for a tidy profit.

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156. The PC's enter a shop. No one is home, yet it's business hours and the door is unlocked. Assuming the PC's don't simply grab a bunch of stuff and run, a Perception check to search around hears a muffled crashing sound from the basement. A dozen zombies are shuffling aimlessly around the basement, half of which are still bumping around inside the large wooden crate labeled "shelving". Two zombies are still feasting on the corpses of the shop keeping and his wife.

157. A notice is pinned to the city message board. There will be a talent show held in the King's hall at the end of the week. Grand Prize: That thing the group really needs.

158. The City Watch's alarm calls as a masked figure escapes on the rooftops just in view with the city's most praised treasure.
159. Women scream as along prostitute has been cut down in the street, with only the PCs close enough to investigate. Possibly a PCs animal companion can take off into the city and discover the body that way.
160. A sentient rat in the sewer begins talking to a single randomly designated PCs just as they pass the sewer main.
161. A young boy/girl presents a PC with a flower and nervous acclamation that they "are cute" before escaping in a peel of giggles.
162. A PC slips on a banana or PF equivalent, only to fall down a manhole and discover an untouched city of ancient wonder.
163. A PC sees a dead family member for a moment in the crowd, then if they try to seek them out, find them vanished.
164. An overactive bard follows the party insisting they attend the opening night of a new play. Play possibly based on them.
165. A PC is called out in a public place for a duel of honor to the death for an accident transgression.

166. As PCs pass a beaten beggar prays for the release that only death will bring

167. A sweaty fat man in silks and finery indulges in one last meat pie before collapsing, clutching at his heart.

168. City government is gridlocked in debate over spending issues; until budgets can be resolved all government employees, including the watch, are suspended. Chaos ensues.

169. Raucous music and floral streamers adorn the PCs favorite watering hole. Inside a group of peasants are celebrating a wedding and the party is invited to join. (To the GM: bonus points if the bride or groom is someone one of the PCs used to date)

170. While the party is passing an alleyway one of them notices a cat sitting on a crate staring at mangy dog; of a sudden there's a flash from the feline's outstretched paw and a beam of pure cold hits the dog clear in the face, killing it dead. If the PCs investigate they find the carcass but no cat.

171. A cart laden with skunk oil or some extremely pungent substance overturns near the PCs. Reflex save, DC 15, to avoid being splashed. Hope the -4 on Diplomacy checks doesn't ruin the rest of their day (or several days).

172. A man runs by trying to hold up his pants. Then the prostitute he was stiffing runs after him with a whip.

173. A child with some random precognitive talents tells the PCs that they're about to have something bad happen to them. It does. Next day the kid shows up with another story... Do the PCs listen? Or is the kid part of a gang pulling an elaborate prank?

174. A local(and understandably popular/unpopular) fertility religion is starting their annual (mostly)symbolic public copulation ritual in the town square this year, as their temple is being renovated. They have received permission from the city fathers/mothers for this, but due to the meddling of another, more puritanical faith, there is a lot of anger and outcry at this, and a riot could break out.

175. A Halfling tinker, little more than a commoner blessed with the power to cast both Mending and Prestidigitation, promises passersby that he can fix any busted/broken gear in just 10 minutes and will have the device looking fit and clean to boot. He offers his services from the back of a simple caravan pulled by a pony for a mere 10 GP. He also has 1d4 fine/masterwork items for sale or barter, as well as a single magic item.

176. As a Saranite bard dances in the town square while performing for the locals, her curved blade shimmers in the sunlight and leaves gleaming trails; puffs of smoke and the flicker of tiny flames dance with it.

177. Two dwarves stand on a street corner arguing over the knotwork of their beard braids; nearby a third dwarf struggles to hold aloft a heavy stone.

178. As the party watches a canny gnome gestures to tent pole in a vegetable stall; the thing mysteriously pulls loose causing the canvas to collapse. As it does the small figure races out the other side with a basket of cabbages floating behind him.

179. A crow descends with a rolled up scroll in it's talons, dropping it at one PC's feet. If unfurled an read, it is nothing more than an arcane shopping list. Every so often the thing plays with a shrunken, mummified hand hanging around it's neck and as it does so small shiny stones nearby lift and present themselves to the bird.

180. A trio of jugglers tell a story as they perform. The tale is about a mischievous youth who hides from the sheriff in plain sight throughout the town with the balls representing the characters. As they pass the spheres they change colors either to all match or for up to two at a time(presumably the youth and the sheriff) to stand out from the others. At appropriate times the devices also issue forth sounds to match the tale; the squeals of the courtesans who discover the rogue among them; the roar of drunkards at the local tavern and the whinny and clatter of horses. The show lasts a full minute and is very good.

181. Some children playing ball, hide and seek, or some such.
182. A lost child crying.
183. A dog fight breaks out.
184. An small momentary humanoid figure of mist is seen dancing in the spray from a water fountain.
185. Bells begin ringing nearby, a wedding or an alarm?
186. A merchant caravan from distant parts arrives.

187. A flock of pigeons takes wing, startled by a loud clang (chamber pot)
188. A young man makes an offering to a saintly figure in the cornice of a building
189. A middle aged woman strides by leading 2 boys by the ears; she looks fit to be tied and she is sopping wet
190. Earthquake!

Scarab Sages

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191. Aftershock!
192. Diarrhea! Suddenly. Something must have been wrong with that inn's food
193. Ogre! Suddenly. Like, Right There. Someone's teleport must have gone poorly.
194. Chamber pit! Right in the middle of the road? Who would do that? Then the Create Pit spell ends, the refuse inside is spewed in a geyser skyward, and you make a fort save or gain the sickened condition. Nearby, a gnome is in stitches. That same gnome will be in stitches soon if he doesn't run!

Madclaw wrote:
96. While fighting some enemies one of the PCs is knocked into a vendor cart, destroying it. The vendor screams, "MY CABBAGES!"

You sir, you are amazing

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195. An infestation of rabbits (Like hundreds of rabbits) ravages the vegetables of the market!

Madclaw wrote:
The vendor screams, "MY CABBAGES!"

Later the PCs can hear two merchants speaking about a magically Bunnicorn (Rabbit with a horn) that leads the rabbits.

196. A drunken Half-Orc stumbles out of the tavern, muttering something about Goblins in his shoes before shouting at the PCs, "Who are you calling crazy you spotted Goblins!?" Followed by a quick punch to a random PC's jaw, the swing sending the drunk Half-Or off balance and stumbling to the ground where he proceeds to pass out.

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197. A middle-aged man collapses to his knees, vomiting blood. Moments later his mad gaze meets yours as he grins "It has begun!" and his jaw proceeds to melt.

198. Iced Cream!

199. As the party is on the street after dark the nearest lamp-light flickers then winks out. There is a shattering of glass, then the light appears to be descending towards the party. "Please," a tiny female voice implores, "help me before it's too late! They're all going to die!"

200. A man holding his pants around his waist races by; behind him a woman with a rolling pin follows, bellowing about infidelity. Just then a BOLT OF DIVINE WRATH STREAMS DOWN INCINERATING THE SINNER AND A VOICE ANNOUNCES "JUDGEMENT." The woman stops short of the smoking pile of ash. "H...Henry?" she begins to whimper.

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201. PC's are offered herbal recreation.
202 As above but a sting operation.
203. The pcs pass a café where people imbibe while playing dice/board/strange role playing games.
204. As above but mediated by a dealer/croupier/games-master...

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205. A group of halflings and gnomes enter town riding large pigs. A local will mention that they come here every year. When the party leaves town they notice a sign: "Thank you for visiting Stirges."

206. A beautiful teenaged girl is tied to a pole mounted on a cart. The cart is being led out of town. If the PCs ask they will be told that she is the monthly sacrifice to the dragon that lives up in the hills. If the PCs interfere later that day a blue dragon (DC should be way above anything the PCs could handle) will show up demanding to know where the sacrifice is. The town folk will immediately point out the PCs, the dragon will capture but not kill the PCs, and force them over the next week to clean its lair (any further shenanigans by the PCs will result in their deaths). During that time, they will see the "sacrifice" in the lair talking to dragon, playing games, and doing other friendly things with the dragon. If the PCs don't interfere, a few days later they will see the "sacrifice" somewhere in town. (The dragon has taken over the town and villages in this area, he protects them from bandits and such, but "owns" all the large animals, etc. The sacrifice goes and entertains and helps the dragon.)

207. A baker struts in front of his store with a loaf calling to a crowded street "Bread for sale!" incessantly. Suddenly, he drops the loaf into the mud, and stiffly walks into the store. Soon afterwards, crashing can be heard inside the store, and smoke begins to pour out the front. The bakery becomes engulfed in flames, and a cloaked figure laughs and runs into a nearby alley.

208. While walking down the crowded street, a PC runs into a cloaked figure. A DC 20 Perception check by any of the party notices the pointed ears of the person. This town has incredible animosity towards elves, and anyone caught aiding or abetting an elf is severely punished, while a (large) reward is given to those who turn them in.

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209. A loud boom can be heard from nearby and it would appear that a circus is is town, or perhaps leaving it, as a man and a woman are apparently "blasting off again" as they put it in their shout while flying off into the distance. And was that a cat with them?

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210. Ninja bust down the door! Seeing you, they seem confused and hesitate and their leader raises a hand to call off the attack, bowing deeply and saying, "So sorry. Wrong room. Please go back to sleep."

211. While perusing a notice on a street corner, something wet and cold and slimy touches your ankle gently. You look down and a tentacle recoils from your ankle and slinks down into a busted sewer grate. A voice comes up from the grate, "Please me help. Shiny cold sparklies for help." What could an otyugh possibly need your help with? Or is it a ploy to lure fresh meat into the sewers? (His otyugh on-again, off-again girlfriend has gone missing, killed by ghouls infesting that region of the sewers. He needs help killing them so that he can respectfully devour what remains of his ladyfriend, as is otyugh custom. Local criminals dump bodies down a grate across town, and he sometimes finds jewelry on them, which he cannot digest and finds uninteresting, and will trade for this service. One such item is a signet ring, belonging to a local lordling believed to have eloped with a peasant girl, whose family was punished for this, and the existence of the ring in the sewers tells a very different tale. Good aligned folk might also find it useful to know where the town's crooks dump bodies, to help end that practice...)

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Vod Canockers wrote:

117. The PCs find a small pouch with 20 silver pieces in it. The writing on the silver pieces is in some unknown language. A successful translation reveals the coins to be from Germany a bit less than a third of the way into the fifteenth century.

I've searched the internet for quite a while now, but I don't know what this trope is. Could you clarify why this is funny?

Adun wrote:
Vod Canockers wrote:

117. The PCs find a small pouch with 20 silver pieces in it. The writing on the silver pieces is in some unknown language. A successful translation reveals the coins to be from Germany a bit less than a third of the way into the fifteenth century.

I've searched the internet for quite a while now, but I don't know what this trope is. Could you clarify why this is funny?

Actually, for me it should have been the 17th century, but I just copy/pasted what the first guy posted. 1632

212. A writer sits outside a tavern, sipping a drink but for those with good perception skills, quite obviously eavesdropping and writing down the pcs 'dialogue'.
213. Some workers come and dig up the road, there is a problem with the sewers. This could be an adventure hook or a mere nuisance.
214. A larger raptor lands. Turns into a druid. They walk off.
215. Town Guard ask to see the pcs weapon permits, permits for dangerous animals, magic licence or some such. A small bribe should suffice or a high bluff check.
216. Someone the pcs know is in the stocks. The pcs may legitimately subject them to abuse by throwing rotten produce if they so wish.

How about something darker this morning?

217. In the main square the PCs not a great wooden stake and cross-beam amid an unlit bonfire; per the locals its for the witch burning tonight

218. Passing near the city prison sounds of torture can be heard; in a cage dangling from the wall is a nearly naked man, bound in a crouch with manacles betwixt his toes and thumbs. A painful looking ball gag has been inserted in his mouth

219. A darkly-attired inquisitor at the head of brute squad passes. Wherever he glares into the crowd the people avoid his gaze; on one hip swings a fine axe while on the other is a sack of sickening wet lumps

220. From the depths of a dark alley a slice of yellow light reveals a little girl with sickly complexion and bloodshot eyes. She offers the PCs a spot in the Pesh den beyond; if they refuse she begs them saying if they don't she'll be killed

Shadow Lodge

221. The PCs pass a man (elf of half-elf works too) wearing robes and a single scabbard carrying a roll of swords on his back, which radiate a lot of magic. High perception sees that the man is eyeing the PC with prominent weapons. Later there is a rumor at a tavern about a serial killer who targets adventurers to steal their magic weapons.

222. An Astrologer's customer demands their money back.
223. A young noble leaves the tailors in spiffingly fashionable new attire. They look ridiculous.
224. A military unit march down the street on their way to deployment in a war-zone, weeping families bid them farewell.
225. A busker in the street only knows one song and plays it repeatedly.
226. An old beggar leaves an darkened alley dusting himself down. In the ally are a group of unconscious would be muggers. They have been robbed.

The Exchange

227. A construction crew with scaffolds are refacing a three story inn. The expertise is evident. [rogue background AND knowledge/profession check difficult=observing hand/footholds built into outer walls. When finished should be a climb check of 10 despite sheerness.] And look at that, complimentary window treatments as well.

228. A group of various hideous monsters, including a Mindflayer, a Ghoul, a Succubus and several Vampires, one of which a sparkly dwarfish fellow, suddenly burst out from a bar into the streets! After some screams, lots of confusion and some throwing up on part of the Mindflayer, it becomes clear that they are a club of drunk nobles that used Illusions to dress up for a costume party. They got lost on the way home, are now having a spontaneous after party and invite the PCs to come along because of their 'marvelously roguish adventurer costumes'!

Dark Archive

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strayshift wrote:
226. An old beggar leaves an darkened alley dusting himself down. In the ally are a group of unconscious would be muggers. They have been robbed.

I love this one.

229. While passing by a well late at night, you hear a faint splashing noise from within the well. Investigating, you find a young man (Rogue or Bard 1), barely alive, having been treading water for hours, thirty feet down the well. He stole a bunch of money from friends and relatives to buy a ring to give to a rich merchant's daughter he fancied, and she laughed at him and tossed the ring down the well. He tried to clamber down to get it, hoping to sell it back and repay the money he stole, but slipped and now can't get back out.

Rescuing him will make a friend for life, possibly even a henchman or follower, as he's burned his bridges in this town (and feels a fool for his actions). Recovering the ring (worth a kingly sum of 100 gp.), or loaning him the equivalent to replace the stolen money before it is missed, will only make him an even more devoted follower.

Which could be a problem, if nobody wants a follower, for, as previously mentioned, he's really got nowhere else to go. By saving this puppy, you may have adopted him...

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230: It's Beerball day! This involves a heavy leather ball, most of the town's young men and lots of alcohol. Each of two teams tries to get the ball to the opposing team's town gate. As the teams number in the hundreds, are very drunk and bear no team markings, this takes most of the day and paralyses the town.

231: Cheeserolling. Several large wheels of cheese are rolled down a steep hill. People chase them.

232: Bullrunning. People are chased through the streets by cattle. This is apparently fun.

233: For obscure religious reasons, a donkey is herded up the steps of a temple tower and pushed out of the window. Other religions object, but it's been done annually for hundreds of years because [woeful disaster] would clearly ensue if the practice was abandoned.

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