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Kotello wrote:
Melkiador wrote:
blahpers wrote:
TL;DR: People complained about stuff, so Paizo released a book that made things worse. : D
Lol. It feels that way. I hate most of the unchained summoner. It broke more than it fixed. Barbarian felt more like “why bother”. Unchained monk was close to ok but could have used a playtest. And the unchained rogue is probably ok but it’s too tempting for dexterity based dips.

The Dex to Damage mechanic gets a little ridiculous. You pour everything into boosting Dex and become nearly unhittable while having a high attack bonus. Goblin rogue can out hit a fighter of the same level and out-damage him likely too if he can sneak attack consistently.

Very rarely is a Rogue going to have their dex more than 2 points above what a primary martial is going to have in their strength, unless you've got some weird game where people are running around with 14 strength fighters. So before BAB an Unrogue is at most +1 to hit over the fighter. But then the fighter has weapon training and BAB to raise his attack bonus, plus more attack per round. And while the rogue has debilitating injury to help provide more accuracy that's only going to close the BaB gap, and not the class feature gap.

And if the Rogue gets sneak attack, that's only going to bring them up to the fighters level and not surpass them, because again the fighter has more attacks, better or equal accuracy, and his own damage boosters that are also multiplied on critical hits.

You may want to look into going gunslinger instead, if only for the ability to grab Gruesome Parry

Gruesome Parry:
Gruesome Parry (Ex): Some gunslingers wield guns and blades in concert, readying a shot to unbalance attackers and then eviscerating their assailants. At 7th level, the gunslinger can spend 1 grit point when she readies an action to make a ranged attack with a firearm against a creature that declares a melee attack against her. If she does, the readied ranged attack does not provoke attacks of opportunity. If this readied attack hits, she gains a +4 dodge bonus to AC against the triggering attack, and she can make a single melee attack with a slashing or piercing weapon against the creature that attacked her; if this melee attack hits, it is considered to be a critical threat. This deed replaces the dead shot deed and one other 7th-level deed.

I'm currently creating a High level medium character and noticed that there are 3 spells listed as being 6th level medium spells. Which is an issue since Mediums only get up to 4th level spells known from the medium spell list.

the spells in question are

Emblem of Greed
Shadow Transmutation
Baleful SHadow transmutation

Normally I would think this is just an issue with d20FPSRDs data entry, but I checked my personal copy of Arcane Anthology and Emblem of Greed explicitly lists Medium 6. I am unsure about the other two since I don't own blood of shadows.

So i'm pretty confused on how this works exactly, I know medium can get up to 6th level spells from spirits but those are pulled form different lists, so how exactly do these 3 spell play out?

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I'm currently creating a High level medium character and noticed that there are 3 spells listed as being 6th level medium spells. Which is an issue since Mediums only get up to 4th level spells known from the medium spell list.

the spells in question are

Emblem of Greed
Shadow Transmutation
Baleful SHadow transmutation

Normally I would think this is just an issue with d20FPSRDs data entry, but I checked my personal copy of Arcane Anthology and Emblem of Greed explicitly lists Medium 6. I am unsure about the other two since I don't own blood of shadows.

So i'm pretty confused on how this works exactly, I know medium can get up to 6th level spells from spirits but those are pulled form different lists, so how exactly do these 3 spell play out?

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Because a for a standard action a Normal cleric has the option of either

A) Attack with my melee weapon.
B) Cast a spell

whereas a reach cleric casts their spell, and then still gets an attack off due to attacks of opportunity.

So for a single feat you essentially get to double your standard actions each round.

Also 3/4ths bab with a single buff spell is still going to outscale enemy AC at higher levels, especially since because you're using AoOs you're making all your attacks at full BAB.

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Astral projection from the Material plane to the Astral plane, then Plane shift back to the material. Problem solved.

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Improve Initiative is a combat feat and is good on literally everyone

Is there anything I should improve on my character fluff wise?

I may put in an application fro this at some point if it's actually going to happen, but I figured that since You're open to allowing custom/third party races I figured I'd plug some conversions of various mass effect races I did a while ago, in the event that anyone want's to play them.


Laskta is done

Will work on formatting when I'm not on mobile

Name: Laskta Nim
Gender: Female
Homeworld: Coruscant
Age: 19

Race/class Human(echani) soldier into martial arts master and elite soldier later on

Laskta grew up on the lower levels of Coruscant Scavenging with her mother to survive. Her mother and her are of Echani descent and share the distinct Echani pale skin and white hair. Laskta's mother taught her how to fight and survive in the underworld of Coruscant, but dies when Laskta was about 10. Consequentially she was unable to pass on much more than a brief history of her family and the first form of the Echani Combat style.
Laskta grew up rough in the underworld, but eventually made her way offworld when she was about 17. She's made a living as a bodyguard and fighting for sport in some seedier areas. She still spends a lot of her spare time and money trying to track down any information she can on the Echani history and style.

Since she isn't very familiar with all of the aspects of Echani she isn't very cautious or observant, Yet. I plan on having her mature over the course of the game as she learns more about her history and the higher forms. For now she's quite brash and prone to reckless decisions.

1) Tell me a memory, something unrelated to their main backstory.
2) What's a talent, unrelated to their class abilities?
3) A personality quirk?
4) Distinguishing physical feature?
5) A goal, short or long term.
6) Why were they arrested and brought aboard the Deception? What reason could the Imperials have for being so sure that the PC is a member of the Rebellion (e.g., political connections, smuggling, being a mercenary or anarchist)?

1) Relaxing on a cool day on Coruscant when one of the orbital mirrors was having some technical issues.
2) A good dancer
3) Uses lots of profanity(Kriffing, Stang, etc.)
4) Pale Skin and Natural White Hair
5) Track down lost Echani Lore, and become a better fighter
6) Made some sort of disturbance when an Imperial Officer tried to throw his weight around in a bar.

More to come after I finish upt he character mechanically.

Matthew Downie wrote:
Temperans wrote:
Wait whats wrong with 40+ AC at the cost of to hit and dmg?

It creates a situation where most of the enemies in the campaign quickly realise they have virtually no chance of significantly hurting the PC, and they might as well all just surrender.

This isn't very exciting.

A GM has to create custom enemies who can hit 40AC, because the high-level NPCs provided by the game usually can't.

because most monsters provided by the game still can

Don't post a link to one of the most horribly built NPCs ever built and try and pass it off as the standard.

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I'm curious how someone is getting constant fast healing in the first place, since thats generally a pretty restricted ability.

regardless if they have super High AC rather than worrying about dealing with damage and the like just use things that target other defenses.

Alchemists throwing bombs to hit touch AC which is generally lower than regular AC.

Or utilize Combat maneuvers, since CMD is also usually lower than AC by a fair bit. Trip will hurt AC, disarm will make them ineffective, dirty trick will eat actions, and grapple can flat out take them out of the fight with a few decent rolls.

As someone reading the NJO series and also prepping to run my first game of SWSE I was very surprised to find that the Vonduun Crab Armor is weaker than most other armors when it comes to avoiding laserfire, lightsaber attacks, getting stabbed, and being by with explosives. It's better for resisting stuff like poisons and the like though.

This feels really odd to me since in most novels the armor is described as being exceedingly strong and hard to pierce with blasterfire and jedi can't even cut it with lightsabers, instead finding gaps in the armor.

I fail to see how a designer could look at that and decide that stormtrooper armor is more likely to keep someone alive. Even in the novels, most other armors don't hold up well under sustained fire.

I'm not running any Yuuzhan Vong in my game most likely but I have a hard time wrapping my head around how Vonduun Crab Armor ended up as good as an armored flightsuit.

Do you want a full build done or just suggestions BTW?

I'd say go cleric, with a one level dip in UnMonk.

Unmonk Gets you proficiency in the monks shovel, an extra attack(auto attack reset) and AC based on WIS, letting you pump that stat for better spellcasting while avoiding needing to wear armor, which will probably be used entirely on self buffs and animate dead for the mistwalkers. Also its a d10 HD full bab dip.

If it's 1v1 a psychic duelist psychic pretty much makes every other build non functional. Albeit it is a will save and I'm not 100% sure how common mind affecting immunity is at that level.

but hey if they fail you've pretty much guaranteed a kill in a 1v1, and if they don't you're still a 9 level caster.

I will point out that by RAW psychic duels are NOT optional rules like things like ABP or armor as DR, they are considered as much a part of the rules as things like magic item crafting.

active defense:

Active Defense
If you are using a shield and you are attacked by a creature you are aware of while not flat-footed, you may spend an attack of opportunity to increase your shield bonus to AC against that attack by +2. This decision must be made before the roll is made. For every 4 points of base attack bonus you possess, the increase to your shield bonus provided by this talent increases by 1. Talents with the (deflect) tag grant additional effects to this ability. Each use of active defense may only benefit from one (deflect) talent. You may expend your martial focus to use active defense in place of spending an attack of opportunity.

cover ally:
Cover Ally
As long as you have martial focus, you may use active defense to benefit an ally when an ally within your shield’s reach is targeted by an attack.

if a level 1 fighter with a heavy shield used cover ally would the bonus granted be +4(Shield bonus+active defense bonus) or would it just be +2 from active defense

Yqatuba wrote:
Well, ok. Say you have some big elaborate dungeon. What keeps the pcs from just teleporting right to where the big bad is and skipping the whole dungeon?

Teleport trap over a pit of lava/sealed room/ gate to the negative energy plane/ etc

Patol wrote:

Oh yeah I missed that thanks

I think I'll still take it, the fear aura could be better than FOTD in some situations.

Remember, high level form of the dragon gives the frightful presence ability, which is very similar to the ability granted by frightful aspect.

I believe that it was the defending weapon faq, but a weapon that is wielded is one used to make attacks. I do not believe there is any other requirement of "wielding."

But there is certainly nowhere in the rules that specifies that throwing is not wielding, so you are fine to use the benefits of the feat for throwing a starknife.

Maybe it's a Candle of Invocation

If you want to remove the items that purely grant enhancement bonuses to ability scores, another option you can use is simply allowing your players to add additional properties to the belt/headband at 1.5X the cost as outlined under the custom magic item rules. That way players still get their stats, that are assumed by the game and they can still get cool and interesting magic items for those particular slots.

Alternatively you can just let the cost be purely additive instead of having it be charges as a 1.5X premium

ShroudedInLight wrote:

It does, however, prevent every single int caster from taking a level of Int-Monk to gain their primary casting stat to their AC and CMD.

Of course, it just means you play as a Charisma caster and take a level of Scaled Fist instead.

Though remember that there are few to no cha based prep casters and cha casters are weaker than prep casters.

Oh, and grab heroism. 10 minutes/level of a +2 bonus to all skill checks. Increased to +3 or +4 with extreme mood swings.

alternatively greater heroism but that's only minute/level and can't be acquired as a potion.

replace iron will with extreme mood swings and you can gat another +1 or +2 to dex from rage, and any other morale bonuses you come across.

Though the +2 depends on if being drunk requires you to hae the sickened condition.

Meirril wrote:

You can make a strong argument that the shield bonus from the Aldori Defender is a circumstance bonus. You only get that bonus when you make a full attack action. That is a bonus from a circumstance and they normally stack with any bonus, including other circumstance bonuses.

There is no argument to be made for that being a circumstance bonus

It is explicitly called out as being a shield bonus, just because it only applies from a specific action does not make it a circumstance bonus by any definition. It is very cut and dry that it is a Shield bonus.

So I'm going to be running an evil intrigue based campaign soon, and I plan on setting it in the River Kingdoms, specifically Pitax.

Ideally the players are going to start off as their own group, eventually move to seizing some sort of power as a faction within Pitax, and after they have gained sufficient political power King Irovetti is going to take issue with them, That encounter is most likely going to end with Irovetti dead and the party in control of Pitax. I plan on using the Kingdom building rules for that but that's a long way down the line and party derails happen pretty often.

My main problem is I don't really know how to get the ball rolling with them. Like How to start them off in this society, and what type of plots and schemes I should be running.

So any ideas that could help guide the early sessions of the campaign before I can start building around the party would be very helpful.

Alright, I was curious as I have a friend playing a high level wizard in a very anti party game and he wanted me to look into some stuff he can do to shut down as many avenues of attack as possible.

He's already got the basic wizard stuff down, so we were basically just looking at what the most ridiculous things he can pull are.

So you wouldn't gain any immunities based on the subtype itself? Like for example the immunity to mind affecting effects that all inevitables gain as a function of their creature type?

Say for example a wizard wanted to be a Lhaksharut inevitable, what abilities would they gain?

I assume they would gain all the immunities that an inevitable gains, as well as the DR. Though I may be wrong about this.

Essentially I'm asking what exactly one does and does not gain from using Polymorph Any Object.

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However, even though a highly optimized PC can kill a Linnorm if they are specialized in Linnorm slaying I wouldn't send a singular PC against a Linnorm.

Though these types of characters would be fine as npc kings who hav e defeated various Linnorms

Re did the math on the archer paladin according to the DPR formula

The damage formula is h(d+s)+tchd.

h = Chance to hit, expressed as a percentage
d = Damage per hit. Average damage is assumed.
s = Precision damage per hit (or other damage that isn't multiplied on a crit). Average damage is again assumed.
t = Chance to roll a critical threat, expressed as a percentage.
c = Critical hit bonus damage. x2 = 1, x3 = 2, x4 = 3.

Total damage comes out to 337.725 with crits and nat 1s factored in without litany of righteousness or the double paladin level on the first arrow.

Also if you don't want to use Litany of righteousness you don't need to be within 30 ft and can just start sniping from 1100 ft away with a composite longbow.

Holy Sword Is very strong for it's spell level, and it isn't early access because it doesn't appear on any other lists.

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Archer paladin, oath against the wyrm. Uses stealth and consumables to get close, set up smite and haste and all, then full attacks the linnorms flat footed ac to one round it with obscene smite damage and litany of righteousness.

Total average damage ignoring nat 1s and crits = 411
Auto hits flat footed ac and is undetectable until after it attacks due to outstealthing the linnorms maximum perception by taking 10 on stealth and is unaffected by true seeing.

I haven't slept in a long time so this is all probably really sloppy. But if it can be done by one character I'm sure a party can do it if they prep for it.

So yeah, archers are really strong and paladins are really good at killing evil things, not a huge surprise here.

This character isnt great if they don't catch the linnorm off guard but since they can guarantee it I think that's a fine condition.

Just as a note, Hardness is not bypassed by energy attacks so acid flasks and the like won't help against it.

With a lack of RAW on the topic, I would suggest either 75 feet or 35 feet.

Those numbers line up with the difference between normal speed and swim speed, so realistically it would make sense.

Just my two cents if you had to make a ruling, considering the lack of RAW.

You are correct, it is (1d4+1d4)+4.

While it may seem strange, the damage die of a falchion is A 2d4, meaning it is counted as one die for all effects, so vital strike would make it 4d4 not 3d4 and strength mod is only applied once even though you're rolling two dice.

Sohei can flurry with it, as well as a monk with crusaders flurry who worships a god who grants a heavy mace.

I will point out that unless cost is prohibitive using two per fight isnt that bad. it's a move action so just spend your first round activating two, and you're only slightly behind a druid casting flame blade.

Also bear in mind that fire resistance is gonna be a thing, so some other backup weapon may be worthwhile, unless you're some sort of utility caster. Or intimidate, intimidate is never a bad backup plan.

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The text in the melee tactics toolbox appears to be non binding as it appears to be more of a strategy suggestion than rules text.

In addition, the Core Rulebook combat chapter takes precedence over other books, and the Core Rulebook combat chapter states that you may not take attacks of opportunity,

Panther style does not grant attacks of opportunity therefore you may still make the attacks.

As the the title, assuming they have two turns to set up both standard actions.

Based on the scepter of divine providence, and how it requires extra uses of channel energy to function I would price a flat 60 ft radius at no extra cost that is also slotless at around 70k, assuming it has no other properties.

Sneak attack, is on average a +3 bonus to damage per hit. Do you worry about a bard with power attack pulling +6 to damage from one feat and a class feature?

A rogue in a flank puts out damage but it isn't that much compared to other people who can do more damage in a less situational way.

It's already been shown that by RAW and most likely RAI since rogues are traditionally two weapon fighters that rogues can Sneak attack as often as they hit.

Honestly, I wouldn't worry about it unless the rest of the group is feeling like they aren't doing anything by comparison.

If that's the case just make some encounters that play better to the rest of the groups strengths.

but honestly, sneak attack is not a strong ability. It's very mediocre and while it may seem like a lot on paper others do a whole lot more.

Any two handed weapon user with a keen falchion is significantly more scary than any rogue build out there, except an UnRogue using a keen Elven curve blade for 1.5X Dex to damage. In which case the rogue is kinda scary, more so with dips in Urban barb/bloodrager for more dex, but then again that character is more of a melee fighter with some rogue levels rather than a rogue.

the second example is correct, you gain extracts per day and CL but not the extra 2 extracts per level in your formula book.

Unless you really love the wakizashi I recommend you use an Elven Curve Blade for that sweet 1.5X Dex to damage and drop the two weapon fighting route entirely.

if you go that route, I'd drop int from 18 to 15 to afford a 13 str and pick up power attack over piranha strike.

I would also use the second level rogue talent on minor magic, use the 3rd level feat on piranha strike/power attack, and use the 4th level rogue talent on major magic.

then you can use the 5th level feat on arcane strike, especially since you're lowering AC with a sneak attack anyway.

Even with UnRogue dropping enemy AC, two weapon fighting generally still feels very Meh with them.

Warped Savant wrote:
Because sometimes it's fun to take something that isn't optimal in favour of taking something for a character reason.

There are very few cases where having an axe is a truly impactful decision for a character.

There are a few, but they don't come up very often.

OF course it's very easy to create a backstory for a character that deems they use a greataxe, but that begs the question of why would you make a character backstory that utilizes a suboptimal weapon intentionally? Unless it's a cultural thing, like a a dwarf or some similar race there isn't a true reason to write yourself into the corner of using a suboptimal weapon unless you don't care about optimization at all. But in that case one wouldn't ask the question of why use X over Y. So quite obviously OP did not care about flavour at all, because this is a Roleplaying game, and all decisions are superseded by flavour when necessary.

Else literally everyone would be playing a barbarian and never any other martial class, and a samsaran wizard over any other arcane caster, and a samsaran cleric over any other divine caster.

TLDR; Obviously flavour exists but it has zero bearing on this discussion.

These four masked Human males are all vigilante X//one of

Bard with a focus on healing and intimidation

Fighter focused carrying lots of gear and body armor

rogue focused on stealth and diversions

and an alchemist with lots of ranks in craft construct and knowledge:engineering.

extra hint:
And they all picked up the "case the joint" vigilante talent.

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Unicore wrote:
fearcypher wrote:

This paired with the nerf to the buff aspect of cleric spellcasting and the reduction to their overall spells per day has made spells a non reliable buff source.

Clerics are worse in PF2 than in PF1

This is an interesting perspective because most of what I read about the cleric is that they are one of the classes really shining in PF2.

I think it is true that caster's generally will be less objectively powerful than in PF1 but that is a universal condition for casters and not tied to anyone class in particular.

As far as the Cleric's weapon proficiency, the Weapon Proficiency feat only gives trained. you can't increase any weapons or armor to expert with general feats, only archetype feats. General feats also can't raise saves above expert.

Getting Expert with weapon critical unlocks at level 14 without having to take a multi-class feat is probably about right in comparison to being able to get it at level 12 with the multi-class archetype.

I should have stated martial clerics are worse off right now. Casting clerics are having a ball, and being half decent with a weapon after they blow through the good stuff isn't necessarily a bad thing.

Unicore wrote:
ChibiNyan wrote:
A bit rough that Cleric can't improve weapon prof with one of their class things. I realize not all clerics would want to boost weapons, but a lot do.
In the grand scheme of things being stuck at trained is only a -3 penalty overall. That is a much better situation than Clerics were in with 3/4 BAB. Fighters get those proficiencies really fast though. I am curious about how "cool" the fighter feels in play between levels 13 and 20.

A cleric in PF1 was at most, behind by -5.

A cleric in PF2 is down at most(without multiclassing) -3.

however in PF2 a +1 is worth twice as much, so a cleric is really down the equivalent of -6.

This paired with the nerf to the buff aspect of cleric spellcasting and the reduction to their overall spells per day has made spells a non reliable buff source.

Clerics are worse in PF2 than in PF1

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