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Has anyone compiled these into a document?

So my group of players defeated the Garagakal - they made it retreat and it hid inside the Sunrise Maiden. It later snuck down and killed one of the players and then went on to hunt the group aboard the ship - retreating to its hiding spot in the upper part of the ship -

They eventually cornered it up in the vents and it had used all of its points and was trapped - They killed it - 2 characters were slain.

It was a hard fought encounter and lots of fun.

Please read the below text and then join me in my rant against really bad writing - explanation to follow;

Development: As the PCs are concluding their search of
the office, a Qabarat detective called by Professor Muhali
arrives to survey the situation. He takes basic statements
from the PCs and does a sweep of the room, uncovering any
undiscovered clues as noted above. Based on the evidence,
it appears the best course of action is to follow up on the
connections to the Five Arches and the Port Authority, and
based on the nature of the suspects, the officer suspects they
might hide at the first sight of law enforcement. The officer
is amenable to providing the PCs short-term deputation to
investigate the situation further,

Sooooo, in what universe would people from another world with no ties to the local government in a Space age city with a large populous-( with access to their own police force and undercover agents) - be Deputized- That's right folks - Deputized....

Well, my thought is - especially for the Corpse Fleet- an Assualt torpedo-

Once shields are down they fire a torpedo into the enemy craft that is designed to penetrate the hull and allow Necrons err I mean undead troops aboard.