Succubus in a grapple.

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Artofregicide wrote:
UnArcaneElection wrote:

^Combat isn't totally off-iconic for a Succubus -- in fact, grappling is spot-on.

Maybe we should test her grappling abilities, you know, just to be sure. Science and stuff. Can't be too careful...

Been working on that for years now....

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Lamontius wrote:

If this thread doesn't go over the 100+ post mark, then we are totally breaking up, Paizo Forums.

I mean it.

1,900+ posts later...

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tisk, I didn't actually get it all on the same page; alas... so close gettin' further away! XD

(Gonna be a bit before I get back to this, but I'm just glad the thread is getting the... love... it deserves.)

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Three hours ago: "Maybe I'll finally do this!"
Now: "Sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep"

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You just described whole weeks of my research Tacticslion.

Tacticslion wrote:
Interesting Character wrote:


Or for more boring stuff you could continue with rogue or whatever class got you qualified for assassin.

Or bard for the additional seductive possibilities, enthralling and fascinating and suggesting, etc.

I've really been mulling over all of these, and a few others, but the problem is that this is supposed to be an iconic succubus assassin. I would like to make a choice that really fulfills that promise.

As an aside, succubi automatically qualify for assassin - they don't need to take levels in any other class (which is one of the reasons I chose this; the other, of course, being Nocticula/assassination/succubus-theme).

The thing is, there are so many classes she could go into....

Well, after Assassin how about Crimson Assassin. This needs feat prep, but doable, I think. Perhaps Enchanting Courtesan for more seduction. Only one feat needed, but since it advances spell casting, and all she has is the monster ability, that just gets her a higher CL. But if she took a single level of Bard, she could get a bunch of stuff.


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