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♣♠Magic♦♥ is banned for getting the 10,000th post. You monster.

Congatulations for 10,000 posts of nonsense

You are banned by the HIgh POntiff of Canon.


Silver Crusade

The Pontiff is banned for his Cannonade.

lucky7 is banned for not drinking Canonade. You're banned for not spelling Canonade correctly too.

The High Pontiff of Canon is banned for unlicensed advertising.

The rash is banned for objecting against unlicensed advertising.

The Fiend Fantastic is banned for being a Red.

Quiche Lisp is banned for being Blue.

Rashly5 is banned for being brown.

Pontiff is banned because i am not in the mood for seeing people in saintly garbs right now.

The Fiend Fantastic is banned becuse I'm never in the mood for satanic forces.

Scarab Sages

High Pontiff of Canon is banned because the two of you deserve each other.

IHIYC is definately banned for suggesting i'd tolerate a do-gooder in my presence.

Scarab Sages

The Fiend Fantastic is banned for assuming High Pontiff of Canon IS a do-gooder. That's...hat-ism! Historically speaking, it's very uninformed hat-ism to boot!

I'm Hiding In Your Closet is banned for discriminating against Hattites.

rashly5 is banned for the crazy look in his eyes.

The Fiend Fantastic is banned for immensely enjoying his weekly game of chess against Red Richards.

You're all banned, but especially Lisper, for not telling me they were updating the website

You are banned for having been crept on by a website.

Scarab Sages

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Quiche Lisp is banned for being a creep, pure and simple.

IHIYC is banned for suggesting i have anything to do with this. Texas doesn't need my help for looking silly with this list.

Dark Archive

Pathfinder Adventure, Adventure Path Subscriber

TFF is banned for not being as cool as Friday.

Gruumash is banned for being underawesome.

Qball is banned for being overaverage.

Mark Hoover is banned because Edgar is the one in the hole.

gran rey de los everything is banned because I can't hold back my feelings anymore!

rashly5 is banned because I've forgotten what I started fighting for.

GRDLSS is banned for being available to be banned.

Snow Jade is banned for spring is coming. Also, she's a cat, and I have a gnomish policy against furry beasts. Nothing personal, but my Whims Must Be Done !

As I feel good today, I'm re-banning Snow Jade for the sheer mean joy of it (don't cry, beastie, it's unbecoming !)

It's good to be eeevil !

And I'm pre-emptively banning Sissyl, who seems to have difficulties with basking in my sunny beaming magnificence of true gnomishness (Over-Queen of Evil can be stubborn like that).

Quiche Lisp is banned for being oh so very wrong. About everything. All the time.

EggPie SpeechImpediment is banned for having got "right" and "wrong" all mixed up.

Also, why are there different colors of aliases' names in this shabby forum. Is this an "improvement" due to the recent site overhaul ?

Bah ! I abbhor newness that I didn't initiate myself (or that I can't cleverly take credit for. I call it the "Al Gore subterfuge") !


You're all banned for not answering fast enough !

Scarab Sages

Quiche Lisp is banned for referring to, and thereby reinforcing, a blatant lie about something Al Gore never said.

IHIYC is banned for being a Gore Fiend (official supporter of Al Gore)

Mark Hoover is banned for telling an inconvenient truth.

Scarab Sages

GoatToucher is banned for implying I consider that particular truth "inconvenient" - First Autistic President (with the admittedly-probable exception of Thomas Jefferson)? Yes please!

I'm Hiding In Your Closet is banned because it's convenient and because HE'S inconvenient.

Scarab Sages

rashly5 is banned for trying to deny what everyone here knows - you'd be lost without me.

IHIYC is banned for his new habit of linking stuff.

TFF is banned for stumbling at the threshold of a new era of information.

Banned for having just one finger on screen.

The toucher is banned tripping the fiend.

Banned for chewing on the cat nip

Silver Crusade

Pathfinder Lost Omens, Rulebook Subscriber

Solmyr of the Azure Flame is banned for his slanderous lies that the flame was anything except for white hot.

Alayern is banned for lacking a picture.

The Fiend Fantastic is banned for his obvious banning technique.

Quiche Lisp is banned.

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