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Happy New Year

I'm from Las Vegas and all I can truely say is we want is your money.

Swipes the win and leaves ice cubes for his troubles...

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Look on the bright side, it wasn't a beholder.

That was definitely the win I was going to use, so I'll add insult to injury.

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I always wanted my own R2-D2 unit, even if it's a bit gnomish.

*Casts the False Fiend back into the Nine Pits of Hell for the win.*

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It's worth the 2,000 sum gold pieces I spent throught the travel agency.

The next poster will tell us how the weather fares in his homeland. I have other places to go and experience.

It's how I cast spells darling. Monica Bellucci is banned for applying too much cosmetics and too much jewelry to herself.

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Captain Bria Tharen wrote:

CHA check: 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (18) + 5 = 23

Hey Hot Stuff!

Diplomacy Check 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (8) + 5 = 13 vs. DC 10

Wanna rent a room at the Lonely Satyr?

I will be a god of knowledge and magic, not big pussy cats with cap-nip. Hence, I win again.

Ah! An archmage ascending to godhood. A winner every time.

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Like watching one too many cheesy Josh Whedon plotlines, you look like lichdom gone awfully wrong,

Now it's back to the sarcophagus with you.

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yea, you look like a deformed dwarf that dabbled with a polymorph other spell that backfired.

Oh, I win!

If I were to place the soul of a Slaad <any color> into a vessel like a war-forged automaton or similar construct, would it function properly and obey my commands?

I have my PDF for a week and the mailman delivered my copy today.

Thank you KQ for the immediate service.

The source material looks very good, very crunchy, and I can integrate it with any Third Edition/Third Edition revised/Pathfinder I need. DR&GH is a good utility book on planar adventures and an excellent player's guide.

Conjures a magical wood broom +03 Bane Weapon vs. Rust Monsters

You, you stay from my nephew's toy chest, and scrap metal collection of nuts, bolts and spare iron golem parts.

Swats Rusty the Poodle repeatedly

I can never find free RPG day in my section of the southwest.

The Post on Christmas Day

Enraged by the sudden and unexplained presence of sad flute ninja clan in his dungeon, the sorcerer scatters the clan with a spell of seemingly poisonous vapors [Fogcloud] followed by spheres of crackling energy [Ball Lightning].

Fogcloud - Durration: 110 Minutes

Ball lightning (3) - Damage 3d6 for each ball = 3d6 ⇒ (4, 1, 3) = 8, 3d6 ⇒ (4, 2, 4) = 10, 3d6 ⇒ (1, 3, 3) = 7

As a free action, he throws a Fireball (Damage 1d6 = 10d6 ⇒ (2, 1, 4, 5, 5, 5, 2, 3, 6, 5) = 38) from his Rod of Absorption to eliminate any potential challengers.

As the group descends the stair into the Undercellars, they soon approach a seat of double doors. Solmyr turns to Tristan.

"Open the doors Tristan. It's okay."

A look of doubt and concern cross Tristan's face, but Solmyr merely nods. Tristan looks at the other, then place his hand upon the door and pushes it open. There is a vision consuming burst of bright white light and forces everyone to shield their eyes. Then all goes blank.

When their vision comes to, they see and hear the sights and sounds of the Bazaar and Tristan's Estate and Manor is rightfully returned to the World. Tristan looks around, but see no trace of his only relative.

:::Uncle Solmyr? Where are you?:::

"Fear not Tristan, I shall return," replies a disembodied voice. "The house is yours to use as you see fit. The automatons and unseen servants will repair any damage and place the house in proper order. You may want to spend some time, or have your friends help you with the house's inventory. I trust they are of good character and will aid you until my return. Until then, do not fear and do despair."

The others hear Solmyr's last words and begin to ponder what's next to come.

Sorry about the delay, but real life and work is hectic right now and I have a few other projects needing my attention. So fret not, I have remain on the list for the time being and hopefully pick this up in few weeks or three. Until then, I go into happy lurker mode on the Paizo list. :)

"Let's go," he says. "Once we complete our task the quicker my nephew can return us home." Solmyr picks up his pace and proceeds on Tristan's heels. He follows the young sorcerer. "Looks likes he is heading towards the under cellars."

The Dalesman wrote:
Devlyn makes sure the kids aren't injured, then checks with Allura to make sure Solmyr is okay to move or needs more healing.

"I'm fine Devlyn. My soul and mind will need a rest after this debacle is over." He thumbs the card-key.

Seeing Tristan move ahead of everybody else, He says, "Ah, the impatience of youth. Come, let's make out way downstairs before my wayward nephew cause more unforeseen trouble."

Db3's Narrator wrote:

It takes a moment for Lk to realize the fight is over, and even longer for him to return to his human form. When he does though, he is shaking slightly. Aidan lets out a victory yell and pumps a fist in the air.

"So, should we get the gem before we run into the other inhabitants of a reptile zoo?"

Back with Solmyr, Oroth grins and relaxes a bit
"Looks like you won't need my help this time. Where to next?"

"Now we get to Tristan's spell pool and get this house back where it belongs."

He presses a panel and it continues to push inward until it reaches as far back as it can. A second open face box drops revealing a flat shining engraved card. A closer inspection reveals small pin-sized bumps on the card.

"House key," he says modestly.

Arielle wrote:
The young storm elemental looks blankly at Tristan before doing as he asked. Lightning wreathes her entire body and a large bolt of it sizzles towards Tristan.

Surprisingly, Tristan's armor absorbs the lightning, containing it briefly until it builds and discharges from his chest and hands. Electricity crackles in the hall and strike the slithering monstrocity. It twitches and spasms with the bolt but refuses to go down, that is until Oroth and allura grasp the Solmyr's eldritch staff. Taking a part of their powers, it concentrates them and loosens a bolt of energy from its tip. The charge hits the creature dead center and blows a hole out the other side. It convulses violently and drops to the ground. The nightmare disipates like a broken cloud.

"Is everyone okay?"

Oroth Sunschild wrote:
"Yeah, but I don't know how much. My source isn't exactly easy to feel in this location."

"I should be able to channel it through my staff. Lady Allura? Can you aid us as well?"

Retrieving his staff from the ground, he looks to Allura and Oroth,

"If you have any innate magics or abilities, I'll need use of them, anything that will work as an evocation or damaging attack. I need to fire a burst of concentrated energy at the thing to effectively kill it all at once." He looks at both and blinks. "Oroth, can you channel divine energy?"

Oroth Sunschild wrote:
Solmyr of the Azure Flame wrote:
"Go help Tristan."

"Allura, if that snake is anything like the earth creature in the Bazaar, you'll be more helpful than me. Go skin that thing so we can make Tristan some new boots!"

Oroth begins to work quickly, pale golden shining from his hands. He begins to push his magic through Solmyr's body to remove any lasting problems that Oneirodemon left behind, and through Solmyr's mind, working to set it right quickly and without error.

My way of taking Oroth out of the current fight. Still not sure I want either of the brothers here, or at least at full strength.

Sorry for my long absense, but real life and a sickly laptop got in my way again this week. I'll have the second post tomorrow morning.

Oroth's magics work and allow Solmyr to regain his composure, if not all of his strength. He wobbles once then stands with Allura's and Oroth's help.

"I hate those things. Nearly Damn impossible to find. Where's Tristan? And where did that monstrosity slither off?"

Oroth Sunschild wrote:

"The one that ran away or the ones that just sank down into the floor?"

Oroth let's his hands hover over Solmyr as a healing glow passes from them into his back.

"Shouldn't mages have a spell to ward off poison? How did that thing get the jump on you anyway?"

"The one that ran away. That thing spilling into the floor," he gasps, "is called an Oneirodemon. It's a parasite, like a tapeworm or a leech but only as powerful as a quasit by itself. It rides the spine of a host and sifts through the nightmares of its host without their knowledge. Once it has what it needs, it draws from the Abyss and the Ethereal planes to give its new body a form. What stays behind, a dying cast-off aspect, usually devours its host's mind. It's probably what they are fighting right now. A magic-eater of some sort."

Grunting and whincing, he points his hand and with an arcane gesture, fire a stream of fire and the floor. Speeping through the cracks, it finds its target. The black mass whines, hisses, then dies.

"Go help Tristan."

Allura wrote:
Allura quickly rifles through Solmyr's pouch looking for potion bottles. If there's more than one she'll just give him all of them as there isn't time to identify anything.

Solmyr fumbles through three of the potions Allura hands him and quickly drops two for a shining white vial. Popping the cork, he swallows the contents. Within moments, he rolls away from Allura and Oroth to vomit a fiberous mass of Black ichor laced with blinking eyes. Looking punch drunk, the eyes roll and sag until the mass drains through a crack in the floor hissing with its defeat.

"Gods." His delirious eyes roll into his head. "Get those snakes."

Oroth Sunschild wrote:
Solmyr of the Azure Flame wrote:
As Oroth examines Solmyr to notices a particular stain along the center of his back.

Oroth glances over his shoulder as the snake leaves and Tristan gives chase, Lk not far behind. He looks at Arielle, Aidan, Devlyn, and Allura.

"Go after them! I can handle whatever's wrong with Solmyr!"

Turning back to the downed mage, Oroth goes through his spells to try and figure out what the stain is before he touches it, in case it could spread.

Spells used: Detect Magic and Detect Poison.
Spell-Like Abilities used: Detect Evil, Detect Law, and Detect Thoughts.

"Solmyr, if you can hear me, I need to know what that snake was and what this stain on your back is before I try and treat it. Just think about what you can tell me and I'll hear you."

Solmyr has too many enchantments for detect magic to be effective, however the ectoplasm(?) radiates evil and chaos enough to make Oroth avert his gaze. It appears poisonous too, but nothing derived on the Prime Material Plane. His goes for Allura too. If she has the appropriate knowledge skills or psionic powers she deduces that it is some sort of neuro-toxin, possibly derived from his plane. She is close enough to here Solmyr's plea.

He replies in stressed and weak voice. "Can't feel...., hands.... My Pouch...., Potion.., Hurry..." His hands look limp and tremble feverishly.

As Oroth examines Solmyr to notices a particular stain along the center of his back.

Solmyr jerks forward, his eyes open wide, then he passes out, falling to the floor with a hard thud. A third serpent critter raise off his cloak and back. All three strands suddenly intertwine and lunge forward towards one of the doors closest to Little Kiba.

Seeing the gigantic hoof enter the reception room and exit through the wall, Solmyr clutches Tristan tightly as they are slimed in mixture of ethereal protoplasm and abyssal brimstone.

"GODS!" He gestures some magic to remove the planar gunk off his persona and Tristan.

As the others enter the front room, Solmyr motions Tristan away from the door. "Stay behind the pillar and do not move until I say so." Soon as the other adventurers enter the front room he snaps his fingers and quickly seals the door shut and soiled house draps drop concealing the contents of the house.

Little Kiba wrote:
BluePigeon wrote:
As the blue flashes fade, the adventurers realize the background and scenery have changed. The sky is dull grey, mixed with ghostly white fog. Colors of red yellow and red flash deeply within the mists and the Bazaar is no where to be seen.
"Anyone know where we are? This place.. it doesn't feel right."

Arielle and you can still use your innate abilities as the manor is stiill anchored to the Prime Material. Arielle see if can, no, we better move inside.

Solmyr scans the area and ground rumbles beneath his feet.

They are coming. Let's move.

Taking Tristan by the arm, they proceed up the steps and through the doorway.

Arielle wrote:
Little Kiba wrote:
BluePigeon wrote:
As the blue flashes fade, the adventurers realize the background and scenery have changed. The sky is dull grey, mixed with ghostly white fog. Colors of red yellow and red flash deeply within the mists and the Bazaar is no where to be seen.
"Anyone know where we are? This place.. it doesn't feel right."
"I don't know. It's still a little bit part of the normal world, but I think maybe it's a demiplane."

I'm afraid the manor is being pushed closer into the Abyss. How close I do not know. We should be safe inside in the house wards still hold. Come let us not delay anymore.

As their vision returns, the assembled realize that they are still on the DeMach property, the property is no long in the vicinity of the Bazaar or any where on the world. The edges of the property give way to a swirl phantasm of light and reddish smoke. Faded images, snarls, and savage rumbling can be heard beyond the boundaries of the estate.

Solmyr studies his surrounding and mumbles deeply.

"It's worse than I feared. The estate is pushing away from the Prime and Ethereal planes. It's moving closer to the Abyss. Are judging by the sounds of our neighbors, it's best we go inside."

"You are the key that opens the door. This is the only way."

The Dalesman wrote:

"A house is stone and mortar, timber and thatch. It's just a thing. Home is something you always take with you, whether you realize it or not," Devlyn says almost absentmindedly, as if he were quoting someone else's words. A small smile plays across his lips.

"As long as you still have the family, the home will always be there. Now let's get what we need and get out of here as quickly as we can....I have a feeling we've attracted the attention of something other than Zhalail's thralls," as he surveys the grounds, his smile fading to a look of concentration.

"Oh? We are? Then it's best we hurry and go inside. Tristan, you are the key. Touch the door. No worries lad, I'll make sure you're safe."

Whatever splendor this place possessed is now long gone. Weeds and insects choke the yard and was bushes, trees and shrubs adorned the grounds of the estate have withered and died. Thick vines cling and choke the walls, windows are caked with years of dust and mud. The building is in need of a new coat of paint. As the heroes enter the estate grounds, the gates behind them shrill to a close with a pronounced clack. All is silent and the last two survivors of the DeMach family have come home without welcome.

"Well, I suppose this old home had better days."

A tear comes to his eye.

"A proud house and a proud family. Pride cometh before the fall I suppose."

"Good, let's go. Follow me."

Solmyr proceeds to leave the room and heads towards the old Demach residence. Tristan nudges Arielle and Little Kiba on the way out.

Tristan the Waif wrote:
:::Uncle Solmyr, anyone, someone, make that snake go away!:::

"It's alright. Even though it is a Yugoloth, it's best to hear what he has to say. Though I don't trust mercenaries of their kind."

Sytt, Lesser Yugoloth wrote:
Syt looks angry for a moment, then changes his face into an even more unpleasant smile. "Kid, right now I'm on your side. That could change."

"Solmyr nods his head and Syt's remark."

Sytt, Lesser Yugoloth wrote:
He turns to stare at the others. "Don't say I didn't try to warn you. The Servants just got something that could tip the scales, and we just lost a few allies we could need. Beware of the deep and shadow, for they are no longer your friends." His simpering look changes into a malicious smirk. "I'll be watching." He vanishes.
Aidan Moonschild wrote:

"Anyone else suddenly want a snake-skin belt? What did him mean by 'Beware the deep and shadows'?"

the Deep = reference to deep ocean?

The Dalesman wrote:
I'm sure he meant something completely different from what we're thinking, so we'd best just stay focused on the problem at hand."

"Do we need anything else before we march off toward our next venture? Weapons, potions, scrolls, enchantments?"

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