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Dark Archive

Cr500cricket is banned for rhyming

Dark Archive

cr500cricket is banned for banning himself

Scarab Sages

Cr500cricket is banned for wishing upon WAAAY too many stars.

IHIYC is banned for not not intervening with the gnome earlier.


The fiend fantastic is banned for having not enough horns

The Ulfen Death Squad is banned for putting poor defensless kittens to sleep.

Eye is banned because the kittens needed to nap or they'll be up running around all the time. They'll be awake soon enough.

Dark Archive

Magic is banned for liking cards WAAAY too much

The 500 lb cricket is banned for eating too much.

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Schism is banned because the Jolly Green Giant's barber needs her so he can whip up another batch of shaving lather.

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I'm hiding in your closet is banned for being yet another evil jester and for not correcting schism that I am CR 500 not 500 lbs

cricket is banned for objecting the existance of jesters.

Scarab Sages

The Fiend Fantastic is banned for misdiagnosing Cr500cricket's problem; he's right that there may be too many "Mad Jesters" running around these forums, but he fails to understand why I insist on this avatar in spite of having tried many others in my time: It's called "Wore It Best."

The Grinning Jester is banned for spreading his insanity all over Paizo's web.

Ranger Alissa is banned for failing to fix her lockjaw.

Monica Belluci banned for being obviously jealous of Ranger Alissa.

The lipless lisp is banned for thinking he has to stand up for me.

Ranger Alissa is banned for attacking the party.

The Nasty Orc is banned for killing brains and eating babies.

Dark Archive

Ranger Alissa is banned for banning innocent orcs

Cr500cricket is banned because his moustache is too long.

Dark Archive

fiend is banned for banning me

The cricket is banned for lighting his mustache on fire.

Alissa is banned for being a traitor.

Scarab Sages

AM SORCERER TOO is banned because Fonzie hair DOES NOT COMPUTE.

Jester boy is banned for being illogical.

AM SORCERER TOO is banned for stating the jester illogical. Jesters make no sense at all, it's their job.

The Fiend is banned for being a jobless bum.

Dark Archive

Captain Spalding is banned for lacking the skills to promoted to Major

The cricket is banned for not being on the end of a hook.

Schism is banned for being too green.

Spanky the Leprechaun is banned for being himself.

QL is banned for peeing himself.

Dark Archive

Pathfinder Adventure, Adventure Path Subscriber

Spanky is banned for doing other things on himself and not cleaning up afterwards.

The underbite is banned for only having 2 teeth.

The Dr G scarecrow is banned for his funny hat.

Scarab Sages

The Fiend Fantastic is banned out of mercy - after a remark like that, you're lucky I got to you before The High Pontiff of Canon did.

IHIYC is banned for worrying for a fiend.

Still, a stamp for you for a bann-skip by me next time.

Dark Archive

TFF is banned for not specifying the type of fiend he is

Cricket is banned for not knowing the "Don't Ask Don't tell policy." that accompanies fiends.

Scarab Sages

Angry Little Guy is banned for at least 3 fairly egregious punctuation errors in one sentence.

I'm Hiding In Your Closet is banned because I said so.

Scarab Sages

Quiche Lisp is banned so he can think of a better reason than that.

I'm Hiding In Your Closet is banned for daring to think I need a good reason to ban him: all jesters are bannable at will by my regal whim !

Banned because you can't be royalty.
The only shiny thing on your head is your scalp.

Magic is banned for refusing to be hasenpfeffer.

Midgard Serpent is banned for the awful green breath exhuming from his throat.

Dark Archive

The fiend is banned because he is

CR5000Cricket is banned because a CR this high unbalances the game. Also, he pretended to be a gnome for a while.

Quichie is banned for not realizing a CR 500 Cricket = a Lvl 1 Human.

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