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This is fantastic news. Congratulations Lisa, Erik, Jason and indeed everyone at Paizo who's worked so hard to make this happen.

Congratulations, Paizo!!!

(And THANK YOU!!!!!)

¡That's a early Christmas! I pre-ordered the manual and the beta now to show my support ¡Thanks you Paizo!

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I'm elated at this result, even if my pocketbook won't be.

Kruelaid wrote:

Thank you Lisa. I was so excited that I was beside myself!

Two Kruelaid's.... Now that is a scary thought!!!

-- david

Congratulations on a bold move! I think the backward compatibility will help sway the "stick w/ 3rd edition, yes, but not excited about 3P (or 3.75 or whatever we want to call it)" crowd. And the fact that the fans will have some say in the ultimate product should only add to the feeling of community we're blessed w/ here.

Very happy day. Thank you.

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Another righteous cheer for Paizo's decision to stay 3.5 based. I must admit I am in total shock... and quite happy.

Congrats Paizo. I am stunned and very happy you have more control over your destiny. You have my support (and apparently all my money).

Liberty's Edge

A hearty "woot!" from me as well.

I am making it a point to find the money to subscribe to Pathfinder at least. For the third time. :) It might mean a re-arranging some of my finances but it's worth it. I wish I could do more but budget cuts at my job kind of prevent that. You guys deserve the support and I want to make sure I back up my pleasure with this announcement with more than just words.

Congratulations! And well done! You have my support!

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Well all right! Very, very pleased. Good to see Mr. Logue leading an organized play system, which I eagerly expect to be chock-full of the gruesome suffering of innocents.

I am so happy I could cry.

You made the right decision.

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!

Thank you Paizo, and congratulations! You have restored my faith in the hope that Dungeons and Dragons, the game I've known and loved for almost 30 years, will continue on. I can hardly wait to get started on "JollyDoc's Rise of the Runelords" story hour over on ENW!!

Sovereign Court

Fantastic! Just fantastic!

Paizo, you have earned a very loyal customer today. In fact, you've probably earned *many* loyal customers today!

OMG! I was totally set up to stop my subscrition as soon as you switched to 4th and then this announcement! I can't express how happy you have made me. I will continue with my subscription and will, from now on, purchase all my stuff from you (I have purchases a few of the Pathfinder extra books at!

Be prepared for all the money that I haven't been spending at Wizards to pour into your company.

Thank you for making my year.

I am saddened by the decision as I'm planning to switch to 4th edition D&D. But I wish Paizo great success in its endeavors. Paizo has shown a passion for producing great product. I may even try to run Curse of the Crimson Throne with the Pathfinder RPG alpha rules as my last 3.5 adventure before the 4th edition rules come out. And maybe I'll get some Pathfinder products that I can convert to 4th edition. I'll keep my fingers crossed, however, that maybe in 2009 Paizo produces some products for 4th edition. I haven't yet given up all hope that I will some day get to do a 4th edition Paizo adventure path.

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Great news! The last year or so has been kind of sucky (RPG-wise) with Dungeon and Dragon being canceled, the new edition going in a direction I didn't like, Gary dying and so on. Pathfinder has really been the only bright spot. This is really awesome news and I am very happy. Actually, excited is probably a better word and it's been a while since I could say that about gaming.

I'm really looking forward to the next year and to a bright future with you guys beyond that.

I wish you all much luck and even better sales (I pre-ordered both the alpha and beta books as soon as I read the announcement :)

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I'm so happy about this and have already been showing my friends the rules, even the one player who was most excited about 4E is now a staunch supporter of Pathfinder RPG. This our group's game and we're proud to be here from the beginning to build it up. We're all gonna start putting away for a road trip out to Gencon to play in the first Pathfinder Society games :)

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tav_behemoth wrote:
chock-full of the gruesome suffering of innocents

I have foolishly badmouthed one of my favorite authors! It's not just his gift for grue that makes Nick great, or his gift for words. What has me jazzed is his ability to set up RPG sessions in which the lives of many depend on the PC's actions - not just monsters to be killed for XP but also ordinary people who are tragically vulnerable to the horrors that populate D&D worlds. Nick's adventures have memorable fights, beautifully staged and motivated, but that's just one of the ways he knows how to give PCs cool and dramatic things to do that matter.

It's totally awesome that Paizo is supporting organized play. Since nothing draws in more gamers than having RPG groups to play with, this is an excellent sign that Pathfinder won't just be for old-edition diehards.

It's way more than dope that such a great creative team is putting their stamp on organized play. This is an exciting time to be a D&D fan.

DaveMage wrote:

Congratulations, Paizo!!!

(And THANK YOU!!!!!)

Ahhhh, DaveMage. I know a lot of the names of people who posted in hopes of Paizo not moving Pathfinder to 4E, but for some reason you were the first guy I thought of when I found out.

Sovereign Court

Given the number of people playing 3.5 and the financial investment they've already made in that system, this is likely a sound decision. I'm still likely to pick and choose the elements I like from 4E to incorporate into my campaign. I've always modified or replaced portions of the rules since I started running D&D back in the seventies. I may end up with a "3.75" or some such, but it'll still be D&D to me.

We are with you and make our next campaign into a playtesting one! Really looking forward to it!

Thank you Paizo! You have made an old (style) gamer very happy!

Liberty's Edge

This is what I wanted to hear and you made the announcement on my birthday. Thank you Paizo, this made my day(don't tell my wife)

What can I say that has't already been said? BLAMMUS!! DOUBLE BLAMMUS!! (that's good, like an old school Flame Strike!)

One year ago I visited Paizo's site to renew my Dungeon and Dragon subscriptions and was shocked to see the new "developments". Then I was really impressed by Pathfinder and now I must say that I visit Paizo's website more often than Wizards'. And if things go on like this, it is quite possible that I will give up visiting the Wizards site completely.

I'm really happy to see that my favourite RPG just got better and I really wish you success with your project, even if this wish has Xp costs! :-)

Sovereign Court

I have admired your products and business Strategy since you started Dragon and Dungeon, but this leaves me with out words.
If anyone can keep 3.5 as the "preferred rules" for D&D it is you guys.

Pathfinder and it's world are fantastic I assume your ammended rules will be the same.

Kudos to all at Paizo!!

Liberty's Edge

Three Cheers for the brave Paizo Folks!

This is the best news since I don't know when!


-DM Jeff

Once again Paizo you have proven beyond a shadow of doubt, that you are intune and interested in what Dungeons and Dragons gamers want. When the news of both Dragon and Dungeon magazines ending hit me last year, I was as depressed as someone who just lost a good friend. Then came Paizo with Pathfinder and Game Mastery adventures. You cheered me up when I was down. Earning my trust, loyalty, and cash.

Next came the bad news from GenCon 07, the announcement of 4e. I thought all was lost and I would end up playing a version of the game never to be supported again, by gaming publishers. Now Paizo announces a courageous, pro-fan, pro-customer decision of backward compatibility with 3.5e for PATHFINDER the roleplaying game. SIMPLY AWESOME!!!!

I will let my local gaming store of 30+years know the good news. They already know I buy nearly everything Paizo produces and keep it well-stocked on their shelves (Salutes the Warhouse, in Long Beach CA). Therefore, I will continue to unload bundles of my hard-earned cash to buying much anticipated Paizo products. I CAN'T WAIT!

I work very hard for my money, doing a job few can or desire to do. Something akin to a Sanitation engineer and a Zoo keeper.....with lots of authority. Anyway, I work hard for my cash and I'm careful where it goes. I have never had to be cautious about buying products from you guys. Thanks, and I look forward to playing the game as it should be, supported by a company that cares about its customers and our beloved pastime.

Sovereign Court

Very glad to hear this. Paizo will have my continued support as long as I can rub two nickels together each month.

Now, how do I add that Pathfinder RPG to a wedding gift registry...

Dark Archive

I'm very pleased to hear it.

I hope that you are able to continue supporting 3.5 for a long time.

Said it already in other threads (everywhere you go on the Paizo boards right now, it seems like there's Pathfinder love sprouting up all over the place!) but I'll say it here as well. This is awesome news. I've been looking at my Pathfinder stuff as it comes in, feeling that same sense of impending glumness that came with the final run of Dragon and Dungeon. They were great magazines, but you knew that they were coming to an end. It has been the same with Pathfinder: I was quietly sure that Paizo would go to 4e and knew that I would (albeit reluctantly) not be joining them. With each Pathfinder product that arrived I was like "sigh, one less to go until it's over..." How happy I am to have been proved so wrong!!!

Great stuff, guys. You rock. Top of the tree.

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