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One of those thin, ugly gamers.


Get off my porch kids!

Special Abilities

amuse toddler, read children's book in funny voices, abuse coworkers, make obtuse remark, subvert, misdirect, equivocate, uncooperate, kick your ass


Disruptive Sarcastic. E aspra e forte che nel pensier rinova la paura.


Quantum Physics


Salt Spring Island, in a forest, on a hill by the sea.


English, Mandarin, French, and cursing in Japanese, Korean, German and Tagalog (thx to my wife). Forgot more than I remember, especially Japanese.


graphic design, editing, photography, marketing, research, spying, production design

About Kruelaid

First of all, I'd just like to let all of the sexy young things out there (really, there are lots of you here at Paizo, right?) that I'm already married, so please stop sending your phone numbers. Ahem... so uncomfortable now.

Back to the task at hand.

Kruelaid is currently the DM for the Dead Reckoning (which is dead because of s#@$ty life issues) and Z-Day (now running again) play by post games here at Paizo.

CONTACT: kruelaid[a]

Kruel gamography:
Chess 1977-present (sporadically)
D&D 1978-1990
Ogre 1979?
Sprockets 1979?
Top Secret 1980-1985
Tunnels and Trolls 1979-1984
Car Wars 1982-1985
Gamma World 1982-1985
Star Fleet Battles 1985-2000
TMNT 1986
Paranoia 1987-1990
Twighlight 2000 1988-1990
Hero System/Champions 1992-2000
GURPS Space (combined with SFB) 1995-2000
Warhammer 1996-2000
Squad Leader A brief and humbling foray
Rolemaster 1995-2001
D&D 3.5 2006-present
d20 Modern 2006-present
Dollies (with my daughter) 2007-present
PFRPG 2009-present

... and other stuff I played once or twice.

Johnnie: INIT +6, PER +9, AC 16, HP 42, WILL +6, ACTION 24
Mike: INIT +3, PER +3, AC 19, HP 22, CMD 15, Will +4, ACTION 5
Sam: INIT +3, PER +4, 19/20 (MELEE 20), HP 27 (-9), CMD 18, WILL +1, ACTION 25
Dave: INIT +3, PER +7, AC 19, HP 33 (-10), WILL +1, ACTION 15
Sarge: INIT +2, PER +1, AC 16, HP 32, WILL 0
Cord: INIT +2, PER +6, AC 20, HP 27 (-19), CMD 17, WILL +1
Anna: INIT +1, PER +2, AC 13, HP 16, Will +3, ACTION 17