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pithica42 wrote:

My understanding is that if the DM has the 'unlimited' license, or whatever it's called, FG is completely free to the players. I've never run a game in FG before, but I have played one, and it worked pretty well. My only reason for never attempting to run in it was the price (it's base price is higher) and that if you want to take full advantage of the features for the game, you have to buy the book you probably already own a second time through Fantasy Grounds. That's a pretty steep lead in point. However, I will say it does save you some work, so it could end up being a pro rather than a con.

I currently run games through Roll20 fairly regularly. It was fairly easy for me to get everything working the way I wanted in the free version. I used it so much I paid for the upgrades. I use the simple sheet in my home tables, and I was able to mostly automate starship combat and full automate everything my NPC's do with a few minutes of work and some macros.

I have not considered purchasing the in-game compendiums for Roll20, as I really dislike the official sheet and I am loathe to buy yet another copy of a book I've already bought (twice or more, in a few cases).

For rules references in game for my players, I just provide links to THT or AoN. That's free and generally just as effective.

Though, again, my understanding is that if you buy the compendiums from them, it could save you some work, so that may be worth the money for you.

Thanks @pithica42! Yes, the monthly fee is an issue for us. We will continue our regular game at the "real" table and SF via a VTT is just an addition, so we might end to play it not thaaat frequently. So we might end up with Roll20 again.

(The screenshots of SF games via FG look great though!)

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BigNorseWolf wrote:

How to roll 20 in 15 minutes

quick and dirty table making

Great info here! Thanks @BigNorseWolf

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Themetricsystem wrote:

It isn't a VTT but if you like Play by Post games you really need to look into RoleGate.

I've been playing more RPGs in the last 4 months since I discovered it than I've EVER before in my life because I can play from my laptop, desktop, or phone just as easily and it side-steps the thousands of problems that Messageboard/Forum PbP games have with integrated Character sheets and even a Maps tool.

Oh, this is interesting! Thanks!! (And thank you for the direct link @Ravingdork!)

I actually used to play PBP quite a bit back in the days, but fear that my group is not interested in this kind of game. Hm...

Thanks everyone!

I always considered Virtual Tabletop from steam very interesting, but not fully able to provide everything one needs for a "PNP" game. So this might just be too much effort for lazy me.

So the decision is again between FG and Roll20.
I plan to get some products for the VTT we finaly use, and the CRB for Roll20 costs 44.99$ and for 59.99$ you get the FG version "including" the PDF.
Beyond that Roll20 works for free and FG needs a (monthly) subscription.

Does every player and GM need a license on FG?

(First post on these beloved boards in yeeears! Ah, feels sooo good.)

We may want to get into Starfinder. Actually I'm pretty sure I do!
We start with the beginner box at the "real" table and then I want to immaterialize into the digital and onto a VTT.

We have some experience with Roll20 (and D&D 5E), but there may be a better solution for SF.
So, what is in your opinion the best VTT for the game?

Never mind. I failed my Will save and checked it myself. It stays true and every order is identifiable!

If only there would be more different hellknights...
I like the set anyway!!!

Very interesting set! What I would like to know is how many different minis are included. One for each order and one signifier? So just 8? Iirc the worldguide says that every order has a special kind of armor. Does this set stay true to this fact?

Hey guys, sorry for the late reply. RL intervened once more!

CaroRose wrote:
There are other 'dungeons' but the majority of them to date (we're mid Chapter 5 now) are fairly small, so you could likely drop them in a session and be able to swap out crew members.

Thank you! Good to know.

Gnomezrule wrote:
That is part of the fun of how the ship combats are described. The "encounters" described assume action elsewhere on the enemy ship. Literally the basic ship expects a crew of twenty. The encounters assume 4. That means they expect 16 NPCs are engaging "off camera" enemies. This can easily mean that the PCs who are not present are leading these NPCs or manning the ship in the event of counter-boarding.

Of course, you are right. Just assuming non present player's PCs are NPCs in a combat after boarding... I studied the Player's Guide but couldn't find the numbers (4 PCs, 16 NPCs) you mentioned.

Gnomezrule wrote:
I found this AP to be much easier to deal with present not present PCs than any adventure or campaign I have run.

Exactly what I was searching for!

Gnomezrule wrote:
I even set up a back on the ship side trek we played by email for one of the characters who missed a couple of sessions.

Interesting idea! We used to play some one-on-one stuff on PBP-boards back in our Curse of the Crimson Throne-campaign.

Gnomezrule wrote:

It of course as you say is a 2 edged sword particularly when the session ends on land and people are missing and different people are back and others are missing in the next session. "In Town" or at port this can be easily dealt with as sending people back to the ship with a message or because they are wounded and sending others back.

Depending how your PC captain runs the ship (with fellow player buy in) it could simply be worked out with you and the captain he points to officers PCs with present players as the "away team" the non-present player PCs have the helm, watch the ship and so on.

My point was that as APs go this is a great choice for a large but sporradic group.

You always have "problems" like these, I guess. But the structure (ship+sandbox) of S&S is very promissing in showing little of those.

Gnomezrule wrote:
The presence of a ship creates a need for "people to watch the ship" so there is a reasonable reason out of session PCs are missing. Even when the ship is in combat much of the ship to ship battles is run with the assumption that the rest of the crew is fighting elsewhere on the enemy ship.

We discussed this tow-edged sword! On one hand it is easier because all PC are everytime somewhere around, on the other hand you always have to come up with a reason for them not taking part in the encounters of the session. Especially with encounters on the ship. I am not 100% comfortable with the solution you suggested, but it might be just that.

We will surely always find a reason for them to stay on board.

@Captain Yesterday: I plan to get them in PDF-format, of course. If we like the AP I will get them in print as well.

Aye, captn'! Just went to my FLGS and got the first three chapters, the companion and the Shackles sourcebook! Thank you for the advice.

We have a structure problem with our current AP (Carrion Crown).
With 9 players, most of them only playing very sporadically, we have a problem with the story-heavy, railroady approach and the bigger dungeons in the second part of the AP. Sometimes there is just too long a break between sessions and the players have problems following the (meta)-plot - despite a campaign journal.

So I consider switching to S&S for its sandboxiness. Looking into the first chapter I was relieved to not discover any bigger dungeons, as I need smaller encounter areas or single larger encounters for our sessions. "Topics" we can wrap up in one sessions because next time there might be several different players at the table.

My questions at the GM running the AP is therefore: do I find this structure / the structure of S&S #1 in the rest of the AP?

(BTW we are sure we want to play an actual AP)

Dear Evil Paul,

Christmas time is full of wonders! We finally uploaded the German translation of your Script 5: Kendras Visionen, Teil 1 (Kendra's Visions, Part One) our first installment of your wonderful cutscenes! I dubbed the article series on our blog that way because I may change their order as we have just reached the middle of the AP.
Tomorrow Script 6 will follow as the PC in our campaign are on their way to Feldgrau and our next session will be in the afternoon. Thank you very much and if you wish any further additions please let me know!

Cheers, Aureus

Oh, perhaps I should mention that our translator studied the English language and is teaching it in a "high school". And here is the blog linkified: Tintenteufel!

Dear Evil Paul,

I am running the German translation of Carrion Crown and post the journal of a ghostly chronicler, advice on inspiring literature and movies, houserules etc. to our blog: http://tintenteufel.wordpress.com/

Translating maps, Wayfinder-articles and other community stuff as well, I wondered if you would be okay with us translating your fantastic bonus scripts / cut-scenes? Of course giving full credit!

please think about it and let me know!

Cheers, Aureus

Did it! Vielen Dank noch mal, Exeter! Hier findest du den Bericht zu dem Spielabend: Tintenteufel!

Yossarin wrote:
Yeah, that's the right idea. And you can tweak them a little to reflect Caromarc's creative genius and make them like clockwork ravens (like the clockwork owl from Clash of the Titans) or some amalgamation of reanimated bird and metal. Like ravens with metallic silver beaks, a subtle nod to the group's adopted mission of undead destruction. If you take it a step further and modify these raven figurines so that the ravens can Silversheen a weapon 1x/day by tapping a silvery beak against the blade or something, then you've given them just that much more utility that will come in handy throughout at least two of the upcoming four books.

Nice one! And HOORAY for clockworks!!

Our party consists of:

Balduan Tarrt (LG male human paladin [Undead Scourge] 5 of Iomedae)
Bestimotor von Simmelwitz (NG male gnome summoner 7)
Iacobus Antonius Santorio (LN male human inquisitor 6 of Iomedae)
Gizella Biahara (NG female human cleric 7 of Pharasma)
Stralicia Mancini (CG female human alchemist 7)
Tira Krähenfuß [Crowfoot] (NG female human witch 5)

The group is named The Silver Ravens after the batch they aquired back in Ravengro becoming investigators. Their ghostly chronicler named them, whose journal can be read here (but beware German). So a Black (or in this case Silver) Jade (or in this case Silver) Raven Figurine of Wondrous Power would indeed make for a fine start!

Does anybody have the Treasury of the Macabre? Perhaps this vile volume also has something in it...

Ans perhaps it is not a spellbook, but a formula book for Stralicia...

Thanks everyone getting involved in this discussion. At the moment I don't have time to reply in full length, but I already spotted some good points on the fly. I come back on you ASAP!

BTW The party actually said nothing to Count Caromarc about his horrific creatures that almost killed them. Strange, but true. Perhaps one reason why our Count is so extra good friend with them. He wants them to stay that cool with his work!

Thank you feytharn! You are absolutely right. I surely don't want to claim to be a LotR expert. I simply saw the Count emerging from his laboratory, a few days after the events in Trial of the Beast, back in shape, looking just like his illustration from Rule of Fear and saying: "Good news everyone!" - no, perhaps he begins differently. He used the days to craft some tools to fight his tormentors and thank his saviors in his very own way. (In my campaign the Count doesn't have information on the whereabouts of the Path, to give the players some downtime!)

I guess it is possible to give items that will surely see their use, like about anything to fight the undead, and I imagine that these could sometimes make the difference between life and death, success and failure. I see a certain resemblance between Virlych and Mordor. That being said, it might not be items that carry the memory of beauty into this dark region, but a gadget that saves the day or encounter!

Hey there! I want to use Count Caromarc in our campaign as gift giver like Galadriel in LotR. This way I wish to introduce some more atmospheric items. They don't need to be magical in nature, but ... special!

At the moment I have no idea which items! Does anybody has any suggestion?

Thanks a lot!!

EDIT: I should mention that I don't use/have Ultimate Equipment.

Liz Courts wrote:
And hey, lookit that, FINAL COVER UP!

This is really a GREAT cover!! Any chance we will see the artwork clean and pure on the Paizo Blog? Anyway: You did it again Mr. Reynolds!!

BTW Really looking forward to the product itself as well! :D

As I am searching for picture of a Knight of Ozem falling under the CUP, I was wandering wether Seelah is one... Does Knight of Iomedae mean Knight of Ozem?

In Lepidstadt/Ustalav running the Carrion Crown AP!

Convinced, Set! Thank you for your insight! So if I ever have money to spare again, I might get this book. If I even find the time, I might post my takes on the "missing" factions.

Somehow I look forward to customizing those organizations for our campaign!

Oh, and are there any othe generic templates like the "Religious Factions"?

Ravenmantle wrote:


Aspis Consortium
Bellflower Network
Bloodstone Swords
Church of Razmir
Eagle Knights
Greeen Faith
Kitharodian Academy
Lantern Bearers
Lion Blades
Mendev Crusaders
Ninth Batallion
Old Cults
Pathfinder Society
Prophets of Kalistrade
Red Mantis Assassins
Religious Factions
Risen Guard
Shackles Pirates
Ulfen Guard
Varisian Wanderers
Whispering Way

The second time I'm considering to get this one! Too bad that there is nothing about the Order of the Palatine Eye and the Knights of Ozem, as I am running Carrion Crown! Is the subsystem on organizations easily customizable? If so could I use the Mendev Crusaders as model for the Knights and another power group for the Order?

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First of all let me thank you for this set! I used them in our Carrion Crown game for a "random" encounter. Okay I really wanted to have some orcs appear in this campaign. Then was your set released and I was so grateful! I let a player role the two dice from the random encounter table from Trial of the Beast then we built the 13 minis together. I had a long list of my favorite minis from the set, so finding 13 was not that hard!

The orcs attacked in the blood red light of the dying sun from the west, they came from the Hold of Belkzen.

BTW The banners are great! Of course I had to use them!!

Used the minis last session to great success! See a picture of the encounter on Tintenteufel!

We are using Thematic Channeling from Set (Wayfinder #2). I even translated it into German and posted it to my blog: Tintenteufel! Two thumbs up, Set!


Very interesting questions here!

Oh, yeah! And there should be some other minis in this set that fit the theme, aren't there?

ericthecleric wrote:
Aureus, that's only one person's review. I'm sure many others feel differently!

I know, I know. It just seemed so odd, I had to ask.

Justin Franklin wrote:
You might also notice that this particular reviewer always gives low ranks to Paizo products.

Such things are just plain ugly. (But good to know for this piece of the puzzle, Justin!)

Dave the Barbarian wrote:
I added my review because I really like this adventure.

Thank you for that, Dave!

Brandon Hodge wrote:
For Aureus and others, I suggest checking out the discussion started by Erik Freund in his Gallowspire Discussion Thread.

Nice link, Brandon. Thank you for that. Actually it was threads like these (the one about introducing AA way earlier, that caught my interest!)

And with all that information I couldn't resist any longer and bought the PDF. So a one star-review made me buy a product! Nice review, Christa! :D

Okay, I just checked it again. This is the worst rated Pathfinder of them all! We have started CC a while ago in the German translation and as only part three is out yet, I wonder how the whole AP ends. I cannot believe the adventure or the whole issue is that bad!

mail sent! : )

I really like your road maps of Ustalav and would love to translate them into German for the community over there. You do not happen to have PSD files or such you would share with me? I would like to share the translated maps via my blog, of course giving full credit to you as I have done so with similar projects before.

Anyway thank you for your work, Windspirit!

Super! Vielen Dank!

Sehr schön! Mir geht es nur leider wie KaeYoss und unsere Runde ist schon lang ausgelaufen. Mittlerweile spielen wir Kadaverkrone, wobei ich hier die Nähe zu Belkzens Boden etwas thematisieren möchte. Die ganze Atmosphäre von Skeletons of Scarwall passt natürlich perfekt zu dem Abenteuerpfad! Vielleicht könnte ich deine Übersetzung gut in der einen oder anderen Begegnung gebrauchen bzw. auf unserem Blog verwenden. Wäre dir das, selbstverständlich unter Nennung deines Namens recht, Exeter?

In jedem Fall echt super geworden! Vielen Dank!

This issue sounds amazingly neat! As soon as I have some money to spend (if ever!!) I pick it up!!

Ah, thank you Tamago. Not bad them ogres! Are you fine with the set or disturbs you anything severely?

The updated paper minis for Stolen Land have some nice zombies in it. What else do we find scattered among "non Carrion Crownish"-paper mini sets?

Callous Jack wrote:
I'll bump this for Liz to see.

*thumbs up*

The subject line says it all. Or perhaps any suggestions for Paper Mini sets in the CC direction?

AWESOME!! Reminds me so much of the good "old" Pathfinder days!


Oh, and I am really thrilled by the ad from Zombie Sky Press! Tengu monks: an idea I was tinkering with in my own campaign(s)! When do we learn more?

I am so hyped about this AP I couldn't even express my excitement in words till now! So looking forward to it and now all the goodness of JR is crowned with Wayne Reynolds covers AND a WAR-Ameiko!!!!!! ... Wait I still cannot express my excitement properly ...


Looks REALLY good!! Just from skipping through: layout and illustration are top notch! Thank you Wayfinder team, thank you for another great issue!!!

Dark_Mistress wrote:
I LOVE the cover of this one.


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